Testimonial for Niyah by Lisa - October 4, 2022

“Oh my days! Niyah, my connection with you was incredible! I have had two readings with her, first 22/10/22 which was fantastic. I felt the pull to connect again, so I did so in 28/10/22 just to clarify something from my first reading. Oh my goodness me, the second reading. We had a very long call and it was like a Psychic Rave! Niyah, your gift is incredible and the way the same cards kept jumping out repeat after repeat just couldn’t be written. Spirit seriously spoke and the messages were undeniable! They also proved I wasn’t losing my marbles and what I was feeling was correct and this was validated. I feel blessed that you read for me but equally I also gave back to you (gratitude is the best attitude) with something you were curious and interested about (remember the wheel and the houses). The energy was off the scale and spirit was flowing big time. Niyah, is an incredible reader and will blow you away with her accuracy but also the wonderful aura and the person she truly is.  She is more than an asset to the company and to say I recommend her is an understatement.Bless you lovely lady. From The Authentic Empress ( as you named me).”