“I am very impatient but Shalin is very quick and gets straight to the point. I prefer readers who channel, who are mediums and who take the assistance of spiritual guides, which she is and does and she is also an empath and shamanic healer. I have had many readings with her (and often! She has become my “guide”), she is honest, direct (funnily so) and does not sugar coat things. I am a difficult person to read for but she can easily.”

“Thought Shalin was excellent. She didn’t need any prompt, not even my date of birth. Believe me, I do like not having to give any information. She was fast and able to give me a lot of information within 20 minutes. After a very good general reading she gave me space to ask questions which I did. She had a very reassuring manner to pass even the unwanted news and I think it is very important. She was kind, warm, assertive and straight to the point.”

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