Testimonial for Eileen by Emma - January 10, 2024

What a marvellous lady!! A true pure authentic medium. Eileen went straight to the heart of my situation.even the smallest details and nuances were exactly right!

My reading today helped me in multilayered ways all at once. She gave me an immense amount of detail, clarity, direction, confidence and support, all at the same time whilst making me feel so much calmer.

My situation has been very traumatic, confusing and ongoing, to say the least and Eileen cut straight through it all, with such clarity, understanding and detail. I was completely amazed.

Importantly, she not only gave vast help and information, I actually felt heard, really heard (which without being rude, some readers can forget to do and I had been in extreme situations where I had not been heard at all for a long time).

I came off the phone with a beautiful clarity, strength and direction I had not had in a long time.

This lady is a priceless gem, able to give intricate detail right down to your emotions AND see the entire picture of your situation in a very clear way. I highly recommend her in every way and on every level.

If you want a reading that truly sees every part of your situation and you that heals and calms you and gives you direction, then please look no further and call this Lady, as she does all of this and more.

I will definitely be ringing her back regularly. Michele Knight Psychics is lucky to have her. Deep heartfelt gratitude to you Eileen, you made my day, and my next phase.

God bless and thank you.