Developing Psychic Skills – Part 1

Developing Psychic Skills – part 1

We’ve all been in the situation where we’ve known who was on the other end of the phone before we picked it up; or had a ‘feeling’ that something was going to happen before it did. The fact is, we’re all born with intuition. It’s part of the survival mechanism that has allowed us to evolve over hundreds of thousands of years. Despite this, most of us don’t consider ourselves psychic and usually dismiss the voice of our intuition more often than we listen to it. Yet, we are usually happy to acknowledge other people’s psychic gifts – usually with an explanation such as: ‘Well, she’s a hereditary psychic’. The simple answer to that is – we all are!

Even ‘hereditary’ psychics or those souls lucky enough to be born into families where their intuitive gifts were encouraged rather than suppressed, had to work on their skills and hone their abilities just like an athlete has to train before they can run a race or a concert pianist has to practice. Developing your own intuitive and clairvoyant abilities – whether you are interested in becoming a professional psychic or just to empower your own life, takes much less effort than training to run a marathon or play a Beethoven concerto and what’s more it can be fun.

Here are some exercises to get you started.

Predict an Outcome

no cheating! For this exercise you’ll need the help of a friend. Take two or three questions you have in your life – things you want to know the outcome of. Perhaps you want to know if you will meet someone new, sell your house or get a new job? For each question write down the outcome you feel will eventuate within a specific time period. Use a separate sheet for each question and describe the outcome in as much detail as you possibly can.

The trick with this exercise is to let go of the outcome you want and really listen to what your intuition is telling you. When you’ve finished seal each answer into a separate envelope and give them to a friend to keep. When the outcome occurs, open the relevant envelope and read it through with your friend so you can both see how accurate you have been.

This exercise takes practice so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get accurate results at first. It’s all about being objective rather than subjective. Our intuition is always objective but often our ‘rational’ minds and what we want rather than what we feel is going to happen, drown it out. If so, ask yourself whether you had a ‘gut’ feeling about what the outcome would be but decided to ignore it because you wanted a specific result? If so, don’t dwell on it. Resolve to go with your intuition next time even if you don’t necessarily want to hear it.

Take Stock

Pick a stock on the stock exchange. Don’t worry – you don’t have to go out and buy shares. Pick a company you have some interest in however.  There is no point in following their fortunes if you don’t care how well they do. Then each day before the markets open predict whether their stock will go up or down. Record the trend at the close of trading.  After you have been doing this a while you will start to get it right far more often than you get it wrong.

Remote View

Again, this exercise requires the help of a friend so find somebody you can ‘buddy up’ with. Before you meet with one another each of you places a small object in a box. So, what’s in the box? Do not give each other any clues. You can place the boxes on a table in front of you and allow impressions to form. The trick is not to strain or concentrate too much but to allow your intuition free-rein and see what comes up.

This is one of the basic exercises that remote viewers start with. Often when doing this exercise for the first time people are amazed at how close they come to guessing what lurks in the box even if they don’t describe it exactly. But with practice you may soon be able to intuit correctly what’s hidden in the box – which could turn you into a killer contestant on Deal or No Deal if nothing else!


Intuition like any skill takes practice and it needs to be nurtured and above all, trusted to flourish. Remember – you already have the skills. You are more intuitive than you think.

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