Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs August 10 2020 – Power struggles

10 August weekly astrology

Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs August 10 2020

By our astrologer Elena


Write your own leading role

Break out of being typecast

Get a new deal on relating

Hold tight to those values this week, Aries. Especially that deep inner knowing around what you’re worth. Time to show others you are no lightweight but a force to be reckoned with!

Uranus retrograde in your money zone truly wants you to stand by those values. What you will and won’t ‘sell out’ for. Vesta’s entry into your 5th points to how you are perceived and seen in terms of your gender. Especially when it comes to love and also as this is your house of children, who does what when it comes to childrearing.

As your 5th also rules creativity and this includes ‘performing’ – is it time to look at whether you’re being typecast? Be it personally, professionally or merely down to your gender?

Being a class act takes courage

The 13th hands us a tense angle between ruler Mars in your sign and Pluto in your 10th of status and career. Again, this relates back to what I am saying about you being ‘typecast’ on some level. You may need to assert yourself now if someone insists on keeping you confined or pigeon-holed. Especially if you didn’t choose this for yourself. Lucky for you if you can keep your head and your cool, solutions present themselves just days later.

The Sun in your 5th angles to your ruler handing you searing self-confidence and the ability to act or seek out better solutions to any issues right now. The next day (16th) sees Venus in your 4th of home and emotional security make a deeply inspiring angle to Ceres in your 12th.

Why is this so important? Well, in mythology, Ceres was Pluto’s mother-in-law. This is deep, intuitive and also balanced love-fueled change. One that can see you get a new deal for yourself around love or any relationship be it home, work or pleasure based. Underselling yourself? Allowing others to go on underestimating you? Not likely this week, Aries.

In a nutshell: It’s a week to show others you won’t be typecast or underestimated. You can’t confine lightning to a bottle. Or tell a tiger it’s a poodle either. Time to be who you are – not who others tell you to be, Aries.



Get ahead of change

Strike a new deal between what you want to do vs duty calls

A bit like fellow earth-sign Virgo you appreciate the beauty of future planning. But even more a long range weather forecast that allows for just that. That’s what astrology is, Taurus. Your soul weather forecast. This week the weather blows in a direction you may not seen coming. But is designed to carry you towards freedom. Getting there may involve the word you don’t like however – change. But having your forecast means you’re prepared for any eventuality.

Domestic deity or life of the party?

Ruler Venus is in your 3rd and trines Ceres in your 11th on the 16th, while Vesta enters your 4th on the 12th. On the one hand we have domestic duty and on the other, a need to circulate and socialise. The 16th also has Uranus, that electrifying planet of excitement and ruler of your 11th, turn backwards in your 1st and surprisingly enough (Uranus rules surprises btw!), this could see you in the mood to shake things up. Uranus always wants to free us from something. And with Mars now in your 12th you may not have realised just how stuck you were until it angles to Pluto in your freedom zone on the 13th.

Put evolution in your diary

Take it that people will show their true colours this week. And you’ll know whether they are Team Taurus or not. And what to do about it once the Sun highlights Mars from your 4th on the 15th. If things have become confining, this week tells you to get up and shake up the status quo. Uranus in your 1st wants you to evolve and this week hands the tools to make that possible. Watch for similar weather on Oct 9 and Dec 20. Now, plan accordingly, Taurus.

In a nutshell: It’s not that you are adverse to change. It’s just that you’d like a heads-up before it happens. Astrology is here to give you that. So, be prepared by knowing the dates designed to evolve your soul in advance!



Know when (and how) to say no

Change the dialogue to change the deal

How you value yourself determines how you are valued in turn

Someone may attempt to step over the line this week. And you may be called on to show them how confident (and nicely) you can tell them to step back. So, let’s look at your way with words and also your friends, groups, clubs, associations, bands, teams, unions and extended social networks both virtual and real, and how they may feature in this.

Vesta in your 3rd is all about crafting something – possibly behind the scenes in some way and perhaps not getting the acknowledgement you deserve. Being taken for granted or even someone else trying to take credit for your hard work is another Vesta in your 3rd scenario. Have you been working as hard as you can to keep things running smoothly? Or to make someone else look good? If so, this could be the area where the ‘N’ word needs to come in.

Good boundaries make for good buddies

Another possibility is simply saying no to someone’s demands. Or a Ludacris ‘Get back!’ which cannot be misinterpreted. Don’t knock this or shy away from saying it if needed. ‘No’ often gets us respect instead of being seen as the Welcome mat to dump on. This week sees Mars in your social sector square Pluto in its ruling 8th. And please don’t forget – before Pluto was discovered this was Mars’s ruling house in your chart too. Someone may simply need to be reminded where the boundaries are, that’s all.

Stick or olive branch?

You may not see this coming due to Uranus retrograde in your 12th. However, if you need to renegotiate or mend fences, Venus in its ruling 2nd trines Ceres in your house of public perception, rewards and recognition. Venus rules diplomacy and balance. Ceres rules compromise and deals. So, you have the stick if you need it. And also, the olive branch too this week, Gemini. Use whichever one the occasion warrants.

And bear in mind with Vesta and the Sun in your 3rd, that sometimes all we need to do to get the deal we want is change the language in which we ask for it. Your way with words means you’ll know which ones to use this week.

In a nutshell: Sometimes we just have to draw a line. Or let someone know they have stepped over it, Gemini. Don’t be afraid to say ‘Get back’ if someone crosses a boundary. No can be the most empowering word we have.



Cancel the sour with that sweet Cancerian love

Take a time out then don’t put off that conversation

Friends provide a much needed outlet

Your sensitivity skillset may be needed this week, Cancer. And even for you this may be a reach at times. People may simply appear to be going out of their way to push your buttons. Even your nearest and most favourite squeeze. You may need to count to more than three before responding to keep your cool. But hey, if anyone can, it’s you Cancer.

Venus strives for harmony and win/win solutions. So, remember this and that Venus is now in your 1st as the week unfolds. The 16th sees Venus and Ceres in peace-loving Pisces and your 9th, make some higher, diplomatic ties and bring about compromises is things have gone awry.

Countdown to cool

Vesta enters Venus’s ruling 2nd on the 12th. For some of you what’s causing the friction may be something unequal around pay or what you are expected to do. The emotionally heated square between Mars in your 10th of career and status and Pluto in your partnership zone on the 13th is the real source of that snarkiness however. This could just as easily concern your boss as it could your boo. And as this is your house of open enemies, that person who you love to loathe.

If you feel things are about to explode – count to 48 if you can. And by that I mean 48 hours. If the energy in a one to one connection needs to shift, focus on friendships or networks. Give both of you a break and then come back, kiss and make-up.

Don’t put off that must-have talk

However, taking breathing space is very different to withdrawing entirely. We all know how you get when your feelings are hurt, Cancer. Please don’t sit in your shell and silently seethe over hurts real or imagined. Cool down and then come back and tackle things head on. Be honest about how you feel and own that these are your responses. Be open to the fact the other party may not have meant it to be taken that way. If you don’t deal with it, you are setting yourself up for trouble later in the year.

The 15th eases the tension as the Sun trines Mars. Uranus retrogrades from the 16th in its ruling sign offering outlets via others or even the odd innovative idea to restore balance to your love force. While the 16th brings that peacemaking Venus/Ceres flow. You should have your equilibrium back by now. Press reset and restore the love.

In a nutshell: Keeping your cool, even with the one you love, may test your reserves of sweet patience this week, Cancer. Friends could provide a respite. But don’t put off that make-up conversation.



Pop up solutions appear to problems that won’t go away

Just because you can keep going doesn’t mean you should

Breakthroughs happen when you hold on

Dealing with someone or something that simply won’t go away. You may feel you are playing Whack a Mole. As in you think an issue is done or dusted and then it pops back up again. The good news – because this is still your birthday season and what other kind do you need now? – is that this week offers the solution you’ve been looking for.

Hold on for one more day – or two

Vesta enters your 1st on the 12th. It’s asking you what have you been sustaining in a very Wilson Phillips kind of way. Hum along and as the song tells you: Hold on for one more day. The Mars/Pluto square on the 13th could very well bring things to a head. But this needs to happen now.

Get a new exit strategy for that round and round issue

Unlike other signs you have your ruler the Sun in your 1st. So, if an issue peaks now the 15th has your ruler trine Mars in your 9th shining on the solution or way out in other words. Not everyone has your advantage now, Leo!

Uranus joins the other slow-moving outer planets in the retro theme party from the 16th in your career sector so look at ways to innovate which leverage what you’ve achieved to date. It is also the planet of innovation. If you have been playing dodge with that mole – it could hand you a novel way to finally knock it on the head.

Get back on the same page

Venus in your sector of higher love and inspiration trines Ceres in your house of everything shared and transformation. So, your solution could literally re-write the terms of an agreement between you and another, promise a solution or simply see you transcend that ‘unsolvable’ deadlock. Just hold on, Leo!

In a nutshell: Stuck in a spin-cycle? Can’t see a way out? Open up to new ways to stop the merry-go-round when it comes to an issue. There’s a higher path opening up that can benefit you both, Leo.



The truth has a lasting glow

The love revolution is calling

Remake the universe in time for your new cycle

Dip into inner knowledge when it comes to problem solving this week. And know synchronicity and smarts work together, Virgo. Sure, answers may not exactly make sense. But it’s the results that speak for themselves.

Wait for your moment

Vesta along with the Sun in your 12th is all about eternal flames and also glimmers of truth. It’s about waiting, watching and only acting when the moment is right. Mars is the ancient ruler of your 8th house, Pluto is the modern one.

This week has Mars in your 8th square Pluto in your 5th. Think Plutonium. The stuff that re-makes matter on an atomic level. Your 8th rules life, death, rebirth, our desires and yes, sex. Shared money too. So, expect a shake up around one, some or a mixture of these. A shake up that re-makes your world.

Remake your universe

This could involve lovers, children, babies and young people. It could literally make the earth move under your feet. I’m not saying this is a bad thing. As soon as it occurs – watch how things settle as the Sun in your 12th then trines Mars. Again, showing you the truth behind those shifts and changes.

Uranus always wants to free us into new evolutionary experiences and love. Especially in your 9th and especially retrograde when it is as its most powerful. Which it is from the 15th. Again, you may quickly see something for what it really is – an opportunity in disguise.

Get some new togetherness

New beginnings in love could follow as Venus in your 11th trines Ceres in your partnership sector. If you meet someone new you could feel as if there is a new kind of potential in the relationship you may not have encountered before. Settleds could just discover that the couple who finds time to play, stays together. Sometimes we have to begin again to create something better. This is one of the weeks to do just that, Virgo. Don’t just reawaken love. Remake it again in a new image.

In a nutshell: Let go of facts and go with your feelings. It doesn’t have to make sense – only the results do. This week turns that feeling into facts you can believe, Virgo.



Do a new deal on love

Plus one is your new superpower

Values set your future

Changes to the T&C’s between you and someone else are inevitable this week, Libra. So, just accept this and deal with it. The more universal your outlook the easier this will be. Especially if what springs from this is a new phase or beginning.

Embrace people power

Vesta’s entry into your 11th could put the focus on a specific group of friends or others you are involved with having a shared experience. You all feel the same way and don’t be surprised if one of the changes that takes place is actually via a movement or people power.

Soul values are love building blocks

On a more personal note however, Mars in your 7th either heats things up or brings them to boiling point. Which one is it? This could involve someone you live with, work with or for as the square between it and Pluto in your 4th on the 13th says there is tension and a way out of an impasse has to be found.

The engines of change are churning away in your 16th and the solution you come up with around this is going to depend in a large part on your own value system. What you are prepared to give up and what you will not let go of at any price. This is down to Uranus retrograde from the 16th in that other Venus ruled sign Taurus and your 8th. This is the inevitable part of it all.

Here comes the Sun easing either you out of the situation or pointing to a new way forward as it trines Mars from your 11th on the 15th. Ruler Venus always wants you to move on up in your 10th. It’s angle to Ceres in your house of responsibility and wellbeing points to a compromise both parties can live with. But only if you don’t end up feeling you’ve lost something irreplaceable. Like your soul for instance. Know the difference between selling out and cashing in this week, Libra.

In a nutshell: Time for a new kind of win/win, Libra. You always strike for compromise and balance. This week says some new T&C’s may be needed. Don’t be afraid to suggest them – in the name of love of course!



Give a little to get more

Be cool

Self-control is the only control you really have

Both your rulers ancient and modern are tightly entangled this week and as a result – something’s gotta give, Scorpio! The energy can point you towards a peak experience or achievement. Or it can just explode and then leave you with fallout to clear up. You want a life, not a half-life so if in doubt, delay. And keep in the forefront of your mind that sometimes a temporary withdrawal is your best strategy.

Vesta enters your 10th of status and achievement on the 12th. For some of you, what is getting you all fired up may be around a great big issue to do with authority or an authority figure. And how you are being treated or perceived. You need a cool head if taking on anything to do with ‘the system’ or even your boss or that ‘difficult’ client this week. Stick to the facts. And keep anger and emotion out of any of these areas.

Be Cool

Something someone says or news you hear may literally ‘make you see red’ as Mars and Pluto square one another on the 13th. Both your rulers are about power and control. Who has the real power? The person who remains in control of their emotions or their responses. That’s you. Tap into your inner depths if someone or something makes you angry. It’s so cool down there despite both your rulers being linked to the underworld. This is your chill factor, Scorpio. And let me tell you, if you tap into it – you’re a force to be reckoned with.

The Sun’s wonderful trine to Mars from your 10th on the 15th lightens the mood. Just watch for the Uranus retro in your partnership sector from the 16th. Your needs are changing in what you require from any kind of partnership. If this is the case, be open about them.

Venus rules your 7th but is actually in your 9th. Intent on smoothing things over and adding a loving spoonful to anything to do with home and security. It trines Ceres in your 5th of love, sweet love on the 16th. Something’s gotta give but now give and take returns! This can bring about peace and love can rule again. Keep your cool this week, Scorpio. Even if others are losing theirs!

In a nutshell: Sometimes we need to give a little. And end up getting a whole lot more in return. Something’s got to give this week, Scorpio. Make sure your giving comes from the heart.



Hold those values

Only the brave win the love

Time for no-fear freedom

It would be all too easy to say any ructions this week are about your money. Sure, this may feature on some level, Sag. But really, if you want to go deep into the heart of the matter, it’s all about your self-worth and the value you put on that freedom.

Let’s talk about Mars presently in your 5th. It rules passion, confidence and action. It needs an outlet. Now, in your 5th of lovers this should give you a big clue as how you can channel Mars. This is also the house of things you love to do as opposed to who. Hobbies, pastimes, the talents you feel you must express – those are your 5th house. In your 2nd, we have alongside ruler Jupiter, Pluto. Pluto rules power money. Billionaires. Banks. Hidden assets. Plutocrats.

Ditch self-doubt

It also rules our fears. And here’s where we’re back to self-worth. Feeling we are not ‘good enough’. Worthy. Settling for what is on offer rather than what we deserve because deep down we feel if we don’t take what’s on the table, we’ll end up with nothing at all. Sure, we all have to make compromises. But we can make one too many. And if we do this, what we end up with is simply dissatisfaction and a feeling of worthlessness. Uranus in your 6th has you looking at the long term implications of too much compromise. It’s retrograde this week could just have you saying: Enough’s enough.

Free your soul

So, take the option that reflects self-worth or satisfies your soul without compromising on your values, Sag. And remember, freedom is your most important one. This week’s square between Mars and Pluto could see you not willing to settle any more. And remember, if Mars’ energy can’t make love it goes in the other direction!

The Sun remains in your freedom sector and it makes a reignite the fire angle to Mars on the 15th. Venus which rules your 2nd house, your bank account, love life and yes, your values, trines Ceres this week – and you’re home free.

In a nutshell: It’s braveheart week, Sag! This week isn’t for sissies. Hold on to what you value the most. And ditch any fears about not being good enough. Only the brave win that all important freedom in love.



Share that experience

Crush those love goals

Keep the bliss!

You’ve worked so hard at accessing that deeper level of love, Capricorn. Understanding your needs and also coming from a place of truly wanting to know what makes the other person tick.

How deep is your love?

You’ve opened yourself up to levels of relatedness you probably didn’t think existed prior to Pluto and you ruler Saturn joining forces in your sign together. You’ve not been afraid of peeling back the layers of grungy residue that may have been between you and the kind of connection you now know you need.

The thing about you is that when you do the work, you know how good it feels. And you want to share your discoveries and the benefits with those you care about. That’s your generous nature which so many astrologers overlook.

But what if the other party hasn’t had the same experience? Perhaps they are just not ready to go as deep, Capricorn? Your laid-back good nature and capacity for tolerance may be tested this week as a result when Mars in your 4th (where it is NOT a happy house-guest) makes a tense angle to Pluto in your 1st.

Domestic disorder may follow as could another kind of upheaval – that on the professional or work from. You do have resources to fall back on. Most notably, Venus in its ruling 7th in your chart trineing Ceres planet of compromises in your 3rd of communication. But the other party needs to meet you half way at the very least due to Uranus heading backwards in your 5th.

Breathing is the new winning

Take a deep breath and reschedule any important discussions if you feel you’re in danger of losing your cool in any situation. This is also not a good week to ‘butt heads’ with anyone in a position of authority. Believe me, all that will happen is you stagger away nursing a sore one! Vesta in your 8th from the 12th is all about knowing where you actually do have the power. And how to use it to your advantage. While a change-making and deadlock-breaking angle between the Sun in your 8th and Mars on the 15th could ease those tensions.

The upshot of the week? If you have evolved and grown, not everyone you love will have kept up. Try a little tolerance, Capricorn. It’s better to be happy and well than be right. That’s the best take-out your deep dive into your soul can have given you.

In a nutshell: You may be the poster child for the love evolution, Capricorn. But not everyone has grown along with you. Growth means tolerance when we are tested. But talk puts you back on the same wavelength.



Hey, Johnny. What you rebellin’ against?

What you got?

If ever lines from a movie summed up you this week, Aquarius, if would be these from the 1953 classic The Wild One starring the immortal Marlon Brando as the eponymous protagonist Johnny.

You are after all, the sign of the rebel, the maverick, the individual. You are the rebel and the wild one but unlike the above quote – you need a cause. A vision. Otherwise, let’s face it, Aquarius. You have so many better things to focus on than scattering that energy on an unworthy cause!

First, ruler Uranus throws a U-turn in your 4th on the 16th. Look to matters close to home – buying, selling, renting, leasing property. Your family, flatmate, landlord, Airbnb guests. Reshuffles, relocations, sudden moves or even yes, thinking you are moving then finding no, you are staying put. Moving off the grid, radical relocations, upheavals and uprootings. That sense of place is being disrupted but this is all for a reason. To make you more grounded and secure. And to find your base.

Prepare for a revolutionary shift

Unexpected news may dominate the week and also see you want to jump in and direct the course of events. That is down to Mars in your 3rd squaring up against Pluto in your 12th. Now, Pluto represents power and Capricorn and your 12th the people at the top. Mars in its ruling sign of Aries is all about individual action and assertiveness. So, yes. You may be rebelling against something. Perhaps even a big issue in the big wide world and may feel the need to take a stand against ‘the man’ as they used to say in the ‘60’s. Especially with Vesta now in your 7th this week.

Don’t over-think love

Just ensure when it comes to your one to one relationships however, that babies are not being thrown out with the bathwater. And that you can agree to disagree. That’s the ‘What you got?’ aspect to all this. Looking for something to rebel against. Venus in your 6th should be about feeling rather than thinking. It doesn’t have to make sense or conform to a mental check-list. It just has to feel right.

Go with the heart not the head and look at what’s right not what’s wrong as Venus aligns with Ceres in Venus’s ruling 2nd on the 16th if you want solutions.

Other factors helping you are the Sun’s magnificent trine from your 7th to Mars on the 15th. Communication and passion can flow again between you and someone close to you. And you may now see you were on the same page after all. If you do need to rebel this week, make sure your revolution is in the name of love.

In a nutshell: You may be leading the Now Age revolution, Aquarius. But ensure that what you rebel against is a worthy cause. Sometimes stopping in the name of love is the biggest revolution of all.



Focus and devotion bring wholeness and wellbeing

Colour within the lines

Love and other opportunities appear out of the blue

Focus. Devotion. Clarity. Those are words which come to mind when we think about Vesta in your 6th. It’s the house of duty, responsibility and routine. Vesta also represents playing by the rules. That have been set by someone else.

This week – play by the rules

Now, we can’t escape talking about Covid and current restrictions if we are talking about anything to do with your 6th house. As this is your house of health and wellbeing. You have the Sun in here too which is great. And Mercury which rules your 6th is also very much direct at the moment. Also good. But with the tension between Mars in your 2nd and Pluto in your 11th of social contacts and the collective, this is not a week to rebel against any rules or restrictions in place.

Broadcast those love values

Show the world how much you value yourself and others by keeping within the current guidelines. You are one of the few signs who may in fact find this week highly rewarding while the rest of the zodiac are off engaged in some kind of massive cosmic snark-fest. Do let them get on with it, Pisces. Stick to the rules, don’t rock the boat and the two gorgeous trines that follow the Mars/Pluto head-to-head on the 13th could deliver work and/or feelgood benefits. Thanks to the Sun trine Mars on the 15th and Venus trine Ceres in your 1st on the 16th.

In fact, where others can only see No Entry signs appearing, you simply see green lights and opportunities to improve things for yourself – and those you care about. Love could be found in unusual places as could that next big idea thanks to Uranus heading backwards in your 3rd. You’ve got a fresh spin on the world this week, Pisces. Hopefully by next week the rest of us will be seeing things from your perspective. Until then – enjoy visionary status. And keep the focus!

In a nutshell: Hey, goody two-shoes! This week playing by the rules is the way to win. In pretty well every area, Pisces. Where others see restrictions, you see opportunities. So, play it safe to win, Pisces.


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