I had a reading with Sarah at the beginning of March, as I was concerned about yet another interview I was going to attend, and feeling anxious about another turn down. Sarah didn’t say much about that particular job, but stated that there were three jobs ahead of me and that I would have two interviews in the 2nd week of May, and that I would get the 2nd or 3rd job. Well had my 2nd interview yesterday and got the job, and even though I am suppose to attend another job interview tomorrow, I have decided that this one is perfect. Thank you Sarah, so impressive! Sending you much love and blessings,xxx

I had a reading with Sarah and she was absolutely spot on. I asked a very general question regarding career and she blew me away with her response, some of it had already happened and the rest is to come. Sarah got the reason why I was hesitant about applying for the job straight away. Sarah won’t tell you something unless she is absolutely sure, she won’t make it fit. She spoke to me about my psychic abilities & that I should do readings, I have done them on & off for a few years. She picked up things regarding my personal & family life, never asks you any questions and no hesitations at all. I felt a really good connection & it was like talking to a very close friend, Sarah has massive compassion and is a lovely gentle lady. I would highly recommend you give her a call, I will be calling again. Thank you Sarah for sharing your gift.

I am utterly blown away. She doesn’t use cards, just connects with spirits. I made lots of notes but seriously every single world spot on. I cannot find one thing that was remotely off. I can’t wait to speak to her again. Best reading I have ever had.

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Really good, very professional. Liked she didn’t use cards. Felt confident with her as a reader, good energy and a positive reading. Felt really good after it.

She picked up things straight away explaining and telling me who my angels were she went through the next few months explaining what she was seeing.
I found her very good and clear but did talk quite quickly but was telling me what she was getting. She was very friendly and a lovely lady and no gaps or hesitations and went straight into the reading all she asked was there anything I wanted her to look at. I said just general and whatever comes out. Mel emailed yesterday to say her predictions have happened as she was told.