Tarot reading masterclass – When to leave the Tarot alone

Tarot reading masterclass – When to leave the Tarot alone

You might be a professional reader or you might stick to giving Tarot readings for friends and family just for fun, but there are times when it might be better to leave the cards alone.

If you’re heavily invested in what comes up in the reading

People who give Tarot readings tend to be a caring bunch with a big social conscience, but you have to be honest about those times when you’ve got a big stake in what shows up in a reading.  Your own ideas or feelings can block your intuition and ability to hang on to the professionalism you need.  It’s down to you to make your own judgement call and know when you can put personal feelings aside, but that can rule out reading for love interests, relatives or close friends.

If you know you’re off your game

Giving readings is always rewarding but can be demanding because you always want to be able to give your all.  If you know for any reason that you’re off your game, it might be better to put off giving a tarot reading until another day.  My team of psychic readers know that it’s helpful for reception if they can let us know when they are going to be available, but we don’t insist they give readings if they know it’s not right  as some companies do.  Much better to give a reading that blows someone away two days later than find yourself unable to connect on the day.

If you know someone has had too many psychic or Tarot readings

If someone opens with, ‘I’ve spoken to loads of psychics/had loads of Tarot readings and they’ve all said….’  you might want to check when they had their last reading and how many they’ve had. When people are anxious about something, they can feel the need to seek reassurance over and over again.  That actually creates a state of dependency in them and disconnects them from their power. Be gentle and kind, but sometimes suggesting they wait a bit longer before their next reading is the right thing to do.

When someone is asking a question you can’t answer

If someone wants to know what next week’s lottery numbers will be, you might need to help them understand a bit more about what you can and can’t do before you launch into giving them a reading.  Never promise or make out that you can do the impossible.

Working as a professional reader is hugely rewarding, but it will call on a lot more than just the ability to memorise the meaning of Tarot cards.  If you have any questions about any aspects of giving Tarot readings, post them below and I’ll answer them in future articles.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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