Testimonial for by Ghazala - October 13, 2014

“What an amazing, lovely woman Hazel is. To link with her is truly empowering and uplifting. As a 3rd generation Medium, an exceptional psychic she is able to link at a deep soul level which really resonates with you. Whatever your difficulties are, she is able to immediately connect and lift your vibration (energy level ) back to self empowerment and trust. Ethical and mindful of time constraints, she is able to link with her Spirit Guides and deliver their messages to enable you to go forward. As someone who is an intuitive myself I have to link with a wiser energy. Her details are specific to you. It is always a joy to link with her as she is able to look at all your areas of need without the need to ask you anything and see the picture with clarity and vision. Thank you so much for sharing you wonderful gifts.”