Soul Path SOS: They’re Out of My League!

It goes like this: you’re walking down the street or at a bar or party when you suddenly spot an incredibly hot guy or girl walking towards you. You’ve been working on attracting a new partner for some time. Your first reaction is: ‘Wow! There’s someone I’d love to get to know better.’ Then a little voice inside pipes up: ‘They’re way out of your league’. So instead of making eye contact and flashing them a smile you keep walking or turn away.

Limited thinking and self-criticism is often all that stands between us and achieving our goals. The problem with this is we become our own worst enemy. And it’s not just our romantic lives where people apply this type of thinking. Chances are you’ll do the same thing in other areas.  Say you’ve been upskilling and looking to change your job or even your career path. Suddenly you see your dream job advertised. Your initial reaction is to go for it but then you start having doubts. They’re going to be looking for someone older/younger/better qualified/with more experience . . . You’re way out of your league so why bother applying?

The first thing to understand is when we start to ask for opportunities the universe starts to throw them in our path. It’s up to us what we do about them. That cute person walking towards us, that ‘dream’ job advertised – they could be appearing in answer to our soul work. But we have free will as to what we do about them just as we have free will to change long term thinking from ‘They’re out of my league’ to ‘Why not?’.

When it comes to people and dating – look at it another way. You are making assumptions about somebody based entirely on their looks. Yes, they may think they are out of your league but you would really want to date someone so vain and superficial? Or they may be just like you – a human being looking for a meaningful connection and one who doesn’t want to be judged just on their looks alone anymore than you want someone to think you are too old, too fat, too thin or too short. The only way to find out what they think is to try to get to know them. And it if doesn’t work out the way you hoped there could be many reasons why – they may be involved with somebody else or acting as an opportunity for you to expand your idea of what is and isn’t possible for you. If you meet with rejection all you have lost at this point is usually a smile and a ‘Hello’.

Do you think the sky’s the limit or have you unknowingly placed a glass ceiling in your way? Part of soul growth is expanding what we think is possible for us to have in our lives and in order to do this we have to be unafraid to take a few chances. So, next time you spot that cute person or see that dream job advertised, instead of thinking ‘They’re out of my league’ replace it with ‘I’m going for it!’ After all,  the only thing you have to lose is limitation.

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