Testimonial for Grace by Sue - July 16, 2021

Grace is an incredibly, gifted, warm psychic and woman. She is so encouraging and uplifting. I really do not use Michele Knights phone line as a psychic reading. I think of the psychic’s like Grace as a psychic coach. What better person can you ask for. Someone who can see into the heart of who you are and say to you – keep going because you can do this. Grace has been the above and more. I have a team of 3 psychics on this site who are Sharie, Carol and Grace. And they are all incredible readers. I consider each one a psychic coach. If you want a reading, and a reader, that gets you, uplifts you and really sees you as a human being and tells you what is up and coming in your life. These people are your people. They are incredible. Thank you, for all your impressive psychic readings, help, words of encouragement and for hearing me. Thank you.”