Your New Moon in Libra Moonscope October 14th 2023

Your New Moon in Libra Moonscope October 14th 2023

The New Moon appears in the sign of Libra on October 14 at 21 degrees and brings with it an eclipse. This will be an Annular Solar Eclipse. That kind creates that ‘ring of fire’ effect around the Sun we see in so many eclipse photos. It will be visible in parts of North America, Mexico, Central and South America. 

The eclipse path across the North American continent begins in Oregon in the Pacific Northwest, crosses parts of Nevada, Utah and all of New Mexico and ends in Texas. Because eclipses represent a cover-up, blind spot, or something we don’t yet know about, do pay attention to what emerges in the upcoming months in these states. Especially the Lone Star state. 

The eclipse axis changes when the Nodes change signs. Now moving out of Taurus/Scorpio and into Aries/Libra and bringing with them new themes. We have one more (lunar) eclipse in Taurus later this month before that eclipse cycle is complete. After that, eclipses will be on the Aries/Libra axis until the next nodal shift – from January 12, 2025 when the North Node will enter Pisces.

This eclipse will be especially impactful for the Cardinal signs – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. If you have chart factors in them, do check for any within 1 degree of 21o. Do you need to pull back that eclipse black-out curtain and see who or what’s really behind it? No matter if someone is telling you to take no notice of the person pulling the levers? This is where the Tarot comes into its own. We have tools that make us wizards of the great and powerful truth. Picking a card is like a laser beam activating that. Shine a light, and don’t be fooled by anyone who tries to keep you in the dark.


full moon in aries

Connections take time to prove their worth. Don’t be rushed into judgment one way or another about a new one under this eclipse, Aries. Yes, do check in with the Tarot. And take on board the message of that card. This also applies to an existing union you may have questions about. If you feel something is ‘up’ or someone isn’t being forthcoming. No, it may not be negative. They simply may not want to worry you. A little concerned divination and discernment on its interpretation, goes a long way, however.

Do check your chart for that all-important 21 degree factor. In your own sign or in any of your fellow Cardinal signs. If they are in another sign – Cancer, Libra or Capricorn, you get to pick another card. That’s your bonus.

It’s human nature to jump to the wrong conclusion when we feel something is kept from us or we don’t yet know something. It has to be bad, right? Wrong. Eclipses are neither good nor bad. They just are. They may temporarily block or confuse us. We may meet someone and not yet see the important role they have to play in our future, for instance. Perhaps because we don’t yet need to know. Again, you do have the ability to look deeper. You are not totally in the dark.

Others may discover the eclipse eventually reveals patterns they want to ditch, which get in the way of real love. Despite being the Warrior for Love of the Zodiac, sometimes you forget to be the Warrior for Self-Love, Aries. If people pleasing, co-dependency or falling for people who are unavailable are your shadow self hiding in this eclipse, be ready for them to be outed. Now you see them – you get to tell them to leave!


Be honest, Taurus. First of all, with yourself. Own up to any dissatisfaction or worries around your work, health and lifestyle. Don’t try to kid yourself all is right with your daily world if its not. If it is – winner, winner. You can await the arrival of a brand new job, project, routine or sense of wellbeing. Even if you can’t see it yet or even know what form it will take.

Still grappling with that sense you have too much to do, are unfulfilled, unappreciated, under-rewarded, overwhelmed or are even picking up the vibe your job may not be as secure as you might like? Or do you know deep down what you’ve been doing as run its course? Niggled by a feeling that won’t go away that you could feel fitter, healthier, more active and vibrant? Know you should make lifestyle changes but keep on putting it off? We know you love that routine, Taurus. But has it turned into a rut? 

There are alternatives available. And this eclipse wants you to venture into that previously no-go area in your mind where they reside. You get taster sessions to try them out if you do. You don’t have to commit right away. In fact, this eclipse tells you that even small changes can lead to big results. Rebalancing everything from your energy to your work/life balance. You can ask the Tarot: What small adjustment am I not seeing that I could make right now to bring me more daily joy? Eclipses don’t necessarily make big cover-ups. Just the ones that can make the biggest difference.



What you love next, as well as who may come as simply a delightful surprise. Yes, the eclipse is in your pleasure zone, Gemini. Where romance rules and attraction factors in. If you’re willing to enter into something new instantly and in the spirit of playfulness rather than looking too far ahead, then do so. If you feel the need to protect your heart, then do take things slowly, whether this is a new lover or simply a friend.

Your passions may pivot. Hobbies may change. Your stated intention was replaced with a fresh focus. You may have been madly in love with a pastime last week. But now, a new one consumes you. You thought you wanted a relationship. But are fine flying solo. Or the reverse – you go from happily single to suddenly smitten. In a heartbeat. This eclipse can throw switches. Delight you or dump you. Funny thing is – you won’t take anything too much to heart. You’re too here, too involved in of the moment to allow a disappointment to colour your pleasure.

Babies, children, adult children, adoption, IVF, blended families feature. Do keep that psychic line well and truly open if you feel a child or young person is holding something back, however. No matter what, know something new is being conceived within the shadow of this eclipse. A creative project, a relationship, a child, a means by which you get to showcase your talents or the unseen arrival of something you’ve wanted to attract for some time. The Tarot has your heads-up, Gemini. But sometimes, not knowing is the best part of anticipation!


weekly astrology cancer

You’ve far to go and promise to keep under this eclipse, Cancer. Are you wondering how you will fulfill both? Is there a push-pull happening between those ambitions and what’s close to your heart emotionally? Do you have to compromise one for the other? Is there a sweet spot or win/win you have yet to discover that holds the answer? Is it hiding in that eclipse?

An Annular eclipse gives us a glimpse of the truth or the direction we need to go in. But it is brief, fleeting even as it is searing too. We may dismiss it or keep the blinders on. Do check your chart for Cancer factors at the key 21 degrees allowing for a 1 degree orb either way. Also, for anything in the other Cardinal signs at the same degree.

All signs have to adjust for their ruling planet being retrograde. You and next door sign of Leo get eclipses instead. Because whether it is a solar eclipse (new moon) or lunar eclipse (full moon), one way or another, your ruler is impacted. You may feel disconnected from your usual sense of knowing and intuition. That ‘gut’ feeling you rely on may go haywire. You may find yourself not knowing what to do for the best. Or create self-doubts around your ability to accomplish what you set out to do.

This especially applies to that job opportunity, career move, business plan, or the time you have already invested in that ambitious goal. You may wonder if it is worth it. If you are asking too much of others to keep on this path? There’s the other element to this which needs to be seen as separate if it is what you are wrestling with. And that is: Is this the right path for me?

You may need to pull up or, alternatively, put down roots. But are unsure where? Are you feeling torn between your desire to do more, be more in the world, and your home and family life? Your need to achieve vs. your need for closeness, comfort and caring? Can you have it all, Cancer?

Take a deep breath. If you are uncertain if what you are doing represents too much sacrifice (yours or others), look to what you have already done and how you have maintained and nurtured so many areas of your life to date. If it brings satisfaction and your personal life continues to thrive – then you’re a success, baby! Don’t let that shady, self-defeating eclipse energy tell you otherwise.

Thinking you’re on the wrong path? But that all the time you’ve already invested in it would be wasted if you changed direction? Chances are you may have simply outgrown it. Or were you living up to someone’s ambitions for you? The Tarot can show you not only if you now need to seriously consider walking away but also the direction you now need to go in. As always with eclipses, you need to wait before acting. In a few days time watch how that intuition escapes the static – loud and clear.



For you an eclipse, no matter what kind, is always a blind spot or a big cover up, Leo. A solar eclipse especially throws an emotional blackout on a key area. This is in your house of communication. What can I say? Question everything. Fact check. Do your due diligence. And don’t take anything at face value.

Is someone adding lots of detail to what they are telling you, Leo? Ask yourself if this is actually necessary or if, in fact, it’s trying to disguise the real truth. An example of this is someone who tells you they need to cancel because they have to work late or don’t feel well. Honestly, that’s sufficient. Watch for a long drawn out dramatic type saga Or else the unexpected arrival of an out-of-town relative and their entire travel arrangements. Not only do you not need to know, but this should raise the eclipse black flag. You may be blind-sided by information overload to conceal the truth. 

Missing something works in reverse. What you send out could be missing a key piece of information, and you may not even be aware of it. This is especially important if you work in any area when information – and accurate information, is essential. The law, marketing, advertising, journalism, IT, publishing, the media etc. Check and recheck. Treat this like Mercury Retro on steroids. Watch your computer for clickbait, that suss link, mirror sites, AI, catfish, phishing, pig fatteners and yes, fake news. It’s all very X Files under this eclipse. You got a glimpse of the truth. It’s out there. Watch for reversed cards if you ask the Tarot. If only it was as simple as checking whether pants were on fire, Leo. Wait for the big reveal.



It’s not just about money when planets are in your 2nd house. The books have to balance across so many areas, Virgo. Let’s look at those as the eclipse may throw a veil over them. Needless to say, any eclipse in a money house is not the time to spend or borrow. At least delay if you can.

Your 2nd rules your possessions, your values and your emotional self-worth. As well as that income. This is why we say it’s never just about money. Look to anyone that tells you that you are not ‘worth it’. That tries to negotiate your down from what you know is fair and right. That makes you question your worth or your value system. Because this eclipse is in Libra and the sign of partnerships, how you are valued within them is an important theme. 

This house rules relationships which are ‘assets’ to us. Of course, these may not be limited to the romantic kind. That boss who rewards you, that mentor or teacher, that friend who always has your back – these kinds of connections are priceless and enriching. You may however run up against someone who is ‘all about the money’ – or is revealed to be just that as the eclipse shadows dispel. That’s not where you come from or how you operate, Virgo. 

Look closely at what you have accumulated. Is it to protect or compensate for past losses and hurts? For being made to feel you are not good enough? Very often, when we collect a lot of stuff, it’s self-protection that triggers this. Not a real desire for the designer labels or collections at all. This eclipse will show you if that’s been a trigger for you. The good news, if so, is that you can leap into true self-worth and wholeness. You can let stuff go if that’s what’s needed. And stop needing to get more. 

There are no ‘get rich quick’ schemes under this eclipse. So please, steer clear of that latest crypto offer. There is, however a rise in the value of your personal stock, and as a result, you up your ability to attract in line with these enhanced values. That better paying job, those relationships which shower you with true love and appreciation. Bank on it, Virgo.



Trying to do everything alone, Libra? I’m not dismissing how utterly fierce and capable you are, whether you are single or settled. But the eclipse in your sign alerts you to whether independence has been taken too far. Or if, in fact, you’ve been made to feel ashamed of needing someone?

There’s an area in your life with an imbalance, and someone can act as the counter-balance to this. It could be a business, idea or project that you can achieve far more with by teaming up. Maybe it is time for you to get entangled on a romantic basis after going it alone. Or perhaps an existing union needs some maintenance? Are you not getting what you need from it simply because you’re not asking? 

Do check your chart for Libra factors within a 1 degree orb of that key 21o. And also your opposite sign of Aries. Sometimes we have to make room for someone in our lives. We may have blocked their entry without even realizing it. Hanging on to old memories of lovers past. A house filled with clutter so that there’s no room for them to hang their hat. Becoming so apparently capable (nothing wrong with that), that we give off the mistaken impression we don’t need anyone. When in fact, we are crying out for emotional support. Pull back the eclipse curtain and let your vulnerability be visible, Libra. People love to be needed and feel they can do something for us!

Sometimes an eclipse in our sign brings in a relationship whose final form is hidden from us. We may not realize the significance right away. Someone grows on us. Or, over time, they assume a bigger and more influential role than we could ever have imagined. As with all things eclipse related, give it time, Libra. Chances are the person who can fill that need is either already around – or coming into focus.


If you have an eclipse in your 12th – house of secrets and mysteries, then your best option for dealing with it is to admit you know nothing from the start. The cover-up for you is a big one. You may, of course, be the one keeping yourself in the dark. You could remove the blindfold at any point. But you are simply choosing not to see.

The gift of this eclipse is that if there is something you won’t want to look at, it will buffer you from the usual emotional pain that a bite of reality brings. Your emotional body knows the score, Scorpio. As does your psychic self and your subconscious. You are about to be admitted to the vault where fundamental and inescapable truths reside. That’s honestly a good thing.

Where you also score under this eclipse is that provided you are willing to tap into the constantly updated feed of insight provided by your intuition, you can avoid all the usual eclipse pitfalls and go directly to the right decision-making and choices. 

Past hurts that prevent you from reaching your full potential or achieving the intimacy you crave in relationships will be exposed in the wake of this eclipse. Think of this as ripping off that psychic Band-Aid, Scorpio. Now it’s exposed, it can really heal as opposed to you being one of the walking wounded. 

Expect other gifts too. Channelled creativity, wisdom and the ability to discover what you are really searching for. You’re the unexpected beneficiary of this eclipse. But wait for the real gift to reveal itself.


mercury and venus in sagittarius

The Sun is also a star. All life depends on it. It’s our guiding light. An eclipse in your house of the future can see you temporarily disconnected from your vision quest. You may wonder why you want something. Or even if you still want it. You may doubt your course. Or even your ability to get there. 

A little goal review doesn’t hurt you under this eclipse. Not just whether it still holds its allure for you. But whether there’s an alternative route to get to it that you’re missing. Your secret hopes and dreams are within the shadows of this eclipse. Perhaps one that you’ve told yourself is impossible to attain. But honestly, is it really? But wishing on a star won’t make it happen. Only you can do that.

Those who are bold enough to follow their heart usually get to live their dreams for real. Within this eclipse are your friends and groups. Do they cheer you on or support you? Or do you keep your goals hidden from them because you’re afraid of what they will say? That’s a litmus test to apply when considering whether or not you can truly be yourself with the company you keep.

Watch for accidents concerning your skins, calves and ankles. They represent our ability to move forward and also pivot. You may be asked to pivot as the eclipse shadows disperse. Around a connection, group, association or cause. A goal and how to get to it. An avenue you need to close and a highway you now need to take. 

You are a shooting star, Sagittarius. Not a fixed one. Don’t stay in the company of those who don’t want to burn at their brightest.



Being a Cardinal sign like eclipsed Libra, you do need to check your chart for the 21 degree factors (give or take one degree). Not just in Libra but your own sign, your opposite sign of Cancer and in Aries and your 4th. 

Libra and your 10th contains all the things your Capricorn essence loves and vibes with. It’s all that can be written about your status, your personal success story, and all you can and have achieved. The mountains you have climbed. And the peaks left to conquer. 

This eclipse draws a line, a barrier, a blackout. Not over your entire progress. But perhaps across one element of what constitutes success for you in particular. Especially if there has been an over-focus on it at the expense of another.

Aside from the obvious areas of path and purpose that may be obscured, do use this eclipse break to reflect on what really defines success for you. Or to quote Derek Zoolander: ‘A successful human being’. That’s a title that comes with more than just money or worldly achievement. 

How about success in creating happy relationships? Creating meaningful friendships and being part of a community? Of having respect, love, and support from others? Of a richly creative and vibrant lifestyle? A person who has any, some or all of those is pretty rich and successful.

If you do get the feeling you are in the dark about possible changes around your role, your position at work or your organisation in general, or even a core relationship, do hold that thought. 

Watch and wait as more clues will emerge in the next two weeks. Other sea goats may be looking to invest more serious time into the related areas of their life. Lean into a new definition of success. So much more rewarding.


weekly astrology

An eclipse in your 9th is like a Mercury retro on steroids if you are travelling. Take it there is something you don’t know. About the journey, the destination itself, or if you are travelling to meet someone, then this could relate to them too. Of course, we can’t anticipate every possible variation or possibility. And if we tried we’d short-circuit our brains or else never go anywhere. 

Of course, a dip into the Tarot can shine a light into what, where or who. But at the end of the day, this eclipse can be seen as an invitation to enter into a mystery and explore the unknown.

Nothing happens inside our comfort zones. Nothing new or heart-starting anyway. If the same is what you like – that’s fine. But the thing about this eclipse is that whether you are travelling or staying put, something is likely to lead you out of that comfort zone anyway. Perhaps even without you realising it. I told you mysterious forces were at work!

With the Nodes now across your 3rd/9th houses, the eclipse axis has also shifted. Mass media, learning, mentorship, religion, philosophy, the law, short and long journeys, neighbours and foreigners, the known and the unknown or a new take on the known, shift your perspective and the outer limits of your world. You’ll never know until you go there, Aquarius. Anywhere from that bucket list destination to that new bookshop or cafe. 

Your social media feed, that manuscript, screenplay, thesis, channel, website, CV, design, portfolio, idea – expect it to reach more people and take you further. Do pay close attention to where you click or who drops into your DM’s however. And if somewhere new stick to bright, busy, well-lit places. 

This isn’t a time to push your comfort zone by going off the beaten track. All that aside, someone could appear who offers you entrée into a new world – or way of seeing the old one. 


full moon in pisces

If there’s an eclipse in your 8th it will always bring a change in disguise, Pisces. Transformation happens in the dark. We hatch that plan. Dream a better dream for ourselves. Slay those inner demons. And then emerge back into the light once again.

The shadows are a sacred place. Never forget that. We go deep into the recesses of our psyche. And in the darkness look fearlessly at who we are. Knowing ourselves is the most powerful work we can engage in. Because it is only by meeting our true selves that we can reach our potential and get our needs met. 

This eclipse invites you in. To go deeper and further than before. And then to be released, soaring higher and brighter than you ever imagined you could!

If there is any area of your life you consciously know you want to change – especially one where you may feel disempowered, now is the time to face it. Think back to all the times in the past where you faced situations that kept you prisoner. You wondered how on earth you could change them. If you reflect back on them, you’ll see you simply changed your reaction to them. This allowed you to fly free. This eclipse may bring you yet another moment like this. You now can see you got this. You’ve done it before.

With the nodal shift you are about to experience a better sense of empowerment and also a change in how you attract, view and handle your money and other resources. 

You’ll let go of what no longer sits with your truth and soul values. And focus on what does. Knowing brings about discernment and discrimination. 

You’ll no longer say yes to just anyone or anything, Pisces. And you’re also no longer worrying about saying no to what isn’t right for you. Hidden in this eclipse is a valuable truth. About yourself. It’s your key to freedom.

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