Testimonial for Genevieve by Felicity - April 10, 2010

“The moment I spoke to Genevieve I felt a strong connection. I have been calling her for 8 months with regards to a relationship issue with my ex. She told me about a man that was an obstacle and a man in my future direction. I thought it was the same man but she said it wasn’t. I didn’t want to hear that as I was only focussed on my ex!! Months down the line it turned out the man she described came into my life and I can’t believe the journey I have been on. I was so sure I would end up with my ex but Genevieve told me she didn’t see that. She is wonderful and has helped me during the lowest moments of my life. She is very knowledgeable and emotionally intelligent, insightful and a true psychic. Thank you Michele for hiring Genevieve as she has helped me turn my life around!!!!”