Testimonial for by Liz - April 7, 2010

“I have just had a reading with Nikki and I want to say how pleased I am that I chose her. Nikki is incredibly intelligent and equally warm – a rare and very important combination.  She truly understands and had an immense ability to communicate with clarity, care, sincerity and at depth. I felt that she perfectly combined her own intuitive sense and psychic ability with a heartfelt and very sophisticated ability to also ask and listen to me when relevant and appropriate, without “plying” me for information, but in order to enable me to be able to express and help myself. Nikki came across as beautifully grounded and simultaneously connected to a wider spiritual reality, balanced, articulate, understanding, real and deeply caring. I feel affirmed and more in touch with my own centre after connecting with her. Thank-you Nikki and thank-you Michele for having her “on your books”. “