Your Forecast for Venus in Scorpio – River Deep, Mountain High

venus in scorpio

Your Forecast for Venus in Scorpio – River Deep, Mountain High

There’s nothing shy, tentative or fearful about Venus in Scorpio – which it enters on December 4. Venus is now moving quickly through the sky. For those Venus ruled signs who suffered the most during the Venus retrograde from July – September this year – Taurus and Libra, as well as the Leos in whose sign this took place, this will very much feel like making up for lost time.

Venus will transit the entire sign of Scorpio in December. And move into Sagittarius just before the year ends. For Scorpios and Taurus, this will bring you peak desires and experiences around personal desires and partnerships. If you are one of the other water signs – Cancer and Pisces, then Venus will trine your natal chart factors at some point during this month.. Bringing you easy going, free-flowing feels and opportunities.

Venus in Scorpio is sexy and emboldened. It asks for what it wants. And knows if the answer is no it was never going to get it anyway. It then moves on to someone who will say yes. It ditches pink and frills. It loves red and black, corsets, leather and anything rock and roll. It is about the heights and going deep. It doesn’t do the mehs or anything vanilla. 

Scorpio rules power money, shared assets and resources, what you owe and are owed, empowerment and control, death, taxes, investments, loans and yes, that bedroom. How you work one, some, all of these is about to feature. And how sensual and powerful you feel doing so. Embrace this, no matter what your sign.


full moon in aries

Venus in your 8th is seeking that eternal flame. And will go wherever it believes this is, Aries. Yes, the top of the mountain or the deep dive to find it. This Venus is demanding an all-in, intense, transcendent, passionate connection. Or nothing at all. Because if this Venus can’t find it, it will entirely channel all that desire and creative heat into something else. That creative project or money-making venture for instance. And that’s more, it won’t waste time yearning for what it can’t have right now or which is unavailable. It’s focused on its intentions. Power on with Venus in here.

Of course, if someone snags your attention now they had better be prepared to meet you with equal intensity. Otherwise, you’ll quickly lose interest. Thinking about anyone born under your sign may seem strange to feel shy, powerless or lacking confidence. But it can and does happen. If this is you, Aries, the good news is that Venus in here plugs you back into that lost resource. You see you have, and always have had, the power to make the changes you seek or take back control in a situation.

Venus rules your bank account and this is your ‘other’ money house. That scorching focus may be directed towards your assets and resources, making more of them, gaining more or utilizing them in better ways. Those bedroom manoeuvrers? Lit and inventive. Others may see someone offer you a bonus or access to something you’ve needed. Venus opens the vault door. And says: take what you need.


Ruler Venus is now in its ruling house in your chart. Continuing your yearly love and partnership peak and picking up where the Sun left off when it exited this house last month. 

It’s an extended yearly love-in, Taurus. A time when you can deepen and enhance that closeness. Or make empowered changes around partnerships and close relationships of all kinds. Powerful, positive and authentic moves on your part bring about a shift or pivot in a key dynamic. Or even your relationship status if you are single.

Yes, this Venus transit is one of attraction for singles. Or even for settled seeking a work, collaborative or new friendship. Enhanced benefits can spring from existing unions. A powerful rediscovery or affirmation of what you share. This Venus also enhances financial and career prospects with a knock-on and positive effect on your bank account for others.

This Venus hands you discernment and the right to be choosy if you are single. You know you own it, Taurus. And are confident now to gently pass over any candidates for your heart that don’t measure up. You no longer fall for just anything. And are willing to wait for what’s right. If you have settled in the past, there may be an accounting to be done now. Again, any decisions you make come from empowerment.

You’ll be at your most open, generous, and giving to those you love and care about under this transit. And your most honest when it comes to your true feelings. Closeness comes from communication. Love flows from creativity no matter your status. Look to how you can create this and it will act as a magnet to draw love to you.



Look deep into what hands you satisfaction daily with Venus in your 6th. At the end of the month, Venus will land in its ruling 7th, bringing you a second love and partnership peak of the year. Which will rocket your forward into 2024 and also pave the way for Jupiter’s arrival in your sign in May. 

This Venus is about the everyday kind of loving. And this includes loving what you do. What you pour your time and energy into. Your habits and routine and how they support you with enhancing your well-being in so many small ways which make up the bigger picture. Venus in here can deliver monetary rewards and bonuses from what you do. You may feel validated, valued, and supported by your co-workers or work environment. If you want to change that job situation, wait until the new year to begin, however. Look at what you need to be doing and what role fits you and your lifestyle, skills and long term needs.

This house also rules pets, and do remember, a pet is for life and not just for Christmas. Venus in your 6th is about immersing yourself in or creating a life of meaning, everyday satisfaction, and beauty. It’s about the divine treasure you will discover in the details. Dive into these. Venus tells you work shouldn’t be a drudge, whether paid or unpaid. We all need to do what we need to do. But we can arrange it so we meet it with joy when we see how changing it up can bring us benefits that ripple out into other areas. Head for the feel good factor with this Venus. Oh – and don’t  over-indulge Gemini. There’s more than one kind of hangover if you do!


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Venus in your 5th is one of the most powerful pleasure cycles of the year. That it coincides with the holiday season is just a bonus for you. Venus is designer Santa in this house. Fit and wearing Dior. Driving a Ferrari sleigh. And it says you have been very, very nice indeed.

No hiding your light with Venus in here, Cancer. Be prepared to burn bright and at your most intense. No-one can miss that radiance which should see you at the centre of attention and act like your own version of the Great Attractor right up until the end of the month.

Have you been worried about anything of late? If so, the arrival of Venus in here turns the tide back. And releases you onto the shores of carefree paradise again. You discover solutions. Like psychic messages in a bottle which hands you the solutions you’ve been seeking.

Dress to attract and stand out. Go bold and lit. Jewel brightness works for you. Even if you’d usually opt for black or pastels. You can add a splash of it if you are not yet ready to go all the way. And if so you’ll quickly discover it works. And  this leads to the confidence to go further.

Singles could draw that potential lover in. Gifts, invitations, lucky breaks, good times flowing from your children – you may feel carefree and infused with the spirit of the season. Hopeful joy and optimism rule. Others pour their overflowing creativity and joie de vive into a personal project – from art, that social media feed, turning themselves into their own work of art – whatever you undertake draws attention to you now, Cancer. Things are cooking in your soul kitchen. Don’t allow any worries about what others may think to make you turn out anything half-baked now. Go big, rich and brilliant. Or go home.



Venus broadcasts beautiful warnings in your 4th, Leo. If people come to visit now they won’t want to leave. That’s the kind of home or welcome you’re creating with Venus in this house. So long as you are prepared for that – be those guests coming for a dinner party (cater extra) or to stay over the holidays – you’ll know they are having the best time simply because of their reluctance to go home.

You are the host with the most. Property matters are enhanced with Venus in here. As is your ability to deck your halls in a way that enchants and welcomes. Do be aware that Venus is in interior design mode now. And does not adhere to budgets unless closely monitored. This Venus wants only the best. And yes, this extends to what you serve. The best, most lush and sensual food and beverages delight the senses. No wonder nobody wants to leave. 

This Venus promises soul satisfaction. As does treating sex like a banquet too. There’s a deeper, hidden message to be explored here if you are ready for it. This house rules your home, family and what gives you physical and emotional security. But it also rules you path in life and the life you create for yourself. If you have your Jimmy Choos firmly on the right one, you’ll know it for certain as you enjoy rewards and benefits. If not – the good news is that by the end of January you will have a plan and a vision of a brighter, more sustaining new one that acts like a setting for the jewel of your talents and purpose is. For now, express the love via your surroundings and those who share it, Leo.



Let’s talk love. But we’re no longer scratching the surface of this subject, Virgo. Venus in your 3rd house demands a deep exploration of the feels. Outing those wishes, desires and yes, even those fears. Honest communication is what brings about understanding now. Don’t mince your words, hold back or even sugar coat it. That’s doesn’t mean you’re abandoning diplomacy. Just that you no longer fear being judged when it comes to your emotions. Venus in here lets go of self-censure. And yes, the truth will set you and others free.

Words are magic spells. You know this being Mercury ruled. News, a conversation or even a Hello could change everything for the better. Perhaps it is you who needs to have that opening line to hand. Or send that message winging out there. If so, if you’ve been lost for words, Venus hands you the most magical and creative mix of them. Others are buying what you are saying –  or selling now.

Yes, this is your house of the internet and apps. So, don’t be surprised if a lot of the talk stems from this. As well as opportunities. This Venus is also in major repair mode in this house in your chart. Not many astrologers realise the true power of Venus in Scorpio for Virgos. Venus mends broken hearts while in here. It fixes disappointments in work and business. 

Just bear in mind that the way it works may not be via sending that old lover back. Or by handing you the position or promotion you should have had. Instead, it may come via someone new offering an opportunity. Either a personal one or one that leads to something more rewarding for you. Again, a contact or conversation begins the healing. Get talking without barriers, Virgo.



Venus leaves your sign but in its ruling 2nd, feels just as good, Libra. You’re after something constant and lasting now. Nothing fleeting or ephemeral for you. Whether in love or income. You’re weighing the worth of it to you over the long term.

You are more than willing to invest whole-heartedly now. Be it in that position or that relationship. But you are also measuring carefully the rewards or take-out against what you put in. And also whether the other party is equally invested.

Venus in here often opens up a fresh source of income, extra income or a bonus. If so, you have earned it as this house is the one of what we make rather than windfalls (your 5th) or payouts (your 8th). Of course, these can occur but you would need transits in these houses occurring at the same time. An astrologer can explain. So take it what you receive, you have worked for in some way. Or taken a long position on it with the love, care, and attention you have shown it. 

This is a house of quiet, subtle attraction. Yes, this can bring in someone new for singles as this house rules relationships, which we can consider assets to us in some way. Just be aware that it may take a while to blossom and don’t be in a hurry. The same goes for that opportunity on the work front. Be patient. And be discriminating. If you think it may not have long term potential – don’t ignore that thought. You have so much to give and your assets are valuable, Libra. Invest them wisely from here on in.


new moon in scorpio

Opposites attract under this Venus, Scorpio. It brings the breath of new beginnings. But also draws to you what you need to balance something out. Why? This Venus transit through your 1st will feel different due to the fact that your 7th and Venus’s ruling sign of Taurus, is all-powerful in your chart due to Jupiter and Uranus in here. So, as Venus moves through your sign and opposes these, it will bring you what you need – the opposite to what you think you want. But oh so right when you recognise it.

Do look beyond the outer packaging. And don’t get too attached to what you believe you want, Scorpio. If so, you may miss out on something ultra special that despite appearances to the contrary, is a bespoke order designed with you in mind.  This may arrive in a surprising, unexpected, sudden, bolt from the blue way. This could even be a who as opposed to a what.

Something you have been hoping or waiting for could arrive between now and the end of the year. Just take it that cosmic order has been registered and is being prepared. While you wait, this is your second chance to change your appearance, face, body, style, image, brand, message or look. You may have already begun this during the Sun’s transit of your 1st. Now you enhance it further or fine-tune it. Ensure the outer you reflects your desire to attract something new and different. You do that by not being your old self. Then, wait in anticipation for what answers this desire.


Secret Santa Venus enters your 12th before arriving in your sign later this month. So, what are you wishing for that you’re not talking about, Sag? Or even admitting to yourself that you want? This is your opportunity to look at whether that dream is actually impossible. Or if in fact, there is another hidden path towards it you may not have been able to see until now.

You may have felt that you are off to a slow start this birthday season due to ruler Jupiter retrograde until December 31. You will make up for this as Venus will land in your 1st just two days before Jupiter heads direct again. So, see this as a time to get very clear about what it is you now want, to reclaim your lost hopes and dreams, and to discover the way to make them real. And yes, you may opt to nurture these in your downtime or keep them under wraps for now. 

This is your house of the past and Venus in here shows you what facets of that are worth salvaging. And what you need to now consign to Once Upon a Time. You’ll understand where you stood in your own way when it came to getting what you wanted. Or attracting the kind of love you desired. You’ll release blame – whether this is directed at yourself and others. And feel the flow restored as you move through this process. Resentment keeps us stuck. Forgiveness – and self-forgiveness, moves us forward. You are free. Good karma follows.

Sometimes this Venus sees that past love visit in person. This can be a welcome, sentimental journey as in the trip we take back home for the holidays. Or one filled with questions or potential closure if it involves a past lover. Understand if someone reappears it may simply be to close a door you may wonder about, but now find you have no desire to discover what’s beyond it. Only revive the dream which sustains, Sag.


moon cap

Venus in your 11th offers the good time which can be had by all. Venus in this house is the essence of the party season. Deck the halls and get ready to be jolly. And don’t be a Grinch, Cappy. 

Your goals for the coming year may also feature. And if you encounter new connections during this cycle, keep their contact details as they may have a role to play in aiding you to accomplish them. Actually, in the spirit of the season, if you are in a position to assist someone in turn, the gift of giving flows both ways. Expect at some point for karma to pay it forward in ‘24. 

Usually, I tell people that Venus in their 11th is all about the love of friends and not to hope for encounters under the mistletoe or your answer to cuffing season blues to appear. This Venus is different, however. This is because your 5th house of love (Taurus and Venus’s ruling sign), contains both Jupiter and Uranus. It exerts an all-powerful attraction factor that can see you in the right place at the right time (or the right swipe), and encountering the right one. 

A goal may actually come to fruition. Or you get what you wished for. It’s a time to let loose, find that perfect orbit and immerse yourself in the festive spirit. Do issue invitations of your own as well as accept those which come your way. The more people who you engage with or invite, the more your sphere enlarges and the more stars gravitate towards you, Capricorn. Expand your influence with Venus this December.


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Somehow if someone asks you if you’ve been naughty or nice, you’ll delight in telling them you’re naughty. Very, very naughty. I could bore you with the traditional interpretation of Venus in your 10th, Aquarius. But you deserve more than that. This Venus comes across initially as ice cool. But Snow White it’s not. No matter if on the surface its all business or calculated double entendres – which is its way of flirting. 

If it manifests in human form it entices and spices things up for you. It likes the long drawn out flirt (refer to those double meanings which have you wondering did you read that right?!), doesn’t like to get too handsy in public, and may go for traditional suits or lots of black. Or did I just describe your love modus operandi right now, Aquarius? As Venus in here can have you changing your usual tactic for something so much more intriguing. For powerful results once behind closed doors. Very, very naughty ones. Yes, this delights your partner if you’re settled. Role-playing and fantasy may spice things up. Let loose. 

Now for a return to our usual programming and the more traditional take on Venus in your 10th. Recognition, rewards and career accolades. Venus enhances your professional reputation and your status and public image. If you are not working in the traditional sense, you may be the beneficiary of your partner’s success now. Or bask in your contribution to this. Somehow Venus singles you out for some kind of recognition. Or worship as that bedroom or boardroom deity. No matter if you are naughty – or just extremely nice. 


full moon in pisces

Need something heart-starting? Breathtaking? More adventurous? You’re up for the grand love gestures, the starry eyed romance, and the wild magic of the unknown now Venus is in your 9th.

The path you are on could take an unexpected detour. Are you willing to go down it? You’re also in the mood to experiment and explore. If you are single, this may translate to attracting someone different. If you’ve fallen for the suit and tie lover in the past, you’re now head-over-heels for the surfer/hippie. Or vice versa. Someone from a different country, ethnicity or belief system opens your mind, not just your heart to so many possibilities out there.

The world always comes knocking on our door somehow when Venus moves through this house in our charts. Yes, we may travel during this transit. There’s a restlessness within us that will always surface during this time. Whether we are single or settled. It needs us to answer as it tells us that we need something more. Sometimes people can mistake what this really means. They mistake this for something absent or missing from their current relationship and throw the baby out with the bathwater. It is rarely about that. But if you suspect it is a symptom of a longer term dissatisfaction, take your time and try to come up with solutions first. You may need something new to feed your soul in the form of a non-human passion to explore. Or that you and the other can go on a journey of exploration together. And reignite your joint sense of passion as you do.

Answer the call to adventure. Leave your couch and that boxset and what’s familiar behind you. Between now and the end of the year you’ll be presented with a solution, an opportunity or an opening to a new world of experience.

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