Testimonial for Genevieve by Wendy - March 14, 2012

“I had an incredibly powerful reading with Genevieve today and wanted to leave feedback. I have always found her to be incredible around relationship readings, even when it’s things i don’t want hear. When i called today i was feeling lost, frightened and in the dark as to why i had yet again allowed myself to be drawn back again into a very complex situation that is self destructive. With incredible clarity and gentleness she cut right to the heart of the issue and allowed me to see how i have created the situation and how it was down to me to decide if wanted to change. I felt she was very strong and very clear and unjudgemental which made it easier for me to absorb what she was telling me. She had incredible insight & wisdom and i finished the call feeling like a huge weight had been lifted but also fully aware that i am empowered to make different choices that it is down to me ultimately.”