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If lack of time or other resources is getting in the way of your goals, Michele shares three simple steps to open up time and space to reach them.

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Letting go is something we all struggle with at times. Clinging onto that pesky ex, hanging around with friends that no longer serve us. The answer to our problem may be with us all along and right in front of our eyes. Watch Michele's profound video on the circle of life.

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Quantum creating, cosmic ordering, law of attraction - how to transform your reality.

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21st Century Visualisation and how to do it! Technology now offers new ways of creating our future and this 21st century visualisation guide brings the loa and cosmic ordering into the future.

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Have you tried cord cutting rituals and found it didn't work for you? Maybe you need to look at the bigger picture.We are all linked on an energetic and spiritual level. Mystics and psychics have always said this, and scientists are catching up but how do we move on?

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The life that you create is a reflection of the power that you are able to use. As you are already a part of the whole and a shard of the divine, you already have all the power you need – but we can give it away, often without meaning to

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September 23rd is the day the Sun enters the sign of Libra and the Autumn Equinox. In the Pagan calendar this was known as Mabon (pronounced MAH-bawn) - the day where day and night are divided equally. Libra of course is the sign of balance as symbolised by the scales. As we head towards winter in the Northern hemisphere and summer in the Southern, this is one of those times where spiritually we can benefit

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There are some questions we ask others that are rituals and common practice. However, just because everyone does it should we? Michele looks at an alternative way of communicating that brings people together on a deeper level.