Psychic reader Eileen

 Michele says

Eileen got straight to the point in her test reading with me. She mentioned some very specific personal stuff which was quite a risky thing to say which I admired. She tells it as she sees it. She is an experienced and direct reader and I’m delighted we found her.

What people say

  • “I enjoyed my reading with Eileen. She jumped right in with messages I needed to hear to remind me of where I was blocking myself. She offered some great information that I look forward to seeing how it unfolds. Eileen was just I needed to help me regain some focus … read more

    - Written by Jana

  • “I just wanted to leave some feedback for Eileen.  She is my sanity check when I cannot understand what is happening.  Her pragmatic and witty approach is just the tonic to lift spirits and put you back on track. I am so grateful for Michele’s service during these challenging times … read more

    - Written by Rebecca

  • “So wonderful! I heartily agree with other reviews that Eileen is an absolute gem! It was like talking to a friend who has known me for years! She knew exactly how I was feeling about my work and a lingering relationship! I’m so looking forward to her predictions and feel … read more

    - Written by Liz

  • “I was put through to Eileen on the recommendation of Charlotte (Line Manager) and what a GEM she has turned out to be! Eileen is a Medium, her velvet voice soothes your troubles away! She is very insightful and ethical and can cover any range of topic without judgement and … read more

    - Written by Ghazala

  • “This is the second reading I have had with Eileen and she has been of such comfort to me and has truly truly helped me remember my purpose in life. She is literally an Earth angel and I thank her so very much!”

    - Written by Gemma

  • “Eileen will always give you complete honesty and she is a very compassionate reader. She is direct and links in straight away. It’s like talking to a wise sage when you talk with her and you know in your heart she is spot on. Thanks Eileen for your comfort at … read more

    - Written by Anon

  • “Eileen put my heart and my mind at ease. She was spot on with information regarding my POI and current feelings. Eileen put all the worry to rest and shared with me plans and events that I have to look forward to. I am so excited for what is to … read more

    - Written by Kay

  • “Over the last year she has been supporting, guiding me, nurturing me and giving me sound advice during a very hard and difficult time in my life. She is exceptional, wise, great sense of humour and her gift is fantastic. She is a fabulous reader and the calmness in her … read more

    - Written by Illiana