Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 14 2020

weekly astrology 14 September

14th September 2020 Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs


Focus on body matters

Living is a full-time occupation

Set your sights on a new kind of success

With ruler Mars well and truly retrograde now it’s time to take care of the body and routine business.

We’re in heavy Virgo (6th) house weather. What you do, how you do it, how you take care of business – big business or simply the everyday business of living and being you, needs to be reviewed and then reset.

The Sun in your 6th trines Pluto in your success sector. You’re weighing that work/life balance and making decisions around what’s worth it. You may change your idea of what ‘success’ looks like as a result.

Being human

Committing to a new, fresh take on your wellbeing, work (pair or unpaid), study or what you devote your time to on a daily basis, is ushered in by the new Supermoon in your 6th on the 17th. This Supermoon trines Saturn in its ruling 10th which means that what you instigate now, you will stick to. Your diet, what you eat, drink, exercise and how you support your life journey (including those ambitions), can be re-set.

Above all, support and nurture yourself. Love that body – old, young, thin, larger than life – it got you this far. Listening to what it wants, what it tells you about what you do each day, what you eat, the exercise you take (or don’t) is your main job this week. Wherever you want to get to, it begins with the vehicle that’s going to get you there. Sure, we are spiritual beings. Ensure the human part of you is fit to get you there. You’ll love how the change makes you feel, Aries.

In a nutshell: We may be souls having a human experience but to experience being human to the max, that body needs care and servicing, Aries. So, show it some love this week. It’s more than indulgence. It’s success maintenance.



Make a wish for positive change

How important are your dreams?

What you focus on – you can attract

What you attract is sure to bring changes, Taurus. So, when you make a wish understand you engage the forces of alchemy this week. And these may require you to leave your comfort zone (or that couch!).

Be careful what you wish for!

Wishing for something bigger? More breath-taking? Romance? Excitement? A taste of adventure? Escaping the mundane and heading towards one, any of all of these will require you engaging with the process of change. Leaving what has become safety behind and taking a chance on something new. The Sun in your house of love and attraction highlights the process and what needs to change on the 14th as its trines Pluto in your house of big dreams and freedom.

How important are your dreams?

The new Moon of the 17th carries a secret. It’s supersized! New supermoons come cloaked in invisibility. So, what’s the secret? Well, aside from those secret wishes this one appears in your 5th of romance, children, shining glory and pleasure. What you yearn for and can attract.

But there’s one more secret to uncover about this new Moon and that is it is linked to what you need to do to feel good. Had you thought you had those desires for a reason? They are part of you. Deny or suppress them and you’re setting yourself up for trouble down the track.

This new Moon trines Saturn, again on a return to your zone of freedom and big visions. So, something you have thought about or desired may literally come around again – or you decide it’s too important to give up on in the first place. It could have been a long journey to get here, Taurus. Now – begin again.

In a nutshell: Some dreams should never be let go of. Because they are part of who we are. If you’ve allowed that to happen Taurus, this week tells you to make a wish – and prepare to attract an answer back!



There’s no place like home

Say yes to the long term

You need room for your soul to grow

Changes you need to make around home, your living space, lifestyle, homeland, family matters or something you share – anything from that apartment to that bed or those chores, should be tackled now. The Sun in your 4th trines Pluto in your 8th wanting to transform anything from how you live to how you make your bread.

Living better, living healthier, your work/life balance, your roots, relocations, where you live and the body you inhabit. You were given a preview of this on the 11th but now it’s time to explore the full life-changing potential all these areas offer with the new Supermoon on the 17th.

Exercise, diet, kicking those habits which leave you dulled and not energized. Decluttering your home environment. And that includes your soul’s home that body! Moving experiences. That’s the promised supersized and gift-wrapped with this new Moon.

Make that long term promise

It also trines Saturn making one final visit to that sector of power money and sharing. This includes loans and mortgages, what locks you in and commits you – in the best possible way. So, taking on more responsibility, having access to the financial wherewithal to make living better possible could be part of this. Saturn loves structure. It could begin with roots, foundation, four walls or simply supporting that soul home – your body, better, Gemini. Move in – and on up to living well.

In a nutshell: This week is all about your home, roots, family, your sense of belonging and where you feel supported, nurtured and safe. Time to create that if you feel you need room to move – and live, Gemini.



Talk about me and you

This could be the start of something wonderful

Be Two

Togetherness talk dominates the week one way or another. It’s partly due to the major line up of planets still in your 7th. The conversation may involve your spouse, live-in, long term lover, bestie, close working alliance, business partner, activity partner or life’s collaborator in some way, shape or form.

Basically anyone you feel you are on a journey with. The Sun in your 3rd shines on conversations, communication, news, getting around (short trips in terms of distance and/or duration as dictated by today’s climate), writing, speaking and the internet. One conversation or piece of news you receive around the 14th involving you and at least one other person could literally open up a new direction for you as the Sun trines Pluto in your 7th.

It’s you – and another

All new Moons are significant for you. The one which appears again in your 3rd on the 17th is not just supersized with superpower potential, but also trines retro-active Saturn. Saturn is paying one final visit to your 7th before exiting at the end of the year. So, think ‘put a ring on it’ – in other words commitment, in some way, shape or form. The start of something locked in for the long term. This could be a new job, starting a business, website, blog, course of study, signing a deal (your 3rd rules contracts) or taking that relationship to the next stage.

Or that new beginning could just as easily involve consciously uncoupling yourself. Whatever way you look at it – it adds up to an exciting new beginning. One where you’re not on the journey alone. If you are – then use this energy to commit to searching for that super-powered partner. Even if it’s just an activity buddy or someone to hang with. Hey – it’s all communication and that’s what fuels love of all descriptions this week, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Let’s talk about love. Or at the very least partnership matters this week, Cancer. The new Moon in your 3rd is about conversations that lead to long term commitments. Ready to have that talk?



Escape that routine

It’s all a matter of self-belief

Ready to get serious about success?

You were never destined to be confined to a rut, Leo. Routine – sure we all need one in order to make those mundane tasks easier. But not where we end up feeling ‘Same old, so old’ every day. Look to what needs to change around that routine or those habits at the start of the week as ruler the Sun in your 2nd trines Pluto, planet of transcendence and change.

Now you’ve seen clearly where adjustments need to be made for the sake of your wellbeing, let’s take this process one step further. The 17th delivers a Supermoon also in your 2nd. As well you know, this is your house of self-esteem, values and self-worth as well as your money, assets and possessions. Do you feel what you do or how you are rewarded for that reflects your true worth?

Know your true worth

Or are you under-valuing yourself, Leo? Time for what I would take a soul audit under this new Supermoon. It’s got nothing to do with ego or entitlement. Why? Because this Supermoon trines Saturn in your 6th. Saturn is all about getting real. It’s about structure, the long term, establishment and working with what you have in a practical way. It’s about getting serious for serious results. So, when working with this energy, you keep it realistic.

So, look at how what you have or what you believe you can get, earn or accomplish, aligns with your ideas on how you value yourself. Are you in credit or deficit? The answer you come up with is the absolute truth. So, if you need to set your stock higher, this presents you a high point of the year under which to relaunch yourself. And continue to watch the world reflect your new values for the long term.

In a nutshell: Ruler the Sun and this week’s new supermoon in your 2nd show you new paths to enhanced self-esteem and success. Knowing your true worth sets your values, Leo. You were never destined to be over-looked.



Get ready for Fabulization!

Your fresh cycle begins here

The love is in the details – but you knew that!

Let’s talk fabulizing, feel-good, super-sized new beginnings, Virgo.

Ready for your close up? Your relaunch? Your glamorization? To attract? Be seen and noticed? To express yourself in new ways? Right now you are the sign everyone is watching, Virgo. That’s because you have been singled out by the universe to show the rest of us the way to better ways of living and wellbeing. Harmony and devotion are what you stand for. As well as less-is-more and pristine mindfulness.

Love is in the details

You know the love, not the devil is in the details. And it’s as if you have been waiting for the rest of us to cotton on to that. 300 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets? – so Virgo! The Sun in your 1st makes one of the most powerful and transforming angles to retro-active Pluto in your 5th of the year on the 14th. What you radiate and project attracts its own kind. Expect attention, pleasure, romance or news around your children, babies or adult children if you have them. The change is just what you ordered.

The new Supermoon in your 1st on the 17th marks the start of the Age of Devotional Wellbeing you represent now. Unfurl your wings now and let your true colours shine. Via a new look, image, brand, message, style, makeover. Do not be your old self and do something that makes people sit up and look at you differently. Either in person or via your social media feeds. The world wants what you have now Virgo.

Any changes or adjustments you make will be for the long-term now as this new Moon trines Saturn in your 5th. This also goes for anything that begins. It has serious, long term potential. Including that lover. Yes, you can be the rock star of wellbeing. And be serious all at the same time. Remember – love is in the details so love every single one you embody now, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Put those final touches to bold, confident new beginnings, Virgo. That fine tuning to your wellbeing, image, look, brand is nothing but necessary. And a pure self-love success story!



Due diligence pays dividends

The truth is within

Set some new house rules

The phrase that comes to mind for you this week Libra is ‘Due diligence’. So, apply this. Especially to anything to do with your home, living arrangements, paid or unpaid work, study, or wellbeing. Or even that niggling thought that try as you might, won’t go away.

Changes around your home, lifestyle, family members, sharers, Airbnb, landlord, tenant or simply what you require to feel emotionally grounded, nurtured and secure can be made now. The Sun makes a positive and highly charged angle to Pluto in your 4th on the 14th. This may mark moving for some or just a radical shift in lifestyle priorities.

You need your sense of place

The real turning point however is the new Supermoon in your 12th on the 17th. It links you to universal truths and insight. Hence, you may no longer be able to ignore that still, small voice within telling you to pay attention to something and look closer. Which is where the due diligence aspect comes in. You need to pay attention and look closer.

Truths will surface over the next few weeks and certainly by next week when the Sun reaches your sign. Look at the lifestyle choices you have been making. Exercise, food, drink, drugs – prescription or non-prescription, the atmosphere you live or work in, the thoughts you think, the people you are connected to, and ask how these support, heal or nurture you?

Saturn’s rings represent restrictions but also boundaries and commitments. It also rules structure. This new Moon trines Saturn paying your 4th one final house call before exiting for good. So, due diligence also involves creating new house rules for yourself and possibly others based on what your due diligence unearths. You’re then set for a whole new era of living better, Libra.

In a nutshell: Nurturing. Safety. A place to call your own. Time to look at what underpins your life and supports you, Libra. This includes where you live, work and how you feel. The truth? Both liberating and your bedrock now.



Get connecting

Fire up that goal again

The future? In your hands – and those you meet now!

Home alone or simply not interacting? Then you and that tub of Netflix n’Chill are set for a long term relationship with your couch, Scorpio. What’s it to be?

This week’s new Supermoon in your 11th is one that sets your future in motion down a fresh path. Or puts you in long term hermit mode with the Real Housewives for company. Stir yourself – not Ben n’ Jerry, and make an effort to connect now. Sure, we all know we are restricted by Covid keeping company at a social distance in the collective. But we can still interact, contact and connect. Our future whether we appreciate it or not, is always determined by other people. They impact on our path. They bring opportunities, ideas, experiences, encouragement, help and more people.

Long term efforts pay off

First, invitations or important news could reach you on the 14th as the Sun in your 11th trines ruler Pluto in your 3rd. This could provide an insight into who or what this new direction involves. The 17th is the day the new Supermoon appears and it also trines Saturn also in your 3rd. Rewards, a path towards a goal, an important new and influential contact or news that puts you on a fresh but long term path around business, work, career, writing, studying, speaking or the internet could open doors to progress.

This may have been a long time coming as Saturn rules time. But if you have put in the effort, this new Moon could see it finally pay off. Getting involved with a new group, cause, activity, party, band, organization, club could be one way you work that connectivity potential now. Whether this is virtually or real world distanced, get connected. Your future is not just in your hands now, Scorpio. But all around you in those of who you know.

In a nutshell: No more chillin’ with Netflix this week, Scorpio. It’s time to connect. To re-fire up that goal and also to understand that nobody succeeds alone. The future? Not just in your hands – but those you know now.



Play with the engine of change

Wellbeing is your new superpower

Work it like a boss, Sag!

We are in mutable weather still, Sag. Which you as a mutable sign appreciate. So, check your planets now as if you have your Sag Sun or any other Sag factors at 25 degrees, this week will bring you a powerful new beginning around work, career, public image or wellbeing.

If it works – work it!

Time to really focus on what works in your life – or could be made to work better, than what doesn’t. Appreciate your successes to date, your talents, skills, abilities and achievements. Be your own mentor in other words and don’t dismiss what you have to offer. Taking yourself – and also, your wellbeing, seriously is your key to serious results and rewards now.

So, if it works or you know you own it like a boss – work it for all it’s worth now, Sag. The Sun in your 10th makes a reward-and-recognition attracting angle to Pluto in your money zone on the 14th. It’s a day for power moves or to move forward with confidence and impress.

Game face on!

The 17th brings you a new Supermoon in your 10th house. You could be on a new and faster track towards success or simply cementing what you have achieved so far. Take it you are now being watched by people who matter and who can open doors. Whether you know it or not. So, be seen as someone who knows their stuff and above all, knows what they want to achieve.

This new Supermoon is especially powerful and significant for you. Not just because it is in another mutable sign and triggers those latent ambitions, strengths and determination; but because it trines Saturn, the ruler of your 10th paying your money house a final call.

Now, Saturn is all about the long haul. And rewards like no other planet for long term efforts and lessons learned. Yes, even more than ruler Jupiter can (also in your 2nd as you well know!). So, this week puts you on a long term track to a new kind of success. Which comes from working what you have to offer. And that’s a lot, Sag.

In a nutshell: This week asks you to look at what you have already achieved. And then ask how much further you can go? Don’t under-estimate your abilities or all you have to offer. You’re in a position to impress – and succeed, Sag.


Pour on the self-love

Release yourself into something freer

To attract – feel your best

You of all signs need some nurturing, Capricorn. All that extremely heavy weather in your 1st, calls to transform and evolve plus seismic shifts around partnerships and career matters. If love of the lasting, stable, devoted kind is your goal then whether you are single or settled, self-love and tenderness is the way to manifest it now.

Strangely enough, inner focus brings you the freedom and possibly the solutions you seek now. So spend some time going with this week. The week begins with the Sun in your opportunistic and freedom loving 9th highlighting a change for the better as it angles to Pluto in your 1st on the 14th. This could merely be a shift in your priorities and mark the point where you make you your own #1.

Release yourself from limitations

This week’s new Moon also in your 9th is extra special. For one thing it’s a supermoon. So, the new beginning it promises, which is around exploring the world in a new way or broadening your understanding, is super-sized. But it also trines your ruler Saturn on its final visit to Planet Capricorn. So, look at where and how you have neglected prioritizing yourself, your wellbeing, taking time out or just making yourself feel special. Unplug and recharge if necessary.

This new Moon is one of those which can reawaken optimism in us. It makes us feel something ‘big’ is just around the corner. And it’s not just wishful thinking. But this highlights the importance of feeling our best to take advantage of this when it appears. Along with your 5th and your 11th, your 9th is a house of attraction. So, to attract you need to feel your best. A little time out is merely preparation for what’s to come. Spoil yourself this week, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: This week offers solutions. And a release from what may have been holding you back, Capricorn. Time to reawaken optimism in the future. And to make yourself a priority again.



Waiting for change? Here it comes!

Step away from routine and back into flow

Magnetise your desires!

If you have been feeling change is long overdue, this week should see it finally arrive, Aquarius.

The 14th has the Sun in your 8th trine Pluto in your 12th. Sudden, ground-breaking changes could occur which propel you out and away from any rut, habit, routine or situation which simply keeps you stuck. When your 12th is involved, often we know what this is going to be before it arrives. Or rather our intuition did even if our heart wanted to ignore the warning signs.

Hopefully, that’s not you. And even if this comes out of left-field, this doesn’t mean it’s necessarily bad. It’s only change.

Play with the laws of magnetic attraction

This comes ahead of a powerful new Supermoon in your 8th on the 17th. Powerful because your 8th is where your power lives. And this is the house of what we share and what is shared with us. Our ‘other’ money house. It rules our salary, payouts, benefits, loans, mortgages, joint assets and accounts. As well as bonuses, perks and anything and everything we share with another – often a spouse or live-in lover such as time, a space or the chores. Expect a new deal on one, some or all of the above.

This is a house of magnetism – so as the new Moon appears, you are going to draw what you have been thinking about for some time to you. In the form of change. And change for the long term as this new Moon trines Saturn in your 12th. Saturn rules time so that’s why you may have been waiting for this moment. When it comes to dreams, desires and your ambitions, this is your time to act, Aquarius. Sometimes the change we’ve been waiting for is simply us. And the right moment.

In a nutshell: A new deal could be on the table with regards to your salary, income, loans or something you share. When it comes to what you want to attract however – be the irresistible force this week, Aquarius!



Friends bring benefits

Love gets locked in for the long haul

Time to relate

Relationships which have the potential to have a massive impact on your future – or alternatively, one already in motion which has and is, will feature this week, Pisces.

The Sun in your sector of long-term love and partnerships trines Pluto in your 11th on the 14th. Powerful friends, friends in high places or with influence, friends with benefits – this could bring you into their orbit. If you meet someone who fits this description, then know you (and they) will be changed by your connection.

Time for love

There is a new phase of loving and living opening up for you this week as we have a new Supermoon in your 7th on the 17th. Settleds could take their relationship to the next level. Commitments can be made now. If you are single and seeking, you’ll understand under this new Supermoon that love has its own timing. If the time isn’t right, you can be on every dating App and also, pre-Covid, have been out every night – but still not have found what you were looking for.

But if the timing’s right – well, then nothing will stop you and that person from finding one another. Due to this Supermoon’s angle to Saturn in your 11th – which rules fate, karma and time, this could simply be one of those times for you. So, see yourself as a time traveller in search of love if so. Tardis optional.

In a nutshell: Love has a timing all its own, Pisces. And this week could just be one where the timing is right. As in right now. Enter a new phase of living and loving. This week tells you – it takes two!


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