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I just had a reading with Eileen. I was so impressed by her depth and clarity of my actual circumstances. She got my current life events exactly right with her outstanding clairvoyancy ability.  She picked up on the precise events that had occurred these last months and years in my … read more

by Michelle

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 Michele says

Eileen got straight to the point in her test reading with me. She mentioned some very specific personal stuff which was quite a risky thing to say which I admired. She tells it as she sees it. She is an experienced and direct reader and I’m delighted we found her.

What people say

  • “I am writing to say how much I appreciate Eileen. Love the fact that she immediately picks up on my concerns and gets right to it, answering my questions completely and directly leaving no room for doubt!”

    - Written by R

  • “This is the second reading I have had with Eileen and she has been of such comfort to me and has truly truly helped me remember my purpose in life. She is literally an Earth angel and I thank her so very much!”

    - Written by Gemma

  • “So pleased I spoke to her, she answered all my questions and gave me peace of mind that I was on the right track with my career and that my circumstances were going to change.”

    - Written by Soteria

  • “Just come away from a reading with Eileen. How wonderful! Eileen, you picked up on my partner immediately and described him very accurately! Just amazing! Very impressed! You were able to confirm things that I already knew, as well as things that I’m not yet and potentially soon to become … read more

    - Written by Petra

  • “Whilst looking for one of the readers I’d used recently without luck, I read Eileen’s profile and as she does the traditional style of reading I like I thought I’d give her a try. A previous reviewer had referred to her as ‘a GEM’ and this description fits Eileen perfectly! … read more

    - Written by Flick

  • I have been a Michele Knight psychic fan for several years. I use the text service and the live psychic service. Tonight I spoke to Eileen (Pin 2315) and what a gem she is. I haven’t come across her before, and I’m so glad I spoke to her tonight. When … read more

    - Written by Fiona

  • “Eileen is just amazing. I cannot put into words what she does. She just knows things. She totally tunes into my situation and my person on point and knows what is occurring. She is just wonderful. I adore her. Thank you Eileen for all you do. I cant wait to … read more

    - Written by Kay

  • “Please say a massive thank you to Eileen, her reading gave me joy and made me smile. She said it straight down the line but in a gentle manner. I didn’t mind opening up to her as she made me feel so comfortable. I will definitely have another reading with … read more

    - Written by Michelle