Monthly Astrology Forecast for all Signs AUGUST 2021

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Monthly Astrology Forecast for all Signs AUGUST 2021


Don’t skip the small stuff (It’s all small stuff!)

Time to launch

Romance and what you love put you in the spotlight

No matter what you may think this month, Aries – it’s all small stuff. So, ensure things don’t get magnified out of proportion and don’t allow your responses to go there either. I’m dealing with the picky, narky stuff first simply to get it out of the way. And make the point; no matter what, you got this. Especially when it comes to dealing with others.

You may end up on the receiving end of nit-picking or an unfair critique. If this occurs especially on the work front, you need to know the heart which stays in control of its emotions, keeps on beating to its own rhythm. Or is it your inner critic that’s proving impossible to please? Mercury and your ruler Mars conjunct in your 6th – Mercury’s ruling house, can amp up people’s OCD tendencies or set expectations that are impossible to meet.

Just ensure if you are the one setting them you know when to turn around and tell your ruler to back off (Mars rules boundaries). The staying in control of your emotions bit applies if its your boss’s expectations that are now on steroids.

This transit can however see you getting a lot done as you can feel nothing is beyond you. Just ensure you don’t rush however. Mars can have you overlooking the details – and at that point that critique may be justified. But it can also cause accidents when we don’t pay attention.

This month says push through barriers to work and progress and discover just what you can achieve. But don’t set unrealistic performance standards and pace yourself. With your 6th this also applies to exercise and fitness too. Yes, we know ‘No pain, no gain’. But push too hard and it’s all pain and no gain. Pace yourself.

Make your move

This month can also hand you ideas worth sharing or implementing and favours anything to do with work, study, routine, wellbeing, exercise and those habits. Ruler Mars in your 6th hands you the confidence to speak up, sell yourself or simply make daily changes and get the job done. Mars simply doesn’t do procrastination. All this gets another boost from the Sun when it arrives in here on the 22nd.

Just prior to the Sun switching signs from your pleasure and play 5th to your workaday 6th, we have a full Moon in your 11th also on the 22nd. This full Moon is known as the ‘corn’ or ‘grain’ moon as it coincides with many harvests being brought in. This is a highly unusual full Moon as it is the second full Moon in your 11th in a row. It appears at 29 degrees of your sign which is known as an ‘anaretic’ degree. If you are familiar with ‘in and out’ astrology – in other words, when a planet is at 29 or 0 degrees, you know that this brings about powerful and intense events and in the case of a personal full Moon like this, emotions.

Look back to the time of the last full Moon in here in July as this full Moon has you revisiting something that happened then. This full Moon falls very close to Jupiter so expect any themes involving friends, groups, networks, communities or even that love interest to be magnified – one way or another. You are on the same page – or simply are not. Or you may find that someone doesn’t support your goals or dreams. It’s you and others either sharing the same vision or else you being surprised by new connections which do. Again, this could even involve unwarranted or narky criticism but this time from someone you would not expect to receive this from.

You don’t have to act immediately on this. Keep focussed on what needs to be done and the right course of decision will enhance your wellbeing. Take care of the business of daily living and use inspiration and refection on your habits and routine to enhance every aspect of your life. Don’t avoid or retreat from making changes that will have a positive impact on your work, study, habits or wellness on the 10th and the 25th when Venus and then Mercury oppose Neptune in your 12th. The 25th has the capacity to replace confusion with clear thinking and self-care decision making.

Above all, please don’t fall into the criticism trap yourself. Those who can do. Those who can’t criticise and usually reserve their harshest critiques for themselves. Your 6th is your house of wellness and that inner critic promotes anything but that. A mental ‘Thank you for sharing’ response is one way to silence it and move on to a more positive mindset. The same goes for those relationships where you are constantly criticised. Consider the source and whether this is a pattern in your dynamic. And don’t take it personally. We can still be open to feedback when we know it is constructive without becoming defensive all the time.

And it would be a great shame if the latter ends up your default position this August. Yes, I was saving the good stuff for last. No longer giving unwarranted criticism houseroom in your head if the key to making the most of what else is happening in the sky this August.

Love takes centre stage

The 11th brings an opportunistic opposition between Mercury and Jupiter. Mercury is still in your fun and fabulizing 5th when this occurs – and just three days after the new Moon in here. Romance, show-stopping and heart starting opportunities, holidays, children and young people (the child within, those hobbies), friends, good times and attraction – you now have an Access All Areas pass.

Venus lands in its ruling 7th from the 16th and Mercury will also enter here on the 30th. You are now in a two month long cycle where love and partnership matters of all kinds dominate. Just prior to the Sun leaving your 5th, it opposes Jupiter in your 11th on the 20th. Plus we have a deal-making conversation happening between Venus and Ceres in your 3rd on the same day.

As the month draws to a close, you will look back at those times when you took a deep breath and practiced self-control and patience and congratulate yourself. You will feel more capable, in control and stronger as a result. Not only that, you’ll see the knock-on effects in your overall wellbeing and how others are treating you. Bonus!

Love makes the world go round and what goes around comes around as we head towards September. Ceres will make a monumental meeting with the North Node in your 3rd on the 25th, while Venus trines it on the 22nd and then trines Saturn in your 11th on the 23rd and opposes Chiron in your 1st on the 26th. Watch for the start of a love or friendship cycle which either goes full circle or represents an important new beginning. This is now about those who are on your side, Aries. And that could mean silencing that inner critic once and for all.

In a nutshell: August brings an opportunity to shine, Aries. It may be time to ignore that inner critic and just follow that passion. If you’ve fallen into a rut lately an escape route opens up.


Create a perfect display case for yourself

What supports you takes you further

Lighten up that love vibe!

Matches and mergers as well as highly conscious un-couplings are linked to Juno in your 8th. It heads direct from the 3rd. This is your house of joint (marital) assets – the mortgage, joint account and even the alimony. It’s also your house of long term financial matters which usually involve agreements – which Juno rules. So, all the binding agreements we cannot easily exit from. And need to think long and hard over before going in or out. You’ll live with those choices for a long time to come.

Just prior to this you have stock-taking aspects between the Sun and Mercury in your 4th and Saturn in its ruling 10th. So, anything you enter or exit at this point will have a great deal of forethought put into it. Especially when it is linked to your home, security, lifestyle, family and anything that sustains and supports you over the long term.

Sure, Uranus in your 1st brings with it that topsy-turvy feeling that the ground is no longer stable beneath your feet. But you need to keep in mind during this cycle that anything with a solid foundation may shake, but cannot fall. Uranus is the great awakener. It frees us from what no longer serves or supports our evolution. So, as August begins, look to what you can commit to that does this. Or where you need to shake yourself free. Both represent lasting actions with long term consequences.

Gimme Shelter!

Your home and family, where and how you live and how this is a reflection and extension of who you are and your commitments – firstly to yourself and then to what you create and live, I’ve likened the new Moon in your 4th this month which occurs on the 8th, to your oyster and you the pearl. You need shelter and also a showcase. Time to make the changes necessary to give you that. Doing things to you home, decorating, renovating, decluttering or even moving, lightens you and feels like pleasure and play more than a chore. Find delight in your home environment. Or create one that gives you more to delight in.

As you start the month you have ruler Venus along with Mars in your 5th. Handing you one of the best periods for attraction, basking in the attention of others, romance, self-expression and good times. This is also an excellent time to take a holiday which this house also rules. And if this is a family holiday expect a carefree trir apd to make precious memories that last.

Mid-month and the Venus/Neptune opposition (10th) represents an out-of-this-world experience you don’t need a rocketship for. It can allow you simply for a time, to step away from real world concerns or reconnect to the more mystical and joyful aspects of life. The 11th brings another key transit on a larger journey for you – either real or metaphorical as Mercury in your 4th opposes Jupiter in your 10th. Travel, opportunity, important news or moves ‘on up’ form part of this.

It’s time to relax if you have been feeling under pressure or life has felt ‘heavy’ going or too seriously lately. Time to look at those inner tapes you’re playing as you’re working away diligently and reliably (as usual). Look to what you are telling yourself around time spent with loved ones, allowing yourself pleasure and the pursuit of what you love. Adjust as necessary as ruler Venus sweeps into your 6th from the 16th. Allow for self-care and time for what you love to do as well as what you have to, Taurus.

Time to launch

You’ll feel the benefits of this especially next month and on into October. But the time to begin this is now. The trine between Venus and Ceres in your 2nd could create the perfect work/life balance. While the meeting between Mars and Mercury in your 5th (19th) represents self-created opportunity and you taking steps towards something better. Watch out for that chemically charged flirtation that now heats up if you’re single. Others get behind that creative idea, venture or projects.

Whatever you need help with, you should be able to access it this month. Or be able to work those connections who can help you get it. Just prior to the Sun’s arrival in your 5th, we have an usually compelling full Moon in your status sector. This full Moon is unusual because it is the second full Moon in this house is a row. It appears at 29 degrees which is known as an ‘anaretic’ degree. If you are familiar with ‘in and out’ astrology – in other words, when a planet is at 29 or 0 degrees, you know that this brings about powerful and intense events and in the case of a personal full Moon like this, emotions.

Look back to the time of the full Moon in July as this full Moon has you revisiting something that happened then. You are now as a sign in a key period where things may seem to stop to go forward again. It may feel almost like a mini retro moment. This full Moon falls very close to Jupiter now in this house. It’s all about concluding what might have been left unfinished last month but also it needs you to take pragmatic rather than emotional decisions. Above all especially around your career and rep – keep your cool even if others lose theirs.

There could well be an opportunity on offer which again, may require you to take a practical approach. Look to your long term needs and how any decision you make supports this. Take your time – again, that stop of deep breath of surety before moving forward again. This is not a full Moon under which to rush your decision making or end up feeling rushed. Uranus retrograde in your 1st just two days before this full Moon favours backtracking and realigning your choices with your values.

There’s a lot of progress to be made and enjoyment to be had this month. In fact, for you its pretty well Access All Areas when it comes to a melange of experiences and where you can direct your energy, Taurus. Ruler Venus opens up everyday benefits when it lands in your 6th on the 16th. This is Venus’s other ruling sign of Libra and so we say it is happy there even if this transit is not directly impacting your personal life for you, it can bring other Venus related benefits as this is your house of work.

Continue the focus on your career, work, daily routine and how this is all related to your long term security or plans as Mercury joins Venus in here at the end of the month. This may not be Mercury’s ruling sign but it is its ruling house for you. Working relationships that feel like partnerships or opportunities to move into one may be on offer. Again, one more area open for you to experience as we head into September, Taurus!

In a nutshell: With so many areas in your chart feeling the planetary love, August gives you an Access all Areas pass to a smorgasbord of experiences. Romance? Home? Career? A better work/life balance? Take you pick, Taurus!


Big up that personal brand

Step into opportunity

Love is in the sharing

Ruler Mercury will move across three signs this month, Gemini. That’s a quarter of your chart. It’s in full forward motion aside from what may seem like a blip when things pause for a moment later this month. You may need this simply to catch your breath! Time to power through those plans, Gemini.

You begin the month with Mercury in its ruling 3rd along with the Sun. There is a doorway to an opportunity opening for you. Perhaps around travel, communication, business, writing, ideas and the internet. This is a month for selling yourself and your ideas, for designing, writing, sharing, Instagramming and self-promotion.

Getting noticed for what you say and share – and also wanting to start conversations and exchange ideas with others propels you to seek out opportunities to do this at the time of the new Moon in here on the 8th. This feels like a new beginning, a breath of fresh air, a go signal, Gemini. This is a new Moon that wants you to share what you believe and think as confidently and creatively as you can. This is your launch date for that application, submission, pitch, proposal, interview or even that swipe! The Venus/Neptune opposition across your 4th and 10th houses points to needing to get real about what you need to sustain you and what you want to achieve and this occurs the day before the new Moon on the 10th. So, be focussed and strategic as well as creatively conscious, Gemini.

Mercury will move into your 4th and its ruling sign of Virgo on the 11th but before it does, it makes a door-opening opposition with Jupiter in your 9th. You are looking at an invitation to step into opportunity. Perhaps from a conversation you started a few days before at the time of the new Moon. There’s a new deal on the table for you – or will be, around learning, business or love.

Boss planets

When a planet is in its ruling sign it’s the boss. So think of this as the CEO of the sign telling any other planet to play by its rules. So, your ruler Mercury likes being in Virgo almost as much as it enjoys being in your sign. It doesn’t matter what house of our charts the ruling sign is, we get that extra serving of planetary realness. The same goes for Venus which enters its ruling sign of Libra on the 16th which is your 5th house.

August is fabulous for anything to do is great for anything to do with the home especially organising, decluttering, leasing, renting, buying, selling and moving. What’s not so great on the domestic front is its collision with Mars in here on the 19th. And you may find it hard to keep silent about what’s irking you on the homefront.

Domestic diss or bliss?

Mars does not do domestic deity. Those minor irritations over that unwashed coffee cup your roomie leaves on the drainer. The dirty laundry strewn on the floor. Or even something more major; like the fact that you seem to shoulder most of the domestic chores. All this can boil over now.

With Mercury in for a homestay, you’re not likely to keep your feelings to yourself. Just ensure your response is in proportion to what is happening at the time. Long repressed resentments can suddenly explode leaving those you live with reeling and you now the bad guy. But you can get so much done under this transit if it is channelled correctly.

If you now see things can’t go on the way they are then get ahead of it before you have that meltdown vent. Don’t blindside others either as this can happen with Mercury/Mars energy as you may feel you can no longer hold things in. Instead if you feel the pressure building ask others if you can schedule a time to talk about some issues around the home? That way they are prepared and you are more likely to get the changes or help you need.

Share the love

Venus in your 5th is Venus 5.0. It’s the whole package of romance, indulgence, pleasure, good times, glamour, showstopping moves, star quality attention grabbing and good times. If you created a mash-up card between The Sun, The Lovers and the 6 of Cups you’d probably come up with a card that captures the essence of Venus in this house. Especially when the house happens to be the sign Venus rules. Children may feature as could getting away from it all on that holiday. A love affair that could potentially make you a parent or step-parent is another shining example of Venus’s Fab Five Fabulization potential when it is in this house in your chart.

I mentioned a new deal on the table for you earlier and this could be around love or what you love to do. Or the outcome of what you have been sending out there. From your 5th house is it shining across to trine your natal Gemini planets. Adding that extra sparkle and allure. You radiate and attract back effortlessly.

Balancing fabulouness with realness

But there’s more. Venus will trine Ceres and the North Node in your 1st – 20th and 22nd, and Ceres and the North Node meet on the 25th. We have a peak time building and a choice, deal or decision leading to something bigger. This could have its roots in something as recent as the full Moon of last month. Or have taken 19 years to come full circle. It’s linked to a big, long term karmic cycle of learning and freedom and may require a compromise or willingness to give up something to step into the new. This is about balancing

The potential may feel exciting and a little scary. The Sun also enters your 4th on the 22nd shining again on those home and living arrangements but also on you owning your path and how you need to be living. This is about your path – not the one your parents or peers think you should follow but the one you want to. What’s right for you and knowing what this is. Just before the Sun crosses from your 3rd to your 4th, we have what is a supercharged full Moon drawing your attention to this.

No, it is not a supermoon but it is highly unusual despite that. That’s because it is the second in a row to appear in this house . But this one is at 29 degrees which is known as an ‘anaretic’ degree. If you are familiar with ‘in and out’ astrology – in other words, when a planet is at 29 or 0 degrees, you know that this brings about powerful and intense events and in the case of a full Moon like this, emotions.

This could even be linked to something which began or started at the time of the last full Moon in here in July. Did you begin something then? Was something on offer? Did that dream or goal – the one you keep dismissing as impossible, impractical or unfeasible surface once more? This is in your 9th house and the house Jupiter rules for you. And like I said, this full Moon is very close to Jupiter. So, think opportunity, escape from limitations, solutions or leaving that comfort zone behind. Or simply no longer being able to ignore the call to adventure from that path you dream of taking.

Maybe the deal you need to cut right now is a way to start on this journey towards that destination either real or metaphorical, you can no longer ignore. To strike a bargain between what you need to continue to do and what you want to do. If that’s the case, ruler Mercury will enter its ruling 6th house on the 30th giving you the organisational skills, details and also the ability to pull off a balancing act if needed. If you’ve got a map, you can go for the dream, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Time to share and put yourself out there this month, Gemini. Staying home may not be your best option. If bliss of any kind is what you’re seeking, the more you share about yourself, the more you attract.


Build a better relationship to what you have and hold

Time for a new balancing act

Is it time to escape?!

This is a real get talking month, Cancer. Especially when it comes to your closest relationships. Love is fed by communication. The closeness you desire is created by weaving a magic spell of words. Not simply by saying ‘I love you’ – although it is always good to remind those we care about that we do.

This is a month to table those conversations you would normally avoid having. To see that there are no subjects which are off-limits and neither should they be if love is your objective. To be open about those thoughts and feelings and by doing that you’ll have others open up to you in turn. The result is mutual understanding that gives you the closeness you seek whether its with that bestie, bae or even that boss.

There is always a time when its best to schedule this and in your case this is going to be any time from the 11th onwards and peaking on the 22nd. More on this shortly. First income and the folding stuff, your assets, possessions, side hustle and also your self-worth and values share the spotlight with talk right up until that key 22nd date. So, is money what you find hard to talk about? There’s no better time to discuss it at the beginning of August when the Sun and Mercury meet in your 2nd.

Material love can be spiritual too

The new Moon in your 2nd on the 8th tells you its time for a new relationship with what you have right now. And what you aim to get. And this could mean talking to anyone from your bank to a financial planner, accountant, employer if you want a raise, your partner or even a financially savvy friend. Money is often the subject we are most afraid of talking about. In fact, most people would rather reveal intimate details of their sex life rather than the state of their bank accounts. Go figure.

But if a wealthy attitude is your goal then talking money may be your starting point. How to budget, use it, save it and make it work for you. It’s not about what you have but again, your relationship to it. Gender inequality around pay has persisted due to the taboos of talking about what we earn. That’s why employers have got away with it for so long. The have relied on employees not sharing salary details with one another. Money issues are the second most cited reasons for divorce and while money cannot buy you happiness, lack of it buys you stress. Now you see why this conversation is so important so don’t be afraid to be the one to start it.

This new Moon can usher in a new source of income for some of you. Boosted by the opposition of Mercury and Jupiter in your 8th on the 11th. Talk or work your relationship to the material realm. Love it so you don’t lose it, Cancer.

Mercury rules commerce and business and heads into its ruling sign (Virgo) and ruling 3rd in your chart on the 11th. This month begins with both Venus (which rules your 2nd) and Mars (which co-rules your 8th along with Pluto) in your 3rd. That’s why you won’t hesitate to start that discussion but also you’ll be engaged in pushing forward any work, creative or communication projects too. Especially if this could result in you improving that financial picture.

There are no short cuts however and its important to know this when Venus in your 3rd opposes Neptune in your 9th. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is. And if it involves money or investing, then please get professional advice at this time. However, this can be a magical transit under which to get away from it all, take a trip or simply allow your imagination free rein when it comes to the ideas you could launch. Just understand this is a short break, not an extended trip. Success for you this month comes from being in the here and now.

Boss planets

When a planet is in its ruling sign it’s the boss. So think of this as the CEO of the sign telling any other planet to play by its rules. So, Mercury is boss in Virgo and also Gemini. Venus enters Libra and your 4th where it is also the boss from the 16th. It’s going to make some game-changing moves to both Ceres and the North Node in your 12th from the 20th and also another fabulous trine to taskmaster Saturn in your ‘other’ money house your 8th on the 23rd.

This is another reason for doing that work around your money goals earlier in the month. It’s setting you up for the moment when deals can be done that are in your long term favour. So, you need to know where you stand right now with your cash and also where you want to be standing in the future.

The books have to balance with Saturn and the Node. This is about what you don’t want to look at or fear around resources or assets. Piles of unopened bills? Don’t look at that bank statement or want to know what is or isn’t there? Time for accountability in money and in love now.

This month the energy is focused more on worldly matters rather than those of the heart. That’s fine as this tells you where you energy needs to be directed. Landing in the middle of these trines and on the same day as the Sun arrives in your 3rd urging you to look to the details, we have a full Moon appearing also in your 8th.

Deal or no deal?

You have been benefiting from Uranus re-working your value system and in for the long haul in its ruling 11th. It’s retrograde from the 20th so see this as both a refinement period and also one where you can put those values to work. What you will and won’t sell out for. Knowing when the price is right. This can apply just as easily to a personal relationship as it can a business one. Or it could even be about boundaries if someone has crossed a line with you. Because this also ties in to our values. What’s a deal breaker in behaviour for instance or simply someone expecting more than their fair share.

Power issues and your willingness to tackle these may feature at the time of this full Moon (22nd). This Moon is going to push some buttons, draw you deeper but above all, connect you to your full emotional power. It wants you to face something and see it for what it is – your birthright maybe or simply something you were afraid of which turns out to be no biggie at all.

This full Moon is highly unusual because it is the second in a row to appear in this house in your chart. But this one is at 29 degrees which is known as an ‘anaretic’ degree. If you are familiar with ‘in and out’ astrology – in other words, when a planet is at 29 or 0 degrees, you know that this brings about powerful and intense events and in the case of a full Moon like this, emotions.

As we are talking about your ruler, this Moon is going to push some buttons, draw you deeper but above all, connect you to your full emotional power. It wants you to face something and see it for what it is – your birthright maybe or simply something you were afraid of which turns out to be no biggie at all. This could well have been hanging about and you may have been avoiding it. It could even be linked to something which began or started at the time of the last full Moon in here in July.

Its proximity to Jupiter should tell you that it’s to your benefit not to ignore your feelings. To come from inner strength now. The result – wow. Release, solution, opportunity. Even if this is simply to begin anew.

Mercury will join Venus in your 4th from the 30th and this will all add up to an extra long focus on all those things close to your heart. Feeling supported, cherished and settled begins with looking at all the bottom lines in your life, Cancer. Not just your budget but what you need, give and get back in return. Time for a new balance and a lot to be settled in your favour in August.

In a nutshell: Magical aspects provide an escape route from the mundane even if its only temporary, Cancer. This month also ushers in a fresh appreciation of all you have – and all you have going for you!


Love is a sure thing – one way or another

Conversation is your superpower

Rise and shine, Leo!

Its still your time to shine right up to the Sun exiting your sign on the 22nd. It’s also a pivotal time for not just you glorious you, Leo. But relationships, partnerships and double acts. It could well set the scene for love for the upcoming year. Ready? Read on!

Sure you begin your new cycle with Saturn in Now Aqe Aquarius and your 7th. Jupiter also in here just boosted that love factor. But then it left for a while. The good news is that its back now and will stay until the end of the year. And is about to cosy up to a highly significant full Moon this month.

Jupiter is returning to this house however offering solutions. Saturn says get serious, put a ring on it or do the work. This includes seriously facing facts if something isn’t working, seriously committing if you are seeking ‘the one’ or realise you already have them, Leo. There is no more ambivalence around love. Just knowing and realisation.

Come from this place of desiring the real deal in present or potential relationships now and you simply can’t go wrong, Leo. Clarity and the truth bring closeness now. The more you share about you – feelings, thoughts, ideas, goals – the more information you’ll get back and that certainty about what’s right and what isn’t simply grows. It’s not a time to hold back as August begins when ruler the Sun and Mercury meet and oppose Saturn in your 7th.

Right up until Jupiter leaves this house in December, singles should be smitten by at least one serious contender for that beating Leo heart. Settleds should be easing into a time of easy like Sunday morning kind of love and taking things to the next level.

You’re wanting more and will actively seek out ways to have and experience this. One reason to get talking to present loved ones or to be up front with potential partners, is that your needs and desires for the future are expanding. Strangely enough, lockdown may have seen your beliefs around what is possible for you, expand rather than the reverse. And you don’t want to waste time when it comes to at the very least attempting to achieve or have that. You need something bigger, more breath-taking and heart starting. Further attempts to hold you back or confine you will be met with resistance. You also won’t have much time for anyone who doesn’t also want something bigger.

So, this is a wonderful month under which to set new joint goals for settleds. And to head into that search for anything from a new potential partner to an exciting career direction with certainty. The new Moon in our 1st always marks the start of our new cycle no matter when our birthday is. On the 8th your new Moon in Leo should see you more spontaneous, playful and open hearted than usual, filled with optimism but above all, keen to play with possibilities and start something fresh.

Jump in now and try some playful experimentation. New beginnings are possible not just in relationships but around work and money too. You begin the month with both Venus and Mars in your 2nd house of money, possessions and values. Venus rules this house and opposes Neptune on the 10th while Mercury in your 1st opposes Jupiter in your 7th the following day. Allow yourself to imagine what that new Beginning looks like. Then as Mercury moves into your 2nd later on the 11th, look at what you can so to make it happen – in your own signature style! Mars sets this in motion especially when it and Mercury meet on the 19th. Talk and action align with results.

Boss planets

It is time for self-directed action, conversations and to share all about you and what you can offer as we head into the third week of the month. When a planet is in its ruling sign it’s the boss. So think of this as the CEO of the sign telling any other planet to play by its rules. So, Mercury is boss in Virgo and also Gemini. Venus enters Libra and your 3rd where it is also the boss from the 16th. This infuses anything you write, send out or share with extra creativity and also diplomacy.

Venus will make some game-changing moves to both Ceres and the North Node in your 11th from the 20th and also another fabulous trine to Saturn in your 7th on the 23rd. This is about your future path and the people who will influence it. Watch for who appears now. Or who responds to that application, conversation starter or Instagram feed.

Ruler the Sun leaves your 1st on the 22nd but this day should bring one key relationship into focus or mark the start of a significant cycle between you and another. We have a highly unusual and charged full Moon in your 7th appearing just hours before the Sun exits your sign. This full Moon is special because it is the second in a row to appear in this house in your chart. But this one is at 29 degrees which is known as an ‘anaretic’ degree. If you are familiar with ‘in and out’ astrology – in other words, when a planet is at 29 or 0 degrees, you know that this brings about powerful and intense events and in the case of a full Moon like this, emotions.

So, this full Moon is about you and someone else. This could even be linked to something which began or started at the time of the last full Moon in here in July. Its proximity to Jupiter should tell you that whoever this person is there are themes of opportunity, freedom or other benefits surrounding this connection.

Mercury is on the move on the 30th and now joins Venus in what is Mercury’s ruling 3rd. Time to look at messages and self-promotion, business, study, writing, speaking, photography, design, travel, your devices and how you get around. Work done on your money and relationship to the material world while ruler the Sun is in your 2nd has a knock-on effect when it comes to work and selling yourself and your ideas.

As we head into September, conversations you have and begin bring benefits. Expect business, communications and your workload to increase and possibly your bank account and popularity along with that. Your birthday cycle may be over, but the opportunities are set to increase, Leo.

In a nutshell: Rise and shine this month, Leo! Your birthday cycle brings a fresh focus on partnerships. And when it comes to getting what you want there’s no need to be shy. Time to talk up those dreams, Leo.


Your superpowers? Charm and charisma!

Express yourself to attract

Happy birthday, Virgo!

Happy birthday, Virgo! You are the sign best able to get the most out of August, Virgo. Shhhh. Don’t tell the Leos next door as they need to think it’s all about them! Now the joke is that chances are, you are a Virgo with at least one planet in Leo anyway. So, take this as a given that yes, it truly is about you. Ahead of your birthday cycle which begins with the Sun lighting up your life from the 22nd, we have the shades of new beginnings appearing. Especially during the first two weeks when it will be out with the old and in with the new ahead of your ‘official’ birthday, Virgo.

You are charm personified with an extra boost of confidence in all you have to offer as you start the month with both Venus and Mars in your sign. These two want you to make some beautiful music. To intensify your desire to express yourself, flirt, attract and create. This is no time to be shrinking violet, Virgo. Even while Mercury your ruler remains in your 12th.

Once Mercury lands in your 1stwhich it will on the 11th, it will simply lead to you being even more confident in vocalising those ideas or even engaging in Olympic class flirtation. Time to re-write what you think is possible for you in the next 12 months. A fantastic Mercury/Jupiter opposition also occurs on this day bringing you one goal to focus on over the coming year.

River deep, mountain high love

Love and other matters are also highlighted for you and right now you need a fellow dreamer willing to explore the deeper side of connections with you. Anything or anyone superficial simply isn’t aligned to where you are coming from, Virgo.

The 8th brings a new Moon in your 12th. The final new Moon before your new cycle begins and your invitation to deep dive into the past, heal but also seek out soul resonance between you and others. Or to test if it is still there. This is a time to go within and be guided by your intuitive responses. Your inner guide knows what it right for you so please don’t ignore this.

It is not only the planets and this new Moon which is triggering this deep dive. The 10th brings a pivotal alignment between Venus in your 1st and Neptune in your partnership zone. It’s important to stay connected to your inner compass now. This opposition can be wonderful for creativity, for a temporary escape via a holiday or break. It can boost your psychic abilities, open up doors to news depths of understanding between you and another. But if you are not careful, it can lead you into a fantasy world too.

Now for artists and writers this is a necessary means of escape in order to create. Or we may simply need time to unplug and tune out in order to realign our energy. All that is fine. However, this can also see is ignoring the facts we don’t want to face or putting that new lover on a pedestal. Only to see them crashing down off it later. But usually this only happens when we ignore our gut feelings or jump in without getting to know someone first. So, by all means have a day trip away from reality but don’t extend your stay.

Lucky for you you begin the month with both Venus and Mars in your sign. Mars has you taking action and fuels that passion to pursue what you know is right if needed. And yes, it turns up the heat on that hotness level, Virgo. Before ruler Mercury arrives giving you plenty to talk about on the 11th, it will oppose Jupiter in your 12th. The Sun will do the same just prior to your birthday beginning and I will have more to say on this shortly. But basically this adds up to you seeing the truth about what needs to come with you into your fresh cycle – and what doesn’t.

Changes you make now – what you begin, what goes and what stays, need to have your log term happiness as their ultimate outcome, Virgo. Your day to initiate this is on the 19th when ruler Mercury and Mars meet in your 1st. This could mark the beginning of a new, self-directed and ultimately more authentic cycle for you. You will only be focussed on having and sustaining the real deal now. Not only in your relationships but around goals.

Boss planets

When a planet is in its ruling sign it’s the boss. So think of this as the CEO of the sign telling any other planet to play by its rules. So, Mercury is boss in your 1st and also Gemini and your 10th. Venus enters Libra and your 2nd – both its ruling sign and house in your chart from the 16th.

Expect an increased focus on your income, money, assets, talents and self-worth from now until October. This also applies to your career especially in September as your ruler Mercury enters this house on the 30th. Next month will hand you tools to realign your long term plans, build on what you’ve achieved in the past or break out in a new direction.It The start of which begins now as Venus will make a series of bottom-line boosting trines to both Ceres and the North Node in your 10th between now and the 22nd.

Align with Authenticity

You are now on the cusp of new beginnings with the Sun’s imminent arrival in your 1st. Time to be certain of what or even who comes with you or what you want to achieve in the coming year. Just prior to this, we have a highly charged and unusual full Moon appearing in your 6th house just hours before the Sun arrives in your sign. This full Moon is special because it is the second in a row to appear in here. But this one is at 29 degrees which is known as an ‘anaretic’ degree.

If you are familiar with ‘in and out’ astrology – in other words, when a planet is at 29 or 0 degrees, you know that this brings about powerful and intense events and in the case of this full Moon, expect revelations as it involves the Sun in your 12th. This could even be linked to something which began or started at the time of the last full Moon in here in July.

Its proximity to Jupiter should tell you that its something you need to know or see that could be right in front of you or which you are doing everyday. Or you are overlooking the obvious because it is quite literally in plain sight. Your goals will also be in focus now. And because you are being asked to align to your true wants and dreams, this means goals charged with meaning and the dreams you have for a reason.

Authentic goals not goals that sound good. Or the ones others think you should be going for. But those which sustain you and burn in your soul to have, experience or achieve. Expect this full Moon to show you what you have to enable you to reach them. And also who or what stands in your way. Sometimes this turns out to be our own ideas and actions rather than external factors. Whichever this may be, use the revelation to reboot that path or let go of any goals which you see are now longer aligned to who you know you are.

Fabulous adjustments around this can be made on the 26th when Mercury trines Pluto in your 5th just prior to leaving your 1st for your 2nd. You’ll be using your resources in new ways for the upcoming month. You head into a year where there is going to be a once in several lifetimes magical focus on partnerships of all kinds. Use this month’s energy now to either deepen the right connection or know what kind you need ahead of this Virgo. Your year of transcendent love starts now.

In a nutshell: Happy birthday, Virgo! Your new cycle begins with you owning your authenticity. What you say and do gets infused with that plus a whole lot of hot confidence. No wonder you rule this August!


Discover the meaning of true self-care

Destiny drives the future of love

Get a head start on your new cycle

It’s like an early birthday gift, Libra as ruler Venus arrives in your 1st from the 16th. Is it time to kick back a little? To enjoy yourself? Focus on those wants, needs and desires? To practice self care and to get back in touch with your essence? No, its not selfishness but a necessary preparation for your upcoming cycle.

This is a wonderful transit for enhanced ‘Me’ time. If this can include getting away from it all even for a day or a staycation, then prioritise this. There’s something about this month that says even if you’re not going far, you’re checking out of the every day hum drum stuff and looking for an escape. Even if its temporary.

For singles, this may even come in the form of someone rather than something. Yes, all that me time tends to reboot that vibe you send out, amplifying your personal frequency. Plus you are in a mood to explore, experiment or try something new. If you fall for someone now its no holds barred. You may even end up feeling you’re starring in your own crazy romcom. All that may be missing are some musical numbers but who knows? Jupiter your go-to planet in all of this could just provide the soundtrack as it is opposed by Mercury and then the Sun in your 11th.

Whether or not something lasting is on offer will depend on other factors and one of our astrologers will be delighted to explain. However, if you get caught up in this kind of adventure, why not just surrender and be in the moment, Libra?

However, bear in mind self-care often isn’t what the mass media is telling you it is. And you need to tune into the truth of this during the time Venus, Mars then Mercury and the Sun are in your 12th. Yes, this is your annual soul house healing and clearing cycle. It will bring fresh purpose, deep centered healing of old wounds and allow you to see what serves you and what no longer does if you are willing to let it. It can see you letting go of the past to step whole and unencumbered into your future. And sometimes this begins with truly understanding what self-care actually is.

What it is not is chocolate, shopping or scented paths. Those are treats. And yes, you deserve those. But as the new Moon appears in your 11th on the 8th, ahead of a powerful Venus/Neptune opposition, its time to set fresh goals around what makes you feel alive and what does you good.

Serving realness

What doesn’t serve you be it people you surround yourself with, habits, routines, thoughts or the things you do, need to be cleared away or cleansed now and new goals to replace old habits. The Venus/Neptune opposition can reveal the realities around this if you align to it. Yes, it can see you taking time out for that ‘me time’ – and haven’t you earned it, Libra? But you need to use this to make permanent and deep-seated changes around self-care.

Self care sometimes means saying no. To others and also to yourself on occasion. Of course you deserve nice things. But not if you don’t need them or if buying them drives you into debt. Of course its unrealistic to give up the things we love to consume. Yes that chocolate or that delicious glass of wine. But sometimes self-care means saying everything in moderation.

Self care may mean giving our dreams a new priority. Taking our wellbeing seriously and stopping making excuses for not making the time to exercise or for that hobby which makes us feel good. Self care may mean putting in boundaries with partners, bosses, friends when the relationship becomes skewed one way. Self care says we are equally important. Being the sign of balance and partnerships you intuitively know this Libra. This month simply tells you to put what you know into action.

Sabotage vs. Support

Some friendships or connections may not stand the test of time this month due to the opposition between the Sun and Mercury and Saturn in your 5th. See this as Saturn ensuring you practice that self-care. You are likely to stick to your decisions over the long term now and replace old habits which sabotage true self-care with new ones which support this. Go with this process as Mercury and then the Sun show you the way when they arrive in your 12th on the11th and 22nd respectively.

Understand that anything swept away by this will be replaced with something better. Especially now you have Jupiter back in your 5th until the end of the year. And combined with the arrival of Venus in your sign from the 16th.

Boss planets and destiny driven alignments

When a planet is in its ruling sign it’s the boss. So think of this as the CEO of the sign telling any other planet to play by its rules. So, Mercury is boss in your 12th and also Gemini and your 9th. Venus is boss in your 1st when it arrives on the 16th and also boss when it is in Taurus and your 8th.

So, Mercury in your 12th rules information and communication, ideas, insights and when it meets Mars in here on the 19th replaces hesitation with action and confusion with clarity. As does the Sun’s arrival in here on the 22nd. You know what needs to be done. So, don’t hesitate.

Just hours before the Sun illuminates what you need to know or understand, we have a highly charged and unusual full Moon appearing in your 5th of lovers, pleasure, children and creativity. This full Moon is special because it is the second in a row to appear in here. But this one is at 29 degrees which is known as an ‘anaretic’ degree.

If you are familiar with ‘in and out’ astrology – in other words, when a planet is at 29 or 0 degrees, you know that this brings about powerful and intense events and in the case of this full Moon, this may be around friends or lovers, children or what you love to do or your goals. This could even be linked to something which began or started at the time of the last full Moon in here in July. So look back to this time if necessary.

Its proximity to Jupiter should tell you that this also involves a solution, opportunity or a wish. There are benefits on offer. Something unexpected or destiny aligned could be on the horizon or even peak now due to ruler Venus trineing both Ceres and the North Node in your freedom and expansion zone, Ceres and the North Node meeting on the 25th and Venus opposing Chiron in your 7th on the 26th.

A situation, goal, promise to yourself or relationship – past, present or potential, could suddenly take on a life of its own and send you off in an exciting new direction. If something you have been doing or neglecting to do is at the heart of holding you back, you now replace this with true self-care centered action which rectifies it.

This month can move you away from stagnation or feeling trapped by something long term and put you back into self-directed flow. Watch for feedback on this or news from the 30th when Mercury arrives in your sign. The focus now is on you and your ideas. You’ll see things so very differently in September, Libra.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus arriving in your sign feels just like your birthday season began early! It’s a time for new beginnings, Libra. And the future of partnerships and love could just lie with your past.


Time to act!

Believe in yourself

Reclaim those lost dreams

Over-thinking and second guessing are kryptonite for you this August, Scorpio. Yes but all means plan. But understand that too much interferes with your superpower this month. There comes the point where if you are going to do something rather than just dream or talk about it, you need to go do it.

August sends you a dare of ‘Now or never’. Ask yourself how much you truly want something as honestly, if you heart isn’t in it then why are you doing it? Because it looks or sound good and will impress others? Aside from the obvious waste of time, effort and your life force, even if you do manage to attain it, you’ll be left oddly unsatisfied with your outcome. So, look to whether the reason its not happening or you simply don’t feel its ‘perfect’ enough yet is actually because you don’t really want it.

That being said, also ensure fear over the change having it will bring you isn’t holding you back or that you aren’t simply delaying things by trying to improve on perfection. Sometimes we just have to realise it’s time to release – ready or not in some cases!

You start the month with ancient ruler Mars along with Venus in your house of the future and the Sun and Mercury in your 10th of reputation, rewards and recognition. This is all about that deep breath, faith in yourself and then the willingness to take the plunge! As we approach the new Moon in your 10th which appears on the 8th, ask yourself if you are 1) clear about the results you want and then 2) have done everything you can possibly do to get ready or to bring this about? Ensure that you have a ‘Yes’ to both and then go or let go whichever is more appropriate.

#1 Pro Tip for Goal Attainment

Venus and ancient ruler Mars together in your 11th want you to become the co-creator of your future or goal attainment with those who you know. Take whatever steps you can now to push yourself forward, expand your circle of contacts both on-line and off, personal and professional, and above all, to let people know what you have to offer and what you are all about. If you are focussed on a goal now – anything from attracting more friends to that job offer, here’s a pro tip: visualise the process not the result.

So, see yourself at the interview or chatting confidently to new people – not the outcome. You can apply this process to any goal in fact. And especially this month when you have Venus and then other planets making moves on topsy-turvey Uranus in Venus’s ruling sign and house (your 7th) and opposing Neptune in your 5th. Looking for love? Visualise yourself getting ready to go on a date rather than who with. Tap into those feelings of excitement, anticipation and shimmering possibilities. Then take your steps. This will literally boost that goal attainment potential especially as the build up of 11th house planets means they will trine contemporary ruler Pluto in your 3rd.

Something new and success-setting could be on offer along with the new Moon in your 10th. Just understand this August you’re as ready as you’ll ever be, Scorpio! This has long term satisfaction potential for you thanks to the oppositions made by the Sun and other planets as they move through your 10th and opposed Saturn and Jupiter in your 4th. Sure this requires effort but you are the sign capable of sustained focus and soul courage.

Boss planets

When a planet is in its ruling sign, it is as its most expressive energetically no matter what house this happens to be in our charts. The 11th sees Mercury shift into ruling Virgo and your 11th and the 16th Venus moves into Libra and your 12th. Both are now very much assets and team players for you so think of them as this.

Your focus as I said needs to be on friends, groups, connections, communities, networks, organisations, unions, parties, bands and all endeavours that link you to the collective. As well as your secret life, dreams, creativity, intuition and the past. So we say, for the next month or so you have one foot in the past and the other in the future!

Part of that visualisation process I spoke of may now involve you looking at what you want to take into the future with you. And what you want to leave behind. Again, focus not on the result but the process itself. Time to tune into your intuition which runs incredibly deep with you, Scorpio. It will be telling you what still holds value for you and what doesn’t. Some of what comes up around this may be surprising, confronting or you may simply say ‘I knew that’. You will know instinctively what needs to be done. So when you do, please follow through.

Your time to act and stop refining those details or worrying about whether or not something is ‘ready’ this month will be the 19th when Mercury meets your old boss planet Mars in your 11th. This tells you plans are as a ready as they are ever be, they who hesitate miss the boat or the point entirely, and also what you gut is telling you is correct. The first response you have now to any given person or situation is the right one so follow through on what comes to mind immediately.

Your other key date for action is on the 26th when Mercury trines ruler Pluto in your 3rd. Don’t hold back on what needs to be said. This is all about the power of your truth.

Sustenance and Support Networks

The Sun in your 11th from the 22nd shines on friendships, your sense of community and your place in the grand scheme of things for the next month. Just hours before this shift, in the lead up to this, we have a significant and unusual full Moon in your 4th – the Moon’s ruling house in your chart. This is about emotional satisfaction. Your people who you think of as ‘family’. Your sense of belonging. What sustains you. Your support network. And also owning your path and the goals that get you to where you need to be.

This full Moon is unusual because it is the second in a row to appear in this house . But this one is at 29 degrees which is known as an ‘anaretic’ degree. If you are familiar with ‘in and out’ astrology – in other words, when a planet is at 29 or 0 degrees, you know that this brings about powerful and intense events and in the case of an up-close-and-personal full Moon like this, emotions.

This could even be linked to something which began or started at the time of the last full Moon in here in July. Take the time to look back then. Should you have discussed something or tackled it head on? Did you need to ask for something but didn’t? Did you dismiss your own feelings as unimportant? This full Moon tells you that you can no longer afford to do that. Or afraid of rocking the boat if you do. That your needs and wants and emotions need validating and acknowledging. Talking about them is empowerment and healing. Do so.

Explore the realm of lost dreams

Take what you have earned about what you need and use it as we head into September. Mercury arrives in your 12th on the 30th bringing with it an unusually long period of soul house decluttering in the lead-up to your birthday. The past always features when this house gets activated. But with Venus in here this is more likely to be in a positive way rather than revisiting memories or even people and situations that you would rather forget.

Your creativity and psychic abilities will be enhanced while Venus is in here. Please use these to your benefit. Venus can redeliver lost loves too. Anything from the one that got away to lost objects when combined with Mercury, and also opportunities or simply reconnect us to lost dreams that should be revived.

Just ensure you place these within a future context before going back in however. Especially if someone or something reappears around the 10th when Venus still in your 11th at this point, opposes Neptune in your 5th. It’s also very important to stay grounded and not give in to flights of fantasy or even necessarily believe everything someone tells you. It’s all very well to promise but the key is in delivering on that! So when it comes to love and romance, ensure that lover is exactly who they are telling you they are and can deliver. Yes, you are allowed to take all the time you need when it comes to thinking through matters of the heart, Scorpio. And this month this includes your own.

In a nutshell: Planning is great but are you frozen by over-thinking, fear of failure or striving for unattainable perfection? August tells you no more excuses no matter how good they sound. When it comes to your goals – time to act, Scorpio!


News releases you into opportunity

Werk those smarts

Keep those promises – including the ones to yourself

Prepare for important news or events which are designed with your freedom in mind this month, Sag. This month sees you in the spotlight, craving attention, ready to party, play and above all, experiment. You’re unafraid to take a chance.

There’s promises to keep and far to go before you sleep as Juno moves direct once again in your 1st from the 3rd. Remember, the promises we make to ourselves are every bit as important as the ones we make to others. Is it time to re-focus on that bucket list for instance? To ensure you allocate the resources you need to make that goal a reality? Have you been promising yourself something but letting yourself down over it?

When it comes to you and others, with the planetary activity concentrated in your 9th, you know if this relationship supports you – or not. So, if there’s a promise to keep there too act on it. You don’t need to be the world’s best astrology expert to work out that when planets are in your 9th house they will trine and trigger your natal Sag factors in highly lucky and opportunity creating ways. Of course, as with all free-flowing trine transits, we can’t afford to simply sit back and wait for things to happen. It doesn’t work like that! But what this does tell you is its time to take a chance and at least take the first step towards what you want or desire to achieve or experience.

This month offers opportunity and an escape route away from what has been restricting you or holding you back, Sag. Naturally, being the explorer and self-starter of the zodiac, you don’t need me to remind you that you need to be the one to set this in motion. You will feel your signature optimism return and anticipation of the new flow through your veins when the new Moon appears in your 9th on the 8th.

Time to renew those calls to adventure and reflect on those you answered during the past 12 months Sag. Yes, I know you have been operating under unprecedented restrictions. But take some time under this new Moon to write down all the things you have managed to achieve or start in the past year. Even if this meant you didn’t go far from home. My guess is that you will be surprised at how inventive your explorations were. Congratulate yourself on these no matter how large or small and under the influence of this new Moon make a list of new destinations to aim for in the upcoming year. More promises to keep.

As well as your 9th of all things Sag themed and worth exploring, we begin the month with both Venus and Mars in your 10th house of work, career and status. August and on into September is one of the best months to advance that career agenda and also keep that promise if seeking a better position or pushing forward with long term plans is one you intend to keep. Your 10th house is a mutable sign and when it is awakened, asks you if it is time for change.

It is also the house of owning your path and purpose. If you are on the right one, time for your next move especially during the month when the Sun is in here from the 22nd. Know who you are, what you want and where you are going. Be ready to impress people in positions of influence with your knowledge and smarts. Above all, set your status and achievement level to higher. You are the boss of your direction and destiny. Don’t drift whatever you do when Venus and Neptune oppose each other on the 10th. By all means imagine what is possible. And then move forward with confidence. You have boss planets on your side.

Boss planets and werking them

Mercury rules Virgo and your 10th and joins Venus and Mars on the 11th. Get ready to wow with your ideas. You will be able to sell yourself and your ideas more effectively now. You also won’t be content with continuing on a path that doesn’t offer the rewards you seek in terms of money, satisfaction or recognition of your skills. Or for that matter, one you just don’t feel is right for you. Around the 19th when Mercury and Mars meet could mark a key development, interview or cycle of ambitions to be realised.

However, do not get into arguments or conflicts with bosses or any kind of authority figure now. It is also important to come across as someone who drives their destiny. In short, know what outcome you want, where you are going and above all, doesn’t promise anything they can’t deliver on! (Back to promises again).

Venus rules Libra and your 11th house and lands in here on the 16th. Now, under normal circumstances I would be telling you that this isn’t about love and romance but the love and other benefits that friends, contacts, community and networks could bring you. But this month isn’t about the old normal for you. It’s very much about the new. And all the old rules don’t apply for you under this Venus transit.

Love has its own rules

Time for love? A new love or reaffirmation of the old? A cycle that feels fresh but familiar? Watch who this links to including past patterns as Venus in your 11th trines Ceres and the North Node in your 7th (20th and 22nd). Ceres and the North Node meet on the 25th which could bring in a new dawn or deal around partnership matters. Just remember this could be a working relationship or deep friendship as well as a love one.

Your big boss planet, ruler Jupiter now back in your 3rd until your birthday season, boosts your imagination, aids in communication and has you painting exciting, big picture ideas which inspire. While Venus trines the North Node, the same day brings us an opposition of the Sun and Jupiter opening a massive door for you.

In the final hours the Sun spends in your 9th, we have a significant and unusual full Moon in your 3rd of ideas, news, communication, learning, writing and the internet. Business, study, projects, plans, work and travel feature.

This full Moon is unusual because it is the second in a row to appear in this house . But this one is at 29 degrees which is known as an ‘anaretic’ degree. If you are familiar with ‘in and out’ astrology – in other words, when a planet is at 29 or 0 degrees, you know that this brings about powerful and intense events and in the case of an up-close-and-personal full Moon like this, emotions.

This could even be linked to something which began or started at the time of the last full Moon in here in July. But the difference with now and last time is the proximity to Jupiter as this full Moon falls close to it. Therefore something which began back in July comes to a conclusion. News you have been waiting on not only appears but its bigger and more beneficial. That idea grows wings and takes flight. You launch, share or send out something that turns out to be more important or impactful that you ever dreamed possible. A conversation that starts now takes you places you would never have imagined.

The emergence of something new takes you on into September. It could take a week or so after the full Moon to appreciate the full impact of this. Your goals and dreams and larger social circle will be highlighted next month and its going to be equally about who you know as well as what. Be prepared for answers in the affirmative, Sag.

In a nutshell: Love comes full circle and even if its brand new a theme could repeat. August brings you a solution or an opportunity you’ve been waiting for. News could be too big to miss and releases you into something new.


Get ready for bolder, bigger moves

Embrace your purpose

You were born for this!

Embrace the changes and don’t resist them as August begins, Capricorn. Take it that they have a power and a purpose that you might be unaware of at first. No matter what things look like to begin with, that purpose is liberating soul freedom from anything that’s still in your way.

Shares and sharing. Mergers and un-couplings. Cutting fears down to size. Feeling empowered and yes, sexy with it are all signs of 8th house activity in your chart. Stepping into empowerment means looking at your long term plans and embracing your ability to make them happen, Cappy. If all this is resonating then I should not need to tell you: You were born for this.

You are the sign of commitment and delayed gratification; you understand on a soul level that anything worth having – be it love or success in worldly matters, requires vision, work and staying power. And you don’t quit when the going gets tough. You re-double your efforts instead. Your staying power, commitment and determination is what singles you out and also why people love you. These are your superpowers and planets in your 8th get you working them in new ways.

Needless to say, 8th house planets mean they are opposing your ruler Saturn in your money zone as well as Jupiter now back in here at a late degree. There are decisions awaiting you over something which began last month, Capricorn and I will explain this later. These are your dates to flex your power muscles and simply see what you can achieve when you do. Aug 1-2, Aug 11 and then Aug 20. These are your dates when you make it happen.

Transformation and transcendence

The new Moon in your 8th on the 8th is your opportunity to overcome any blocks or resistance you have between you and what you want. It’s an opportunity to first transform the way you see yourself or your reactions, and then watch how it transforms an external situation. This new Moon is telling you to know who you are and also own who you are. It wants you to set fresh boundaries when it comes to what you will and won’t accept. And to stick by them.

By now you should be feeling the effects of Uranus which is in your 5th and which turns retrograde from the 20th. This is all about a revolution around your values. This doesn’t just include money and possessions. But also why you are working and what take-outs you need from what you do besides the obvious financial ones. And also how you expect to be treated by others too.

This new Moon says its time to convey these changes. Perhaps simply by self-composure when faced with someone’s default reactions. Or no longer being willing to sacrifice your own self-worth in order to keep the peace or appease.

Others may be looking at negotiations and increases around salary and other assets. And again, this could well be as a result of long term efforts you have put in. That track record which tells others you’ll go the distance and keep your word.

Boss planets – your friends in high places

When planets are in their ruling signs we say that they are best able to express their highest vibrational potential. We’re being invited to take advantage of however long the transit is and depending on the house in our charts they occupy, to push forward in that specific area. This is when we say an area of your chart is being ‘lit up’. Ready to turn on the lights when it comes to expansion, opportunity and learning?

You begin the month with both Venus and Mars in Virgo and your 9th house. This starts a fire in your soul for a bigger experience in a key area. Of course, neither of these planets rule Virgo but together they provide passion and impetus to go seek out what we feel is missing. In this house there’s a subtle message that it all begins with where we are and what we have right now. So, the start of this journey begins where you are or with what you have at your disposal right now.

Mercury rules Virgo and arrives in here on the 11th handing you bolder, bigger ideas on where to go or how to achieve this. Travel may now feature for some as could the internet, mass media and your commute. That long term path and career direction is also back in focus for you as Venus leaves this zone and enters its ruling sign of Libra and your 10th.

Now is the time to dress to impress, to craft your image and to take a diplomatic yet softly determined approach to those career goals. Your ever important public image and reputation is in the spotlight so be aware of this at all times. If you find yourself dealing or rubbing shoulders with VIP’s, people in positions of authority and influence, you will create a favourable impression now. Again, this is all tied to that sense of empowerment and also a readiness to step up and embrace the changes opportunity brings when it is offered.

Don’t hesitate. Sometimes we keep ourselves at a certain level financially or professionally because we unconsciously fear leaving others or what we know behind if we move on up. So, as a very special and unusual full Moon appears in your 2nd on the 22nd just hours before the Sun moves into your 9th, look at your financial, success and even emotional comfort factors and ask if you are holding yourself back from having more because deep down you fear the changes ‘more’ or even just ‘better’ brings with it?

This full Moon is unusual because it is the second full Moon in your 2nd in a row. It appears at 29 degrees which is known as an ‘anaretic’ degree. If you are familiar with ‘in and out’ astrology – in other words, when a planet is at 29 or 0 degrees, you know that this brings about powerful and intense events and in the case of a personal full Moon like this, emotions.

Look back to the time of the full Moon in July as this full Moon has you revisiting something that happened then. This full Moon falls very close to Jupiter who wants to big everything up from your secret feelings to over-delivery on what you asked for. It always wants us to broaden our horizons, explore and expand.

Examples of this would be throwing your hat in the arena for that promotion or job you may deep down wonder if you can land – and then you do. And then its not just the fact you have to bring it big now that worries you. But the fact that the job elevates you to a higher level of income that you’ve been used to or which your friends or even your partner earns. You then worry about how this will affect your relationships. It may feel more challenging than taking on the role itself. So much so that you end up unconsciously sabotaging yourself further down the line in order to return to the level you are ‘comfortable’ at and which is familiar.

Which is why when it comes to your long term commitment to change and your path, you need to fearlessly look at any deep rooted feelings around these kinds of issues. The same goes for fearing being alone so we hang on to a relationship or friendship that no longer works. Letting go takes us away from our comfort level. Lucky for you, you’ve had Pluto in your 1st showing you that change is simply a process. This month could lead you into another stage of this. Get comfortable with your power. Get comfortable with a new kind of comfort zone when it comes to change, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: This month provides you with plenty of opportunities to discover just how empowered you can be, Cappy. It tells you that you’ll never know what you can achieve until you try. Get ready to impress – yourself most of all!


Two’s more than company now

Go deep into soul needs

Love offers a new beginning

Besties, baes and buddies. That past, present or potential partner. Duos, duets and double acts. And even that out of step tango you do with that frenemy or opponent. All continue to be in focus this month while the Sun is in your 7th. A pivotal conversation around one of these may feature at the start of the month when the Sun and Mercury align in here.

Also bear in mind these 7th house planets will oppose Saturn and Jupiter in your 1st. This tells you its serious one way or another. You are in or out for keeps. Or anything new on offer has serious potential for you both.

You also begin the month with both Venus and Mars in your 8th. There is also a feeling around all of this of either having had enough of a situation and/or wanting something new. Slowdowns or showdowns may occur as you stocktake either your feelings or what you need.

If this concerns someone else, you’ll be looking very carefully if they deliver on what they promise. Suddenly even small instances of failing to keep their word take on a bigger significance when they are held up to other behaviours in the past. You will place things in a different context when Venus opposes Neptune in your 2nd (which Venus rules) on the 10th. And if you have been avoiding dealing with this, ruler Uranus is slowing down in your 4th and will turn retrograde on the 20th. This occurs the day after Mercury and Mars meet in your 8th house.

This is a month of what I like to call ‘boss’ planets. That is when a planet is in its ruling sign. Mercury rules Virgo and your 8th. And while Mars does not rule Virgo it does rule your 8th. So, a clash between these two will add up to a ‘buck stops here’ moment and you speaking your mind in no uncertain terms.

Fresh starts in love

That being said, this is a wonderful month for new beginnings in love and partnership matters. Don’t forget however if this relates to an existing relationship, sometimes this comes about by speaking our truth to another and then inviting them to share theirs.

The new Moon in your 7th on the 8th marks the start of you applying what you have learned about love, your needs and values to the future of your love relationships. You’ve had Saturn setting you some hard lessons around this. But with the return of Jupiter to your 1st it’s now time to put these to good use. When we know ourselves we know what it is we truly need from others. We also become confident telling loved ones what this is instead of pretending. In other words we give them opportunities for learning and growth alongside us.

If we are seeking someone new, we now can search with a new perspective. Because we know ourselves so well, we know if someone will suit us or not. So, we save ourselves and them wasted time and possible heartache plus we have the confidence to walk away when we see the choice is not right. We no longer fall for anything or anyone. Self-knowledge is the ultimate act of love. We also step free of knee jerk and habitual responses to people. So, if we are dealing with a difficult person, we change our response to them and this in turn changes the dynamic. Freeing us and them. This new Moon promises that and more. Especially as the Sun, Mercury and the Moon will oppose Saturn and Jupiter in your 1st as they move through this house.

Boss planets – here to werk and serve

Before Uranus was discovered, Saturn ruled your sign. So, when Saturn visits you we say its happy in here. The same goes for any planet in its ruling sign. When a planet is in its ruling sign it’s the boss. So think of this as the CEO of the sign telling any other planet to play by its rules. So, Mercury is boss when it is in Virgo and your 8th. And also when it is in Gemini and your 5th. Venus is boss in your 9th where it arrives on the 16th and also boss when it is in Taurus and your 4th.

So, you’ll say what needs to be said and also attend to joint tasks and money matters while Mercury is in your 8th. Venus in your 9th is all about freedom and opportunity. Balancing your need for closeness with another soul with what you want to do or achieve in the world. It may also have you looking at issues around whether you fear losing your identity or freedom if you merge with someone in a deep relationship. As well as the big dreams that are impossible to ignore.

As Venus moves through this house it will trine both Ceres and the North Node in your 5th. This could bring about the emergence of a new experience involving a lover, your children or a child or a creative outlet for you. In the midst of this, we have a highly personal and unusual full Moon in your sign on Aug 22.

Big, bold new beginnings

This is the second full Moon in your 1st in a row. It appears at 29 degrees of your sign which is known as an ‘anaretic’ degree. If you are familiar with ‘in and out’ astrology – in other words, when a planet is at 29 or 0 degrees, you know that this brings about powerful and intense events and in the case of a personal full Moon like this, emotions. Someone or something is about to enter your life and possibly in a big way.

Look back to the time of the full Moon in July. This full Moon has you revisiting something that happened then. This full Moon falls very close to Jupiter. So, expect any themes involving friends, groups, networks, communities or even that bestie or bae, to be magnified; one way or another. You are on the same page – or simply are not. Due to your ruler Uranus backwards in your 4th just days before this full Moon (20th) you may find you no longer share the same values or outlook. Or conversely, even find a new moondance partner or revel in the satisfaction you already have them!

Your 8th is your ‘other’ money house and rules salary, benefits, maintenance, insurances, mortgages, loans, investments and anything you share or is shared with you. This is the house of joint assets so the marital home for instance. Or even other things you share with a partner such as the chores and childcare. If this involves your employer then this extends to perks such as health insurance, bonuses and the key to the executive bathroom or even jet!

Mergers and negotiations may feature and again. This links back to knowing what you need. And also speaking up when it comes to getting what you want; be it a raise or simply more help with the housework. Mercury covers three signs this month; a quarter of your chart in other words. And the emphasis on the topics you discuss with change as it switches houses. In your 9th from the 30th its about what you need to fulfil, to learn or even to travel to. Universities, the law, mass media (this includes the internet), travel, sports and the outdoors could feature now. Ensure that extra insight into your needs embraces knowing where you need to merge. What you stand for – and when you need to do your thing, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: A new Moon in your 7th promises a fresh start in partnerships, Aquarius. It’s a month for duos and double acts of all descriptions as a full Moon in your 1st shines on one particular connection.


Look for the deeper meaning

Love needs realness to thrive

Time to escape!

You are the master magician adept at looking beyond the obvious, Pisces. Use this superpower to your advantage this month. Especially when it comes to relationships of all descriptions.

Changes are your infallible inner voice is feeding you insight into one particular connection. Where its going, what the other party is thinking, feeling or is going to do. This could even extend to you getting that heads-up that someone new and exciting is about to enter your life! By now you should know you ignore these inner promptings at your peril. Experience should have shown you that even if you do this, your intuition is spot-on. And that hoping it is wrong is no refuge.

Head into Love with Eyes Wide Open

So, as August begins its all about kiss and tell in other words. Understand that when you tune in and accept that gut feeling as the truth even if it is not what you would want, you cannot be blindsided. So, don’t ignore what you feel even if you would rather do exactly that.

We start the month with practicalities and pleasure combining for an intoxicating and wide ranging mix. Mercury is in its ruling house along with the Sun. August begins telling you to focus on work, study, your routine, ideas, fitnes, diet, wellbeing (physical, mental and spiritual), your eveyday environment and ‘atmospheres’ and your pets if you have them. Up until the 22nd this is a wonderful time to look for a new job, sign up for a course of study, change up those habits and embrace wellness on every level from what you surround yourself with to what you put into your body (that includes thoughts!). Ignoring your intuition isn’t good for you.

Set any changes around these in motion at the time of the new Moon in your 6th on the 8th as this offers you a potential portal when it comes to long term, daily life changes. Anything you begin now you are likely to stick to. If you are out of work or seeking that job change, extend your search, update that CV and get applying. If you make changes to that diet, exercise regimen, your habits or declutter your space to make it more creative, healing, liveable and workable, you are likely to see these become permanent.

Love gets a reality check

You are one of the few signs this month where love and passion are highlighted. With many other signs having the focus solely on work and career. That is why you have the best possible blend now. Passion could be both an experience and a destination for you, Pisces. But throughout all of this just ensure you keep that connection open between yourself and your higher truth. Don’t ignore what you are being told. Also, don’t be afraid to slow down to discover if you are indeed correct (you are).

You start the month with both Venus and Mars together in Venus’s ruling 7th in your chart. Past, present and yes, passionate potentials beckon. Soulmate aspects are activated but it is important not to check out of reality or should I say tune out that inner voice when on the 10th, Venus opposes ruler Neptune in your 1st. Someone from your past could feature. But ensure they have changed before diving in once again. And don’t shy away from discussions around why you parted in the first place either.

Mercury will enter your 7th from the 11th so don’t forget this cycle of partnership matters also includes work, business and friendships as well. By the time the Sun arrives in here on the 22nd, some of you could be looking at tangible results from those changes around work factors including offers so don’t think this is necessarily about romantic love.

When it comes to one particular connection be it a friend, boss, colleague or that partner, if a name keeps jumping to mind now, you need to pay close attention. What you are picking up is likely to be revealed around the 25th when Mercury will oppose Neptune. In the lead up to this, we have a significant and unusual full Moon in your 12th on the 22nd just hours before the Sun arrives in your 7th.

Get a deep dose of healing truth and validation of those spooky, inexplicable channelled insights, This full Moon is the second in a row to appear in your 12th. But this one is at 29 degrees of your 12th so virtually in your sign, which is known as an ‘anaretic’ degree. If you are familiar with ‘in and out’ astrology – in other words, when a planet is at 29 or 0 degrees, you know that this brings about powerful and intense events. And in the case of a personal full Moon like this, emotions.

In your case, this is about the volume on those inner whispers being turned up. Chances are you know who this is about or around now. Look back at who or the thoughts around a particular person or even group, which occurred around the time of the full Moon in July . This is about them. Or rather you and them.

This full Moon falls very close to your other ruler Jupiter. So, expect any themes involving friends, groups, networks, communities or even that bestie or bae, to be magnified – one way or another. Only if you have ignored the truth of inner wisdom will anything come as a surprise. This is of course your house of not just the past in this life but past lives. So, this could involve that person paying back sweet love karmic from your past together. Or that feeling you have known someone before even if you just met.

You know and the Node knows too. It is of course siting in fellow mutable sign of Gemini and there’s a feeing of a new deal occurring around a karmic agreement or path on the 25th. This day also has Mercury (Gemini’s ruler and in its other ruling sign of Virgo) oppose Neptune. While Ceres conjuncts the node. Look to the past. Something could repeat or this brings that confirmation that those hunches you’ve had all along were spot on, Pisces. Love is your territory to explore this month. And in all your connections, your intuition will prove to be your guide as to where you and that person are headed. Explore fresh territory as we head into September!

In a nutshell: Ruler Neptune opposes Venus this month promising magical escapes from the daily grind and fairy tale romance. Just ensure love gets infused with a touch of realism if you want it to last, Pisces.

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