“I visited Martha years ago when she worked in Covent Garden and when I saw she now does readings through Michele Knight I couldn’t wait to get back in touch for a reading. Martha is an exceptional reader. She is open and approachable whilst also delivering messages with the utmost thought and sensitivity. My reading was only 20 minutes, but she tuned in quickly to the questions raised and drilled down to the heart of the matter providing really clear guidance on what I can expect in my relationships. It was also really special that Martha was able to tune into my mother who passed away several years ago. She passed on several specific messages which I will always remember.”

“Blown away by Martha on my first call, with details coming through I understood even when she didn’t understand the relevance.”

“Had my first reading with Martha, she blew me away what an amazing psychic, couldn’t thank her enough for the guidance. Been feeling very lost for ages, didn’t know which way to turn in my love life. She is so compassionate and warm hearted. Lovely reader, dived right into my energy without me saying anything. So very gifted and can’t wait for my next reading with her soon.”

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“Martha has been a God Send! I have been a customer of MK for about a year now. I have had one of the hardest year and half ever and this website has been my lifesaver. If it wasn’t for readers like Martha giving me love, guidance, and affirmation that things will be turning around I don’t know what I would do. She isn’t just about giving you what you want to hear but about how to work through what your issues are so you understand them and can move forward. I love Martha and consider her a friend across the pond!”

“Just wanted to leave some feedback about a wonderful reading I had with Martha last night. My husband died a year ago and I’d been trying hard to get on with life, regain lost confidence and start my work again. Things were getting better, but I had a setback this week and felt totally lost & destroyed, really. Well, Martha was so good – she understood what had been happening, she really listened & seemed to understand all the underlying, deep-seated ramifications of my current situation. She brought my husband through & what she told me really seemed genuine & was very helpful. Martha was very intelligent & perceptive in her approach & was also respectful, which is not always the case with some psychic readers. She was also very constructive about the future for me. The upshot was that I had a very good night’s sleep and woke up feeling very positive and strengthened. I have also felt stronger all day and feel that Martha helped to heal me at quite a deep psychological level.”

“I feel I must leave feedback for lovely Martha 2291. I was in a bad place for a few days and she has given me hope and brought back a bit of the confidence I had lost. Martha did not tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed hear. Her reading was in-depth, clear and to the point. She talked me through my personal situation and picked up my energy from the very beginning of the reading. Martha has given me so much clarity around my particular situation. She also has a great sense of humour. Thank you Martha.”

“I had a reading recently with Martha and just wanted to say that  several of her predictions have already come true. An ex- partner of 6years had moved abroad and had not been in contact for several months, contacted myself out of the blue declaring his undying love just as Martha had seen. To be honest, I was very surprised as I did not expect this to happen.”

“Had a really lovely reading with Martha. Lovely light clear strong energy with a gentle softness. I instantly felt calm and her kind confidence was great to feel.
She worked with spirit and cards and seemed to be very much ‘in my head’ go using on the areas I highlighted I wanted to speak about.
People very close to me came through in spirit and she passed on simple messages. Others related to me in spirit joined the conversation and she conveyed general messages as well as words of support from my relations.”