Testimonial for Nativity by S - April 5, 2024

I love Nativity. Her readings are authentic and real. Life changes and Nativity is able to keep up with those changes when they occur and give a down to earth real reading at the time. I’ve been having readings with her for a while now so have had time to assess her ability and she is truly one of the best readers ever.

She tells it as she sees it and it is always correct. She doesn’t change her views unless she sees something has changed and because life is so mutable she is genuine in what she gives. Her predictions have been eerily correct in even the smallest ways and events happen as she sees them. Her long term predictions have been amazing and I seriously believe she is one of the most authentic genuine readers on this site.

Nativity’s can keep up with events and see changes as they occur like no reader I’ve ever had and I’ve had a few. I have relied on her for months and she never ceases to amaze me. Thank you Nativity. I trust in you totally.