Testimonial for Genevieve by Jenevieve - September 9, 2010

“I was trying to get through to another psychic but kept getting put through to Genevieve so after 3 attempts i decided to have a reading with my namesake. I am one of those fussy people and i was rendered speechless. I liked her style, she is emotionally intelligent, smart, wise and very empathetic. She tuned into my situation very quickly and described the people involved.  If you’re a person who wants to hear only what YOU want to hear, then don’t go to Genevieve because she is honest and delivers the negative news with compassion.

I have been told that my ex would be coming back for months now but deep down i started to doubt this as the signs were not there; yet Genevieve told me that she didn’t see him coming back. She told me that i had to move on. I knew she was the real deal just by her genuine honesty of my situation. She made 3 predictions and already 2 have manifested. I will be coming back to Genevieve as i felt that her reading was good value for my money.”