Weekly Astrology Forecast All Signs August 3rd 2020 – Back to the future!

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 3rd 2020

By our astrologer Elena


Get ready to time travel!

Devotion to that dream pays dividends

Your efforts have not gone unnoticed

This week hands you a subtle kind of energy, Aries. It’s all down to two days of major cosmic activity in your chart. And it’s all about past efforts catching up with you in the future!

A significant phase could be peaking now and this could have a major impact on how others see you. Recognition, reputation and regard – especially when it comes to how the world at large sees you, are big themes now.

See how you fit into the big picture

Your first red letter day is the 3rd when the full Moon in your 11th shines on your future path and how far you have come. Not only that, it spotlights those who have been on the journey with you. Friends, contacts, groups, bands, clubs, associations and the collective. In the Moon’s ruling 4th we have Mercury opposing retro Saturn in your 10th. On the 3rd Mercury meets Vesta, the object of devotion, and willingness to defer later gratification, while Vesta itself opposes Saturn on the 6th.

Saturn also rules timing don’t forget and in its ruling sign/house in your chart, its influence is doubled. As can be its capacity to reward for sticking to your path. In other words, holding that vision, keeping the flame of your dreams alive, and above all – doing the work without seeking shortcuts.

Travel back to the future

What manifests this week could have been a long time in coming to fruition. The Nodes are time machines in our charts. Again, linked to karma. Think of yourself as Marty McFly – minus the Delorean. Good news day or the arrival of something which lightens your load could occur as Venus meets the North Node in Mercury’s 3rd on the 5th. The same day as Mercury shifts into your 5th of shining luck.

By the time Venus enters your 4th on the 7th, you could be embracing a fresh sense of satisfaction and can kick back and enjoy all you’ve achieved. Like the energy that surrounds you, all the effort you’ve been putting in may not have been obvious to others. But the results certainly will be.

In a nutshell: Rewards for long term efforts, or simply staying true to that vision, goal or dream, could appear this week. And in a way that makes others sit up and take notice, Aries!



Decisions put you in a new path

You need better than the current status quo

Let in more love

Decisions that could be connected to a cycle that began 19 years ago could launch you into a brand new one this week, Taurus. And if something comes full circle now it will be a milestone that marks the start of a new long-term cycle of growth.

This weeks’ full Moon in your status setting 10th puts you, your career or your achievements to date very much in the public eye. Or front of house when it comes to impressing opinion makers. So, act like you mean business, Taurus. Because if you don’t take yourself seriously, then who will?

Get ready to launch

The hardest task we can face when it comes to making that impression is to accurately assess how we come across. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are in the public ‘eye’ in some way now. This can simply be your boss working out if you are the Right Stuff for that promotion or the world in general. You don’t want to be seen as a lightweight now or as someone who doesn’t deliver. If you are unsure, ask someone you trust about what you project.

How you look also plays a role when your 10th is involved and also when the ruler of your 10th (Saturn) is in play. Again, if you are seeking a new role or promotion, do you look the part? It’s the message you bring and you as the messenger that forms the killer combo others can’t refuse. Especially when Mercury in its ruling 3rd on the 3rd opposes Saturn in your zone of opportunity.

Werk it like you own it

This day also sees Mercury meet Vesta and Vesta itself will oppose Saturn on the 6th. Self-assurance and yes, feeling and looking like you have already stepped into the role you envision for yourself, is your secret to success magic now.

Mercury in your 4th enhances any dealings to do with home, property and living arrangements. Or which touch on them. Such as your career for instance. Mercury rules contracts, agreements and commerce. The same day as Mercury moves in to your 4th sees ruler Venus in its ruling 2nd, meet the North Node. Where you want to be living, with whom and how feature as this is your money house. This brings that cycle full circle that I spoke about.

Take your future seriously

You may find yourself making long term decisions this week which define your future with regards to work, money and love. This could have been a long time in the making. But there’s something new for your future cooking as Venus arrives in your 3rd on the 7th. Feel a lightness, playful and joy around you even as you look at the new future you’re creating. Above all, don’t procrastinate on decisions this week, Taurus. Your future needs to be taken seriously. As do you.

In a nutshell: This week calls for some long-term thinking, Taurus. And knowing what you deserve to have in terms of love and recognition. Don’t put off that decision. Action leads to lightening up now.



No more retroactive blues

Share your vision with others

Travel a new path towards freedom

Ditch the dulls! Feel the joy again, Gemini. Ruler Mercury is in sparkling form this week. Yes, it’s free of retro shadow blues. And is pushing you in the direction of freedom and opportunity. The nest news that only your ruler can bring – this vibe is going to be with you all month long.

Lighten up!

Sure, it’s Leo’s birthday season. But the start of August may make you feel like you’ve got a second one scheduled. Life lightens up and lustre is restored. You may also reconnect to optimism and faith in your dreams. The full Moon in your 9th is all about your future, the people you know and a new direction which springs from your larger social circle, group or contacts.

The day of the full Moon also sees ruler Mercury in your 2nd oppose Saturn in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th. Mercury also meets Vesta and Vesta itself opposes Saturn on the 6th. Are you in fact worth more than what you’ve been ‘settling’ for so far?

There’s a need to address this now. You’ll easily get your point across as on the 5th, Mercury enters its ruling 3rd. This is the day when Venus meets the North Node in your 1st. Look back in 19 year increments if you are old enough to events which had a direct impact on your self-worth, your money or how you were treated and valued by others. This is a chance to re-set the scales if needed.

Expectation and your ability to attract

You can come from a place of freshly minted self-worth and appreciation as Venus arrives in its ruling 2nd following its close encounter with the North Node. You may be looking back to move forward now. Especially when it comes to money – and also love. No more ‘settling’ in other words, Gemini. Money talks and so do you this week.

In a nutshell: Get ready for progress and lighten up this week. Up those expectations. Doors to opportunity could open via those you know, Gemini. No more settling when it comes to those expectations.



What is shed makes room for something new

Love needs a new role

Recast the past and reframe the future

You are another sign who is going to feel as if it is their birthday all over again this week, Cancer. Those Geminis next door are embracing a feeling of lightness and much needed release from restrictions. For you, there’s a soul rebirth happening now which could see you transcending limitations. And also feeling brand new, freshly minted and ready for something new.

Fly free

When your ruler the Moon is full, it tugs you on a deep soul level. In your 8th, this is asking for a shift. You to shed an old self like a butterfly sheds a chrysalis. So, as it appears in your 8th on the 3rd think: shed, shed, shed.

This day also has Mercury meet Vesta in your 1st while Mercury opposes Saturn in your 7th. You’re in the final stages or even days, of a key stage in your relationship with someone. This does not necessarily mean an ending so don’t panic! You could be taking things to the next stage or entering a new, long term partnership with someone. Be it professional or hearts beating as one, you do need to ensure that all is equal moving forward however. Vesta in your 1st isn’t about relaying outdated roles even in long term unions. And certainly not in new ones.

The now you determines your future

There’s a fabulous opportunity arriving courtesy of Venus and the North Node in your 12th. The Nodes link us to the past. Or even themes repeating in family karma. The 5th sees Venus meet the North Node perhaps bringing someone or a situation from your past full circle. Jump into your time machine, floor the gas to 88 mph and go back in 19-year increments if you are old enough for clues.

The difference this time around however is you. That shedding is all about not accepting the same old, same old just because it feels familiar. Feeling as if this week is a fresh start goes hand in hand with this as Mercury moves into your 2nd on the 5th letting you know you can attract what want. While Venus arrives in your sign on the 7th intent on showing you that you can cast yourself in whatever role you want for the future.

Glam up for love

The planets represent archetypal energy. Call this cosmic force if you like. Depending on where they are and the angle they make to our natal planets, these are triggered. So, the energy of Venus in your 1st is all about glamour, beauty and love. Time to embody this. And to shed anything that just doesn’t reflect that, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Inner changes call on you to ensure the outer you is equally fab, Cancer. Shed anything this week that is no longer in alignment to how you feel. In doing so, you’ll make room for what reflects that new attitude to self-worth and love!



No more complications around love

Clear out the old to make room for the new

Destiny determines the path you take

Time to look seriously at what you want from love in the coming year Leo. We are not yet at the new Moon in your 1st which is when your new cycle will begin. That occurs later this month. This week however brings you a full Moon in your 7th of long-term loves, marriage and double acts of all descriptions.

Love needs passion, purpose and smooth sailing

One person may feature in all of this. Perhaps even acting as a mirror to show you what it is you need. Although your birthday season is well under way, you are in fact, still heavily engaged in sorting out what you bring forward with you and what you leave in the past. Stick with this process this week as Mercury in your 12th meets Vesta and opposes Saturn in your sector of wellbeing the day this Moon appears.

You need sustaining, soul-supporting love to fuel you heart and soul now. The 5th could show you just what this does and doesn’t look like. Mercury arrives in your sign on this day while Venus meets the North Node in your 11th. You could hear from someone from long ago and a galaxy or at the very least, a life far far away. Or events strike a familiar chord with you. Avoid at all costs any situation in love that replays an ‘It’s complicated’ theme tune.

Go the distance when it comes to devotion

You need openness, devotion and above all, shared sovereignty for love to work for the long term, Leo. Vesta opposing Saturn in your 6th on the 6th reminds you of that. The 7th sees Venus enter your 12th. This can put love in a magical space for you, reconnect you to a lost love or the flipside is you allow yourself to be caught up with promises you hope rather than believe, the other party intends to keep.

All this reflection on love tells you that you need more than dreams and wishful thinking when it comes to any kind of partnership or long-term connection. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted, Leo?

In a nutshell: Get ready for self-discovery and fate. There’s a touch of timing and magic around love this week, Leo. Look to who or what you’re taking with you into a new cycle. Ensure it measures up now.



Destiny serves up synchronicity

Put yourself back in the flow

Love enters a new age

Think about the words ‘synchronised’ and ‘synchronicity’. You’re in sync in so many ways this week, Virgo. In fact, once the Sun hits your sign later this month you are set to show the world that what it needs now is a lot more Virgo type love. The pristine, pure and devoted kind.

In Sync

Ditch those out-dated astro labels like ‘picky’. You are synchronised and in the flow. Your inner wisdom is feeding you what I can only describe as sophisticated intuition that is telling you of what you need to do when it comes to your wellbeing at the time of the full Moon on the 3rd. This appears in your house of all things Virgo ruled – your 6th. Looking closely at your diet and how you support yourself mind, body and soul will occupy you.

Feed your soul

The term ‘soul food’ can mean so much. Yes, it’s a cuisine but it also encompasses anything which feeds our souls. Music, being with people who accept us, expressing our creativity, immersing ourselves in something we love to do, a painting by a great artist, being by the ocean – all these feed our souls. As do our goals.

Ruler Mercury is busy this week asking you who supports your dreams or helps you towards them. It could also deliver unusual or fated encounters or an opportunity. Especially as it opposes Saturn and aligns to Vesta. Love could come with a significant age difference – plus or minus 7 years or more for instance. But if this is a meeting of hearts and minds – who cares?

Commit to your purpose

That’s the point where being in sync turns into amazing synchronicities. Especially when Mercury enters your 12th on the 5th. The same day as Venus meets the North Node in your 10th. This could realign you to your purpose or dare I say it – a love across the ages.

What boosts your soul immunity and feeds your soul could be the company you keep as Venus arrives in your 11th on the 7th. Connecting you to friends, groups or larger networks. This is usually about the love of friends but with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn all still in your 5th, this could turn into so much more. Give it time this week, Virgo. And let synchronicity work its magic.

In a nutshell: Soul food and synchronicity combine to deliver the perfect recipe this week, Virgo. Especially when it comes to love or what supports you. Let destiny connect you to the flow.



Weave a little creative love magic

Take a chance

Get ready for a re-start

A full Moon in our 5th often hands us that feeling we are simply in the divine flow of things. Synchronicities or feel-good experiences go hand-in-hand with this full Moon on the 3rd. It’s a great full Moon for a date night – even if this is just via Zoom or going for a socially distanced walk. It’s also fantastic for doing anything you love and putting the finishing touches to creative ventures.

Let’s dance!

Take a chance under this full Moon as it appears in your house of luck. By that I don’t mean blowing your weekly pay on scratchies. But being willing to take a heart-centered gamble perhaps on your own dreams or abilities. This could involve going for something you’ve thought about or dreamed of for some time.

You could be weighing this up as Mercury opposes Saturn in your 4th – the long term pros and cons. How confident you feel doing this? Especially if this means acting in a more empowered way than you have done for yourself lately. Mercury’s meeting of Vesta is asking you how you feel about this.

Reawaken the dream

Ruler Venus however is telling you it’s time to step into something bigger. Now, this could very well be linked to your past. If you are old enough, jump back 19 years. Or further back still in 19 -year increments. Because what is happening now could reflect similar themes or bring something full circle as Venus meets the North Node in your house of opportunity, freedom and expansion.

This could touch on people and places overseas – even if you are not going anywhere due to current restrictions. Big ideas and dreams. The mass media. Higher learning. Wide open spaces, sports and large animals especially horses. But anything larger than a sheep basically. This is both the law of karma and the law of attraction in action.

So, watch what or who returns perhaps in new form. Perhaps the last time you had these themes occurring you simply were not ready for them on a soul level. Even if this was something you truly desired. Now you are.

It’s showtime!

Your future could now be tied to those you know or who you are connected to as Mercury heads into your 11th from the 5th. So watch closely who is in touch now. Venus is about to give your professional and public image a major boost from the 7th as it arrives in your status-setting 10th. You are set to impress now. I said you were ready this week, Libra. So, step into some big Jimmy Choos. The future is set on a higher path.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus is set to remove a few restrictions and put you on course for freedom on some level. Take it old themes get re-worked to release you into something new. Love looms large, Libra.


Access all areas when it comes to those emotions

Let others in

Work that worth

An emotionally stirring full Moon appears in its ruling 4th this week on the 3rd, Scorpio. Your sensitivity is increased. Across psychic and intuitive abilities (heed your gut!) and also your vulnerabilities (don’t run from them).

In your softness lies your strength

Nesting, cocooning, home comforts and feeling safe and nurtured are common under this kind of full Moon. We may withdraw and actively want to spend time at home and with those we feel understand and support us. Or we may want to have some much-needed ‘me’ time and simply unplug for a few hours or even a day. This full Moon says don’t resist these impulses.

But at the same time, don’t compensate for any feelings of vulnerability by comfort eating or hiding what you really feel either. It’s easy under this full Moon to become over-sensitive. If this occurs, before reaching for that chocolate, ask yourself why you’re not allowing yourself to feel what you feel? And know what you are feeling is okay.

Take down emotional barriers

If this has been triggered by someone else -or even if it’s just arisen on its own – the why not share it instead? Try the ‘I know I may be over-sensitive right now’ lead in to this. The thing is, people will want to listen if you are willing to share. And don’t be surprised if someone wants to suddenly open up to you under this Moon as well.

The result could be you simply feeling a lot more confident and secure with your connections. ‘In your vulnerability lies your strength’. A subtle and powerful change is in the air this week which could allow you to transcend old fears and blocks to progress which have been around for far too long. The Mercury/Vesta in your 9th opposition to Saturn in your 3rd this week wants you to see that you are more capable than you have given yourself credit for in the past. Despite those wonky feelings!

Build on those choices

Mercury is on the move into Saturn’s ruling 10th on the 5th so selling those smarts more effectively should get a lot easier. The long-term changes however occur in your 8th when Venus meets the North Node in here also on the 5th. The Nodes rule time travelling themes and karma. Jump back 19 years if you are old enough and see what occurred back then that enabled you to attain a new sense of empowerment.

This could see the same themes re-visit you. Especially around your money. Venus rules this of course and flies free in your 9th from the 7th. Freedom begins within this week. First by seeing that being unafraid to be vulnerable makes you strong. And second by knowing that often we don’t solve issues – we simply soar away from them. That’s your strength and your superpower this week, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Need ‘me’ time? This week’s full Moon says go with your gut when it comes to those needs. But don’t keep those feelings under wraps. Being open strengthens those ties. And brings you closer.



Keep an open mind on what you hear

Wait to respond

Love takes on a fated quality

Don’t judge news that arrives under this week’s full Moon in your 3rd on face value. Wait two days and try to delay responding if you can. We all know full Moons stir us up emotionally. So, there may be a tendency to over-react or even misinterpret all together, what you are hearing, Sag.

Feelings are not facts

All lunar transits are fleeting. Even full Moons. Because it rules our emotional perspective, we can confuse feelings with facts. This Moon is in your 3rd of communication, writing, speaking and the internet. What you feel about what you hear or read isn’t necessarily how it is meant or even factual. No matter how strong the feelings are.

My advice is wait if you can until the 5th when Mercury moves into your 9th of all things Sag-ruled and restores your perspective. And your sense of humour. That news may not mean what you thought it did. Or if it does, you now have a new and better way of dealing with it. Especially if it relates to money, finances, your career or property matters.

The past is your most valuable asset

You are in a stronger position than you think provided you tap into the wisdom the past two years has given you as Mercury and Vesta oppose Saturn in your money zone on the 3rd and 6th respectively.

Come from a place of true self-worth in money discussions or any kind of negotiation. Your capability isn’t in doubt now, Sag. And neither should be your self-belief. Especially when Venus arrives in your 8th from the 7th.

Love revisits or takes you back in time

Before this happens, you’ve a trip back in time when it comes to partnerships, close working relationships or even projects as Venus in its ruling 7th encounters the North Node in here for the first time in 19 years on the 5th. What’s familiar? What feels different? This could mark the beginning of a destiny-driven duo forming between you and someone significant. Or see the return of an opportunity for you and another. If you’d given up on love, this week says you’ve learned so much. And that includes knowing love hasn’t given up on you, Sag.

In a nutshell: Love takes on a familiar or fated feel. Even if it arrives in a fresh format this week. Apply what you have learned now. Destiny puts you and someone else on a new journey together.



Outer events reflect inner worth

It all begins within you

Experience creates something new

Whether you feel this week is all about your money, cash, income, possessions, assets or finances or not, Capricorn. Take it that no matter what it looks like on the surface, it isn’t about what’s going on outside of you, but what is happening within you.

What’s happening right now is simply a reflection of your soul-state within. So, if you want outer changes, especially of the material variety, this is where you need to begin now.

Put love on a stronger footing

You of all signs get ruler Saturn’s vibe. And it’s lessons. Which you also don’t or shouldn’t see as restrictions. Just a system to work with. Saturn is back for one final visit – so think going back over old ground. But stronger and with newer smarts.

Money and love are both ruled by Venus. So, this may involve not just your cash but someone close to you. If things need to be negotiated for a better, fairer deal as Mercury and Vesta in your 7th oppose Saturn in your 1st, again, work within that self-worth structure. Leverage or upgrade as necessary to get the outcome you know it right for you.

Shore up that soul immunity

Both Mercury and Venus are on the move this week. Another reason why love, money and knowing in the deepest core of your being your ARE worth it, will be in focus. Mercury moves into your ‘other’ money house on the 5th, favouring negotiations and deals. This is the same day as Venus meets the North Node in your 6th for the first time in 19 years.

This is your house of work, responsibilities and also wellbeing. Debt or money worry impact on our soul immunity. As does simply feeling we are not good enough. Venus is asking you to look back 19 years of you are old enough and look at how others and the world in general were reflections your beliefs around you were worth. What is this saying now?

Hopefully that you are not never enough but that you have become gold since then. Venus moves into its ruling 7th on the 7th. If you’re seeking love, then this is one of the best transits of the year to seek or begin a new partnership of any description. Anything that involve with you and at least one other person beginning to something new together. Others could use all that love know-how to start anew with someone. But it’s up to you should you to come from to true how in a way which reflects that worth, Capricorn. This isn’t a practice run. But love which comes from sure self-worth now.

In a nutshell: The truth around love or what you attract stems directly from what you believe about yourself. Lucky for you, ruler Saturn has been showing you how to align expectation with reality, Capricorn!



Self-belief fuels your future

Speak up and share those feelings

What you have set out to attract arrives

Look to those cut feelings around you and someone else this week. Do you feel you can express who you truly are and how you feel? If so, let them get closer. Invite them in to get closer and don’t be shy when it comes to what you really feel.

Believe in the way you feel, baby!

This week’s full Moon in your sign is all about your true feelings. And feeling comfortable sharing them and listening to their feelings too. Above all, it’s not about feeling you have to pretend to think or feel any other way just to keep the peace or make someone happy. This is about owning your emotions. And knowing you are justified to feel what you feel.

Mercury sits in its ruling 6th along with Vesta. Before exiting into your 7th of partnerships it opposes Saturn in your 12th while Vesta does the same thing on the 6th. This is your house of all things hidden. What you keep to yourself and what others hide. Like those feelings. Combined with this full Moon this is saying keeping those feelings to yourself really isn’t your best interest. So, air them now.

Your destiny has your name on it

Destiny driven love, luck or attraction plays a role as for the first time in 19 years, Venus meets the North Node in your 5th on the 5th. This is also your house of babies, children and young people. If you are old enough, look back 19 years to what you created, what you attracted and themes related to parenting or your inner child. Beginning again, attracting someone or something or being a parent, godparent, step parent or grandparent could feature. As could the return of an opportunity which puts you in the spotlight. Get ready for a love performance!

Venus will move into your 6th of daily work (paid and unpaid) and duty on the 7th. Your routine can be upgraded by getting more creative around those every day tasks. Venus allows you to make personal wellbeing your priority. Especially in light of current everyday restrictions around Covid-19. That attitude around self-love gets real with Venus in here. Love your day job? Venus shows you whether or not you do or the way to change things if you don’t. Venus in here shows you how everyday stuff can become real. Just up those expectations, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Let others into your emotional world this week, Aquarius. This is no week to lock yourself away in the highest room in the tallest tower. Love or opportunity could return. Get ready t meet it.



It’s not you, it’s me. Or is it?

There’s no feeling like belonging

Wait for the truth to reveal itself

Stop and take note of whether the full Moon in your 12th is all about your feelings. Or if you are now so open, sensitive and porous, that you are mistaking someone else’s emotional state for your own.

Keep your dream journal handy during this full Moon as you may be handed symbols or messages that hand you clues. Jot them down immediately when you wake up. Please don’t leave it until the morning!

Just whose feelings are these anyway?

But not knowing where your feelings end and another’s begin may cause confusion. If you get a ‘gut’ feeling around someone, sit with this and then see what transpires. More insights are likely to emerge later.

Mercury and Vesta in your 5th oppose Saturn in your 11th on the 3rd and 5th. This could well involve you and either a lover, child or friend. Again, take on board what you feel and wait until Mercury arrives in your 6th from the 5th to get a real handle on what is actually going on. The truth around what you pick up and what someone else may be saying or doing. You’ll then be able to back instinct and facts. And know what to do based on that.

Plant yourself some love seeds

Decisions around home, living arrangements and lifestyle – where you feel you belong, are being triggered. Venus meets the North Node in your 4th on the 5th for the first time in 19 years. The North Node is you time machine. In your 4th this is also about home, roots, tradition, homeland and even family themes and karma. If you are old enough jump back and look at what was happening with moving, property or putting down roots.

If this is the first time experiencing this, look back to what was happening with your family back then. This may mark a time where you create a lifestyle of your own or return ‘home’ to wherever or whatever that means to you. So, buying, selling, renting, relocating or ‘there’s no place like home’ wherever that may be, could open a new door to home beautiful your way.

Mercury in its ruling 6th from the 5th has you looking at your day to day routine and responsibilities. As well as placing on emphasis on health and wellbeing. Venus arrives in your fabulizing 5th on the 5th. Love or at the very least, self-love, pleasure and attraction are in the air.

Hidden truths are in the air

Friends, lovers, gifts and yes, money are what you are able to attract now. Time for some indulgence. And as for those feelings you pick up along the way – time lets you know whether these are your own. Or you’re simply tuned in to the true feelings someone else is keeping hidden, Pisces.

In a nutshell: The full Moon in your 12th puts your intuition at a peak. However, is what you’re picking up about you or someone close to you? Determine which it is before takin action, Pisces!


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