Expand Your Psychic Skills: Dowsing magic!

Expand Your Psychic Skills: Dowsing magic!

Due to popular request I’m going to run through some simple basic psychic skills articles on some popular topics.

Dowsing can be one of the easiest and also accurate psychic skills to acquire. It can be used to clarify other methods of reading; such as the Tarot. You can buy a pendulum specifically designed for dowsing from new age shops or on line. Or many people prefer to create their own. You can use an old chandelier crystal or a pendant for example; anything that you feel reflects positive energy and which can be suspended on a length of cord or thin twine.

When you are ready to begin, have your journal ready to record the answers your pendulum gives you. You can refer back to them later.

Using the pendulum

First, hold your pendulum with one hand and allow it to swing freely over your other hand palm up just underneath it, until it comes to a stop. When it has come to a complete stop you need to establish the baseline for your answers. You can either ask it a question which has a yes/no answer such as ‘Is today Thursday?’ Take note of which way your pendulum moves. This direction is yes if you are asking the question on a Thursday. Wait until your pendulum stops before asking it a question which determines the direction for ‘No’ – which could be ‘Is today Saturday?’.

Take note again which direction the pendulum moves – it could be in a circle either clockwise or anti-clockwise or back and forth. Alternatively, some dowsers prefer just to ask ‘Which way for yes?’ and then ‘Which way for no?’ and to take note of the result. Use whichever method seems easiest and most natural for you. Above all, don’t force the pendulum to move. If it isn’t moving, ask your inner self to channel your energy into the hand UNDER the pendulum – not the one holding the line. This will cause the pendulum to move. It’s all energy!

Asking questions

Once you have established which direction is yes and which is no you are ready to begin asking it questions. Like all psychic skills you may have to practice until you get firm, accurate responses but the great thing about dowsing is that it has many applications and can be used for far more than just answering questions about your future. It can be used to choose which vitamins or foods your body may require and you can also use it to measure the distance of someone’s aura! If the pendulum keeps on swinging you are still within the subject’s auric field!

One of our readers Helen once decided to dowse and measure the size of her horse’s aura by using a pendulum and it was still registering it from 250 yards away! Once she had ended up in the middle of the next paddock she came to the conclusion her horse’s aura may be so large it might not be possible to measure it. Beginners might want to try measuring the aura of something smaller such as your cat to begin with!

Blockages in your chakras

Pendulums can also be used to register blockages in our chakras simply by placing the pendulum above the energy points in your body. Does it spin and move or remain static or demonstrate a sluggish movement? The latter shows a blockage which can of course be moved by meditation and yoga practices.

Your pendulum will also react to negative energy situations. Not that I’m recommending that you whip it out next time you enter a room filled with tension but you will be amazed at how your pendulum reacts to changes in energy which is why dowsing is so often used to find water.

Have fun with dowsing. It’s an easy and incredibly simple psychic art to master with has many applications.

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