“Karen has helped me through a very taxing, uncomfortable and changeable year. I love how she interprets your charts and combines it with the tarot just to give you a fully rounded reading. I’ve been blown away by the information she has given me and one of the many reasons i will (and have) always return to her many times, is that she is so consistent. I am a tad impatient, and she has shown me how far I have come and the milestones I have reached and when she has predicted future events / emotions, she has always been spot on. She always makes me smile and has a wicked laugh but more importantly, I trust what she says. She describes people to a tee and emotionally how I am feeling too. She is amazing!”

“I’ve consulted with Karen many times over a difficult, challenging and literally life changing year. She is one of the most gifted astrologers I have ‘met’. Her insight is direct and honest. I can honestly say she has been by my side whilst I’ve been through such a substantial personal transition, in moments of joy and in the moments of feeling lost and sad. She is beautifully compassionate, caring and an all-round wonderful human being. Huge thanks Karen, you’re simply fabulous.”

“I’ve just had a reading with Karen 2278, and felt immediately at ease. With only my name and date of birth given, Karen tuned into what was happening and gave me the answers that made so much sense and reassurance. Before I rang, I had the world on my shoulders and very stressed out. Upon Karen doing my chart and cards, it was the best news I could of wished for. Karen is totally amazing, and tells the truth as it happens. Thank you Karen, you have given me hope, where I had none.”

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“Hi, I would like to leave a feed back for Karen 2278. She asked my DOB, that’s all she needed and information flew in. I hardly said anything. She gives incredibly detailed information about my past, present and future.”

“Karen looked at my serology in such a unique way as she has trained and developed in evolutionary Astrology which is really detailed.
She picked up so many situations in my chart that were happening to me currently or that were in the early stages of being developed. Karen tuned into the keys aspects that I was concerned with and gave me a detailed analysis on how and where to go from here. She is a lovely down to earth person, very positive in the way she delivers information and answers what you have asked her. Karen kept to what I had asked her and delivered her information beautifully.”

“Karen is great to speak with and has very positive energy. She made me laugh and I have spoken with her a few times now, as she is a great reader.”

“Karen’s dual astrology/psychic combination is just amazing. Her insight on both these levels was just what I needed, to help me through a difficult time. I will definitely be consulting her again in the future. Thank you Karen!”

I never usually take the time to write reviews, but I wanted to on this occasion as I have been both amazed and enchanted by Karen. Karen is like going into a heavenly foaming bath, absolutely serine energy where you automatically feel looked after. I myself am able to tune into peoples auras and can see her the white, blue, gold energy she holds. Karen hit the mark on everything that has been going on in my life and then gave me the insights on how to move forward and what to expect, using tarot, her psychic ability and astrology which all comes into this amazing trine of information all validating each other – just awesome. She truly is a gem and most certainly a master here to help those who are ready to accept guidance at a high degree.