“I had a reading with Ruby a couple of years ago and she saw me living in an old house with a blue door. A year later I moved to a new area and was looking at flats. The one I eventually bought was in an old house with a blue door! Ruby is a lovely person to talk to – kind, calming and accurate. She has also brought through several members of my family in spirit, giving me great comfort during some difficult times.”

“Had an amazing reading with Ruby. Her gift is very special. She dedcribed my future home, and the area around, which is exactly like the property l have recently viewed to rent. She knew that l had just given references, and she said that they were pleased with them. I am now very exited and waiting to hear if I Get it! She connected me to many loved ones in spirit as well. Everything she said, was so spot on that she left me with no doubt that she is a very talented medium and psychic.
She also has a very kind, gentle and sweet manner, very loving vibration that left me feeling so special, both because of her own energy, and the messages from my loved ones in spirit. Thank you dear Ruby, you are truly a gem”

“No directive needed for Ruby. Describes people and events, past and present, gives names, describes personalities or activities connected to them. Even identified new things done in my home as well as something that is just in a planning stage. Lovely to speak with, always makes me smile.”

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“I have just come off the phone with Ruby pin 2226. I’m ecstatic. I’m blown away by the validations, perfect. I love having readings with Ruby, everything is so clear and she’s a lovely lady to speak to. Ruby spoke of someone I’d accidentally seen. I was given the letter J very close to me and said he will be ok. It was my brother. Described a guy down to a T. Knew I had building land to sell. Knew I’d started exercising! Knew that I helped in a school with reading! The list is endless wow wow wow! I’m so happy after our call!”

“I have just had a reading with Ruby who was so lovely. Her words were encouraging and extraordinarily insightful.”

“Today I had a reading with Ruby, who made me smile with her lovely, happy and optimistic voice. She was incredibly accurate with regards to personal things, down to the two pictures I’m looking to hang in my home, the fact that my parents have a special wedding anniversary very soon (their 50th in a week’s time!), that I love dancing … and so the list goes on. She was a delightful lady who uplifted me and I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again. Hopefully she was also right about the nice man who is on the horizon ;-) Thank you!”

“I must acknowledge the accuracy of readers Ruby, Sadie and Nikki in their predictions for my employment situation.  I was in a very negative work environment and keen to move on but not sure where, whilst feeling miserable; Ruby predicted that “a job would tumble into my lap” and that the interview setting would have a peach or pink coloured door (which we thought was unusual).  Sadie predicted that I would put in a job application with an immediate response and would attend an interview “after lunch and before two o’clock” which would be successful.  Nikki told me that two jobs would be available in the workplace where I was successful, and that the job I was offered would have the letter “C” in the title.  I attended an interview in late May at 1.45p.m., with two jobs in different areas being on offer, and the interview room had peach coloured doors.  Three hours after the interview, I was offered a job with the letter “C” in the title.  How wonderful is that!  I must also say that Nikki could also see me spending some time in America and I had no intention of doing so but my situation has changed and I’m to America tomorrow for one month!  What else can I say?!!!!!”

“Ruby is a lovely, caring lady with an amazing gift.  In one of her readings, she described the building of the recruitment agency and their listed building – she gave me the city London and part of the address – square!  At the second reading, she got the building of the company – the fact that somebody would give me a recommndation prior to the interview!  These are only a few examples!  I highly recommend her!”

“I had such a lovely reading with Ruby today I cried, laughed and got excited, so thank you so much!”