Testimonial for by Louise - September 14, 2021

“Elizabeth has provided me with guidance over the last few months which has really helped me, more than she probably realises. I have been on a twin flame journey with an addict where the energy is sometimes brutal and sometimes angelic. Without her calm and reassuring messages I feel sure I could have walked away from my situation rather than help us both to heal. She has helped me to understand that I have a healing journey to take, as well as my partner. So many people dismiss, or in some cases, walk over addicts in the gutter, assuming them to be beyond salvation. But Elizabeth has genuinely helped me turn our situation around by tapping into both of our energies and that of our spirit guides. She has helped me realise I need to have faith and confidence, stay strong for my partner and that my energies are likely picked up by him too. I cannot commend Elizabeth enough for her compassion, calm voice, insights and genuine care. If my dream comes true and I end up marrying my partner, Elizabeth will be invited to the wedding!”