Your Horoscope for Venus in Libra – Create that Divine Balancing Act!

venus in libra

Your Horoscope for Venus in Libra – Create that Divine Balancing Act!

On November 8, 2023, Venus enters its ruling sign of Libra. For Librans it will feel as if they just entered a second birthday cycle. I like to think of this as the after-party phase. It’s a second chance at new beginnings and reboots.

For the rest of us, think of the scales which are the symbol of Libra. This is about balance and also soul justice as opposed to the law. We are all being asked to look at an area where things may be out of sync, imbalanced or skewed unfairly so that the scales have tipped. And to how we rectify this.

Libra is the 7th house of the natural zodiac. The sign of partnerships, marriage, duos, duets and double acts of all descriptions. Don’t be surprised if your personal balancing act involves you and another no matter what sign you are. Because this encompasses that working dynamic, that bestie, activity or business partner or even that rival on occasion. But overall, Venus wants to deliver the love – especially when in a ruling sign.

In the Tarot, Venus in Libra is symbolised by the card of Justice. The figure in the card holds both the scales and the sword of truth which pierces the heart of the matter. We need to work both in order to find that sweet spot, that perfect fulcrum where we can restore balance and harmony. Although Libra and Venus are all about love and relatedness, we need Justice’s sword of truth to cut away the distraction of emotional fog and see things how they are. The truth around the dynamic of partnerships or what we need. Your Venus in Libra forecast for your sign shows you just where you need to focus to restore that love balance in a key area.


full moon in aries

With Venus in both its ruling sign and ruling house in your chart, this is all about you and another, Aries. It could even be about lack of the ‘other’ as in the imbalance in your life is that opposite number. The divine heart in the other scale which tips your life back into equilibrium again. 

Settled? You and another have a plan or decision to make together. A joint vision or direction. To refine and set in motion. A new and exciting direction to head in together. Again, this could be with your significant other. But could also involve any kind of partnership. The important thing to remember about this Venus transit is that it wants love to grow. Its a constant creative venture between the two of you to balance and rebalance your union as your needs change and you grow.

Life and love is a divine dance. Once we see it in this way we know that occasionally we lead and then we allow the other party to. If one leads all the time, we arrive at an imbalance. Single? Seeking significant other for work, play, pleasure? First look at you and all your qualities. Who would compliment these? This isn’t about You complete me. You are complete! But a complete understanding of yourself brings you the perfect person to balance you out. Lucky for you, this Venus transit is one of the most potent attraction cycles of the year for you. Take it that whether you are single, seeking or settled, what you attract (or who), is the perfect counterbalance for your soul.


There’s a secret message with Venus in your 6th, Taurus. We could concentrate on showing that day job, routine and those habits the love. And yes, you will be well liked by bosses, co-workers or even that prospective boss now. Your natural talent for diplomacy comes to the fore. As does your capacity to inject any task – no matter how mundane, with magic and creativity.

Your standards are the secret secret to the balancing act with Venus in this house in your chart. And how you work them. Well, what’s wrong with having them, I hear you ask? Nothing. Especially as you are a Venus-ruled sign and also the sign associated with values. These are all important; you need to know what you will and won’t compromise on in a relationship. Or going into one.

All that being said – are your standards something you need to rebalance or adjust? Especially around partners or prospective ones? You hold yourself to high standards, Taurus. We know this. That’s no big secret. But are you holding yourself to unrealistic and unattainable standards and then projecting these onto others? Very often, when standards tip into impossible-to-meet territory, we need to look at whether we are simply being harsh and unloving to ourselves. And adjust from there.

Venus in here demands perfection. And again, the best partners we can have in our lives are the ones who inspire us to reach for the very best version of ourselves. And who show us the love simply for trying. But if you are attempting to live up to an unrealistic, self-imposed standard in work or your relationships, it is now time to adjust that and stop giving yourself a hard time. If this has had a knock-on effect into your outer relationships – you are rejecting prospective partners for no good reason or whatever someone does is never quite good enough, move those goal posts, Taurus. That’s how you show the love now. And if you’ve been pouring love into that work – this is when it shows you the love back. 



Oh you’re simply a sucker for flirting with Venus in your 5th, Gemini. Either you’re the Sorcerer Supreme at it. Or the target of someone’s superpower efforts to get your attention. Venus in your 5th is all sparkle, and pleasure and above all, tells you not to take it too seriously.

Of course, if you are marathon flirting, there comes the point where the line is crossed and you are expected to make good on the implied promise. And do keep this in mind with anyone who engages you online, but seems reluctant to move things into a real-world meeting. The need to attract attention, positive strokes and all the glittery stuff without any intention of seeing it through is imbalance. And cruel. Just watch an episode of Catfish, and you’ll see what I mean.

Venus in your 5th is at its most showstopping. Embrace your theatrical side and how you showcase yourself. Are you afraid to do anything that makes you stand out? Do you brush compliments aside?   If someone does single you out for praise or the spotlight, do you wonder ‘Why me?’. Do you doubt your specialness or think that love isn’t meant to be easy? If so, this Venus shifts your ideas.

Along with Venus in your 7th (happening at the end of the year), this is one of the most powerful Venus attraction cycles you can experience. Settleds restore the romance and the spark that ignited when they first met. Revive those flirtation skills with your boo. Flirt with ideas. Share them. Dance like there’s nobody watching – even if there is. And take no notice of the critics. The more you embrace pleasure or the concept of it, the easier life and love flows. And the more comes your way.


This Venus is in home loving and protective mode.  You want to gather who and what you love closer. Care and nurture for them/it. You appreciate the little touches from lovers. The home cooked meal. The thoughtful gesture. Asking you how you really feel and taking the time to really listen and understand where you’re coming from. Without any judgement involved.

In fact, the judgy partner isn’t what you crave under this Venus. You won’t judge anyone else’s emotional truth. You just accept these are their feelings to be acknowledged and talked about. So, you expect the same in return. 

This is the yummy Venus transit, where love is food and food is love. You may see your lover as a smorgasbord of sensual delights to be savoured. Your domestic deity is unleashed. Seduction is a recipe and could begin in the kitchen. And extend to many, many courses. Fast food is not what you are seeking. You want the banquet and to take your time.

You vibe with this Venus. It favours property matters, decorating and doing anything to enhance or beautify your home. It smooths and soothes family dramas. If your profession is one connected to real estate, decorating, property care or renovation, hospitality, home improvement or furnishing, you should see your business increase. Creative touches to your own home are how you show your environment the love.

What this Venus hates: sarcasm, ridicule, cruelty, nit-picking, brashness, garish environments, being rude to wait staff, passive-aggressive behaviour, wanting to be out and about all the time, criticising culinary efforts/housekeeping/mothering, being overly demanding and needy, gluttony in any form. You encounter any of these – you’ll either withdraw and soothe or else know this is where the balance needs to be justifiably restored.



The classic ‘Express yourself’ Venus transit through your 3rd wants you to share those feels, Leo. You’re speaking from the heart now. No pretence just the loving truth. There’s also a need to know where you stand with this Venus. You’re asking all the right questions. And what’s more are totally open to the truth of those answers, Leo.

Looking back you may see where assumptions have led to imbalance or even disappointment. Just from not asking the right questions from the outset. You’re not about to repeat that mistake going forward. You’re upfront with that prospective new boo and cutting to the chase about what you’re looking for to ensure you’re both on the same page.

Dialogue and discussion feature in all interactions. This is a fabulous Venus transit for interviews, pitches, launches, submissions and your creative ideas. Writing, publishing, design, your internet presence as well as your dating/social media profile. Anything you say or send out is infused with new creativity and love. You genuinely want to know what others are thinking, feeling, needing. And are able to draw this out. Love grows out of talk, ideas and the mental turn on.

But this also makes you very aware of whether communication is a one-way street. You may be sharing and open but the other party isn’t as forthcoming. Your cosmic lie detector is set to ‘High’ as you’ll instantly pin-point inconsistencies or attempts to change the subject. Which only makes you more determined to get to the truth. Even if it might be something you don’t want to hear. Yes, Leo. You already know what that is. But you may just need them to say it anyway.



Venus is now in one of its ruling houses in your chart. Your 2nd of money, income, possessions, values and self-worth. What you earn and what you own. Your values and your self-worth are what you invest in and own. These cannot be bought. No matter how much you earn or how many Birkins fill your closest. So take it this is about your money, but also what money cannot buy you as much as what it can.

Venus transitting your 2nd usually does offer an opportunity to up your income or boost your bank  account in some way. You just need to ensure that you don’t spend it faster than it comes in as this is one of the most indulgent and sensual Venus transits. And one where it wants nothing but the best – and damn the price ticket!

Yes, of course you ARE worth it, Virgo. Your peerless and pristine standards tell you this. And you can see how this links to self-worth. But this is also about discerning where you may compensate for a deficit in self-esteem by seeking to fill it with status symbols, stuff or even relationships with others. 

If you are self-employed or freelance, it is time to look at whether or not you are charging the right rate for your expertise and time. This can be hard especially if you don’t have candid close contacts in your field. But there are forums where you can discuss this. Asking a potential client upfront what their budget is also helps you set a fair price. 

This Venus can often bring in a relationship that reflects our current assessment of our innate value. This is because this house in your chart rules relationships that can add to our lives – or cost us. Someone whether existing or new, is about to show you the value you place on yourself. Know the price can be right. Or else its time to put a higher one on how you see yourself.


mars in libra

As I said in the introduction to this forecast – ruler Venus in your sign feels like you have been handed an extra birthday cycle. It speaks of breathtaking new beginnings, self-improvement, attraction and a fresh take on love – and self-love.

How do you say ‘I love you’? Firstly, to yourself. Then to others. If you are seeking someone – are you waiting for this? And for how long? Here’s the thing, Libra – Venus in here wants to hear it from the other party first. But it also has no time to waste on anyone who doesn’t know a good thing when they find it.

Of course, this is yet another bonus cycle of attraction for you. Undertake whatever upgrades you feel are necessary to look and feel your best – at all times. Because when you feel good that is when you effortlessly attract. See yourself as an actor preparing for a role. And if you don’t believe me, you can easily measure the contrast between how your day flows and what occurs when you make an effort – and when you don’t. Red, black or if it looks good on you emerald green are your best bets if you are dressing to impress in any situation. Or seduce seriously. 

Seeking love? You’re drawn to someone who takes the initiative. Just don’t be a pushover or be in too much of a hurry to close escrow. They’ll lose interest if you do. Settled? What can you do to spice things up or keep it hot? Use your creativity. 

There’s nothing sadder than a Libra who has no-one on the other side of the scales. Most Librans or Libra-risings are in a cradle to grave search for the perfect counter-point to them. This Venus can bring you that prospective candidate. Or the answer around whether a current one is right. It’s all about the balance either way. And the balance you create with yourself.


mars in scorpio

Love needs healthy boundaries. An absence of them isn’t unconditional, selfless love. It’s unrealistic, delusional love which ultimately sets us up for heartbreak and disappointment. We can have the deepest, most spiritual, and resonant soul connection with someone. One where we feel we have known them many lifetimes. But this does not exempt our relationship from needing boundaries in this one. And we always need to keep this very firmly in mind.

Venus in your 12th has you looking back at the past. And yes, it can on some cases see an old love return. But in any case, you need to look closely at your love history, whether with one person or your relationship journey in general, and see where lack of boundaries may have caused you problems. Or even right now in the present.

We’re talking about balance or restoring it. And boundaries ensure we get that. Boundaries protect our tender hearts if we have been hurt in the past. We may need to impose them on ourselves just as we may need to let others know where we draw the line. Perhaps you have been too open and trusting in the past? You’ve gotten involved too quickly without really getting to know who that person really is? If so it’s you who needs a self-imposed boundary.

Maybe you have been reluctant to put them in because someone has exploited your compassionate nature. You empathise with their past so when they let you down or cross the line you make excuses for them. But you are the one who ends up feeling wounded. Love knows there needs to be limits. And true love respects these. This Venus prepares you for your fresh Venus cycle when it reaches your sign. This involves you getting very real about the nature of the love you have, have had or want to create. It all springs from being unafraid to say yes just as it does from saying no more.


You are always on the lookout for a lover like no other.  That intriguing, fellow free spirit that you can explore or journey with. This is a Venus transit, which is more likely to deliver that in the form of a friendship that ticks those boxes than a lover. At least up until the Sun reaches your sign later in November. Then all bets are off, Sag.

Future proof friendships and also those goals are what this Venus transit is all about. There’s nothing ephemeral about it. Even as it propels you out to make new and unusual connections and revive old ones. 

This Venus isn’t about seeing the love of friends as inferior to the romantic kind. Or wants you to think. In fact, when you do stop and think about it Sag – how many times have you found yourself realising you have more fun with a friend or group of them, than you have had with that lover? So, does that lover also need to be your bestie too? That’s not a bad criteria to have. And if you have been resistant to taking a friendship further in the past, do you now need to reassess that stance?

This is your house of goals. Goals we pursue with all our hearts are just like love affairs. We need the same kind of commitment and passion. The path they take us down provides amazing moments on the way to completion. And can be as satisfying as attaining the goal itself. Do your goals still provide this? Or did you give up on one that did and now regret it? That’s not second rate love either, Sag. Funny –  now you see it. Love actually is all around you and in so many forms to experience. Don’t deny yourself and others that experience.



When Venus is in your 10th house, love is something you take seriously, Cappy. Yes, the bonus of Venus in here is that it enhances your professional image and reputation. But you have to be seriously prepared to work that. This Venus isn’t a lightweight. It’s wearing a power suit. 

When it comes to ambitions and expectations around love or any relationship you are already in or contemplating, if you don’t take yourself and your needs seriously, then who will? Because others take their cue from you. 

This Venus totally channels that image of Justice in the Tarot. It looks to the scales at whether they are level and balanced or not. And if it discovers they are askew, it uses the sword to cut through emotional confusion to get to the facts. Some people think Venus in the 10th is cold and calculating. It’s not. It just knows when to be all business and then when its totally safe to hand someone its heart. Because it knows they are taking it seriously.

Venus in this house isn’t afraid to be upfront about what it seeks from the get-go. And to skip any candidates who can’t or won’t be able to meet that. If it seeks commitment, it states that from the get-go. If it encounters so-so, mixed message lovers, it quickly moves on. In business it clearly states its terms and also asks for the job/order/client/promotion. And leaves no-one in doubt about where its coming from. Or that it can’t deliver in return. You know this all resonates, Capricorn. Time for something serious.


full moon in aquarius

Big picture love. If there’s one thing you can be certain of with Venus in your 9th, it’s that small minds or a limited worldview are going to be the ultimate turn-offs for you. You’ll seek a partner up for an adventure. Or who is willing to explore new horizons and fresh ideas with you.

This is Indiana Jones or Lara Croft. Breezing in and inviting you to join them on a quest. Especially if you have been too confined to that Aquarian ivory tower lately. They demand you leave it and open yourself up to something new. And freeing.

This is your house of foreign affairs and long distance travel. Even if you stay home, chances are the world will come knocking on the door of that tower in some way, shape or delightful form. An opportunity presents you with a choice – leave that comfort zone or stay stuck? What’s happening inside that room in that tower? Probably not a lot. Chances are the dragon guarding it got bored and flew off in search of a donkey a long time ago. Isn’t it time you yourself found out what else is out there? 

If you are a settled Aquarian, come up with a new goal or adventure the two of you can embark on together. Love needs something to expand into now. Others could pursue a big love experience. Go off in search of knowledge from a subject that captures their imagination. Step into a bigger role than they have allowed themselves to experience. Try out that pastime or sport. Book that trip of a lifetime. Your heart needs to beat faster for something or someone. Stagnation, sameness and small world thinking is the imbalance you need to address.


saturn in pisces

Chances are something is askew, and your intuition already knows what this is, Pisces. First and foremost with this Venus in your 8th is that it usually concerns something that needs to be released for balance to be restored.

Venus is in your house of sex, power, money and transformation. If it’s a dry spell that has gone on for far too long – and this can happen even if we are in a relationship, you need to go address the reasons why. Sexual relationships need to be underpinned with a deeper, soul connection here. Or has it got all too vanilla? If you are fearful of broaching the subject with your partner, they may be just as reluctant to air it with you. Do both of you a favour and open up the topic for discussion. Dating? Nothing superficial will do. And that includes hook-ups, Pisces.

Are you struggling with debt or the cost of living crisis? Then time to go seek out professional help and the options to restore that balance between what comes in and goes out. Or ask someone you totally trust for their input.  

How are you when it comes to asking for help, Pisces? Do you consider it a weakness? Strong people know when to reach out. And it may be you do need that helper or adviser on the other side of the scales. Also, look back at when others have turned to you in a time of need. That made you feel good to be asked, right? So, if its your need now, don’t deny others that feel-good take out.

If you need help, resources or a major shift in your perspective to change or transform a situation in your life, Venus says hang on, help is on its way. Via a powerful, creative change in your own thinking, the resources you need or you realising you have had the power to right the scales all along. Be the pivot and the fulcrum, Pisces.

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