Testimonial for by Belinda - January 13, 2017

“have across the last couple of years spoken to Hazel a number of times, the reason I have continued to is due the her astounding ability to pick up a considerable amount of information that is very clear, precise in description of the circumstances, accurate in terms of personalities, context and topic, all without a prompt in nearly all cases. I have learned to simply listen and confirm with a yes or no or clarify. Hazel allows you to ask questions, in some or most, she answers them before you actually ask them, with wonderful humor and with immense empathy, emotional intelligence and clarity. I have had a number of predictions related to work and personal come true, even the ones I didn’t really want to hear. Hazel doesn’t provide what you want to hear. Information, as she explains, is from guides and is given through her. Hazel outlines where you might be feeling stuck and the positive way forward. I cannot begin to explain how truly well honed her gift is. She seems to say things that you are thinking and answers them before you need to ask the question. Her accuracy on people, places and things has been quite amazing at times. Sometimes some things take time to come in, yet the validations are already there, as she says, it’s on their time, not ours, and its about the opportunity and choices in the moment. Its been an incredible privilege to speak with her through a very complex personal and professional journey. Without some of the guidance, I think I wouldn’t have been able to accept some of the challenges quite so much.”