Your Full Moon in Cancer Moonscope December 26th 2023

Your Full Moon in Cancer Moonscope December 26th 2023

The full Moon in Cancer is home for the holidays in its ruling sign. It appears at 4o 58’ of Cancer and makes a superb alignment to Jupiter in gorgeous, sensual Taurus. What does this tell us all? Wherever you are is home on this day. Enjoy the delights of wherever you find yourself. And with this final full Moon of 2023, stop thinking just for this day that the grass is greener elsewhere. 

Of course, if you are thinking: Is this as green as it gets? The answer for some of you may be no. But this Moon tells you this is not the day to yearn for it. Instead take pleasure from the nurturing, safe and sensual space you find yourself in. Enhance it in whatever way you can. And above all, appreciate this and your people who share this with you. It’s the gratitude factor which waters that grass. Where you are and in pastures new for ‘24.

This Moon is one where intuition and ‘gut’ feelings rule. Feed these with inspiration and also anything which follows up on those feels. Too much logic won’t work under this full Moon. Homecoming truths follow. And if a new direction or place is needed – you’ll know that too. Go for real grass however – not astro turf! 

This Moon also asks we let down our defences and become unafraid to show our vulnerable sides. This is in contrast to the Sun in Capricorn – the sign that’s adept at keeping up that boss front! In our vulnerabilities lie our strength. 

This full Moon is known as the Cold Moon, Winter Maker Moon and Snow Moon. If you are a Cardinal sign – Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn – do check your chart for factors at 4-5 degrees. If you have them love where you are but also begin to formulate a plan for ‘24. This full Moon is best for Cancer and Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio and Pisces. Again, especially if you have the key degrees.


full moon in aries


Surround yourself with comfort. Nurture yourself and loved ones. Love your environment and who you’re with. Or yes, if it’s not ideal, find something to love about it, Aries. Even as you look towards your options for ‘24.

Above all, look at where you may unconsciously erect defences where perhaps none are needed. Those deep rooted triggers that always set you off. Perhaps its something a family member always does. Maybe without thinking. And you either feel you need to withdraw or come out guns blazing! Is it time to simply explain how this makes you feel without trying to blame? Could it even be they are unaware of the effect it has on you? This Moon asks you at the very least examine all possible explanations. And let go of the need to react long enough to talk about it. This Moon favours airing those feels.

This full Moon’s angle to Jupiter highlights your needs. Not just emotionally but materially too. Asking what you need is part of your process under it. But also how much you need to feel secure, loved, emotionally safe? Do determine what this is. Even as you snuggle or allow yourself to feel safely vulnerable, you are allowed to allow your imagination to fast forward and visualise how you can improve this picture this time next year. It’s also a fabulous time not only to feed your soul with future dreams but to nourish those you love. Unleash that domestic deity.


full moon in taurus

A delicious meal. An indulgent pamper. Even a long, slow bedroom session. If any sign is getting the most earthly emotional delights from this full Moon it’s you, Taurus. The Moon’s angle to Jupiter just enhances you usual appreciation of the final things in life. And also increases your desire to share them with those you care about.

If there’s a post-holiday, pre-New Year’s soiree planned – yours is the one everyone will want to attend. You’re the host with the most. Offering the best company and the most delicious fare. This Moon is also fabulous if you’re done with the season of over-indulge and your creativity now asks for release and self-expression. Explore emotional expression via art, decorating and interior design, sewing, content creation and all manner of beautiful musings. Give them form and voice, Taurus. And as you do, ask yourself if they contain the seeds of something bigger for your future? Again, it’s all about the indulgence. This time your imagination.

Full Moons are always full stops. We pause before we head in a fresh direction. So, yes, for you this truly is about appreciating where you are and also who and what you have in your life. Don’t come from lack whatever you do. Yes, you can look at money and financial goals for the coming year. Come from a place of cashed-up satisfaction if you can. Focus on what you’ve done with what you’ve got. Congratulate yourself. The vital essence of this full Moon is all in focusing on what we already have. Not what we don’t. Then go in the direction of seeking more.


new moon in gemini moonscope

Look back over ‘23 and be honest about any areas where you feel you may be on a treadmill, Gemini. Running as fast as you can just to remain in the same spot. Are you doing too much with too little reward? Spreading yourself too thin? Trying to meet everyone’s needs at the expense of your own? Or keeping up appearances by spending too much? Especially more than you can realistically afford?

This full Moon may see you uncharacteristically quiet and contemplative if you have put your hand up to any of the above and admitted: Guilty as charged. Hey, the cosmos isn’t here to judge you. If there is something to be confronted that is in fact, making too big a withdrawal on your lifeforce and vibrancy, it is merely being highlighted by this Moon so you can see it for what it is. And tackle it.

Soul honesty – with yourself to start with, is your way forward. To more satisfaction and abundance for the coming year. And yes, it may also see you being honest with others. But only if you feel safe doing so, Gemini. This full Moon often resets our values. It’s also offering you enhanced clarity around what’s worth your time and effort. And also the value you place on these. Because of its angle to Jupiter in your 12th, this is preparing you for the arrival of Jupiter in your sign in May. Jupiter wants you to refine your priorities. So you channel its optimism and opportunity creation into what really matters. Release and realign now, for big results later.


cancer new moon

What did you achieve which you set out to do these past 12 months, Cancer? It honestly is time to celebrate those victories under the full Moon in your sign. It shines on your accomplishments and illuminates your elegant and quiet strengths. It shows you that success needs that all-important emotional component to matter. And its also not confined to just money making or a job title either. It’s simply about saying ‘I can do that’ in a given area. And then doing what it takes to make it happen.

When we reach a goal or milestone, its vitally important we stop and celebrate it. Before going on to the next. Revel in the ‘I did that!’ moment. No matter how big or small. So, as this full Moon waxes and aligns to Jupiter in your wish fulfilment sector, ensure you pay tribute to your achievements if you’ve been too busy up until now to do so. Good job, Cancer!

Jupiter remains in the house of your chart until May ‘24. Until then you can continue to benefit from Jupiter’s Fairy Godplanet influence. It wants to continue to assist you in manifesting any remaining wishes on that list. For now, enjoy that feeling of attainment and enjoyment. Then – set your next goal to crush. That ‘23 track record should show you it’s within reach.



This isn’t a Moon which wants you to commit to where you want to go or what you want to do in ‘24. Not yet anyway, Leo. You may be spending some inner time asking yourself what it is you really want. Or if you know what that is, you may not be sure as to how you should go about getting it. 

The Moon in your 12th asks you separate fact from fantasy. If you believe there are obstacles in your way, it asks you to look closely at whether they are real. Or simply your own imagination. And while your creativity and imagination is heightened by this Moon, don’t let the latter run away with you. It can have you projecting onto others things they simply aren’t thinking or feeling. Or what they really feel may surprise you. The only way to know for sure is to ask, Leo. So, don’t dwell with your thoughts in silence. And do ensure they aren’t misinterpreting where you’ve coming from in turn!

This Moon asks what you need to bring out into the open rather than keeping shut inside. If you have Leo factors at 4-5 degrees this may be a very personal issue. One that makes you feel open to judgement if you were to talk about it. If so, this is what you need to be airing! De-mystify the whole thing and cut it down to size by confiding in someone. As for that path you need to take – your intuition or subconscious is telling you what’s right and what isn’t. Follow it and you’ll be surprised just how easy the right direction is to take.


Mars in Virgo

Unlike other signs which simply want to retreat into their blanket forts until this full Moon, you’re more comfortable socialising or seeking out stimulation and variety, Virgo. If the holidays have seen you wrapped up in family time, no matter how much you may have enjoyed that, you’re now craving that social scene again.

Organise a get together with friends or arrange to meet up. Yes, you may be choosy about the company you keep. You need to be surrounded by others on the same wavelength. And it may not be about the quantity. It’s the quality of the company that counts. Whether its that party or just kicking back with a friend over pizza and a catch-up, what matters to you is the quality of the interaction.

Because of this Moon’s angle to Jupiter in your 9th, faraway friends and places, distant connections and people overseas may feature. As could multicultural gatherings. If offered an invitation to the latter, do accept. An ethnic restaurant could be just the place for that catch-up. If you’ve been too busy with family, work or other matters leading up to this full Moon, it is now the time to show those besties some love.

Anyone new you have met over the holiday period or under this full Moon could turn out to have a big role to play in your life in ‘24. Also, do you have a major vision for yourself for the new year? Now is the time to activate it. It’s a full Moon under which to be yourself and enjoy the support of like-minded people. Don’t stay out in the cold, Virgo.



The full Moon in your 10th illuminates your ambitions, Libra. It also rewards you emotionally in any area where you have simply gone the distance. If it’s worth having, there probably isn’t a short cut to getting it. But if you didn’t need to make the effort, then it wouldn’t matter so much.

This is the full Moon of success and attainment. It highlights your strengths but also shows you if anything you’re doing doesn’t work. Or bring you the results you hoped for. Under this full Moon watch for critics and cold, cold hearts that never warm up. Being made to feel you are never quite good enough. They are not going to change. You can change how you react to them however. Or whether you wish to interact with them at all.

Now is the time to get behind your ideas for ‘24. And once this full Moon has passed, be ready to take a bold and decisive step towards making something real for yourself.  Your are hard-wired to succeed. You are already a success whether you realise this or not. Don’t allow others’ ideas of what this should be define your path. Be ready to go for it in the next few weeks. That job, that promotion, that plan, that better, more reliable and lasting, form of love. You’ll get there. One step at a time.



You and the other water signs along with opposite number Taurus, benefit most from this full Moon. Do check your chart for the 4-5 degree factors. This is a lucky Moon for you whether you have these factors or not. Baby, you’ve got so much to give under it thanks to its angle to Jupiter in your 7th. 

Is it time to plan your next big adventure, Scorpio? Or are you about to embark upon one? That compass needle spins and points in a fresh direction. You’ve an appetite for something soul-starting and bigger. Answer that restless quest within you. Whether its simply to get your body moving or your mind with answers to the big questions such as ‘Why are we here?’ or ‘What’s the meaning?’. This intuitive and questing full Moon points you in the right direction.

Look to where you may be unconsciously limiting your own emotional experience. Also, do you start something but then lose interest and not finish it? This Moon may highlight something that still holds so much potential for you. All you have to do is answer its call again. But this time commit to seeing it through. While this full Moon asks every sign to make a gesture of gratitude for where they find themselves on this day; and to find satisfaction in what they have, its okay for you to look out beyond that. And aim for something more. Sometimes we have to venture out past the familiar and go look for our lives. This could be your first step in a 1,000 mile journey.


The best full Moon of the year to listen to those ‘gut’ instincts, Sag. Your inner knowing highlights red flags and green lights with impeccable accuracy. So, don’t ignore these. Or tell yourself it’s your imagination.

The Moon probes the shadows. Seeking out hidden truths. Highlighting where you need to keep digging. This is one of the best full Moons of the year under which to get or give yourself a reading around what’s coming up for the new year. Especially if you approach the reading with a questing mindset around what you may need to change or do differently.

This Moon is in your ‘other’ money house. Is it time for a post-holiday/pre new year accounting? Do you feel the state of your finances is some kind of emotional statement about you? It’s funny how simply going through those bank statements or coming up with a new spending/savings plan can take any judgemental sting out of money issues. It’s just a number. And you can work with that thanks to the Moon’s angle to ruler Jupiter in your pragmatic 6th. If you feel you need help in this area, this is also one of the best days to go look for that advisor or accountant. 

Chances are a quick audit reveals you have so much more to work with than you may have realised, Sag. And the ability to earn or create more too. Underused resources get repurposed. Is someone getting you down, however? This may be more than just the end of the holiday/birthday season blues. Has this been going on for a while? Look at the history. It asks if you want to continue the emotional expense of this. Or if, all things considered, you’ll be better off investing elsewhere.



Love is what matters to you most under this Moon. In all its forms, Cappy. Not just the romantic partnership and marriage kind. You crave closeness and want to wrap those bonds tighter around you and those you care for. Or even the home or place you love. Embracing togetherness and comfort. This Moon is about love and not so much about sex (that’s your 5th and 8th). So, you’re more up for a tender snuggle rather than a 50 Shades session. Of course, if that’s what that boo wants, you’ll bring it. Because the fact is, under this full Moon you simply want to give, give, give.

Although you are at your most loving and open, do be aware that not everyone is going to be affected in the same, sweet way. Don’t be afraid to enforce strong boundaries with passive aggressive people, manipulators or anyone who is simply taking advantage of you or just plain toxic. Sadly, sometimes this Moon brings out the worst in people.

If you’re missing the romantic kind of love and that’s what you yearn for, it’s okay to acknowledge there’s a position vacant in your heart that needs to be filled. But don’t whatever you do send yourself out into cuffing season if its really not your thing. Love yourself enough to avoid the apps. Yes, you want to be part of a balancing act and need that counter-weight in your life, Cappy.  If not with a partner then with family member, that ride-or-die, bestie, co-conspirator or collaborator. So don’t allow what’s missing to stop you from seeing love actually is, all around you.


weekly astrology

Your compassion is heightened under this full Moon. If you know of someone struggling on any level, you are so there for them. With anything from a shoulder to cry on to helping with the chores. You’re the friend indeed and the resource to be relied upon. A deep well of non-judgemental listening and practical advice (you’ll only volunteer the latter if specifically asked).

You’re also an open book when it comes to sharing your own struggles. And also providing inspiration with how you’ve overcome them. You’re showing up as the hero in your own story. As well as for anyone who needs you. The way you show how much you care is by simply doing what needs to be done. And others love you for that. 

This full Moon also has you looking at any loose ends. That unfinished project. That untidy desk. That cupboard half cleared out. You won’t want to leave anything hanging ahead of 2024. This is the Moon under which you’ll tackle those tough, outstanding chores and sweep away the cobwebs. Also, if you have resolutions you intend to implement, don’t wait for that calender change. Now is the time to initiate them and get a head start. Your focus and your determination are at a peak. As well as showing up for others, you’re there for yourself too. Anything you start – you’re set to finish.


full moon in pisces

Water signs benefit the most from the full Moon in Cancer. Plus this one angles to ancient ruler Jupiter dwelling in your house of ideas. The Moon itself is in your 5th. The house of glitter, glam and What’s the Story, Morning Glory? 

How does your heart want you to express yourself? Also, what does it want? Lean into the new year with this. Take that big idea Jupiter has been cooking up for you and do something with it. Be a heart-starter. And in doing so, you’ll stand out as a beacon for others to follow your example. This is a wonderful full Moon for sharing your journey on social media. Keep it real and keep it authentic.

Someone or something is pulled towards you under this Moon. A lover. A child. An opportunity to go party, have fun or showcase your jewel box of talents. Look to what you have drawn towards you as the power of attraction is activated.  The more joy and pleasure you take with what is on offer or around you on this day, the more the potential to attract increases. Your 5th is your house of childlike wonder. Spending time with children hands you back your capacity for play and awe. Or just allow your own inner child free rein. Do what your heart wants. Or go where it wants to take you, Pisces. Wherever you find yourself, that’s where the love is.

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