Numerology: For those born on the 11th, 20th, 29th of any month

Numerology – Secrets of Your Birthday

Soul Power Information for those born on the 11th, 20th or 29th of any month

If you were born on the 11th, 20th or 29th of any month you should have already read the section which governs your Life Path Master Number which is a 2. However, those of you born under ‘double digits’ which reduce down to a 2 have the additional influence of your double number; which reveals information about your Soul Power and Soul Path. So, if your birthday falls on either the 11th, 20th or 29th – read on.

Soul Power Number 11

The 11 is a power number in both systems of numerology; as it cannot be reduced when making calculations based around the name or long term future. It asks that you be aware of this power. Those born on this day have chosen to come in and learn the power they have over their own lives. The secret to the 11 soul path is understanding that everything and every one in your life is a reflection of some facet of you.

If you love life, it literally will respond by sending you more to love. If you despise it or operate from a place of entitlement and dissatisfaction, then you can expect increased dissatisfaction; and more to despise. So, the key to release you to your true soul path is to be grateful for what you already have; and appreciate your life and the lessons you’re learning right now. When you start to do this you will step into your own power and amazing transformations will start to occur. It’s a number that asks you to develop patience and to remain calm and composed; no matter what life is showing you. Usually 11’s have to cope with tragedies or traumatic experiences.

The human experience

Your number will allow you to transcend these; and funnily enough, you will also get to experience the complete opposite of these. Physical pleasure and even luxury – during your lifetime. It is as if you agreed to come here to have a full range of human experience. The good and the bad! Because of your heightened sense of empathy you will help others less fortunate than you; but you have to guard against being taken advantage of.

When dealing with potential partners you need to take things slowly; as you may fall for someone without really knowing much about them; only to find you have been taken in further down the track. Your opposite sex parent may also cause you concern as may anyone born under the sign of Leo for some reason! You may also get involved with a partner who has an addictive personality. If so, you may have to either forgive them or walk away.

Soul Power Number 20

You are born with a soul purpose and you won’t rest until you’ve discovered it! Remember, even the journey towards your soul purpose is part of it. In your life you will arrive at many crossroads where big decisions have to be taken. When you do relax and tune in to your higher self, you’ll find you instinctively know which path to take. With this soul power number you can expect a rebirth, spiritual awakening or some form of transformation to occur in your life at some point. When this happens know this has occurred to ensure you are on the path towards purpose.

This is a highly spiritual number to have chosen. Very often those born on this day who pursue material goals end up disappointed. This does not mean you cannot make money but that money has to be the bi-product of what you do – not the goal in itself.

Your feelings run deep – perhaps deeper than you yourself are aware of. Having a zero in your number can mean you are sometimes overwhelmed by the intensity of what you feel. Be careful not to attract potential partners into your life you appear to understand this and want to take care of you but instead just want to control and manipulate you to get their own way. You are very good at looking after people but make sure they genuinely need your help and are not using you as a crutch or worse, using an illness real or imagined, to control you.

Soul Power Number 29

If you are born on the 29th of any month you have come in on an incredible soul-learning curve and coping with the unexpected is all part of that. Do not allow yourself to dwell on the past or on fears and insecurities even though people, especially partners of both a romantic and business nature, may disappoint you. You will find your later years are more rewarding than the other ones in personal relationships and if you have learned from your past, true and lasting love and happiness with then be yours. If you can open your mind to the concept, consider that everything that happens to you in this life is a result of actions in a past one and things may start to make a lot more sense at that point. You will be helped if you read as much as you can about reincarnation and karma.

You are usually gifted and have talent but success may elude you again until later life due to you underestimating your abilities and allowing others to undermine your ideas. Once you learn to defend your ideas and stick to them, success will be yours. Yours is also a number which may have to face a natural disaster such as flood, fire, earthquake, storms or even a man-made one such as war. If you are faced with circumstances such as these you must understand you must fight for your survival and not succumb as this is about developing your inner strength.

If you face challenges in your early years please do not think this is the way your life is always going to be. Remember, the storm clouds eventually blow away to reveal the Sun again just as the first part of your life will give way to a better future.



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  1. Very interesting article, but with respect, a little frightening too as no matter how hard one has to fight to succeed, we do live in a society where justice just does not prevail.

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