Testimonial for Sadie by S - October 11, 2010

“I have had several readings with psychics on this line, and some of them have been very helpful. But Sadie seems to be in a class of her own when it comes to detail and precision. I am in a difficult and painful situation which only time can resolve, so some of her more predictive insights will need to be proved by time. But as far as tuning into the immediate past and the present goes, as well as people’s states of mind (and body), Sadie can be uncanny. She picks up on specific details which work as evidence that she is tuning into you and people around you – things that she could not possibly have known. She is also very to-the-point and so you wont waste your time or wait for her to come to the crux. She is direct and intuitive, and a naturally intelligent, uplifting and empathetic person, so I felt stronger after talking to her. She is hard to get hold of, but it is worth trying. She is acutely aware of the expense involved in ringing this line, and does her honest best to get to the heart of the matter as quickly and considely as possible, and will never pad things out. I owe her thanks at a time of need and difficulty.”