How To Recognise a Past Life Connection

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We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve met someone new but have this immediate and deep connection – sometimes to the point of being able to anticipate what they are going to say next – or feeling as if they’ve been in our life forever. Often this can mean they have been in a spiritual sense as this kind of ‘instant karma’ we feel with certain people is exactly that. A karmic, past life connection and the level of comfort and feeling we already ‘know’ someone is merely our shared history catching up with us and playing out in this lifetime.

These kind of past-life connections are easy to spot but what about others that may also stretch across several lifetimes and involve soul promises, but which may not be quite so obvious? How do we recognise them?

First of all, we need to understand that often the souls with whom we have the deepest connection and with whom we have chosen to learn and grow with are the ones who are there to teach us the most profound lessons. And sometimes these lessons are not easy. Just because you have known one another in a past life does not mean it will all be love and happy endings in this one. There can be many reasons for this. One or both of us can fail to learn the lesson or forgive on a soul level. Until this happens we will keep coming back – like students who have to re-take an exam, until we get it ‘right’. Also, we often have themes we have chosen to work through in this life and we may have several ‘soul mates’ – and I use that term in the broadest possible sense as a ‘soul mate’ is not necessarily a romantic partner but someone with whom we have chosen to form a connection with over several lifetimes; who have chosen to appear at various times in our life in order to help us learn a particular lesson. So, this all this in mind, what are the signs we should look for in even our most challenging relationships that we may have a strong past life connection with someone?

Look for the lesson. Are you learning something about yourself? Either in relationship to other people or your own behaviour? If you’re being challenged in some way – either positively or even negatively, this is one sign that there is an important soul connection here. The bigger the challenge and the more you have to grow on a soul level to meet it, then the number of lifetimes you have spent with this person increases. Remember – this goes for negative experiences as well as positive ones because often we learn more from failures than we do our successes.

Is the situation you’re in with this person part of a recurring theme for you? While you may not feel you have known this person before, does the situation you’re in feel oh so familiar? Is history repeating itself in some way yet again? We all come into this lifetime with set learning tasks. Sometimes we learn the lesson the first time – but if we don’t, then we are set to repeat it until we do. If you find yourself back in a situation that is repeating a past experience but with a completely different person then this is another sign of a deep past-life connection. As you failed to learn the lesson in the past, a new ‘teacher’ has appeared. Once you begin to recognise you and not the other person, are the common denominator, you will begin to release the lesson and your situation with them will transform – either by them leaving your life and you will have no more ‘lessons’ of this nature or by your relationship continuing but now on an entirely different level.

Is someone helping you for no apparent reason? Someone gives you a helping hand in some way with no expectation of anything in return. This could be a business mentor, a teacher or someone who offers you something you badly need right when you need it – and doesn’t necessarily expect to be paid back. This is a sure sign that this is someone you have helped in a past life, paying you forward in this one.

Is anything owed or left over after the relationship is over? You owe them something or they owe you. Or they’ve left something with you. This can be anything from a book, to money, a child or even a horse. Whatever it is, you or they aren’t going to get it back or take it back – not in this lifetime anyway!

Remember, past life soul promises are complex but look for these key signs as to clues you may have deep connections to people you wouldn’t have dreamed were that important!


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  1. I’ve had a lot of past life regressions, and a recurring person in many of those past lives has been my mother. Initially she was an aunt who treated and loved me like a daughter more than my actual mother (who abused and sold me apparently) and helped me in ways she never would. After that life, she often showed up as my mother in subsequent past lives. It doesn’t surprise me that I wanted her to be my real mother so bad. My mom also had a ton of separate regressions and recalled similar things that supported the pattern before I told her my regressions. The connection is just very interesting and I really believe that I just follow her through lives because I honestly can’t imagine not having her in life as my mother.

  2. So I was in church for the new year eve’s prayers and I sat at the corner of my church trying to communicate with God and I turned around only to see a familiar looking face with the same simile and structure and my heart skipped a beat like I know this person from somewhere not this world, I m very sure cos I was not comfortable anymore. I think I had a very bad experiences with him in d past. I was trying to avoid him so much I couldn’t even look him in the eyes. Must b a terrible experience cos I have never had such feelings in my life until last night. Even felt he followed me around in church in spirit. I m confused and scared. I think I know him very much in d past. I think we had a very bad relationship must be from my end or he probably was a bad lover. I was just so uncomfortable throughout the service till I left. Till this very moment I still feel sick knowing I have met him before.

    1. Hey guys. My story goes like this.. So i also had this strange Dreams, about my love, it was so strange and romantic. I have boyfriend for 1 year and something now, but I meet person, some 8 months ago, and on firts sight i feelt something very strong, the same like him. We were always shy, but willing to see each other and speak, we had some really crazy conection, but he was guest at hotel were I worked, we had change the numbers and we speak sometimes but Nothing more than that, ps we leave on different sides of world. And after i never saw him again, but I cant stop thinking about him, not for a day.. Now im asking my self, is that maybe my love from past life? Anyway its very strange to be so emotional for someone with who you never had no sexual or emotional Contact.. I feel that i will not be calm if i dont see him again. Why is this?

      1. I too had a similar experience some time ago. I spotted this guy staring at me at a certain place where I go regularly. The moment our eyes met something inside me said ‘I know you”. And the expression on his face too appeared as if he recognized me as someone whom he knew although we were complete strangers.
        Anyway, he was with someone else and we never got a chance to communicate at all. But I never forgot that incident all these years and I guess will never forget him as long as I live. I am still trying to figure out what exactly happened that day for both of us to react in that manner. I believe we have met during a previous life, may be!

  3. As a kids I’ve had many distorted dreams of places I’ve seen and not yet but they all look and feel familiar to me, I’ve also been able to dream or think or something and it would happen straight away. I suffer with melancholy a lot and sometimes don’t know why, I recently met my ex fiancé and within a short space of time we were so entangled in this emotional cycle of which he drained me mentally I felt he hated me mevtet loved me too much it suffocated me he isolated me he even wanted to know what I was thinking all the time. He even told me out of everyone he had never loved like this to the point of wishing to kill me. We ended, a psychic explained why I was so hurt with constant chest pains and heaviness that he was past life partner and has always been obsessed with the idea of isolating me, breaking me because I’ve always been superior emotionally and independent and I left him in the past life and now I need to break the cycle. But I feel what he feels I hear him talking to my mind and think I’m going crazy he told me in the past in his sleep he woke up to me shouting his name and he could smell me but we were three hours away from each other.

  4. I’ve known this person since elementary. I’ve never been close to him but over the last 10 years he seems to keep reappearing in my life. He has briefly dated a friend of mine, our parents have become friends and two years ago I transferred to the same high school as him. Still, we’ve never been close at all but every time I run into him I get a really weird feeling. My heart starts pounding, it’s like I get nervous exept there’s no reason for me to be. And I will get this really strange deja vu but I can’t even explain it! don’t I have a crush on him. But I feel so connected to him even though I don’t know him! It’s almost frustrating trying to figure out why I always feel this way when I see him. I also found out that we have the same zodiac sign, could that have any correlation? If anyone has any insight about this let me know!!!

  5. I’ve known this person for a couple of years I liked him at first meeting.but then after talking with him I felt a stronger connection after some time while looking at him and also felt there was something wrong with him but didn’t want to say anything later I saw him taking some pills and said aha I knew it he said these what I asked him if he had a disorder or sickness he said yes and I was very close to the sickness as well. Later on he was gone for about a week and came I felt something a little different I ask him if everything thing was ok he said yes but I grilled him to find out he was going to be leaving in a few months we got a long really good but then it was time to move on with his life I didn’t like it but it was his life we kept in contact with each other constantly but I could see the drift happening so I told him we should go our own ways but he didn’t want that he wanted to stay connected but couldn’t commit from time to time and that would upset me and I would say again that we should go our own ways and he would say no but I think it’s time now

  6. Wow I don’t know how many times I been here but when I was little I always had the same dream most of the time. In my dream I was a little girl in some type of attatic with a family. They are telling me be quiet and I am laughing and scared at the same time. When these angry looking men in uniforms come and take us and I always wake up when I’m screaming with my hands out to the family I was with. I didn’t know until the 7th grade about the diary of Anne Frank. I tell everyone I think my past life I was a Jewish girl that got taken away by Nazis. I always been interested about the Holocaust since being taught about it. And interested like “How could someone be Soo curel type of interested” when it comes to this lifetime I think I finally got to live life graduated school got married kids divorced had another baby with my baby daddy and now in a relationship with my boyfriend. This relationship is different never been a spiritual person at all and I’ve seen the good n bad of the spirit world. And of course not from asking to wanting but was given by one of his friends who passed away who I think was my soulmate from another life time

  7. I have a dream about someone whom I’m always looking for in the dream .. always screaming out their name. I know who it is. It is someone I met 10 years ago. In the dream this person and I are supposed to be together because we’re supposed to go into the next life together in the dream. This person and I have gone in 2 separate ways. They are married and I am married. However this dream always rescuering dream that every so often I contact this person by email to ask them how they are doing .. and we are both glad we are doing good in our personal life and it stops there .. I don’t think about this person much except when I dream about them over and over and it makes me contact them to ask how they are doing.. I never told this person this dream because I don’t want them to think I’m crazy or that I’m trying to play games. And we are both married living a blessed life, but why this dream and should I tell this person this dream?

  8. Just a month ago I met a long lost uncle ( whomI never knew)It only took about 3 days to realize that I was some how connected to him. Just this past weekend I looked into his eyes and we both looked familiar to eachother. I am so confused. I can not figure out who he used to be to me in a past life. His soul is very familiar. It’s like I have to connect with him some how everyday. It’s very strange to me that this is now in the form of an uncle. How can I find out how we were connected in the past? And has anyone experienced anything like this with a family member?

  9. Ever since I was a teenager I have had this recurring dream of this man. I have never met him before in reality, however in my dreams I love him so much. It’s unbelievable how real my dreams feel with him. And it’s the same dream over and over from time to time. It was driving me crazy because I didn’t know if this was some sort of pointless dream or if This man was really my true love. The dreams started becoming more vivid and I felt more, and I started remembering more. I finally reached out to a psychic medium, hoping to shed some light on the situation. Surely enough, she confirmed that he was my husband from a past life. I was killed as he tried to save me, and now he is watching me in this lifetime. The way she described everything without me even telling her the slightest detail, I knew it was real. I dream about him all the time, it’s so weird.

    1. Natasha: I swear to you I’m not kidding, but I’ve had a similar dream since I was a teenager of this woman I’ve never met in person, but constantly shows up in my dreams. The dreams are romantic, loving and sweet. She is my best friend, my partner, my companion and everything I could ever want in a woman. We talk in my dream and she and I crack each other up laughing no matter what we do. But, the most beautiful thing about her is that in my dream, when our eyes meet, it’s like our souls just melt into each other, like we were made for each other and that no one else on earth can or will be like her. So, I do understand what you’re saying!

  10. I’ve been having the same dream as well about someone and it feels so real as if I actually know him and can feel his presence. I’ve not met such person yet but I really want to know if the dream is from past life or the person in the dream is someone I’ll meet in future? How did you find a psychic medium? I want to get clarity on my dream as well..

  11. Hi..just now I have gone through your article, I’m from india my name is Harish I want to share my experience that I had in my heart since last 30, 35 years…
    No budy will belive that I have a crush / feelings or love I don’t know what ? With a girl since childhood, that is when we both were in KG class/nursery at that time was not knowing the difference of girl or boy but some feeling was there . She left our school and gone to other school when we are in class 5th . We were not a best friend ever eventhough I never forgotten her and occasionally I used to go to her home till last year.
    I never expressed my feeling to her ever .Now we both are married and we both have kids but she in my mind /heart every time. Some time we meet we have very casual talk but full body is shivering like any thing when she comes near me.some time i used to call her or send formal massage but she never replied. Only once she called me in 2008 only to inform that she got married .i never told het that I ever liked her or love her , I’m sure she don’t now all this . When ever we see each other we have only formal talk but why she avoid me all the time.

    1. I have the same thing! Sometimes I think I’m just overthinking, like a massive crush in this guy because I just happened to like him. But the feelings I had were so strong, so instantaneous.. it seems like. Why would I feel such a pain for years over someone who I hardly met? Why would I feel such a longing to be with him? I guess only the universe can know.

  12. Thank you for this thread, I’m a long time too late for a reply now, but I never searched for advice on this before.
    I have six soulmates, others like me that have been part of my every moment and thought since I came into being. They are all from another place and another time, and maybe I won’t see them again until I leave this one.
    Maybe I will never see them again.

    I can love, here and now, but the love I have here for everyone is never as deep as it was back then. The family I was born into this time around, and the partners I’ve had, I just can’t say I feel that same deep connection with anyone else in this world.

    I’m always half here, half lost out there somewhere, as if once my soul was alive and buzzing with movement and colour and now it’s silent and still like an undisturbed pool, waiting for the only ones who can step into it and bring life to it again.

    It is a lonely place to be.

    1. If you get this I would like to talk to you with similar questions just trying to understand what’s happening to me with these soulmates.

    2. You sound like me Cassie Anne. I feel alone and know im sick of this lower plane. Noone can connect it seems. I did meet someone that feels like we always knew each other and wgen we stare at each other in the eyes so mystic. My heart throbs.

  13. Ok…this is so interesting.

    I have recurrent dreams…and this person seems to be related to them.
    I don’t know that it’s a good connection…the person sort of frightens me…but I have no reason for that fear…but I do seem to have a connection…
    Any insight? Is it just overactive intuition??

  14. Hello, my mom said the day I was born she felt a spiritual connection, as in she had been waiting for us to reconnect. Is that possible?

  15. hi,
    I met this girl at work and looking at her for the first time , I felt like i have known her from a long time back. I tried to approach her, but she didnt respond very well. When I see her eyes I feel a deep connection from the past, I get a familiar sense in my heart and I feel very calm and relaxed whenever I see her or think about her. I dont know how to explain these feelings to her , as she seems to be disturbed whenever i am around and becomes very introvert, I try not to disturb her or annoy her. but I really want to know her and connect with her. Please tell me why I am not able to connect to her.

  16. i have a friend i made a while ago but before that when we first met we had like this awkword stair and then i asked do i know you and he asked the same thing and we kept trying to figure it out for hours we have never lived in same areas and we have never met but when we where talking he acts just like me in every which way like his personality and mine are the same and he says the same thing about me and its not like i know him as a diffrent person its as if i feal hes me like im him in a way if that makes any sense,it feals like if we where the same person then split into this world as 2 not one dois anybody know what that means my name is benjamin brice mullins the 2nd and his name is eddy gurrea

    1. Ben: I can relate to you so much, most people are talking about reoccurring dreams. But in my case I know a person that as soon as I met them it felt like something clicked. It was really weird and i didn’t know how to feel about it, years passed and I hadn’t seen her in a while. We decided to meet up again, I was expecting her to have changed and not feel the same connection anymore. But it’s the opposite, were soo incredibly similar , same personality, same likes and dislikes , same preferences. It’s almost a little awkward to make conversation since were so much alike, I dont know if that makes sense. Initially I didn’t know how to take it since were both girls, I think I confused it for romantic feels which was odd. But now I understand that its deeper than that , it a true spiritual connection. I’m trying to understand what lesson i haven’t learned from my previous life that she has to teach me but I’m having trouble. I think she might have the same feeling, I’m not sure and I’m to scared to ask if she feels the same.

    2. Same feeling i am having with aguy i ket seems like we we rulers together and lovers to the highest and everything he likes from what we have shared i like and we have same feelings. We stare at each other like its very deep knowing of a spiritual connection.

  17. This was very helpful. I have a question though. Say you never met the person, but just saw them, heard them, and felt like something clicked at that moment. I heard his voice first and got goosebumps, the dark deep voice seemed so familiar to me. When I saw him, pictures went through my mind of us, but not in this time period. I know I have a vivid imagination, but this was something I’ve never experienced before. And from that point on I felt as if he was part of me in someway. I had a disturbing dream that he faded away from me, and weeks later I learned that he had passed away. Now it feels my life has little purpose, and I feel like I’m searching for something that is no longer there. I feel I lost my chance to be whole again.

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