Testimonial for Trinity by Belinda - March 31, 2019

“It’s been some time since leaving a comment. For some time across the last couple of years, I’ve spoken to Trinity. She is an incredibly insightful and aware reader, who does not allow you to project your views into a reading that concerns another. She offers a perspective that is not only holistic, but that of sincerity and points to where, as a person, you may be skewed in the perspective of the situation you are talking about. It has taken some time through a difficult process; that has eventually with her repeated messages (not that she remembers all the conversations) hit upon me as a realization when at the time it was not able to be seen, heard or trusted in. She is deeply spiritual although it is offered in a direct, compassionate clear view. It is up to the individual as to how they wish to perceive it. She was also correct in her insight about another person when it was on the outside looking like something else and was easily interpreted as being one way, which she insisted would be revealed in another to show me the truth. This indeed occurred and after sometime, during which she encouraged me to let go, do the deeper work and allow it to show itself when ready (given as a personality I can be future orientated, it kept me in today and grounded) when at times that was difficult. If you wish to explore your own boundaries that keep you from an expansive way of being, then Trinity is the guide, if you choose to listen to what is being conveyed. It’s an offer to ask deeper question of yourself whilst providing guidance on other matters.”