Testimonial for Genevieve by Karen - May 10, 2011

“Hi, I’ve just come off the phone with Genevieve and must say it was excellent. She was clear, to the point, and insightful as well as really understanding. Even though it was the first time we have spoken, it felt that I’d known her years, so easy was her manner. She wasted no time in getting to the crux of the matter. She told me things that really resonated with me even though I hadn’t said anything, as well as things she advised to be watchful for. Whilst I am confident she would be brilliant at all areas of guidance, my involvement was in relation to career and relationships – she has given me much food for thought for the future in developing my business. She was also very energising and uplifting as well a having a great sense of humour. I cannot recommend her highly enough and will certainly be calling on her again.”