Testimonial for Eileen by Flick - January 18, 2018

“Whilst looking for one of the readers I’d used recently without luck, I read Eileen’s profile and as she does the traditional style of reading I like I thought I’d give her a try. A previous reviewer had referred to her as ‘a GEM’ and this description fits Eileen perfectly! She is incredibly gifted; without hesitating she went straight to my area of concern and without prompting hit on a number of incredible insights about me personally and my career going forward. Her detail is extremely fluid and specific. I was about to change direction workwise, back to what I’d been doing before and Eileen told me definitely not to and to continue with my dream job. She made a series of predictions going forward which has given me the boost I really needed to hear to carry on. Thank you Eileen, I absolutely loved talking to you and will definitely be looking out for you again.”