April 2018 Written Monthly Astrology Forecast

April Astrology Forecast for All Signs 2018


  • Be your own Daenerys Targaryen!
  • Are you moving fast enough?
  • Design your future

Power moves begin the month, Aries but these may be accompanied by a sense of frustration that things are not moving fast enough. Blame Mercury remaining retrograde in your 1st until the 15th. And then remember Mercury remains in retrograde shadow for another three weeks. However, this should not stop you from continuing to push forward to claim those career prizes you’ve been working towards. Speak up, speak out and come from a position of confidence and self-assurance as ruler Mars meets Saturn in your 10th at the beginning of the month. It’s time for bold, brave moves. To be seen as someone who has authority and leadership in their own life and stands by their decisions and choices. You know, this has nothing to do with the job we do, how much we earn or how ‘successful’ we area. It’s all about self-rulership and ownership. Once we have that, we have everything we need to get others – in both our professional and our personal lives, to take us seriously. And respect us. So, no matter whether you work or not, it’s all about being CEO of your own life as April begins. It’s a job you’re ready to take on – and succeed at.

Think of this as your training for what’s to follow. And that’s an exciting new phase that is yours to design in any way you like. Go deep into your imagination and start to envision where you want to be in a year’s time.

The Sun in your 1st makes a powerful angle to Pluto also in your 10th which asks you to demonstrate your personal power on some level. This isn’t about butting heads either. It’s also about diplomacy and compromise thanks to Venus in your 2nd. Bring all this to bear on any situation and you’ll not only find things move forward and you ditch those frustrations, but you reap the rewards and recognition too. Ruler Mars now also in your 10th can have you quite literally cashing in on your efforts when aligning to Venus in her ruling 2nd. While Jupiter in your house of personal power and corporate money and shared resources, points to a transformation where resources and money are concerned.

All this takes place just prior to Mercury moving forward again in your 1st. Mayhem and misunderstandings are replaced by forward motion from the 15th. The following day we have your potential laden new Moon appearing in your 1st. Doors are now opening for your, Aries. This new Moon falls conjunct Uranus who only has a few more weeks left in your 1st. There’s a last minute call now to reach for something different, a radical choice, something more edgy, electric and alive than you may have allowed yourself to experience in the past. Juggle a few new possibilities and then opt for the one which offers a new kind of potential for you, Aries.

What holds you back, what prevents you from being the creative vibrant being you are – get ready to confront it in order to sweep it away. The biggest cosmic game-changer you’ve experienced for a long time occurs as Chiron enters your first from the 17th. Take a look at your wonderful ability to defend your friends and loved ones. This is one of the main reasons everybody loves you, Aries! But wait – are you your own best defender? Are you a better friend to others than to yourself? Or do you rush in on the defence when in fact, you are not being attacked at all? Chiron in here can have you acting at the knight in shining armour but you also need to act in that role to yourself. Be your own Daenerys Targaryen now but know when to leave the dragons at home! Chiron’s transit through your 1st will highlight what you need to become aware of and heal but also turn you into a powerful creator. Chiron was a musician in mythology. What can you create that heals and empowers? You could be exploring this now. And this all leads back to the self-rulership and ownership I mentioned earlier.

The Sun moves into your 2nd from the 20th bringing a new focus on your money, talents and assets and at the same time we have powerful shifts occur in your career zone. Saturn and Pluto both turn retrograde while ruler Mars meets Pluto on the 22nd. Remember, Pluto is more powerful in retrograde phase. The month ends with a full Moon in your 8th house – which both Mars and Pluto rule. This could see powerful transformations or negotiations occur around money, your salary or assets as something you have been investing in or working towards enters its final stage. Now you can power forward. Get ready for a new relationship to money, personal power and the material world which is reflected via your career or status. The ruler of your money house, Venus moved out of her ruling 2nd and entered your 3rd of commerce and communication on the 24th. Who said all this had to be hard work? Venus in here adds charm to whatever you say, lends you the ability to create a good impression no matter who or why you are meeting, and generally adds a flirty, easy flowing feel to any conversation. The fact is, it’s not all serious business. But you can be in the business of charming your way into anywhere from the corner office or someone’s heart now. And you could just have some good news to cap that off. Who has your corner this month? You do, Aries.

In a nutshell: You’re the ruler, the source of your own power, the queen of king of your own universe this April. How will you wield this? With love for dynamic change, Aries!


  • Get belonging – to someone or something better
  • Don’t settle for ‘okay’
  • Your birthday promise: following your truth

Ruler Venus remains in your sign until the 24th when she moves into her ruling 2nd for you. Up until then, expect the emphasis on freedom, expansion and your personal style of loving! There are also questions still to be answered around that home, family, your ‘base’ or ‘foundation’ and long term security. Recently, you may have been operating out of one of two dynamics. Either you have embraced a big change – or have at least acknowledged changes now have to be made. Or whenever you try to think about this, you tell yourself things are actually well, semi-okay so let’s just coast along for now. So, which one is it? Hopefully the former. This month asks you to reach for something bigger as your new cycle begins and that’s going to mean shaking things up. Please don’t delay in taking those first steps towards making this happen now if you have not already done so.

Have you laid yourself a foundation or dug yourself a hole, Taurus? You know, sometimes it can be hard to recognise the difference. Foundations support or underpin something bigger while holes just trap us. Deep down you know which one you have created. You’re now either poised for a new cycle of expansion that builds on what you have already set in motion. Or you’re faced with digging yourself out.  If it’s excavation or demolition you’re facing, family karma may also have been playing a role here when it comes to what you have created for yourself as Venus squares the North Node in your 4th. Have you built something on other people’s expectations around how you should live your life? Or are you continuing to add to something that deep down you know isn’t working?

Just prior to it arriving in your 1st, the Sun in your 12th and Mercury direct once more from the 15th, speak directly to your intuition. Asking your higher self to act on what you know to be right for you. There’s a call happening to live your truth and to see things as they are and not how you want them to be. Look to the new Moon in your 12th on the 16th to bring you enhanced insight and to the meeting between the Sun and Uranus in here on the 18th to highlight a new and possibly ground breaking way forward. This can bring revolutionary soul insights into not just how and why you may have made the choices you  have, but also new solutions if you need them. It’s important to explore all of this before the Sun’s arrival in your 1st on the 20th, marks the beginning of what is going to be a radical and exciting new cycle for you, Taurus.

How this affects your relationships will also feature. No relationship? Venus opposes Jupiter in your 7th on the 17th and this is one of the best ‘Come and get your love’ transits. Venus also trines Pluto in your 9th at the same time pointing to the possibility of a soul transformation  via another. Just bear in mind that your 7th contains all kinds of partnership potentials and this may not necessarily manifest as a romantic one. The emphasis is going to be on freedom and learning from it however. You could also be applying what you have learned recently about foundation vs. holes as Saturn and Pluto both retrograde in your 9th from the 18th and 22nd respectively. Remember, Pluto becomes more powerful during retrograde phase and his ability to transform, end or change something is increased. Saturn is the planet not just of structure but of time. With Mars meeting Pluto in your 9th on the 26th and the Sun now very much in your 1st trineing Saturn on the 29th, it’s now time to make that move – no matter what it is.

The Month ends with a full Moon in your 7th. You want a deeper and more satisfying connection whether you are settled or single. If that Venus/Jupiter opposition has thrown someone new and enticing across your pathway, this could be the night to explore what potential there is for both of you. Settled Taurus could schedule date night with all the sensual pleasures you excel at – wine, good food and deep conversation thanks to this Moon. You’ll feel the need no matter what to take your connection deeper. Or find the one that does. That’s the foundation of love, not the hole you’re looking at now. This birthday cycle brings you either the chance to build on what you have created, or else free yourself from something that entraps you.

In a nutshell: There’s been a call to freedom stirring in your soul for some time Taurus. As your birthday approaches how will you answer it? Time to make that move into something bigger and more breathtaking.


  • Get ready to attract
  • Soul changes ripple out into your physical world
  • Do you have enough?

Ruler Mercury remains retrograde in your 11th until the 15th this month.  It’s all a bit Crowded House in there at the moment.  And the astrology weather this April points to influences from the past so expect people from it to feature on some level. It’s not just Mercury retro in here that could put you in touch with old friends and connections. April sees a build-up of planets in your 12th and this is your house of mysteries, secrets and the past in all its various forms: the past in this lifetime and in others.  It’s a funny thing but to create a new future for ourselves, we must first understand our past – revisit it or reframe it in some way. As you are Mercury ruled you understand that retrogrades rule ‘re’ words. Return being one of these. Look at what or who does return – perhaps for one last go-around. Above all this hangs the feeling of a final chapter or re-run of something.  One more chance, one more roll of the dice, one last chance. In other words, someone or something returns – or has a re-run. We have a big retrograde period coming up and at one point this year we are going to see six planets – seven if you count Chiron, retrograde in the sky. April begins with Jupiter planet of expansion already retrograde in your house of work and wellbeing. And as well as Mercury retrograde this month (so all the Retrograde Rules apply and double to you being a Mercury-ruled sign of course!), we have Saturn and Pluto heading backwards in your 8th. Expect changes around work, your salary and your money or even a key relationship. Jupiter will want to return something you perhaps had given up on while it is important to remember Pluto becomes more potent as he moves backwards.

You’re preparing to dive deep this April. This is not just about dealing with changes on the material realm but also on a soul level.  Negotiations, shared resources, your salary and benefits you receive – be these from the state or ‘perks’ come to the fore.  You may find yourself in a position where you are looking at questions around having enough. When is enough, enough? There’s a bit of the Wolf of Wall Street about all of this and the need to ask yourself not just what it is you are striving for but why? You have the ability to increase your income or resources and to reap the rewards of long term and sustained efforts in your work and career now. But it’s also important to look at when to keep striving and when to stop. Do you know? Between now and October the retrograde cycle will put you in touch with your power and part of this is being powerful enough to pause and appreciate what you have achieved so far, to know that success is self-defined and also to make any course corrections if necessary.

There’s an awakening taking place from mid-April as Mercury turns direct from the 15th (but be aware he is still in retrograde shadow), and you have some Uranian electric currents charging up your 11th (Uranus’s ruling house) as a new Moon falls conjunct Uranus in here on the 16th followed by a Uranus/Sun conjunction on the 18th – coincidentally the same day Saturn heads retrograde in your 8th. Your 11th crackles with potential now. Don’t be surprised – after all, Uranus rules surprises, if some of this springs from the past but with a new flavour. Old connections could resurface, past goals fall within reach again, fresh opportunities spring from what you may have considered a dead-end. Yes, new Moons usher in something new – especially around friends, groups and contacts in this house. So, be prepared for new people, avenues and experiences to entrance and beckon.  All overlaid with an ‘Everything old is new again’ feel to it. It’s all about showcasing your individuality and ability to innovate areas of your life which may be stuck now. And related to this is your individual definition of success. Yes, we are back to how much is ‘enough’ and why you strive for it. You’ll approach these questions in new and innovative ways now.

Very often we’re not conscious of why we are doing things or even want something. Be it an outcome, a thing or a relationship. Going deep and exploring those inner, hidden motivations as well as a few secrets follow as the Sun enters your 12th from the 20th. You are going to find secrets will be a theme for you, especially around love or finances (or both!) for the next few years so watch the themes that start to appear now. These can be as simple as those inner secrets I mentioned or they can extend to secrets being kept from you or by you. One word of warning here: if you are the one keeping secrets, especially from partners, during this upcoming period, expect them to suddenly come to light in unexpected ways. No matter how clever you think you are being, secrets will have a way of bursting out of closets, so don’t have any.  If you are asked to keep them in turn, please keep confidences on a personal level at least.

Secrets related to work and wellbeing or taking an intuitive approach to an issue around these areas could be highlighted by the full Moon at the end of the month. Work projects can be brought to a completion with a sense of satisfaction. The work/life/health balance and ‘working’ with your energy in a better way is also something you can get a handle on now. Again, we’re back to why you work and what success means to you. There is no point in working unless you get to enjoy the rewards of it.

And enjoyment, pleasure and attraction are what you need to be focussed on from the 24th when Venus arrives in your 1st. Channel some of those rewards into creating a new you on some level now. It’s time to feel, look and act your best. Be love and attraction in action. This is the true ‘If you radiate you will attract’ transit. Especially if you are looking for either romance or to attract more of those material rewards I have been talking about throughout this forecast. Venus is all about pleasure and when she is in our 1st it’s all about experiencing this on a personal level. Express your passion and also explore your creativity especially via any changes to your image and personal style. It’s time to get noticed so take the time to do this now. You’ve done the work, now experience the rewards this April.

In a nutshell: Time to get yourself noticed, Gemini. Secrets will surface this April but the secret of your success? That could involve a new outlook, dream or a whole new you now!


  • Embrace a ‘No fear’ style of loving
  • Create some space for love to move in to
  • Doors to career progression open

You’re so adept at caring, Cancer so ensure that extends to caring enough to give partners space as April begins. Above all, don’t shy away from talking about your relationship, even if you have a few serious issues to explore. You’ve the opportunity for dynamic change and also to take things to the next level due to some incredible planetary activity in your 7th house which is going to impact on all long term relationships. The flip side of all this is that it may not be your partner who needs more space but strangely enough you now. So, don’t be afraid to ask for that if you feel you need it especially as the month begins with a meeting between Mars and Saturn in your 7th on the 2nd. This can be a great time however to take action when it comes to giving your relationship a health check or just paving the way for your future. If something is working, you’ll know it. If it’s not – don’t ignore it now. It’s caring enough to confront any deeper issues at work in your connections.

If you are settled but it all seems a bit confining, then Venus who rules your 7th is in your 11th of social activities, friends, goals and groups and pointing you in the direction of an outlet. Either in the form of you and your significant other enjoying social activities together or just you re-energising and refreshing with friends – and the space this creates allowing you to appreciate your partner all the more because of it. Singles should be out and about as Jupiter continues to light up your romance zone and could just place someone you encountered before back into your orbit. At the very least you should have more than one opportunity to flirt and attract. Being out-going and open could also bring in opportunities for you in other areas via those you already know or even new connections. It’s a time to love who you are whether you are single or coupled-up. And if you have submerged too much of your individuality in your relationship to reclaim this now and understand that if it’s love, your connection will be strengthened by this rather than the other way around. Mars energy may not sit that well in our 7th but in here gives us a ‘No fear’ kind of love.

Career doors could swing wide this month and that ‘No fear’ attitude could take you far when applied here too. Mercury has been retrograde in here for the past three weeks allowing you a career review of sorts. To check progress, tie up those projects and plans, update that CV or to come up with a new and perhaps revolutionary way of doing things. What’s working and what isn’t should now be obvious along with what holds you back. Mercury shifts direct again in here on the 15th – remember Mercury will remain in retrograde shadow for a while longer. However, you also need to be ready to embrace a new opportunity, a fresh approach or even a radical departure when it comes to your long term work ambitions. A new Moon always offers a new beginning and the one on the 16th falls conjunct Uranus in your 10th. The Sun is also about to meet Uranus in here before crossing on into your 11th on the 20th. This all may involve something you were unaware existed – a job, a vocation or just a way of getting yourself known as this house is all about your reputation too. Perhaps you want to blaze a trail or be known for something specific. This is a good time to draw your inspiration from those whose success stems from them daring to be different. What do you and you alone have to offer? That’s how you’ll take your next step towards success now.

That ‘No fear’ kind of love season is going to continue for you until the latter part of 2018 as Saturn shifts retrograde in your 7th on the 18th and Pluto will follow until October 1. It’s about a lasting transformation – one way or another, in a primary relationship and please be aware this includes not just partnerships of a romantic kind but working relationships, business partnerships, collaborations, long term friendships and that opponent or enemy too. It’s all about to be sorted one way or another. If it’s meant to be – time to get serious. If not – time to move on. It could be time to find someone if you are single or even time to reinvest and reinvent yourself no matter your relationship status. Above all, if you have fears or insecurities around relationships, time to face those too. You could get a boost in that area as Venus in your 12th from the 24th could see you going deeper into what it is you need and also uncovering those secret places in your heart that you’ve not just hidden from others but from yourself. Bring these out into the light. On another level, Venus in here can fill us with inspiration and act as a muse as well as connecting us to a bigger and more universal kind of love. With all these retrogrades happening now, past loves may feature as your 12th is the house of the past and also past lives. Watch out for feelings of déjà vu and new people who just seem oh-so-familiar. Just ensure however history does not repeat itself in all the wrong ways – such as taking back someone you know deep down hasn’t changed or falling once again for a certain ‘type’ that ends in disaster for you.

You’ve the opportunity to end the month dancing in the moonlight in more ways than one. The full Moon in your 5th could bring out the passion that’s been building between you and someone (it’s a great night for date night as well as a moondance!). This applies equally if you are single or settled as couples could just rekindle the magic now. You’re feeling more passionate and spontaneous and also free to express yourself. That freedom is like the steps to a dance you’ve been learning all month. When to come together, when to move apart if only for a few steps, to come together again. Throughout history, dancing has allowed us to explore attraction and flirt even back in the days of chaperones and physical demonstrations of affection being frowned upon. You should by now be fearless when it comes to having your space, stepping away from your partner for a few steps – and allowing them to do the same, or dancing by yourself for a while if needed. No matter which solution you have arrived at, it’s all a space for love to move into. Get dancing.

In a nutshell: April wants to show you that life and therefore relationships, is a dance. It’s okay to step apart for a few steps. Then when you come back together –  feel the heat again!


  • Where do you want to go?
  • Try a new set of beliefs on for size
  • Past opportunities could reapppear

We tend to think of your ruler the Sun as well – the Sun and just that and forget the Sun is actually a star. So, if you are a Leo you are destined to be the ‘star’ of your own production on some level. As the earth orbits around the Sun, the Sun moves through the houses of our chart, illuminating where your opportunities to shine are in the coming month. April begins with your ruler in your house of travel, expansion and foreigners. And also the law, the great outdoors, higher education and philosophies. So, no matter what other transits are happening, for you your biggest opportunities are always to be found where the Sun is. If the Sun makes an important angle to planets in other areas of your chart – we say these are illuminated for you too. So pay attention this April as the Sun’s life –giving rays are touching not just your 9th but also your 6th of work and wellbeing now.

Look for people, events and opportunities where there are cross-overs between the houses. One obvious one would be doing business with or working overseas for example. Or trying out a new philosophy or cultural alternative when it comes to your wellbeing.  The more connections you can make, the more creative you can get with this process, the more areas of your life you will see quite literally ‘light up’. You glow, Leo.

At the start of the month, Mercury the planet of communication and commerce is retrograde in your 9th until the 15th. The Sun meeting Mercury in here plus both the Sun and Mercury impacting on your 6th house planets could see a past work opportunity reappear or just you preparing for a new beginning that is just around the corner. By the time a restriction releasing new Moon appears in your 9th on the 16th, Mercury will have moved forward – although remaining in retrograde shadow until the start of May. This new Moon is going to electrify something for you as it falls conjunct Uranus who has just a few more weeks in this house in your chart before moving in into your career zone. It’s time to be flexible, be adaptable and above all, be ready to act when an opportunity presents itself. Also, to understand that often opportunity doesn’t quite look like we thought it would. Your 9th is your house of freedom so whatever transpires this April is designed to set you free to step into something bigger and altogether more shining and Leo-like. What this is should be illuminated for you around the 18th when your ruler also meets Uranus in here for what will be the final time.

You are now being directed along a certain path that has long term implications for you especially when it comes to your work, your routine and your daily responsibilities. You are also being given the gift of reinvention, transformation and adjustment if needed plus the opportunity to establish something more supportive for yourself. Especially when it comes to your work and your health. Powerful retrograde planets in your 6th – Saturn and Pluto, allow for a period of realignment which will last until September for Saturn and October for Pluto. Pay close attention to structures you have created or can create that support you. Your bones and teeth may feature now and ensure you get plenty of calcium and have a check-up if you have not seen your dentist for a while.

The 20th sees the Sun begin its month long focus on your career and reputation as it enters your 10th. This is also Saturn’s ruling house so look closely at your work as often our work and our career can end up being two different things. Now is your opportunity to make them one and the same. Saturn favours the long term. Sustained effort rather than a quick fix. Yes, we may have to take a ‘day job’ to keep mind, body and soul together but usually this is just a stage – a necessary piece of corporate crowd-funding to bank roll that big picture. Problems arise when we get stuck in the security of the corporate bankroll (or not thanks to zero-hours contracts), or are not sure of what our calling is in any case. But now you know you are destined to shine Leo so this April is all about looking at just what and where for you. And taking advantage of a big chunk of the year to make those adjustments to bring work and career into alignment if necessary. Or discover that shining path to glory that’s yours and yours alone to walk.  Venus in your 11th from the 24th favours putting you in the path of people who could just help you along this. While the Sun trine Saturn charges those career goals with sustaining life-giving force giving you what you need to commit with an added touch of radiance. You know what it is you need to be doing in the long term – it’s about satisfaction and security as April comes to an end. For you, this month’s closing full Moon is in the Moon’s ruling house. You’ll have a desire to spend more time at home and with your family, to nurture and be nurtured.  It’s all about hygge and happiness but also about examining what you need to sustain you. This Moon asks you bring more meaning in to your life via a sustaining and satisfying career which gives you the freedom to shine. That’s this April polished up for you. Shine on, Leo.

In a nutshell: Follow the Sun to discover where your best opportunities for growth are. This month it’s all about freedom and expansion. Go shine, Leo.


  • Get current!
  • Love is your transformational tool
  • Head towards something new

April begins with ruler Mercury still retrograde in your 8th. Needless to say, all your usual Retrograde Rules apply not just up until the point where Mercury moves forward again (15th) but during the following three weeks of shadow too. This is your house of change, power and transformation. Power is associated with current. Current = currency. Mercury rules commerce and your 8th rules corporate or shared money and how powerful you feel handling this. Time to see yourself as a conduit for worldly power and resources. April is going to give you an opportunity to test how you handle more of this. Are you ready to switch on?

There’s also another issue happening in the background and that is around generating that currency current via something you love doing. Or getting the confidence to do just that. Very often this is something we have to grow into. Or do you think that it’s only a ‘lucky’ few who get to make their passion their profession? If it feels good, float it or follow it this month. There’s a lot of powerful retrograde shifts happening in your 5th of creativity, pleasure and children too. Saturn heads backwards in here from the 18th with Pluto following on the 22nd. With both of these planets the retrograde phases last months as opposed to Mercury’s three weeks. Some of you could be looking at issues around being able to love what they do – and being paid to do it. Others could be looking at the younger generation – becoming parents, step parents or even doing this at a later stage in life than you thought. What do you have to ‘hand down’ to those younger than you? Or better yet, what do they have to give you?

Your 5th is your house of romance and pleasure. Saturn isn’t normally associated with these things and Pluto – well, Pluto is all about lust, passion and intensity and note this is your house of romance. Yes, if you hit the jackpot you can get the whole package. A transformational love affair is one possibility now as Pluto becomes more powerful when he retrogrades. You may turn into the Virgo who can’t say ‘No’ under this influence. Whether something lasting is promised is another matter but you can expect a little alchemy to change you no matter what. Saturn rules time and karma and another aspect of Saturn in here and especially retrograde is a second time around kind of love. This could literally be a past lover reappearing, a potential lover with a big age difference (the gap can be either way, they may not necessarily be older) or suddenly falling head-over-heels if you thought love had passed you by entirely. It’s all in the timing.

That currency or the current that electrifies you may give you a fresh opportunity or a jolt towards something new as the day after your ruler turns direct in your 8th, a new Moon appears in here conjunct Uranus. This can come from an unexpected quarter and it brings with it an opportunity for renewal – perhaps around what you do. It brings with it the promise of breaking you free from something that has stunted your growth or controlled your direction for far too long especially as the new Moon will be followed by the Sun meeting Uranus just two days later.

As the Sun moves on into your 9th you may feel as if you are stepping free from restrictions into a world of larger possibilities. Venus is about to change signs moving from your 9th and into your 10th from the 24th. In here Venus adds a touch of diplomacy to career undertakings enabling you to reach for the right thing to say and create the right impression as you do so. This is also an excellent transit to update your professional image. Time to look the part especially if you are seeking to step into a bigger, more acclaimed role. The month ends with a full Moon in your communication and business sector which in turn will make an interesting dynamic with the cosmic, karmic North Node in your 12th and Saturn in your 5th. It’s time to remain focused now even if you feel pulled in different directions, and to decide on that one project or goal that is most important to you and commit to that. The awakening you’ve just received should have shown you just what this is and how important it is to you. It’s all part of the currency of success for you this April.

In a nutshell: Love and also your talents and skills are your currency this April, Virgo. Time to plug yourself back in to the ‘current’. Especially when it comes to romance or your time to shine.


  • Where do you belong?
  • Establish yourself
  • Wake up to love!

There’s an awakening taking place and a feeling of following unexpected twists and turns this month. Something could literally electrify your personal life or send you off in a fresh direction.  It’s important to remain flexible and also curious. To keep an open mind and above all, to remember that opportunity often doesn’t look how we thought it would and also that you should never judge a book by its cover.

Part of this awakening process may also involve your home, roots, family, country or your sense of belonging. Your foundation and what you can use to build your future.  There’s a place for all of us and one of the questions you are going to be dealing with this month is where is yours? Have you been feeling you belong someplace else than where you are currently? This April is all about a sense of place and making home or lifestyle decisions which either create or enhance that for you.  You may be feeling the need to move, relocate or just change things but wondering how and where? You’ve a big line-up in your 4th as the month begins and ruler Venus in your 8th is making a positive angle to these 4th house residents – Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Changing rooms, changing your lifestyle or a ‘shift’ literally looks inevitable now. Saturn rules structure, so think bricks and mortar, Pluto rules transformation and both these planets shift retrograde this month and will remain so until later this year. The message for you is:  Establish yourself. Or establish something for yourself which you need but may have eluded you until now. This is your chance so take it.

The other awakening that’s happening this April revolves around that subject closest to a Libran’s heart. In other words your relationships. Mercury has been retrograde in your 7th getting you to ‘go over’ those close connections and tend to any issues. This also may have implications for where and how you are living if you are partnered up or even share your house with a close friend (which your 7th also rules). Chances are the past few years have been a sometimes surprising and sometimes bumpy ride for most Librans due to the presence of Uranus in your 7th. The good news is that you only have a few more weeks of Uranus in this sector of your chart. Yes, he will make a brief return after he has exited and headed into your 8th when he turns retrograde in August.  But to all intents and purposes, Uranus’s rollercoaster ride through your relationship sector ends in May. When he reaches your 8th expect awakenings around corporate or shared money, personal power and transformations. For now however, there is one final relationship awakening for you this month.

Fresh starts and new beginnings could form part of this as this month’s new Moon in your 7th falls conjunct Uranus bringing you new awakenings with it. Perhaps you see an existing connection in a radical new light. Others could be given a new awareness into their needs – have you been picking that fruit from the wrong tree all along for example? Questions around a current, past or future partner could get answered or you could undergo a sudden and unexpected shift in your relationship status – one way or another. It’s no coincidence this new Moon appears the day after Mercury heads direct again in here. Expect the unexpected now and above all, be open minded about what your next love experience needs to be. The Sun will have one final date with Uranus in here on the 18th before moving on into your 8th. What this could leave you with is a brand new idea of what love can be – and also what works for you personally.

Ruler Venus opposes Jupiter in your 2nd (Venus’s ruling house) the day after the new Moon and this could have a direct impact on your bank account. Wheeling and dealing, negotiations and also benefitting from shared resources or the generosity of others could feature. Again, Mercury in forward motion favours contract or financial negotiations now. Any extra money coming your way is likely to be channeled into creating that ‘base’ I mentioned earlier. You’ve got a month to build that personal power base with the Sun in here and if changes or action needs to be taken now the Mars/Pluto meeting in your 4th on the 26th indicates the potential for a powerful creative shift in your home and living arrangements. If action needs to be taken, you’ll do that now.

The month ends with a full Moon in your 2nd of money, material possessions, talents and skills and also those relationships which enhance your life. With the Sun in your 8th it’s time to examine your values and above all, how you value yourself and how powerful you feel in your relationship to your money.  Remember, the Moon is all about our emotions and how we feel about something. Our outer world is translated via our feelings. This may or may not be how things actually are, but our feelings can create a powerful reality. It may be time for a radical awakening when it comes to your relationship to your money and our earning ability and this full Moon provides you with an opportunity to do just that. Define what truly matters to you and what you are prepared to ‘sell’ yourself to get. Above all, bring some radical and awakening love magic to all your relationships – including your relationships to where you live, this April.

In a nutshell: There’s an awakening happening for you this spring, Libra. And it involves you and another. When it comes to relationships, expect to see them in a whole new light in April.


  • State your intentions
  • Follow your hunches
  • Draw your desires to you

Transformational transactions power you on into spring this April, Scorpio. You’ll be getting to grips with the power of words and ideas to take you further. And to use these to change your direction if need be.

You begin the month with Mercury, the planet who rules both commerce and communication, retrograde in Mercury’s ruling house (6th). This is your sector of work and wellness, your routine and daily responsibilities. Yes, you still have these even if you have a ‘glamourous’ job.  Think about this. Even superstars have to turn up for that gig or on-set on time if they want to keep on being superstars – or not earn a reputation for all the wrong reasons. You also have an incredibly powerful stellium of planets in Mercury’s other ruling house in your chart – your 3rd. These include Saturn and both your rulers ancient and modern –Mars and Pluto.

First let’s look at the impact of this Mercury Retro which ends on April 15. When Mercury retrogrades in his ruling sign or house in your chart, his ability to make mayhem is increased. Sensible phoenixes would have been paying extra attention to the Retrograde Rules as a result. Mercury Retrogrades favour all activities that involve ‘re’ words and in your 6th anything to do with your work. So if you are looking to change jobs  – update that resume but hold off from actually applying for something new if you can until after Mercury heads direct. It’s a time of revision whether this is for studying or editing any documents or even your routine especially if this impacts on your health or wellbeing. It can also be a time where facts that have been hidden come to light. Especially at the start of the month when the Sun and Mercury meet in your 6th and impact on Mars in your 3rd and the Moon in your 12th. Got a ‘feeling’ about something or someone? Follow that hunch as by the time Mercury and Mars square on the 4th, chances are it’s going to be confirmed.

Winning with words, the power of words and above all, standing by your word could see you bringing something to a successful conclusion during the first week of the month. Above all, do not promise more than you can deliver (keeping your word) and follow through with what you say (walking your talk). This is going to be especially important when ancient ruler Mars meets Saturn in your 3rd and will move to meet Pluto in here on the 26th when you can experience the transformative power of words. You will not shy away from saying what needs to be said either but what matters most of all is following through. Actions ultimately speak louder than words but usually follow a stated intention. Your game plan this April is therefore stating what you intend to do – then doing it.

That’s not to say this necessarily means a confrontation. You’ve the gift of wooing words as well as winning ones thanks to Venus in her ruling house (7th) adding a little romance, a touch of love and a sparkle of diplomacy where needed. Attraction is in the air thanks to Venus making some alluring and enchanting angles to all those 3rd house planets as well as Neptune in your 5th of romance. Plus Venus will move to oppose Jupiter in your 1st on the 17th. You have the ability to draw your desires to you so be clear who or what it is you want to attract. When you do, you’ll have the words to say those magic spells that could just conjure you lust or devotion – or maybe a bit of both! Know what you want whether this is on a personal or professional level.  And be careful what you wish for – you may get it!

New beginnings, action and awakening are brought in by the new Moon in your 6th on the 16th and this falls conjunct Uranus in here. It occurs the day before that Venus/Jupiter opposition I mentioned before and Venus will also trine your ruler Pluto on the same day. Because Venus is involved this could involve money and partnerships. Something could be resurrected and come to life again quite literally now. A past relationship or a path you thought over and done with returns with new meaning. Think new beginnings with past flavour.

The Sun enters your 7th on the 20th while Venus moves off into your 8th. The love talk if you’ve recently started seeing someone starts to sizzle.  Love intensifies and if you meet someone new now, expect the connection to feel like a magnetic force pulling you in deeper. But for most phoenixes out there this transit is going to be all about how you love and embrace your power.  Venus in here has nothing to do with getting your own way but more about understanding the power of feminine strength no matter what gender you identify with. Work that for results. As Venus rules money and this is the house of your salary or shared money/resources, this places you at the point of power when it comes to settlements and negotiations.

The month ends with a full Moon in your 1st bringing something intensely personal for you to a climax or fruition.  Use that power and individual magic you have to look at areas of life that need adjustment or change and commit to these. You are more aware of your own emotional needs at this time but also you want to take into consideration those of others.  This can be one of the most emotionally open yet connecting full Moons of the year for you. You + others – it’s your magical blend that transforms this April.

In a nutshell: What you say, write or communicate has the ability to change things for the better – or worse. Time to say what you mean and mean what you say. You’ll get fabulous results if you do.


  • What do you need to know?
  • Life lightens up
  • Welcome in the new

Discoveries, secrets and what’s hidden out of sight highlight April for you Sag.  The universe is asking you a question which is: what do you need to know?

This can be as simple as looking more closely at an area of your life you may have ignored or glossed over. April is saying you won’t be able to or can’t afford to do this anymore. Ruler Jupiter in your house of secrets, mysteries and all things hidden has you probing the depths to bring to the surface what’s being kept from you – or the secrets you’re keeping from yourself.  This especially applies to your money as Jupiter is making positive angles to the powerful stellium in your 2nd house. You could literally be ‘missing out’ on a way to earn more money or maximise what you have that is right under your nose. Jupiter in your 12th will ‘big up’ your intuition and psychic ability. This is also a wonderful transit for any work that requires you to operate out-of-sight or behind-the-scenes.  April  is about taking a closer look.

If things are still ‘unclear’ for you – especially if this involves your home, a house move or again, your income, there’s a remedy for that. Get organised. If you are a typical Sag then the thought of systems, lists, routines, schedules etc most likely fills you with dread. After all, there are so many more exciting things to be doing – such as chasing that big dream, to bother with them. But right now, organisation is your key to freedom and above all, clarity when it comes to money, resources and anything to do with your living arrangements. What I am saying here is you need to think like a Virgo. Even a tiny pinch of Virgo attention to detail sprinkled on these areas will bring you magical, methodical  results as confusion clears and you see exactly what needs to be done. You can start small, Sag. Make a ‘To do’ list each day. Stick to it. When you have crossed off every item on that list, make a new one the following day. It doesn’t have to be long, boring or overwhelming. You can even have just two or three items on it. What matters is you stick to it.

Don’t see your way forward? Feel  stuck? Declutter. How much ‘stuff’ do you have on a physical and even on a psychic level that has caught you like a net? Get rid of it.

Make the first half of April your time to bring the hidden meanings behind anything from your thoughts, connections and those items you have at the back of your closet, to light. Are you hanging on to things because they provide a connection to your past? That means you still live there. New opportunities especially around romance, fun and how others see you are knocking on your door asking to be let in. But they can’t do this if there’s no space for them. Clear it now. Saturn and Pluto are about to turn retrograde in  your 2nd and this is going to bring in a powerful cycle in terms of your money and possessions. First decide what it is you want, leverage what you have and then get rid of what you don’t need. Turn that clutter into cash by selling on eBay or Gumtree. Decide what is important to you and what isn’t. And invest any cash you do have not into more ‘stuff’ but something that truly matters and sustains you. You have until September to do this.

Mercury has been retrograde in your 5th and turns direct again on the 15th which is the day before a new Moon appears in here. This new Moon is extra special as it falls conjunct Uranus in here. You won’t experience another like this as Uranus is about to move on in to your 6th shortly.  As well as your house of romance, attraction, pleasure and expressing yourself, this is your house of children too. Expect electrified events around your children if you have them, pregnancy or even step children. Younger people could also feature as could the start of a new romance with someone completely different to anyone you have met before. This all receives a boost from Venus who moves into your 7th and Venus’s ruling house from the 24th. Looking for love? Time to talk about it. To flirt, to be more gregarious. Think connectivity and communication across all your connections and above all, say it with love. This applies to business relationships too. Think of love as a beam you can focus on in any Venus ruled area and watch the warmth flow. Venus rules your cash and you’ll be on a mission to increase this by the month’s end – perhaps by now you have something specific in mind. You have the determination and the power to direct your financial affairs so apply those Virgo like qualities you’ve been developing to this area.

Expect anything that is still hidden from view to be illuminated by the full Moon in your 12th on the final day of April. Dreams provide clues to the next stage of your journey so keep a dream journal and don’t wait until morning to write them down! This full Moon can have you going deeper than you thought possible. If someone has been keeping something from you, you’ll discover it now. Above all, you’ll be able to pinpoint exactly what is trapping you or preventing you from moving forward. This could be the final piece of the puzzle you’ve been assembling all month long.

In a nutshell: Life been feeling ‘heavy’ of late? Romance unpredictable? April brings you a preview of better things to come, Sag.


  • Get set to shine
  • Let go to be free
  • Set new priorities for love – and living

Surprising. Intense. Unpredictable. These three words could sum up April for you, Capricorn. Who or what is blocking you this month? Where do you need a release? Are you ‘chained’ by something? If yes, you may also be wondering how this came about. Think of the card of The Devil in the Tarot. This card is associated with your sign. Not because you are the devil or have any Lucifer-like tendencies, but because you are a sign associated with material and worldly success. In the card, the man and the woman in the foreground are chained. If you have ever seen the Robin Wood Tarot  deck the symbology  is taken one step further.  The horned figure is missing but card shows a man and the woman trapped in a tunnel, attempting to drag a massive chest which itself is chained, towards the light. Now, they could in fact walk free and into the light, but they choose not to. Instead their desire for the chest means they are trapped there.

With both your ruler Saturn and Pluto heading retrograde in your 1st this month, and action-taking Mars meeting them, what do you need to ‘let go’ of in order to be free this April? One example of this can be drawn directly from that card which is being owned by your possessions instead of the other way around. Or you work hard for success only to find that your work/life balance is out as in the person who puts in the hours to provide for their family but never has time to spend with them. What you are working for or striving for will come under the spotlight during this retrograde cycle and expect transformation to follow between now and October as you set new priorities and get very very clear on what you are prepared to ‘sell’ yourself for and sacrifice.

This can provide you with a real awakening as you may realise for the first time just what you have shackled yourself to. Saturn breaks chains, releasing us into something new. Saturn in your 1st also brings you an incredible cycle of sustained achievement and progress. Your symbol the goat represents ‘climbing to the top’. Just ensure you are clear on whether or not the climb is going to be worth it. April and the continuing retrograde cycle is your gift to begin to do just that.

There’s a feeling that goes along with this of establishing something new. The past few weeks may have highlighted the need to make adjustments or changes around your home and lifestyle.  Mercury retrograde in your 4th literally favours renovating, decorating and removal. Mercury shifts to direct motion in here on the 15th and if you need to make changes to living arrangements, sign leases, contracts and finance agreements, now is the time. Other sea goats may have come to the realisation that their lifestyle just isn’t that. They have no life or how it is run is out-of-alignment with their needs. You have a few more weeks of Uranus in your 4th, urging you to make radical changes if necessary to live a little more. And in a way that may better work for you. As the new Moon appears in the Moon’s ruling house on the 16th, it will fall conjunct Uranus. This could be the moment where you break the chains and leave whatever it is that has become a burden behind, choosing to move towards the light instead. It involves non-attachment and being willing to let go. And to know you can still climb to the top but take a new and better approach.

One thing about April is certain. You are going to see all too clearly what works for or against you. And also which doors swing open (the light) and which continue to remain closed no matter how hard you knock. This may shock and surprise you but will provide you with a radical reawakening. Now you are awake, as the Sufi poet Rumi said: Don’t go back to sleep.

All getting too intense? Need to lighten the load? All this intensity in your 1st may seem like heavy going.  For most of the month Venus is in your fabulous 5th decking you out in radiance and glamour. While there may be lots happening in the background, your public persona is set to shine and attract. Romance is a distinct possibility and connections forged at the start of April could receive a boost when the Sun enters your 5th on the 20th. It’s time to set yourself free to be you. To have fun, be noticed and play. Creativity and children could play a larger role in your life than usual. Give yourself permission for a ‘time out’ from being a grown-up if you need to.

That time out could include spending time with friends, groups or attending events. The full Moon at the month’s end is in Uranus’s ruling house. You could feel an electric charge running through you and making you more out-going and social. You want new experiences and new people so get out and about now. While full Moons tend to bring this to completion or mark the emotional peak of something, a full Moon in your 11th also offers the opportunity to plant seeds for your future. Who you meet now may have a pivotal role to play in that – or in helping you break free.

In a nutshell: Head towards the light this April, Capricorn. And ditch whatever has been holding you back. Above all, take a ‘time out’ to experience romance, fun and pleasure again!


  • Explore the mysteries
  • Lay the foundation of something new
  • Fate is at work this April

Something is illuminated for you this month, Aquarius and once you ‘see’ it, it could act as a catalyst for a profound period of change and adjustment which may take several months to complete. It’s all down to the rather ‘heavy’ line-up in your 12th of mysteries, secrets and all things hidden. You start the month with three planets in here – Mars, Saturn and Pluto. Saturn and Pluto will both move retrograde this April with Saturn heading direct in September and Pluto in October. Expect a restructuring in a key area as a result – or maybe just in your thoughts and how you see the world. Fate is at work here so if something comes to an end as a result, it has been lived out for you so bear this in mind if goodbyes are necessary.  You will feel this especially if you have Capricorn factors in your chart.

While we have two planets turning retrograde this April we have one moving to direct motion once more. Mercury’s retrograde ends on April 15 in Mercury’s ruling house (3rd). You may have felt you have received a higher than usual dose of Mercury Mayhem due to this. Thankfully, communication is restored but please be aware that Mercury remains in what we call ‘Retrograde Shadow’ until  the first week of May. So, Mercury misunderstandings can still occur or you could be left with some to clear up or clarify. The new Moon in your 3rd falls conjunct your ruler Uranus making it very special. This will not occur again for you as Uranus only has a few more weeks remaining in here before moving on to your 4th. There will come a point where he will temporarily move back when he turns retrograde, but this is your final few weeks of Uranus in here in forward motion. Uranus takes 84 years to orbit the Sun so what I am saying is this is a new Moon you will not experience again in quite this way in your lifetime. What’s so special about it? Well, this is your house of ideas. And the ‘vibe’ of this house for you is that unlike other signs where ideas are just that – they remain concepts, you have the dynamism and determination to turn those ideas into action. Dreams and goals are just that unless you take action to make them real. Uranus is the ruler of the 11th house which rules friends, connections and goals and a new Moon in your 3rd always plants the seeds of a new idea. Uranus can electrify this idea with life, creating the momentum you need to network and take it further. How far? That depends on you. That idea could be one that is innovative, novel or ahead of its time. Uranus has us reaching for the radical, the revolutionary. Get out there and above all experiment now. This is your once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to begin something that creates a new, no-holds barred future for you.

The Sun’s entrance into your 4th from the 20th throws a light directly onto home, family, your roots and belonging. Time to look to at your lifestyle or just bask in it if it’s working for you. Time spend at home, doing things to your home or with your family will bring you pleasure now. If you love where you live or the way you live, commit to it nor or else make changes. You’ll see clearly what these need to be. Venus moves from this house and on into your 5th on the 24th, and life gets a little bit more fabulous as a result. You’ll be actively seeking out romance, pleasure and fun as opposed to waiting for it to find you. There’s a sense of excitement around you because you instinctively know something new is on its way. This could be anything from a new lover, a new outlet for your skills, a fresh source of income or new possessions. Venus wants you to shine, to be seen, romanced and adored. Whether it’s a devoted audience of one or a larger one!

Look at what you’ve created to sustain you and what provides the ‘foundations’ of your life on April 30 when the full Moon appears in your 10th. Bring important work projects to a conclusion if you can. Very often this full Moon sees you approach a pinnacle or peak with regards to your career. It can present a few challenges as it asks you to be structured and business-like, yet the Moon rules our emotions. Be aware of your  professional image and that you are ‘on display’ at this time. How you react or present yourself has the ability to determine between success and failure for you. It’s time to promote yourself, perhaps more effectively than you have done in the past.  Ensure that when it comes to business, people in positions of authority and power see you as the idea whose time has come this April.

In a nutshell: Where, what or who is your ‘bed rock’, Aquarius? April has you looking at what sustains you. You know something new is on its way – the foundation on which to build a future.


  • Nobody puts a Pisces in the corner!
  • Get ready for a sea change
  • April makes you simply astounding

Never underestimate a Pisces. It’s funny how even experienced astrologers can fall into this trap – or should I say net? Your ruler Neptune does after all rule all things related to the sea. But very often people in general (and that includes astrologers) get so caught up with the image of ‘ethereal’ Pisces they overlook all your other attributes. And that’s your ability to draw up secrets to the surface. Think about what the tide washes up. The other facet to this is that everyone is also fixated on ‘peaceable’ Pisces. While this is certainly true for you and you will strive for a peaceful solution, it’s not just your next move that people can underestimate but what you will do with whatever is washed up also.

All this brings me to ruler Neptune trawling away in your 1st and bringing all kinds of personally-impacting things to the surface. What’s been hidden from you or fabulously and funnily enough, what you need, could just wash up on shore this April. Now, when it comes to exposures – as in stuff you need to know coming to the surface, your reaction to all this may show everyone concerned they have severely underestimated you. However, Venus in your 3rd making a superb angle to Neptune could literally bring in a sea change when it comes to love or work mid-month. Mars in your social and goal-centered 11th pushes you out and about making for dreamy yet passionate encounters. Even if it is just friendship you are seeking, Mars will push you out the door and also give you renewed determination when it comes to those goals.

Mercury has been retrograde in Venus’s ruling 2nd and finally heads direct again from the 15th. Just be aware Mercury remains in retrograde shadow until the first week of next month. However, you can now proceed with plans involving your money, earning power, possessions and your values, assets and worth. This includes self-worth too. And here’s another area where people underestimate you. You have the goods and the ability to ‘bring it’ when needed. You are also open and highly inventive when the need arises – or inspiration hits you. Which it may do like a bolt from the blue around the time of the new Moon in your 2nd on the 16th. Are you a little bit wild west and a little bit rock n’ roll? I’m thinking of the band Big and Rich now. Because so many people can also underestimate just how inventive you can be when it comes to bankrolling those dreams. You can bring everything down to earth nicely – including the plan for getting them. This is a fabulous new Moon under which to ask for that raise, apply for that better paying job or start that side hustle. Being spiritual does not exclude being able to operate on this material plane. You know that. I know that. But the others? Perhaps it’s time to show not tell now and leave them flabbergasted, out-maneuvered or just downright jealous in your wake.

The Sun in your 3rd from the 20th opens the doors to studying and also commercial and business activities and here is just one more area you could be set to wow. Venus moves out of there and into your 4th from the 24th enhancing live-in and family relationships as well as enabling you to channel creativity when it comes to your home. Beautifying your home – redecorating or buying beautiful things for it often accompanies a Venus transit through your 4th.  Your glorious sense of aesthetics is heightened but be aware Venus can have you blowing your budget – all in the name of art and beauty.

When it comes to love you’ll be less inclined to go out but want romantic candle lit dinners at home instead. At least up until the point where the full Moon appears in your 9th on the last day of April. This Moon is really one under which you can ‘set sail’. It’s time to look at your journey so far, how far you have come and where you want to go next. Travel plans, study or anything that smacks of expansion can be brought to a key stage or else crystallized under this Moon. People may underestimate just how far you are capable of going. Amaze them this April!

In a nutshell: This month allows you to show the world you are a force to be reckoned with. New directions open up and opportunity could just wash up – right when you least expect it, Pisces.

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  1. I was truly inspired by this month’s astrology
    forecast. It’s funny that it should say ‘Nobody puts a pisces in the corner!’ I like Dirty Dancing (the film)! I think it’s really important for a man to be more in touch with his sensitive side.

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