Quantum Dowsing in a Nutshell

Quantum Dowsing

The word ‘dowsing’ often conjures up images of someone walking through a field holding a forked instrument searching for water, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Dowsing gives us a way of revealing something that might be hidden or not immediately obvious.  You can use dowsing to locate and trace ley lines along the land and search for any hidden object.  Many healers also use dowsing alongside other healing practices to locate weakness, blockages or stress within the body.  You don’t have to go anywhere to do it – you can dowse for water or track earth energy lines over a map in your own living room, or you can scan a photograph of someone’s body in the same way that you could if they were there with you.

Pick your instrument

You can buy specialist dowsing rods or pendulums or make your own using sticks or a humble piece of string tied to a stone. The basic idea is that you hold something that is capable of giving you feedback.  It’s about finding what works for you.  As with all psychic skills, it’s your mental focus or intention that really counts.

How does it work?

If you remember that quantum physics tells us that everything in the universe is already connected, then it becomes clear that the process or ritual of dowsing is simply a way of you tuning in to the quantum field.
Skeptics say that what you are seeing when a dowsing instrument moves is nothing more than an ideomotor effect – small twitches in the muscles of the person holding it.   I would have to agree that it is the person holding it ‘making’ the instrument move.  They are just using a tool that allows them to focus on what they already know – even if the information isn’t immediately available to the conscious mind – because they are already a part of everything!

Getting started

Hold whatever instrument you’ve chosen.  Take a few deep breaths and sigh them out to clear your mind.  Set your intention about what it is you want to make known.   Just for fun, get a friend to hide something in your home and then set about with your dowsing instrument to see if you can find it.

If you’re looking for something on location, begin to walk slowly.  If you’re working remotely, move the instrument above a map.  Usually, if you’re looking for something using sticks or rods, you’ll get more movement the closer you get to whatever it is you’re trying to find.  I prefer to use a pendulum when dowsing for energy blocks in chakras, purely because they are more portable.  Hold the pendulum above the chakra if the person you are checking out is lying down or opposite the chakra if they are sitting or standing.  You should get a nice swirling movement over healthy chakras and less movement where they are sluggish or blocked.  Keep a journal of what happens and what results you get.

Dowsing for decision making

Say, for example, you weren’t sure where to go on holiday. Pick a number of possible destinations and then arrange objects or pictures that represent each destination on a table.  Set your intention to reveal the best one for you, and move your dowsing instrument over the objects or pictures until you can work out which gives you the strongest response.

Dowsing for clarity

You can even use dowsing when reading Tarot.  If you’re not sure what a particular card in a spread is trying to tell you, try holding a pendulum and speaking aloud the different interpretations you intuitively get.  See which gives you the strongest response.
Over time, you’ll be able to develop even more creative and fun ways to use this skill, but one word of caution.  If you’re using dowsing for decision making, it’s easy to get carried away and start pulling out a pendulum every time you need to make a choice, but don’t over use it. Always remember that you have all the power you need within you and don’t get dependent on any one tool!

Dowsing in a nutshell

Dowsers are a big hearted lot. Many donate their time and skills to others. For example, British Society member Brother Kimpton founded the Water For Life appeal and is said to have so far helped villagers in drought ridden South India find 1,400 boreholes with a 90 per cent success rate.

Dowsing uses held instruments, such as a pendulum or dowsing rod, to reveal what is hidden. You can do it remotely or on location.
Choose your instrument, clear your mind, set your intention and make a note of what response you get.
If you’re looking for something, the greater the movement, the closer you are.

If you’re checking chakras, whatever your holding will move less over blocked chakras and more where the energy is strong.
You can also use pendulums to dowse for clarity.  Set movements in advance that mean ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and ask questions aloud, or repeat a series of statements and see which gets the strongest response – but remember not to become too dependent on this approach!

Michele Knight, First published in Soul and Spirit Magazine

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