30th December 2019 Horoscope Weekly Astrology

Horoscope Weekly Forecast for All Signs December 30th 2019

Adventures calling!


  • It’s not just success you’re chasing – but meaning
  • A new, deep and lasting connection could be on offer
  • Eyes on the prize – heart on your sleeve, Aries!

As 2019 draws to a close and 2020 begins, chances are you are already planning a big, bold move Aries. Your signature confidence and desire for action fuelled by passion gets a rocket0-alunch boost as January 3rd sees ruler Mars enter your 9th. You have a higher star to guide you now. Chances are you are eyeing off something you want to do, experience or learn now which fires up your soul and sets you off on a new, bigger stage of experience.

Your ambitions are stirring along with this. You’re aiming for achievement but not just worldly success and rewards. But for it all to have meaning. Destiny could be showing you a new path towards success now as the Sun in your 10th meets the South Node on December 30. The same day that Mercury in your 10th trines Uranus in your money and values sector. What bolder move can you make? Above all, is it time for your definition of a success story rather than someone else’s? Write it now. Mine your network and call on who you know for whatever it is you want as Juno in your 7th trines Venus in your 11th again on Jan 3. Others could see a deep, lasting friendship begin which has the potential to take you places. Perhaps towards your heart’s desire as this is also the day Mercury opposes the North Node in your 4th. Infinite choices could be on offer. Set your sights higher and wear your heart on your sleeve!

In a nutshell: 2020 begins with a sense of adventure stirring in your heart. There’s something calling you forward now, Aries. A bigger love or simply a new kind of success journey. Take it as the New Year begins.



  • Have you been here before?
  • The journey is part of your destiny
  • Love could find you wherever you go

With Jupiter which rules your 9th now in here along with the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, Ceres, Pluto and the South Node, the start of 2020 could see many of you travelling. If not literally then metaphorically via a journey which enhances your knowledge of the world and opens your mind and heart to fresh possibilities. For those of you who are at the airport (or about to be) with passports in hand, prepare for a journey that will alter your perspective in radical ways and also which forms part of your destiny. You may be travelling somewhere where you have links to the past – or even a past life. You’ve been here before even if this is your first time visiting. Or you may feel that way. Both the Sun and Mercury will conjunct the South Node in here on Dec 30 and Jan 3. Take it fate is as work. Stepping outside your usual experience may follow as Mercury also trines Uranus in your 1st on Dec 30. This could literally upend our world view and see you challenging what you thought to be true.

Chances are if you are travelling you will come back changed. Or wonder if you want to even go back at all you may feel such a profound connection to where you end up. Mars enters its ancient ruling 8th in your chart also on Jan 3. The sign of Sagittarius and higher learning, exploration and long-distance travel. The same day sees Juno in your 6th trine your ruler Venus now in your 10th. The quest you are on could see this enhance your status or put you in the path of someone who can. Perhaps you fall in love while travelling. If not with a person then with a place. You’re on a quest of the heart now, mark my words, Taurus. The journey starts in 2020.

In a nutshell: The start of 2020 marks the beginning of an important new journey for you, Taurus. This could be linked to your career or simply set to transform you. Open your eyes opportunity!



  • Play Marco Polo with passion
  • Leave those issues far behind you
  • Change allows you to fly free in 2020

There’s no doubt change is coming now, Gemini. 2020 is set to bring you alchemical events which totally transform your money, career path, what you share, mortgage, banking, investments and assets. Ruler Mercury brings all the signs that this process is already in motion as the old year ends and new one begins. The past plays a role here and if something feels familiar, then this time around you are being asked to reach for a different solution than you may have opted for in the past. The penultimate day of 2019 sees Mercury offer this as it trines Uranus in your 12th. You can step free now into a freshly minted future if you do.

This day also sees the Sun meet the South Node also in your 8th. And Mercury will do the same on Jan 3. Think back to those tricky questions, situations or challenges you’ve faced in the past. Chances are you never actually solved them. You transcended them. That’s what’s on offer now. The chance to soar above them and leave those issues behind you in the dust. Mars in your 7th from Jan 3 along with an alluring trine between Juno in your 5th and Venus in your 9th promises a Marco Polo moment between you and someone else. In other words, things could be getting hotter by the moment. Change has a touch of alchemy attached to it that impacts on your self-worth too this week, Gemini. Rise up and let love fly free.

In a nutshell: Change sweeps you up and allows you to soar on wings of passion as 2020 begins, Gemini. You’re leaving those problems behind you in the dust. Transformation is the wind beneath your wings!



  • Redefine what works in love
  • The future looks like two
  • Swipe right on that destiny app!

Who does the future look like, Cancer? Family, home and who and where you belong with are in focus like never before as 2019 segues into 2020. Partnerships are in focus in a way that is unprecedented in both your lifetime and theirs now. Togetherness weather has been building in your 7th and will peak in the 2nd week of the New Year. You’ve a taste of dynamic duo things to come as the penultimate day of December could see major decisions made around you and another or even where you are going to live or work in the coming cycle. The Sun meets the South Node in your 7th this day. Which of course adds up to it opposing the North in your sign. Mercury is about to make the same manoeuvre on the 3rd. Before it does, it will trine Uranus in its ruling 11th on the 30th too. Do you and your boo need more fun? A joint goal to shoot for? Regular date night? You choose.

Others could see fatal attractions take place as someone unlike anyone you have met before crosses your path. Break the cycle by going with that different choice. Venus which rules your love life angles to Juno which rules commitments in your 4th. Who you live with, give your heart to or share something with could change or be reimagined in 2020 now. Your ambitions also stir as 2020 takes hold. Mars enters your 6th on Jan 3 making you feel like you can take on the world. Or is that you and someone special against the world? So long as you are both on the same page, what else matters, Cancer?

In a nutshell: Partnerships and dynamic duos are in focus in a way they’ve never been before, Cancer. 2020 tells you it takes two. It offers a different outcome as destiny hooks you up!



  • Pursue passion in 2020
  • Find that perfect outlet for those talents
  • If not now, then when, Leo?

You could be kick-starting 2020 in signature, roaring, passionate style Leo. You know what or who you want or what to achieve, and are not shy about going for it. Thank Mars for this as it arrives in your 5th on Jan 3. This sees you in sexy, scintillating mood. You want passion, excitement, attention and above all – an outlet for that love. You’ve the confidence and the allure to take all steps necessary. Besides – who can resist you now? This is your house of self-expression too and of course, where you attract. If a new job or outlet for your talents is on your ‘To do’ list for the New Year, your enthusiasm and passion make an impression on potential bosses, backers and lovers alike. They simply want to join in and bask in that warmth and genuine love of what you’re in to. It could be for keeps or the long term as Venus is in its ruling 7th in your chart and angles to Juno in your 3rd on the 3rd. That conversation or idea leads to love or saying ‘yes’.

This is all taking place against some major work and wellbeing weather taking place in your 6th. The like of which you have not experienced before. Nor will again. Time to find that niche that was made for you. Because the universe is asking you if not now, then when? Escape that rut you have fallen into. Either in your every day routine and lifestyle or that job which doesn’t allow you to showcase or express what you are capable of. Mercury rules this house and is showing you your path now. Your ruler the Sun meets the South Node in here on the 30th and Mercury does the same on the 3rd. You may find that ‘perfect’ job ad or receive news that sets you on a radically different career vector as Mercury trines Uranus in your career sector also on the 30th. You may even not have been aware that a better way existed to reach the top or that feelgood goal. Watch for revelations as 2020 begins.

In a nutshell: Your confidence soars as 2020 begins. You take a roaring signature step towards passion and what (or who) makes your Leo heart beat faster. The message? No more so-so, Leo!



  • Passion is freedom – and the means to express this
  • The more you give – the more you get
  • You’ve a ticket to ride on that love train, baby!

Set yourself free in 2020, Virgo. And feel the transformative power of love. Romance, children, babies, young people and your creative self-expression as well as doing what you love (as well as who!) form a big part of your destiny puzzle now. It’s time for some love alchemy as 2020 begins. To discover new outlets, people and passions. Expanding your love experience is linked to this. As are destiny driven love affairs or people you love. The funny thing about love is that the more you feel you have – the more you get. And have to give in return. Love is self-generating, ever renewing and also transcends time and space. The love you get is always in direct proportion to what you give. You cannot run out of it. So, share the love by sharing yourself now.

Ruler Mercury could see you make or mate a date with destiny as it and also the Sun meet the South Node in your 5th. The Sun on the 30th and Mercury on the 3rd. This of course means they oppose the North Node in your 11th. This is your house of the future. Over the next month the love you give, make or share for someone or something will set your future on a new path in a way you may not possibly imagine. Unexpected opportunities may also present themselves especially around travel as Mercury trines Uranus which rules your 11th, in your 9th on the 30th. Your2020 journey starts with this. Aside from moving plans, renovations and getting rid of anything that doesn’t spark passion, don’t stay home now. Mars in your 4th also on the 3rd can turn you into Ms. or Mr. OCD Cranky Pants. So do yourself and those you live with a favour and get out and circulate. The 3rd also sees Juno in your money house trine Venus in your 6th. What or who you meet could boost that self-worth and feel good factor now. Love plans your future path this week, Virgo.

In a nutshell: Love is the alchemical ingredient now. The key to your future. You can’t run out of how much you have to share. Simply by sharing yourself. Kickstart a new way of loving for 2020.



  • Capture anything from attention to castles!
  • Claim the love which sustains
  • Commit to those lasting values

Your money, values and what truly underpins your sense of self-worth and belonging will be in focus in ways you haven’t seen before, Libra. Expect matters relating to your home, apartment, property, flatmates if you have them, leases, income, loans, mortgages, family and the people you live with to loom large. Commitments and changes are forecast thanks to the 4th house weather building in a big way which is set to peak in the next two weeks. It’s important not just to plan in the long term but also to think about what changes you can make to set you free. Or which hand you what you truly value. Presently you have the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and the South Node all sitting in your 4th. Where you feel ‘at home’ and with whom may shift and change as you move towards what sustains you in the long term now. The Sun and Mercury both meet the South Node on the 30th and the 3rd. Important papers or agreements can be entered into. Mercury also trines Uranus in your 8th telling you a) not to sell yourself short and b) come from a place of what really matters. Mars gives you the confidence to go ahead and enact major changes or enter into these agreements as it zooms into Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 3rd.

Ruler Venus sits in your house of attraction, romance, parties, children and pleasure. This is your house where others sit up and take notice. Where you get to express yourself and show everyone just what you have to offer. Lasting impressions can be made on hearts and minds thanks to Venus making an angle of desire and promise to Juno in your 1st. Luck is on your side now to craft a new, permanent outcome if you are willing to take a chance as your 5th rules luck too. Capture the entire castle – not just the prince or princess in the tallest tower this week, Libra.

In a nutshell: Add a dash of passion, a sprinkle of sparkle and a whole lot of self-confidence and you’ve a recipe for romance or success as 2020 begins. Time to take a chance on long term love, Libra!



  • Ideas take you forward
  • Words are your superpower
  • Welcome to the all-change 20’s!

‘Tis now the season for agreements, Scorpio. Paperwork, contracts, documents and also what you say and communicate, as well as publishing, speaking, teaching and the internet from an important part of where 2020 is going to take you. Business, your work, ecommerce, writing and ideas and even your CV and how your ‘brand’ yourself also form part of your communications package now. You may find yourself presenting, applying for that role, pitching, writing or working that social media presence. If you have an idea, now is the time to do something with it. Talk is cheap and actions pay off thanks to a once-in-a-lifetime Iine-up in your 3rd. As the twenties begin, we see the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Ceres, the South Node and ruler Pluto in your 3rd. What you write, sign or say has never been more important. The power of words and ideas is yours. Words are magic spells. Why do you think repressive regimens clamp down on freedom of speech otherwise? What you say or communicate has the power to change your future or that of you and someone else. Contracts or agreements could feature this week as the Sun and Mercury meet the South Node on the 30th and the 3rd. And Mercury trines Uranus in your 7th also on the 30th. Expect business and personal breakthroughs and an end to stalemates and questions.

Ancient ruler Mars exits your 1st and propels you off in search of worldly rewards as it arrives in your money zone on the 3rd. You’ve not only the confidence to go for it – but to ask for what it is you want too. What this turns out to be may actually surprise you and then for that matter. As could what is actually on offer. Juno in your 12th aligns to Venus in your 4th also on the 3rd. It all indicates lasting agreements. If you sign on the dotted line this week, Scorpio, both parties could be in this for keeps.

In a nutshell: Lasting agreements can be made. Important papers signed. Ideas change your world – and your future path. Welcome to the 20’s, Scorpio. And game changing 3rd house weather!



  • Work your worth for all that you are
  • Escape that treadmill
  • Go for it in 2020!

Start the 20’s with a surge of self-confidence as Mars arrives in your 1st on Jan 3rd. You don’t need anyone’s permission to go after those dreams or what you want now. Also, when it comes to who you want or want to attract, you now know that yeah, baby. You are enough. Just the way you are. And if someone disagrees with this you’re not waiting around to see if they change their minds or to waste energy convincing them otherwise. Because when you’re hot, you know it’s their loss. Besides which too many lasting connections are on offer now which reflect that shored-up self-image thanks to an entourage creating aspect between Juno in your 11th and Venus in your 3rd. Friendship could offer that love that lasts.

Your 2nd doesn’t just rule your money, assets, charity, possessions, house etc. It contains your talents, self-worth and also relationships you bank on. You have ruler Jupiter in here now working on expansion plans around all the above. Plus 2nd house weather whose like you have never seen nor will again. It is set to peak in the next two weeks. Your financial future and all you call your own or even what you share with others could be set for a major transformation starting now. The Sun and Mercury meet the South Node in here on the 30th and 3rd. Perhaps offering you the chance to make a different choice around money or a key connection than you may have done in the past. It could have a major impact on your work or even wellbeing if so as Mercury aligns to Uranus in Mercury’s ruling 6th. Any financial or work related rut you may have fallen into – or even that feeling you simply can’t get ahead no matter how hard you try could be set to change. Be open to new ways of working – and in bringing home your bread, Sag.

In a nutshell: The 20’s are about to show you that you simply have no more time or energy to waste on people or situations who don’t get what an asset you are, Sag. Work your worth.



  • Upgrade your image
  • How you see yourself defines how others see you
  • The time for underestimating yourself is over!

How you see yourself and how others see you is set to radically change in the next few weeks. Welcome to the status-shifting twenties, Capricorn. I should not need to tell you that this is a personal path defining time like no other you have previously experienced. Nor will you ever again. Your image, profile, how you come across to others, title, status, appearance and what you say, stand for and communicate show the world who you are. We of course exist in relation to the people we interact with. So, as you change so do your relationships. Your partner, spouse, long term lover, that boss, business partnership or close friendship may therefore shift along with this. Even if you are a hermit and the only inhabitant on a remote island in the Outer Hebrides, your relationship with yourself and your environment will profoundly alter and change. There’s no escaping this now.

The new you is born or events around others change you as the Sun and Mercury meet the South Node in your 1st this week. Mercury also aligns with Uranus in your 5th. This could be about your status within your family or even see you becoming a parent yourself. Mars in your 12th acts like a psychic detective. It uncovers secrets. Anything that’s going on behind closed doors. Whether you are the one keeping them closed or someone else is. The truth comes out of the closet now and this too could impact on those changes. Venus sits in its ruling 2nd and trines Juno in your status setting 10th. Long term agreements could be entered into or existing ones changed. All of this adds up to you being seen in a new light as we head into the New Year.

In a nutshell: 2020 asks that you open up to everything that you could possibly be, Capricorn. How others see you is set to change how you see yourself. Carve yourself a fresh image – and a new niche.



  • You know where the secrets can be found
  • Heed your intuition – it’s your superpower now
  • Love is set to meet you halfway if you start the journey towards it

Everyone has secrets and that includes you, Aquarius. Hopefully none you would not want the world to know about however! As the 20’s arrive, ensure this is the case. If you are being dogged by the feeling that someone is concealing something from you, be prepared for the truth to set you free over the next few weeks. Revelations may be in order especially as Mercury in your 12th trines ruler Uranus on the 30th and meets the South Node on the 3rd. Intuition, therapy, the Tarot, astrology may also provide answers. Working at anything ‘behind the scenes’ and keeping your energy focussed on secret ambitions or even a secret love are all in focus due to the intense 12th house weather you are living through. Family secrets may surface too. Mysteries will be unlocked Above all, heed your ‘gut’ feeling whether this relates to a person, place or situation. Ignore this at your peril. If something or someone feels ‘off’ take it from me it is and don’t find out you are right the hard way. Especially with Mars in your 11th from the 3rd.

The upside of Mars in here is that it propels you to take action on reaching those goals. Hidden or declared. It tells you that there is no time like the present as it is this moment which gives birth to your future. When it comes to love secrets now – the big secret is a love that expands your world or your experience of what love can be with the right person. This may be no fling but something lasting be it for a person, goal or even a place as Juno in your 9th angles to Venus in your 1st on the 3rd. All this enhanced intuition also shows you where this kind of love can be found. Head in its direction and chances are it will meet you halfway.

In a nutshell: Nothing stays hidden in 2020, Aquarius. That includes that secret you need to know. Intuition hands you the clue where the skinny can be found. What you do with what you find – up to you!



  • People are co-creators of your destiny
  • Second time around could see a different outcome
  • Right place, right time, right person

Remake your path. Release old karma or patterns that keep you stuck. Reboot your future. Reencounter opportunity. All of this and more is possible as 2020 arrives, Pisces. The people you meet or are in your life now have a massive role to play in this which cannot be underestimated. This is about more than just seeing in the New Year with friends. Or resolving to pay more attention to your social life or your goals. The massive 11th house aspects you are living with now and which peak in two weeks’ time tell you to accept every invite that comes your way. Especially if they take you outside your usual sphere or put you in the path of new and very different people to those you usually socialise with. The Sun and Mercury will both meet the South Node in your 11th this week. The people you encounter have a destiny-defining role to play in the long term now.

Feeling you have met them before even if you haven’t, or the return of a past love or connection could see a different outcome this time around as Juno in your 8th angles to Venus in your 12th. Are you seeking love? The North Node is of course opposite the South in your 5th. If you and someone else share a love destiny, fate could throw you in one another’s orbits now. You’re determined to succeed this year as Mars in your 10th ignites your desire to achieve and be rewarded. Those goals and ambitions linked to your career and status are not only reawakened but this week could see you in the right place at the right time to connect to people who can help you move on up. Destiny tells you it’s not just what you know, but who this week.

In a nutshell: Who you meet or encounter could change your destiny in meaningful ways now. There’s no such thing as saying ‘It’s not my scene’ if you want the world to be your oyster in 2020!


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