Testimonial for by Stephanie - April 10, 2010

“Many have the ability to sow seeds, but it’s those who spend time searching out fertile soil that produce blooms that enlighten the soul and move the mind. Emma was not the first person I consulted but after a single reading she unequivocally won my respect and sincere gratitude. I was most anxious about select aspects in my life which I could not logically explain and placed me at the crossroads of pivotal decision making. Emma astutely established the extent of my understanding of the subject matter such that her guidance was received in the most nurturing and inspirational frame of mind. She consulted astrology, tarot and I-Ching to provide me with a robust arsenal of information to deal with the perplexing phenomenon. She plotted a firm and systematic path through the barriers my biased mind suffered from, opening me to realisation of the precious value that can be earned by welcoming influences & exploring many fears. Lasting feelings of lightness and hope like no other have been the wonderful result of benefiting from Emma’s tremendous insight.”