The Hanged Man

Chill out – things will get moving again

The Hanged Man says that to get to your next step you have to deal with limbo! I can hear you thinking ‘tell me something I don’t know Michele Knight I am in LIMBO!’ but hold your horses is limbo such a bad thing? Limbo has been given a bad rap in these modern times of instant gratification. Limbo is an important spiritual and soul lesson and comes to us with many often unseen gifts.

If you look at this card The Hanged Man is not being strangled or hung, he/she/they look like they may be enjoying him/her/they self. Often we struggle, fight and get frustrated in times of what we negatively perceive to be stagnation (believe me I’m an Aries, I get it!) However over the years I have come to realise that Limbo can be a treasure and the key is to stop fighting and start flowing. You have planted your seeds and wishes and hopefully tended and watered them? Now you are waiting for the seedlings to push through and your desires to become blossoming plants and realities.

When we make random decisions just to escape limbo, we miss a trick and can swerve off our path sometimes bypassing what we seek to achieve. If you are in limbo the trick is to take your mind off your longing.

So, the prescription of the Hanged Man is to have fun, do the things you love and let go for a moment. Stop pushing and put your energy elsewhere. If it’s a lover/love/career/money issue spend the next week focusing on something else, anything else, and this should shift the energy. No cheating though!