2022 Yearly Astrology Horoscope Video with Michele Knight-Waite

michele knight-Waite

Your 2022 Yearly Astrology Video with Michele Knight-Waite

Get ready for a unique, spiritual, and emotional uprising. There’s brand new energy in 2022. We can create our own self-determined destinies, as we are all in touch with our psychic abilities, intuition, and spot-on hunches.

Step into 2022 believing that magic exists and that your words are spells, as thanks to Jupiter and Neptune, they are.

It’s going to be the ultimate cosmic reboot of our energy, our karma, and our future pathways if we are willing to engage with it. It’s time to believe in your wildest imaginings and trust your ability to succeed.

One of the most extraordinary events of 2022 is the meeting of Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and Neptune, the spiritual awakener, in Pisces. These two planets are deeply connected and bring soul healing, magic, and a fairytale energy (hopefully minus any big bad wolves!). What we believe we truly do create now. So, make sure you examine your core beliefs about life, yourself and your future. If you had a magic wand, where would you wave it?

Later in the year (May) Jupiter in Aries gives us a bold vibe. 2022 has elements of joy, magic and possibility. However, we might see some countries becoming even more aggressive than usual as Aries is the God of War. Our job is to follow the Neptune/Jupiter Pisces wisdom and turn anger into courage and kindness. We can take advantage of this year’s astrology to not only have a spiritual awakening but also to boldly express our unique soul. It’s a year to follow our intuition and to take a leap of faith.

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