Near Death & Shared Death Experiences

Literally hundreds and thousands of accounts from people who have been medically pronounced dead and who have then miraculously returned to life of what happened in that time in between have added weight to the idea that when our bodies die, our consciousness simply crosses over into another dimension of existence.

Dr. Raymond Moody is just one person who has painstakingly documented many accounts of what are called Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and published them amongst a raft of best-selling works by many authors on the subject.  But perhaps even more amazingly, Dr. Raymond Moody has also recorded accounts of  people who have had Shared Death Experiences – SDEs – when they themselves have been in the room as someone else is crossing over and who report their own amazing stories of seeing people’s soul leave their body and getting a glimpse of what may lie beyond.

I’ve always said that life here is just a short dance, and then we all go home and stories recorded of people who have had a glimpse of what lies on the other side seem to support this.  Stories of NDEs and SDEs carry common themes, even though they are collected from people of all ages and religious or spiritual beliefs from right across the world, that are fascinating in themselves but that also give us huge hints about what our life here on earth is all about.

People who have had NDEs or SDEs talk about being greeted with a light of loving consciousness and that each of us seem to get take through what’s been called a ‘life review’ when we have crossed over.

During a life review, we get to go through the life we have just spent on earth in an atmosphere of love and understanding.  We aren’t judged, but we do get to see how all of our actions play out, when we get to decide for ourselves what we might have done differently. 

That one often talked about scenario illustrates the idea that we are here to learn and that what we do on a daily basis does have an impact on others.  We might not get to see the results of the small acts of kindness we do, for example, but they definitely ripple out and we should never underestimate the enormous effect we can have just by living our daily lives with kindness.

In fact, most people who have themselves had NDEs say that they do come back with a totally different perspective on what their lives are all about and what’s important, and a lot more peace and confidence in what happens when we do cross over. It’s a profound experience that also touches people who have had SDEs.

Perhaps the greatest message of these accounts is for us to live all of our lives as though every moment is precious and tremendously important – because they are.

I would absolutely love to hear your stories of NDEs and shared NDEs, if you have one to tell!

Loads of love,

Michele x

Watch Dr. Raymond Moody talking about Shared Death Experiences

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