“Absolutely blown away with the accuracy of my reading i had a niggling thought that i needed to communicate with my chosen psychic and followed it. My very first time and amazed at the accuracy of the situation i was asking about. No feeding the reader it was all genuine and has put my mind at rest that i can’t thank him enough. Described the person and situation that was on my mind to a tee but gave me insight as to why things have gone this way and a great understanding and empathy. I am extremely happy with my reading of the situation just hope the way forward is as he says.”

“David is nothing short of amazing. When he answered the phone he asked me the topic I wanted to talk about and he was off! He gave me such a LOT of information that was so accurate – he started in past, moved to present and looked ahead. Beyond his skill – which is phenomenal – for me was his style. He is honest and direct yet in a very compassionate and empathetic way, he is also fun and helps to make sense of a situation in a way that left me feeling empowered and more confident. I was honestly blown away on so many levels; the level of details, the context of the external situations, me within them and why at a deep level I was affected in the way I had been. Some of the stuff he told me I already knew – however it connected some dots for me in a way that no one else ever has and that’s lifted an energy off me. A gift for anyone who speaks to him and for me he will be a go to from now on. Thank you David.”

“I had an email reading with David. This was an amazing reading, absolutely spot on with its accuracy. It was a very positive, compassionate and empowering reading with real insight and made the role of personal choice very clear, which is as it should be. Would definitely recommend.”

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“I was truly surprised and in shock when David picked up all my details straight away upon the phone being connected. I never leave a feedback however I’d love to share a little of my experiences with him as he was spot on. He has so much to bring out during the reading and all the information he shared with me was so accurate, I can hardly imagine how he can do that so speedily. Seems I am speechless and all I can say was his like an angel that captured all the pictures in him to put it in words for us. Truly a gem for your company and def love to to speak with him again.”

“Always love talking with David. He has a natural way with him. Puts you at ease immediately. Has a lovely calming voice. His insight is very much on point. David picks up on the energy very quickly, was able to read my situation clearly.”

“I had a recent email reading from David and I was absolutely blown away. Every little part of what David had communicated was ‘spot on’ in every way. He respectfully highlighted every little part of my recent journey and how this will impact my journey ahead. I was truly amazed at his insight and truly grateful for this reading. I feel so at ease to move forward with comfort and love. This will help me a lot.”

“I have just received my psychic reading report by David. Firstly, I would like to say, what a Star! David was so spot on with my current situation and where I am heading in my future. I am extremely grateful and happy for David and my report from Michele Knight Psychics. Thank you.”

“David is amazing, very intuitive, empathic and clear. He immediately picked on the energy surrounding my situation and clearly defined some issues I was very uncertain about. I am very grateful for his help.”

“Where does one start. I called and asked who was available and before the receptionist could say anything my intuition already said David. I instantly connected with him and knew he had important messages for me to hear. He was able to pick up on my current role, my experience with spirits and how I had been feeling, to knowing exactly what my thoughts had been around my future etc. A very detailed reading with a beautiful relaxed no fuss energy. Direct and to the point. I highly recommend and I will look forward to my next call with David when I tell him that all he had to convey has come to fruition in my life.”

“Thank you so much. I loved that you picked up in such detail on the work I’m doing just now and all the different aspects of my practice. That is truly a gift, and the entire reading was something I can treasure and use for positive affirmation. So uplifting, thank you. I’m sure all your clients must value and appreciate you as highly as I do.”

“Just wanted to say this was amazing. I took a couple of days to absorb all the information David had given me. Please pass on my profound thanks for such an insightful, comforting and truly helpful reading, it has made all the difference and I’m so grateful.”

“I wish to pass on my thanks to David (2269) for his guidance and clarity on my career path going forward. From the outset of our conversation without prompting, David tuned into one of my passions – wanting to empower and guide people when they are faced with difficult decisions and life paths etc. but not using conventional counselling techniques – and what had led me to this point in my life. It was lovely to hear David acknowledge that the trials and tribulations I have ‘grown’ through over the past 12 months, a heartfelt thank you for that David I will continue to learn and grow. Many, many thanks for your enlightenment it has lit my way forward. Your gift is much appreciated. Thank you for sharing!”

“Just wanted to thank David for his email reading. I have read it and read it again, my first reaction was ‘wow’ and the second the same! David has ‘got’ each question I asked and his answers resonated and made everything clearer David understood my dilemas and has helped enormously.”

“David is such an excellent, articulate, deeply connected psychic. I found him so inspiring and insightful.”

“I would like to thank David for his email reading. Firstly, I only ordered it yesterday so I was delighted to receive it this quick. Secondly, his descriptions are spot on. It is as if he knows the people he talks about. I am very happy with his reading and he has lifted my spirit. He is right about everything he mentioned and I will take his advice to heart.”

“I instantly felt at ease with him, he communicates with such warmth and empathy. Within seconds he pin pointed a lot of things surrounding my current situation and the path I have envisioned within my professional career. I was blown away by the detail he gave, and I would most definitely recommend him. There’s no doubt I will connect with him again in the future.”

“I had a reading with David tonight. I initially asked him one question and he honed into that question straight away – within seconds. It was very accurate. Thank you David for being honest. Your integrity and sincerety was definately highlighted tonight and was very much appreciated.”

“I’ve just completed a reading with David and I felt I had to write and say just what an outstanding psychic, empath and all round human being he is. Spot on in details, wonderful uplifting style, reassuring and oh so kind. Quite astonishing in his talents. 20 well spent minutes. Thank you David.”

“David is an exceptional psychic. I contacted him twice in a span of a month. Both times he was consistent with all his predictions. At that time many of the things he said did not make much sense or fit the reality I was faced with at the time. However, a month later they seem to all make sense beautifully. He is a great asset because he is not only an exceptional psychic but also highly intelligent. He can be a phenomenal life coach with those gifts. I look forward to some of his predictions in the coming future. I will definitely be coming back to David for more. Cant recommend him enough!”

“I had a reading with him today after being drawn to him. I am really struggling at the moment and he really helped me in so many ways. He is kind, friendly, genuine and has a natural gift. He says himself he is blunt, i really dont think he is. He was easy to talk to and i will be forever grateful for his advice.”

“I had a reading with David and I just wanted to say ‘wow’! The things he picked up without me saying anything was amazing. David was kind, thoughtful and considerate without any judgement and so patient. I can’t recommend him highly enough. He put me at ease and I have no doubt that I’ll be back. A true treasure.”

“I had a consultation with David, he was calm and seemed very genuine. He made me very comfortable through this rough time and was objective with the decisions I have to make while being honest. It was more than a “yes you have a future” or “no you are wasting your time” with that person. He offered guidance while respecting my current situation/state of mind. He brought a sense of peace. I’ll recommend him and will call him again.”

“Just want to say thank you to David for a wonderful reading tonight . Faith restored Bless you.”

“David is one of the best ‘no-tools’ psychics that I have spoken to over the past 2 years. I have been testing different online sites, worldwide, and can honestly say that David is very professional, reassuring, and straightforward when answering questions. I use psychics partly as teachers and to help me understand myself better, but also as business and relationships consultants. He backs up his statements with good examples which makes the experience more valuable and believable. I would definitely recommend David.”

“Just had a reading with David. Thank you so much, I now have clarity and can move on. It really was the reading I needed to help me make sense of everything and to change my mindset therefore my life.”

“David read for me regarding me feeling at a transition in my career. He reads with such emotional intelligence and clarity that he quickly put my mind at ease, with strategies of moving forward positively! I felt his reading helped to shine a light on my creative journey, and on what I had achieved already. He is also quick-witted and gave a real insight in why I was feeling stuck.”

I had another reading with David 2269. It was such an amazing experience. David was so clear and gave me so much insight. I felt empowered to make clearer decisions after the call. David was good in not asking questions but rather giving me food for thought about my situation and how I might approach things. There are many complex situations in my life right now which David acknowledged but he made me feel clearer and better about dealing with them whilst reminding me about self-care. David was warm, insightful and empathetic. I enjoyed my reading.

Yesterday I had a reading done by David 2269, wowza , so pleased with what he came up with, validation or what, spot on, you do not need to say anything, no giving anything out, but receiving so much information.

My work life was the one thing on my mind and I was making decisions and thinking is it the right way for me? Having a choice, which path do I take, how long will it take, all those and so much more, and your man David told me every thing that was going on and the validation hit my soul and knowing what needed to be done. I felt so much peace and understanding after the call.

So a BIG FAT THANK YOU DAVID. May your life be blessed and your wishes and dreams come true. So good my friends will be calling you.

David 2269 was my reader I don’t know where to begin he freestyled I didn’t tell him anything about myself but he told me all about my relationship with my partner so much amazing information for myself and family also he told me that I have gift of mediumship if I wanted to follow that path or a healing path WOW 😮 I never told him anything as I’ve had an awakening going on for about 18 months now tried to shut it off for the past year but been meditating every day for the past year think it’s now time to embrace it all so thankyou David much ❤️and gratitude Also David also brought through my Auntie who crossed over a couple of months ago and again brilliant I knew it was her by the energies that come through from her so again 🙏thankyou🙏.

David was so great and easy to talk with. He quickly able to dive into my chosen subject of work. He gave wonderful advise on how I can move my personal business forward. He understood what exactly was holding me back, and way to over come it. Thanks, will call again.

“I’ve been following your free readings for some time now, and because of the cost it would take to call from The Bahamas; I decided to still utilize the paid service through an email reading. I typically prefer to be read by male readers as they offer an alternative perspective than female readers; and without making this request known at the time of my reading, I ended up with Psychic David, assigned to my request. He was detailed, insightful and offered a positive outlook that was in depth and accurate. What I loved most was his honesty, despite his knowledge of what it was I was really asking. He nailed all three of my questions asked with great confidence and a concise understanding of what’s going on in my life. As any form of outside advice should be, this reading served as confirmation to matters I couldn’t confirm but felt prior to engaging. I am grateful to David, and I give many blessings to him for a wonderful reading.”

“David is an outstanding reader who has helped me a lot. His style is uplifting, specific, warm and compassionate. His detail is spot on and some of the metaphors he uses have also been literally true in my life. I love that you don’t need to ask a specific question, yet he will deliver what is most relevant for you and your growth at the time. David showed that he completely got where I was at as he spoke to a deeper part of me through my energy. He showed a real understanding of even more unusual parts of my character and described them with ease. I love that he does not judge or offer an opinion about your situation but gives you the information you need to move forward. A reading with David is an empowering experience, like a deep scan of your emotional, spiritual and practical self combined with emotionally intelligent spiritual coaching for your greater good. I see it as an investment in myself and love what I get from a session with him.”

“I have just had a reading with David. He is a natural intuitive and got straight to the point no questions needed. He knew exactly why I was on the phone and what I needed to discuss. He also had a very positive perspective on my life path. Thank you David.”

“Just had a reading with David. He delivered so much relevant information in a powerful, emotionally intelligent way. 20 minutes went by in an instant as he gave me a blow by blow account of what appeared to be going on in my life.”

“Another outstanding asset to your team. Also very fast paced, a lot of detailed information flow, no prompts, no questions. Articulate and a lovely, lively reader/medium. He picked up on my situation straight away, excellent descriptions, excellent links.”

“Wow, I have gone from feeling uncertain and a bit negative to certain and positive. David went straight into the reading with no preamble and picked up on the situation I wanted clarification with immediately. I liked his straight forward approach and what he said made sense and was practical. He was spot on with my situation without asking me anything. He was friendly and listened to what I said and did not ask me one question.”

“To say I was impressed is an understatement. More like mesmerised. David didn’t ask me anything- not a thing. As soon as we connected the call, he began to talk to me giving absolutely laser accurate details. I was totally struck by his manner and his energy. He has an extremely rare, unique and genuine gift and I can honestly say that in all the readings I’ve had on and off through the last 20 or so years, I have NEVER had accuracy or connection like I experienced today with David. For the most part, I sat in silence taking in all the details. I could have listened for hours actually.
David has the ability to immediately get to the right area and needs absolutely no steer. This is something I have never experienced before. He truly is in a different league to any psychic I have ever engaged with. He told me things that were extremely deep in my psyche and known only to me. It was extremely empowering and up-lifting to talk with David. A rare talent and deeply skilled psychic. I will definitely be talking to David on a regular basis.”

I have had many readings with different readers from Michele Knight over the years, many of which have been great and have helped me navigate through some very difficult challenges in life. However, I feel compelled to write something very different about David. I actually read all his reviews, contemplated on his video and eventually got hold of David. Wow, wow, wow! I am absolutely astounded at his emotional intelligence and insight and I am not a woo woo person – I am pretty down to earth. I think the best way to describe his reading – it is a 3 dimensional reading because he managed to synergise my past, present and future to create a vision of true empowerment coupled with a road map to move forward. I have not had this combination before. Michele talks a lot about the importance of empowering her customers and the importance of free will. I really do feel that David provided me with insight and wisdom to not only empower me to move forward positively but also the insight into the areas where I needed to make myself more accountable to me. His diplomacy but laser focus on issues that I needed to tackle in order to progress was – what can I say?… amazing. David is not a ‘warm bath’ but a ‘refreshing cool ‘lemon scented’ shower’ on a hot day that clears your mind and refreshes you – ready to start your day with lots of clarity, energy and determination. Amazing man, destined for great things and truly gifted. Thank you David – I appreciated the energy and effort you put into my reading.

“I would like to thank David who I had a reading with in April (2269).  He is a lovely man and gave me a really honest and true reading.  He really understood me and got in deep without any guiding from me to start with.  He is very gifted and is very warm and I promise you it is the best reading I have had in years because it was very honest.  David is my favourite medium and I trust him completely.”

“When I first spoke to David, without asking any questions at all, and without any initial conversation other than saying hello and asking my birth sign, he started to describe my life, me, my character and values completely and perfectly. He told me, quite rightly, that the last two years hadn’t been very fruitful for me, that I’d had little fun, that there had been problems with people behaving badly and without integrity and completely described a work situation and the things going on around me in my life. He picked up on and described the work I do perfectly and used specific language that would only be appropriate to my particular field of work, which is not something anyone could guess at. He also described and advised me on two areas in my life where I needed specific guidance and gave me great hope for the future.”

“I had a reading with David on the 24 September and we discussed my career prospects. David was very correct about me as he said when it comes to work I loose my bottle at times, which is very true as I find work a scary place and have left jobs or not gone for jobs due to this reason. At the time of speaking to David I had applied for 3 jobs 2 of those jobs are based in a library, David told me that it was the 2nd Library job that I applied for would be the one I would get, well he is correct as of this week I have been offered the 2nd Library job I did not get the 1st one, so well done David. David was also correct about aspects of my past especially in relation to my childhood and how one individual stopped my progress and that that person made sure I did not have a life of my own, not many people have picked this up about me but I had a very bad childhood at the hands of one individual in my family. David got so many aspect of my life and my personality correct and gave me a very empowering reading.”

“I would like to leave feedback for David 2269. Amazing in tune reading. He was great and gave me clear guidance. I loved his comparative metaphors – it made everything slot into place and make sense, the clarity which I was so in need of he pin pointed in a few minutes and knew exactly how I felt.”

“David has a wonderful manner and amazed me! He doesn’t ask any questions and gets to the heart of the matter immediately. He mentioned some issues around my new job and the people there and I thought he had got it wrong but last week he was proved right! Simply one word AMAZING.”

“I felt compulsed to write an instant feedback for the amazing ‘David’ whom I had the most enlightening, intriguing and absolutely breathtaking phsycic reading experience I have ever had. I have had so many wonderful readings in the past but there was the most profound connection with him and he is a delight to talk to. I could have talked all day to him. He is warm, funny, amazingly articulate and deliver’s his information in a real and thought provoking way. There is nothing ambiguous about what he tells you, and he blew me away with all that he told me of past, present and future and details about my life that not even some of my friends would know about. I felt as though I had known him all my life and I want to pass on my thanks to him and the praise he rightfully deserves. Wonderful, wonderful guy.”

“I just had a reading today with David and I would just like to say it was lovely. I didnt have to say anything he just kept telling me things which was nice. Also he connected with my mum in spirit which was a link I hadnt felt in such a long time. It was almost as if she was chatting to him on another phone line. Since I finished the reading I felt a big emotional shift and such sense of peace from David connecting with my mum. David is a lovely reader and a real credit to you team. Thank you, David you have filled my heart with joy today.”

“Thank you so much to David (2269) for his amazing readings recently! Without any prompting, he gave me very detailed information regarding my new business and my role within it. He has a real talent and has such a lovely and sincere manner. I would highly recommend him and know that you will love his fantastic readings too… he is a real gem!”

“What an amazing reading! It was as if listening to my inner voice- I have never heard my inner processes described so clearly and have felt called back to my centre ever since his very powerful reading. He described relationships in fine detail and highlighted issues and abilities I have known about for a long time but for some reason have left to lie dormant. I would say this compassionate and wise reading has been essential guidance in my life and feel the way has been opened to fulfil my purpose. Thank you so very much David!”

“David (2269) is amazing. I’ve had a really horrible few months with a lot of upheaval, so I’ve had several readings which I would never normally do. I’ve found them all very helpful, but David in particular just picks up on the emotions surrounding things so well it was amazing. He very sweetly pointed out where things were going a bit wrong, picked up my new plans for work (only thought of yesterday!) and gave me some fantastic insight in regard to a new connection with someone. He’s great – definitely told me what I needed to hear rather than what I wanted to hear!”

“I wanted to leave some feedback for David (pin 2269). He was brilliant, precise, concise and didn’t require any input for me. He picked up on thoughts, emotions and feelings I hadn’t told anyone before. He wasn’t judgemental and even when there was something i didn’t necessarily agree with, he gave me some further information that made it all make sense. I’ve been toying with many ideas over the last 6 – 12 months and he described them to a tee. I’m really positive about the future now and believing in myself! I had a great connection with him and definetly place him up there with Sadie and Lara – who I think are fantastic. I’ve had lots of readings in the past so I think i know what I’m talking about. Give David a ring – you won’t regret it.”

“I have had a reading today with David, who was incredible in reading me straight away. He confirmed a lot of my relationship issues and gave me a very positive reading. I would recomend your service. Very best wishes and so many thanks.”