12th June 2017 Written Weekly Astrology


· Set your intentions

· Wait for more information before acting

· Passion and desire propel you towards big changes

You’re starting the month with your energy at a peak and fuelled by the desire for change, Aries. Just ensure it’s structured change rather than change for just change’s sake. There’s a tendency to rush, to overthrow things without thinking them through. You’re craving freedom or something bigger. More is more for you now. Ruler Mars in your 7th opposes Uranus in your 1st at the top of the month. Plus you have four planets sitting in your 9th of freedom, learning and discovery with Venus arriving in here also on the 1st. Of course you want something bigger and better. You will be chafing against anything you feel restricts you

or holds you back. Seeing as your 9th house is the sign of the centaur – Sagittarius, my advice is to hold your horses if you possibly can. There’s a real risk here of throwing the baby out with the proverbial bathwater if you act in haste. You need to take that peak energy and the desire for new and limitless experiences and channel it constructively. If you can do this, you could just break free of restrictions for good. More will be revealed as Jupiter in your 8th makes a soul-revealing trine to Neptune in your 12th. You need this information as it contains both spiritual insight and confirmation of something you know deep down in your soul. Wait, assimilate then act.

Written presentations, projects, ideas, what you say and communicate, how you get around and your commute, siblings if you have them and your immediate neighbourhood. All these things come under the rulership of Mercury and your 3rd house. You’ve got a full Moon appearing in here on the 3rd – the exact same day by coincidence that Mercury heads retrograde in your 9th. Expect one, some or all of these themes to be in focus now and you may be hit with the full dose of Mercury Madness from the outside as a result of the full Moon in Mercury’s ruling house. I should not need to emphasise the need to strictly adhere to the Retrograde Rules. The Moon may make it all seem very emotional. Try to disconnect from this. If you experience delays, let go of frustrations and upsets if you can. If it it something you can fix, then do so. But if it is outside of your control – such as a travel snafu or cancellation, time to take a deep breath. There is not much you can do if stuck in a traffic jam but listen to music or deep breathe. If you are stuck waiting somewhere, have a coffee, read, answer messages and see it as an opportunity rather than an inconvenience. This way you will step free of emotional angst.

Hopefully by the start of the second week of the month, you have found where you need to make constructive changes in your life. Ruler Mars now makes some freedom enhancing angles to Mercury and Saturn, breaker of chains in your 9th before he exits your 7th and arrives in your 8th. Passion and desire now fuses with the intense need for something more. And you are now determined to make this happen. Bedroom action been more vanilla than shades of anything else recently? The only problem you may now have is that your partner may not be able to keep up! With Mercury retrograde it is not a good time to begin anything new, but the possibility of an old lover returning could be just the spark that re-fans the flames for you is there when Venus meets Mercury retrograde. The energy that surrounds you demands expression however. This is your house of change and personal power. Reclaim, revise, realign during the Mercury retro.

The signs of constructive new beginnings and a fresh direction for you, are about to appear. You know the old order won’t serve you any longer. The status quo has to change. But you’ve been waiting for the direction to reveal itself. Now it does beginning with a fabulous trine by the Sun in your 9th to Uranus in your 1st – you see exactly what needs to be done and this comes without the need to makes changes for their own sake. Now you have direction and impulsion. All aided by the new Moon in your 9th which sees doors to learning and opportunity open wide. Saturn makes a landmark and powerful move the next day heading into his ruling house in your chart – your 10th. Do not underestimate the significance of this – or the potential it holds for you. This is the first time Saturn has been in this sector of your chart for 28 years. So, many of you out there will not have had this experience before – or perhaps not as fully-fledged adults. This is your house of status, long

term career, authority and commitment. How do you wield your own authority over your own life? If you’ve been directionless, you could now find it. Saturn says it’s time to get serious and to join the grown-ups. You’ll be able to bring a new maturity and gravitas into your career and also your relationships. It’s about knowing that you are the one who makes things happen – or knows how to work with the people who can. As the Sun enters your 12th and meets Saturn in here, it’s time to commit even if it’s just on a psychological or soul level. As the 10th rules the status of our partner, if you are looking for love then it could be time to clarify your intentions – about what you are looking for and what you expect in return. Saturn in here is all about knowing what it is you want. And taking that seriously. You’ve got a new year preparing month that highlights those long-term ambitions as the Sun moves in here on Solstice Day and meets Saturn. In fact for many of us, the New Year begins here when it comes to the area of our charts Saturn occupies. Mercury moves direct again on the 23rd and while he is still in retrograde shadow, this is now your cue to begin to leave those shackles behind you. Venus also arrives in Capricorn on Dec 25 and she also meets Saturn in here. Perhaps only the most serious love will do now. Your own desires may surprise you before the old year departs as true motives (yours or anothers) are revealed as ruler Mars trines Neptune. Both are in their ruling houses so expect soul-powerful stuff.

In a nutshell: Don’t wait for 2018. For you as for many of us, December is the month to bring fresh starts. Set your intentions now and power on!



· Go find your destiny

· Welcome to the Crossroads of Change

· Passion and desire fuel a new direction

It’s all about fate this month, Taurus. No fate but the one we make? Yes and no. Somethings may be fated but we always have a choice in what we do about them. Seeing what those choices are is the key however. Sometimes we are unaware we have them. This month may have a fated feel to it but it is also all about you becoming aware that you may have more choices than you previously thought.

Have you been feeling you’ve a bigger destiny to fulfil? Have you been questioning the path you are on recently and wondering if there is another, better one for you? Is your soul telling you there is something more ‘out there’ for you? But you are unsure what or where it may be? If one or even more of these questions resonates with you now, I have good news for you. Change is coming. Not only that, it is linked to your destiny unfolding.

You’re going to spend the next three weeks or so exploring what I call the crossroads of change. Make no mistake, Taurus, for that is where you have arrived. Where do you go from here? Well, first you need to look at the choices you made that got you here in the first place. You begin the month with four – yes, four, planets in your house of endings,

transformation, rebirth and change. Plus don’t forget this is also your house of magnestism and personal power!

Ruler Venus is in here and she of course, rules your money zone. Personal power extends to finances. How we handle money, feeling worthy – all that cashed-up good stuff. Talks about money, shared resources, your salary, benefits, payouts, maintenance may need to be had or concluded at the time of the full Moon on the 3rd. Putting off having these discussions? Please don’t. This is one area where change may be needed the most. As the Moon rules our emotions this is more about your emotional self-worth than anything else. Although it impacts on the pounds and pennies of course. Money is merely energy. How much or how little you have of it doesn’t affect how ‘worthy’ or valuable you are as a person any more than electricity does. This full Moon may bring up any issues around that if you are discussing finances so bear this in mind. At the crossroads of change, head towards the direction signposted ‘Self worth’. With Mars adding energy and confidence to your work zone impacting on the planets in your 8th (which he rules), when it comes to pay or salary, you could be in a stronger position than usual especially on the 6th when Mercury meets Saturn and sextiles Mars. Mercury and Mars are then in ‘mutual reception by house’. In other words, they dropped in to each other’s cribs and are taking care of business. Powerful talk and outcomes could follow and with Mercury now retrograde, this could mean going over old-ground or even for some of you, the return of a missed opportunity. Your link to friends, the internet, lovers, partners is activated and there may be elements of the past at play here too as Jupiter in your 7th makes a rare angle to Neptune in your 11th. Fated meetings, karmic contracts and past partners from both this life and others could feature now. Watch who you cross paths with now. Also, don’t put off discussions with partners you need to have now as Mars arrives in your 7th on the 9th.

Make no mistake. Fate, destiny, karma, kismet – doesn’t matter what you call it, is meeting you at those Crossroads of Change this month. A series of transits impacts on your North Node or Dragon’s Tail, a karmic point in your chart as the Sun trines this bringing a new direction related to home or your security the same day Mars enters your 7th. Current, past or potential partners could be in focus and have some bearing on who you travel with when you leave the Crossroads now. Ruler Venus and then retrograde Mercury both trine the North Node and this influence will last through to the end of the year. This may mean you taking your time to decide which road you take from here – and with who, as the end of the month sees Jupiter square the Node. It’s not just about cementing your path but your travelling companions on it too. Fated encounters? The journey starts here.

However, one phase ends and another now as a new Moon in your 8th points to a transformation. Saturn who has spent the past two and a half years in your 8th asking you to think about long term changes and what you have learned from your past, now releases you into something bigger. He enters your 9th of expansion via work and career status – his first visit here in 28 years! The Sun quickly follows and meets him and Mercury finally heads direct again in your 8th on the 23rd. Remember he is still in retrograde shadow until January so hold fire if you can on decisions or putting plans into action until then if you possibly can.

The way ahead opens up to you now as Venus also moves into your 9th on the 25th and she too meets Saturn asking you open up to exploring love via service and soul path. This encompasses what you love to do and where you would love to be doing it. You’re on a

journey this month and the direction you take from the Crossroads will not only determine how 2018 unfolds but impact on your lifepath long into the future. Change is the only way forward now so accept it and head in a new direction ahead of 2018.

In a nutshell: Magnetism. Desire. Passion. Personal Power. You have these at your disposal to shape your fate, Taurus. The only question this month is: how will you use them?


· What has love got to teach you?

· Has a blast from the past got new potential?

· Get ready for a serious transformation

Now or never moments when it comes to partnerships and close personal relationships of all kinds, propel you forward into 2018. The question is: are you going solo or with a long term companion? Saturn has been in your 7th house for the past two and a half years. This has been about learning from past relationships and getting serious about what it is you actually want. Astrologers tend to focus on the restrictions Saturn can throw up in our path and therefore point to Saturn in this house as making love hard to find or just plain hard work. Yes, Saturn can do that especially if we are refusing to learn whatever it is Saturn wants to teach us. Saturn can also bring things to an end. But usually this is because they weren’t working anyway. The flip side of Saturn in here is making commitments. We attract someone with serious potential or we realise we are already with the right person and commit to them. Partners with a big age difference can also show up. Others can find themselves in business or career partnerships with someone who brings experience and kudos to the mix.

Now is the time to look seriously at what you have managed to establish in terms of partnerships during Saturn’s transit in here. Now, this can be just a better understanding of your own needs or what your previous relationships reveal about them. Did Saturn in here bring a long term commitment or an ending? Or was love hard to ground? Your ruler Mercury turns retrograde in here this month. He has been in retrograde shadow for the past few weeks and even when he turns direct again on December 23 will remain in shadow until the New Year. So, expect past relationships to feature as could partners. Venus enters here from the 1st and this is her ruling house in your chart. Yes it is all about relating but it’s also about relating to yourself. You’ll find yourself looking closely at your needs and if they are being met as the full Moon illuminates those emotional longings on the 3rd – the same day as Mercury heads retrograde.

If what you are working on involves others or is aimed towards benefiting not just you, but the entire group or even the collective, then the Jupiter/Neptune trine of the 3rd could point

you towards achievement. To take advantage of this, look at work or career goals from the perspective of what you can offer or bring. The answer from the universe could come in the form of validation or success but this is from something already in motion. Although Mercury is now retrograde you can push current projects forward towards a conclusion when Mars arrives in your work sector from the 9th.

Partnerships of all descriptions continue to be in focus up until the third week of the month. With backwards Mercury impacting on your romance zone and 11th of your social life, you could even encounter that past lover. Second time around or a chapter that still needs to be lived out? You could be opting to do that now or just meet that blast from the past when Mercury runs into Venus. The Sun still in your 7th could bring news with an element of fate attached to it as it trines the North Node on the 9th and Mercury follows suit. News has the element of your fate unfolding.

The new Moon in your 7th always marks the beginning of a new phase of relationships. This is the time where you may decide to take your relationship to a new level. It’s time to make a love-affirming commitment. If not to another then to yourself. Saturn is now about to move out of your 7th and head off into your 8th. This is your house of transformation and personal power. You’re going to be given the opportunity during the next two and a half years to build something that results in a long term transformation in a key area. And also to tap into the truth that lies in your core. It’s now time to make that commitment. To be in your power, without resorting to ruthlessness or control. Or to end something you know does not work in order to create something which does. If you are entering this cycle with no-one to call your own, you have some serious thinking to do but the answers are close to hand if you seek to apply them. Relationships that have gone the distance are now locked in for the future. This is the first time Saturn has been in this area of your chart for 28 years. The Sun and then Venus move in here and both will meet Saturn. Expect what you establish now to pay off not just on a personal level but on a material one too. You’ll have the opportunity to grow your resources or others may even put their resources at your disposal. And yes, this could be your partner. Remember when it comes to transformations – going from single to being coupled up is one. Becoming a person of substance – whether in terms of self-worth, money or both, is another. Saturn is about to bring a substantial transformation into your life one way or another. And one that lasts.

In a nutshell: If you are with the right person now – put a ring on it or take that relationship to the next level now. Get ready for soul determining changes ahead.


· At long last love

· Is it time to get gorgeous?

· What returns from the past to meet you in the future?

Expect one last big emphasis on your work and welllbeing and then a big shift occurs this month. Let’s talk about romance. Let’s talk about the kind of love that lasts. Let’s talk about partnerships. But first – let’s do the work!

The month begins with Venus entering your 6th. Not really where the planet of pleasure, and romance likes to be seeing as this is your house of work – paid and unpaid. The Goddess of Gorgeous really does not ‘do’ rubber gloves and the dishes. Eat bon bons off the dishes? That’s more like it! However, the work has to be done before you can indulge and while Venus and Saturn remain in here, this will be your main focus. You have four planets in your 6th at the start of the month, plus a new Moon appearing in here on the 18th – which pushes the number of planets in here up to five. One of these is Mercury and who rules this house in your chart. Mercury is in retrograde shadow at the start of the month (which basically means the madness begins), and turns retrograde on the 3rd. He will head direct again on the 23rd but will be in retrograde shadow still until January. As he retros in his ruling house, this amps up his ability to create chaos. Especially when it comes to the areas this house governs. Not just your work – check, double check and triple check everything before sending it out, back—up important files and documents, but also your wellbeing too. This is a good time to revisit diet, exercise and health matters, especially while Saturn still remains in residence. Saturn rules our bones and teeth so check your diet for calcium. This is also a good time to visit the dentist too. If you want to get a head start warding off the effects of the season of over-indulgence, Saturn rules yoga. Unless you are unemployed, this is not a good time to go looking for a new job unless you have had had contact with or worked for, a potential employer before. It is a good transit however under which to revise your CV and take stock of your skills. Look to how you can better market yourself. The new Moon in here on the 18th points to a new phase of wellbeing rather than work. Or even a new pet for some of you (remember a pet is for life and not just Christmas!). When it comes to new directions with work, wait until Mercury heads direct again in the New Year to begin looking for something new.

All the usual Retrograde Rules apply especially with regards to travel and transport. Allow extra time to get where you are going, have a back-up plan and confirm all arrangements before leaving. And having done all that, be prepared for snafus anyway.

This month’s full Moon occurs in your mysterious 12th on the same day Mercury heads retrograde. This full Moon is therefore going to reveal something or send something from the past back to you.

It’s now time to decide what you want love to bring you, Cancer. The start of the month sees an extremely rare trine between Jupiter in your romance zone and Neptune in Jupiter’s ruling house – your 9th. A bigger, more spiritual, deeper kind of love perhaps? This may not just be for a person, but can be for an idea, a place or something you love to do. Being paid for something you love to do is also in focus and if this is something you yearn to achieve then it is time to set your purpose now as Jupiter will set a soul-determining angle to your North Node on New Year’s Eve. This could see you set a clear intenti

But in the run up to the New Year we see you 5th alight with fire, passion and expansion. Mars enters here on the 9th, fanning the flames of desire. You will actively seek out pleasure, joy and flirtation. Your capacity of fun increases as does your creative flame. With Jupiter in here this is an especially good time for getting recognition for what you do. You stay in the background now? Not likely! Of course, the biggest planetary news of the month is Saturn entering your 7th of long term partnerships which he does on the 20th. It’s been 28 years since he was last in here. Many of you will not have experienced this transit as fully fledged adults. Saturn asks for commitment and to establish something. So, many of you could take your relationships to the next stage. Getting married or moving in together is a strong possibility. With Jupiter in your house of children, others may commit to starting a family. Single? Both relationship houses – your 5th and 7th, benefit from serious and rare planetary influences. You’ll be on the look-out for something serious and a lover who you can take seriously. Anything else just won’t do now.

Saturn also rules time and calls ‘Time’s up!’ when necessary. This may mean walking away from a long term partnership for some. This is unlikely to be anything sudden as Saturn always gives fair warning. Chances are if you do leave a relationship, it is because things have not been right for quite some time.

The Sun and Venus enter your 7th on the 21st and 25th respectively. Venus is now in her ruling house and both conjunct Saturn as they enter. This could make this a very special time for many of you with commitments made and re-affirmed over the holiday season. If you have no-one to call your own, use this time to set your intentions and be very clear about what it is – or who, you are seeking. Determine what qualities you are prepared to compromise on and what you are not. Then stick to that. Saturn favours structure and planning.

All kinds of partnerships will be locked down for the future and this includes business ones and your close friendships. If a relationship has been lived out, nothing will keep you there now however. Saturn says get serious. Jupiter says expand and have fun. You can do both in 2018.

In a nutshell: You’re entering a cycle where love gets serious. Are you ready for a big commitment? Time to look at the love that lasts this month, Cancer!


· We need to talk about Ceres

· Enter a new cycle of work and wellbeing

· Fate takes you on an exciting journey

Let’s talk about about fate. Let’s talk about having to give something up in order to have something new. Above all, when it comes to fate and our path in particular, let’s talk about when we need to let go and stop struggling and acknowledge there are forces at work that are more mysterious than we may have previously thought. Sound rather deep for December? Especially as your ruler the Sun is in your fabulous 5th of all things glittery, romantic and twinkling now. Yes, you have all that sparkly stuff going on as during this month you will at one point have five – yes, five –planets sitting in your 5th, illuminating it like your very own Christmas lights. The Sun, Mercury (retrograde for most of this month and in retrograde shadow when not), Venus from the 1st, Saturn until the 20th of December and a new Moon on the 18th. This new Moon will be all about creating something or bringing romance into your life. With Mercury retrograde you could see the return of an old lover or revive a past creative venture. Something you began in the past now returns with new relevance. It’s very much an ‘Everything old is new again’ new Moon during a Mercury retrograde in the same house.

Naturally, the usual Mercury Retrograde rules apply and you should be familiar with them by now. Mercury rules travel – usually journeys short in distance or duration. So, if travelling set out early and allow for possible delays. However, Mercury retro could take you back to an old haunt especially from your childhood or see you revisiting places that you loved. You may even rediscover or reconnect to something you loved to do and had allowed to lapse. There’s beauty in every transit – even an annoying retrograde – if we just look for it.

You could start the month somewhat restless and craving something new thanks to Mars in your 3rd opposing Uranus in your 9th. Break free from any stale routines as a full Moon in your 11th on the 3rd – the same day Mercury heads retrograde, pushes you out into a wider and more exciting social scene.

Changes could already be taking place on the home front thanks to Jupiter in here and with Saturn about to arrive in your sector of work and wellbeing, this is a good time to find your roots and set a direction for the future. Your responsibilities are set to increase over the next couple of years. It’s been 28 years since Saturn has been in your 6th, so many of you will not have experienced this as fully-fledged adults. Saturn favours structure and establishing something for ourselves. With Jupiter in your house of home and security, look to where you can create a foundation or structure that supports your future. This is a unique time for all of us. But for you it could open up the doors to a new home, working from home if that is your dream, launching that side hustle or creating something that sustains you far into the future. Watch for insights into this late December as Saturn enters your 6th on the 20th and ruler the Sun enters here and meets him on the 25th. Watch out for gifts from the universe that awaken your creativity and illuminate what you can do to create a new work or lifestyle which supports and sustains you in 2018.

Now let’s look at the role fate has to play in your life this month, Leo. And in particular, let’s look at Ceres and how she is directing this for you now. In mythology, Ceres is the goddess of the harvest and associated with plenty. After all, isn’t that what harvest time is all about? But she is also associated with grief, loss and suffering. Why? Well, for one thing after the harvest comes winter when things are cut-back and barren. But again, in mythology this was when Pluto (Hades), raped and abducted Ceres’ daughter Persephone, dragging her down to live with him in the underworld. As we know, Ceres went on strike, everything stopped growing as she searched for her daughter. In the end, an arrangement had to be made

whereby Persephone spent part of the year with her mother (fertile, growing periods), and the rest of the time down below with the old ball-and-chain (winter). Now, something very interesting happened with Ceres and Pluto in modern astronomy. The day Pluto was down-graded from a planet to a dwarf planet was also the day Ceres was elevated from asteroid to dwarf planet status herself. So, Ceres in our charts can be about abundance and harvest but also about sharing and power struggles too. Right now she is in your sign and during December conjunct the North Node or Dragon’s Tail in your 1st – a karmic point which is all about destiny and fate.

This month sees ruler the Sun, Venus and retrograde Mercury trine the North Node in your 1st from your 5th – and therefore trine Ceres. It’s asking what you need to share – or where a compromise needs to be reached. It’s also asking that you look at any power struggles. Do you need to release them? If you are suffering from grief, loss or anger in any area of your life, look to Ceres and see what needs to be let go of so you can begin to plant something new to harvest later on. If you are experiencing the reverse of this – in other words, abundance and plenty, this is also Ceres working with that Jupiter in your 4th. If that is what you have, then share that. If not, find that point of compromise. Ceres is all about you reap what you sow. Sow the seeds of sharing and compromise throughout December.

In a nutshell: ‘There are more things in heaven and earth’ than you dreamed of, this month Leo. Fate is at work on some level. Time to embrace yours and dare to walk a new path.


· Surround yourself with who and what you love

· Recognition and rewards are on offer

· Yes you DO deserve passion and pleasure!

It’s all about home, family matters, your lifestyle and your long term security during December, Virgo. What do you need to revisit or revise? As it is the holiday season, many of us may be travelling home or to visit family. Where we call home or a place of our own, our roots especially will be themes now. Your 4th house which shelters all of these themes and asks you to create a foundation, continues to be impacted by Saturn for three more weeks. Not only that, on Dec 18th you will have a total of five planets in here. The Sun, your ruler Mercury, Venus, Saturn and a new Moon. Just two days later, Saturn will move out into your 5th and will not return here for another 28 years. What’s more, Mercury is retrograde in here from the 3rd until the 23rd and in what we call ‘retrograde shadow’ all month. Has there ever been a better time for renovating, redecorating, re-mortgaging, revisiting and revising not just those home, but those career plans too? Probably not.

Jupiter in your 3rd will make a rare angle to Neptune in your 7th on the 3rd making this a wonderful day for partnership matters of all kinds. And with a cosmic backdrop that is about to focus on your 5th house, this includes potential partners too.

This month’s full Moon appears in your house of career. Time to bring to fruition projects or plans that gain you professional recognition. This could even mark you striking out in a new, bolder career direction. Or see you in a position where you can impress and act with authority. With the slew of planets in your 4th (the Moon’s ruling house), do not underestimate the potential impact of this full Moon. Above all, do not let your emotions, especially those around your abilities, interfere with your professionalism. It’s all about commitment to a long term path now.

This December, the usual Retrograde Rules across all other Mercury ruled subjects applies. By now you should know them the same way Arya Stark recites her to-die-for list. But in your house of home, add the following: domestic appliances, home and contents insurances and repairs. Don’t buy new appliances unless the ones you have break down. Make sure all insurance policies are up-to-date, provide adequate cover and re-new if necessary. Undertake repairs. Above all, use this retrograde and Saturn’s final weeks in this sector of your chart to look closely at what you have managed to build, establish or structure around your home, lifestyle or long term career. What foundations have you laid that provide you with some kind of security – emotional or otherwise, for your future? If you have neglected to plan for this during Saturn’s time in here, then you need to focus on this now. It’s all about the structure that supports you as well as bricks and mortar.

Venus in your 4th is all about beautifying your home environment or enhancing your lifestyle in some way. You’ll be more focused on entertaining at home during this cycle than going out . Mercury meets Venus and trines your North Node in your 12th. There’s a slightly mysterious feel to this. Family secrets could surface and with a Mercury retro there is always a link to your past – especially when Mercury meets Venus mid-month. What returns to you now could be something or someone designed to sustain you for the long term Others could see help from a female. The new Moon in here on the 18th opens you up to your true feelings. About your family, or the one you have created, your home and your long term goals when it comes to lasting security. Who or what gives you that? It’s all about your sense of place.

Saturn moves signs every two and a half years and he exits your 4th and enters your 5th on the 20th bringing to an end this emphasis on structures that support you, and now getting us to look at the hard work of having fun. The 5th is all about play, children, romance, attraction and attention. So, Saturn in the 5th can have astrologers scratching their heads because on the surface Saturn has nothing in common with the pleasure-driven 5th. Or they will just tell you to forget about all that fun stuff for the two and a half years Saturn is in here. Saturn in here may bring us down to earth with a bump. But a touch of realism on occasion never hurt anyone. So, the upside of all this is that you are less likely to waste time on a romantic connection that is not going to pay off for you than at any other. Simply put, this can translate into no time wasters and no broken hearts either. Love now gets real.

The other plus sides of Saturn in here is that when it comes to turning a passion into your profession, Saturn gives you the staying power and the strategy to do this. Saturn can bring you or your work to the attention of people in positions of influence. You can still shine under a Saturn transit. Where we can go wrong with Saturn is when we don’t have a plan. Or worse, when we feel we don’t belong ‘up

there’ with the people who have ‘made it’. People blame Saturn for restrictions when in fact, the only restrictions that hold us back are those we place on ourselves. The Sun quickly follows Saturn in here on the 21st – the day of the Solstice and Venus follows on the 25th. Both conjunct Saturn the day they enter. Ensure you embrace the lighter side of the holiday season now and don’t be a spectator. Above all, if attending family gatherings, try not to take things too seriously. Saturn in our 5th can have us asking not just whether we deserve to succeed, but enjoy ourselves. Have we ‘earned’ it? What Saturn wants us to understand is that we don’t need permission to shine or even have fun. By all means get serious about love, your creativity and your desire to soar in 2018. Then give yourself permission to not only have what you want. But to enjoy the process of getting it too.

In a nutshell: Time to give yourself permission to shine, Virgo. Not just in the holiday season but on into 2018. Embrace passion and let it lift you up where you belong.


· Does love wash up from the past?

· Time to create something lasting

· Second time around chances feature

Crossed wires or just Cupid going crazy? Or maybe a bit of both? Ruler Venus arrives in your 3rd of communication this month. Just in time for Mercury already in residence in here, to go backwards two days later. Remember in mythology, Mercury literally acted as Venus’s go-to guy to deliver her love notes. She had something to say, Mercury was her FedEx. So, who remembers the movie Castaway with Tom Hanks? Not that you are likely to get washed up on a desert island with nothing but a basketball for company this holiday season – despite a full Moon in your 9th of long distance travel on the 3rd. As this is the day Mercury heads backwards, if you are travelling, allow extra time for your journey however. Mercury is in retrograde in his ruling house. So his ability to crate mayhem, madness and miscommunications is supersized along with this full Moon. But if you have anything to say, you will now say it. This full Moon asks for full expression. You can also bring your expressive abilities to bear on anything to do with writing or publishing. Just proofread it carefully before it goes out under a Mercury retro.

So where does Castaway fit in to all this? For the uninitiated – and I do suggest if you are, that you watch it after reading this, Tom plays a FedEx employee whose aircraft crashes. He washes up on a desert island with a load of FedEx packages and spends years there before he comes up with a way to sail away. He undoubtedly crashed on a Mercury retrograde and it probably took another retrograde years later for him to leave. It’s a very Merc retro film. At the very start of the film we see a woman send a FedEx package on which she draws a pair of angel wings. This package is washed ashore but it is the one Tom Hanks never opens. When he returns to civilisation he takes the package back to the sender but she is not home when he gets there. I won’t give away any spoilers

for those of you who have not seen it. The angel wings of course also represent Mercury’s winged sandals.

So, what washes up from your past this month? Or have you found yourself apparently stranded on a strange shore? What I can tell you is that even if you were to feel like a Castaway, you’re not lost this December. In fact, you’re in the process of paving the way for something real or solid in 2018 – especially when it comes to where you live or your career. You could however be dealing with people or projects from your past, and with Venus in here along with the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and a new Moon on the 18th, old lovers and second chances at anything from romance to that job you missed out on could surface. Who knew island life could be so busy? Whatever crazy messages Cupid may deliver (whether they come in a box with wings on it or not), do remember that Mercury retros can cause misunderstandings. Be especially careful with emails and texts and try to apply your mental editor before sending to ensure they cannot be interpreted any way other than the one you mean. The same goes for the messages you receive in turn especially from partners and loved ones. There is a real risk now of you thinking they mean one thing when they meant it another way entirely. When in doubt, ask for clarification or use the phone. You’ll be glad you did.

With Jupiter working in your money zone you should be now seeing an improvement in your finances. Hopefully you have a long term plan in place for what you are going to use any extra cash heading your way. Jupiter always expands and while he is in here you should be earning and handling larger amounts of money than you have done for some time. The trick is to ensure your spending does not increase in direct proportion. All your assets could be set to increase during Jupiter’s stay in this house. This can include your savings and also your talents, skills and self-worth. You are in a position now that you have not been for a very long time to use the extra money coming your way to build something lasting for your future. Saturn moves out of your 3rd on the 20th and on into your 4th of home, security and long term planning. He has not taken up residence in this house in your chart for 28 years. So, many of you will not have experienced him in here as fully fledged adults. During his two and a half year stay in here, you should see yourself in a position to establish a solid foundation for yourself. Either in the form of a home, a career or business, or some other form of security that acts as supporting structure in your life. It’s time to build something concrete. Jupiter is set to help supply the funds. Saturn will provide the staying power and commitment.

At some point during 2018, expect to construct a home, lifestyle or career which provides the bedrock for you for many years to come. Think of this as soul sustainability. Shortly after Saturn enters your 4th, the Sun follows and meets him on the 21st. Mercury heads direct again on the 23rd – be aware he is still in retrograde shadow. By the time ruler Venus follows the Sun and meets Saturn on the 25th, you may have some inkling as to what it is you want to design, build or establish. You’re taking your ambitions more seriously and what is more, are now prepared to bring them to fruition.

December can offer you the opportunity to lay some serious foundations which you can build up from in 2018. You have your ‘angel’ financier in Jupiter. And your master builder in Saturn. What you construct could just be designed to last. You’re a castaway no more but sailing home now.

In a nutshell: The opportunity to build something lasting is about to present itself. This could be anything from a home, to a lifestyle or a business. Get ready to lay the foundations, Libra.



· Glamour, romance, recognition. Step into the spotlight

· Get ready to bring ideas into reality

· Baby, it’s cold outside but you’re on fire!

Venus in her ruling house in your chart? Money and worldly, sensual delights propel you forward into the festive season. Plus you have a new Moon appearing in here on the 18th hinting at a new source of income or at the very least, a boost for your bank account. Also, Venus will make a fabulous trine to the North Node in your career zone which could see your path to success activated. A full Moon in your 8th speaks of you being able to tap into a well of personal power and transformation. Jupiter in your 1st is giving you the confidence to reach for something bigger. He makes an ultra-rare trine to Neptune in your romance zone at the start of the month drawing to you creative self-expression, beauty, romance and opportunities for glamour and recognition. Plus you have your ancient ruler Mars arriving in your sign this month adding the alchemical mix of desire and passion. Baby, it may be cold outside but feel the heat! That’s you now.

With all this going on, what do you need to remain aware of? Your 2nd is a crowded house throughout most of December. You begin the month with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn in here. This rises to five planets at the time of the new Moon. So, money, assets and resources will dominate the majority of December. But Mercury heads retrograde the day the full Moon appears in your 8th. The sub-theme may now be going over how you utilise those resources as opposed to how much or how many of them you have. Saturn has been in this house in your chart for the past two and a half years. Hopefully during his stay you have learned about how the choices and decisions you made about your money and other assets in the past, created your present financial situation. This also includes how you have utilised other assets such as your talents, skills and of course, your self-worth. Mercury retrograde in here is giving you one last go-around to show how well you have been paying attention during Professor Saturn’s Economics 101 class. So, it’s not about how much you may have – or how little. But what you have chosen to do with it.

Mercury retrograde is always about ‘re’ words. In fact, stick to ‘re’ words and you won’t go too far wrong. So, in your money house think re-financing, re-budgeting, recalculating, reallocating, reconciling and yes, resource is a ‘re’ word too. Just as the decisions you made about money in the past shaped where you are with it today, the choices you make now are creating your financial future. Once you ‘get’ this, Professor Saturn gives you a pass grade and sets you on the road to financial freedom. Saturn rules structure (have a plan) and also our core, our inner strength and our ability to control our impulses. He’s all about delayed gratification. And he’s not being mean about it. Usually he wants us to delay that gratification in order to have something so much better. And more lasting. Think of it this way. You dream of taking that trip of a lifetime. Perhaps it’s driving Route 66.

Or canoeing up the Orinoco. Or some super-luxury five star spa high on a lake in the Andes that you would never forget. But wait! What’s this? Look at that shoe sale. Deep down inside you know you should ignore it and continue to save. But surely just one pair of shoes won’t matter? Or a dress. Or those pants. You need a treat. Not in two years’ time when you board the aircraft. NOW. But the shoes pinched, you only wore the dress twice and the pants fell off their hanger and you forgot you had them. Then when you found them they didn’t fit anymore. And you’re still saying that one day, you will save enough to go on that trip. Saturn in your 2nd asks you to establish your priorities, and cements your core strength which grounds you to them.

If you now have a plan that would put the World Bank to shame, Saturn can set you free to achieve the financial goals that really support you. On December 20, he moves out of your money house and in to your 3rd of ideas, communications, your neighbourhood, commerce and study. Words have weight during this cycle. It’s all about the power of ideas and also thinking before you speak. Saturn asks for construction. I’m not just talking grammar here. But what you can create with what you communicate. Saturn in here can provide you with the staying power to see through that idea, write than manuscript or start that business venture. He’s not been in this house in your chart for 28 years. This means many of you will discover for the first time the lasting impact of Saturn-talk. Saturn rules authority which contains the word ‘author’ of course. More than any other house, Saturn in our 3rd asks if we have authority over our own lives, ideas or direction – in other words, are we able to author our own thoughts, ideas and future, or have we given this over to someone else? Self-authorship can be our task with Saturn in your 3rd.

The Sun enters here on the 21st and immediately bumps into Saturn so we may get immediate feedback on something we have said or written. Don’t forget, this is Mercury’s ruling house in your chart and he is about to move forward once more on the 23rd. Think now about what you are going to send and send out. Venus also moves into your 3rd on the 25th and she too immediately bumps into Saturn adding diplomacy, creativity and infusing what you say with love now. What you say or your ideas can have lasting results for the next two and a half years. Choose your words wisely now.

In a nutshell: It’s not what you have but how you use it. It’s not what you say but how you say it. Time to test out those ideas and use them as building blocks for your future.


· Optimism returns

· Break free of restrictions

· Reframe the past and re-set your future

Lighten the load this December, Sag. After the heavy going of Saturn in your 1st for the past two and a half years, the ringed planet moves out of your sign on December 20. And won’t be back for another 28 years. Responsibilities may have felt like a burden, you may also have felt restricted or limited on many levels. Forward progress may have required extra effort from you. Or you may just have ended up feeling you were running as fast as you could only to stay in one place (the Saturn treadmill effect). All that ends with a new cycle beginning which is all about your soul path and purpose plus the financial rewards from following this.

The upside of Saturn in your 1st? Well, you now have a wealth of wisdom and experience to call on when making choices for your future. You should have seen and owned the process of how your choices and decisions in the past created your life in the present. Take this invaluable learning and now make new choices to shape a very different future. Being more centered, confident and with a strong core of belief in yourself is another of Saturn’s gifts when he visits our 1st house. You’re a force now to be reckoned with and the author of your future. That’s a blank page for you to write on now. So, what are you planning on penning? It’s a fresh chapter.

This birthday season sees five – yes five, planets in your 1st house. You have four in here at the start of the month when Venus arrives – joining the Sun, Mercury and Saturn. On the 18th we have a new Moon in your 1st which bumps up the total to five before the party starts to break up. From the start of the month, what can you expect? Well, with Venus in here and a full supermoon in your opposite 7th on the 3rd (the same day as Mercury heads retrograde in your 1st), this first week could be all about what needs to be said – with love of course. What have you been putting off saying to a partner or someone close to you? Venus adds that touch of diplomacy which sometimes you’re lacking even if your intentions are true. So make the most of this. Ruler Jupiter sitting in your 12th makes an extremely rare angle to Neptune (who rules your 12th) in your 4th of home, family or emotional security also on the 3rd. This just adds to your ability to bring about the best outcome but also points to a major and beneficial change coming in with regards to your living arrangements or long term security in 2018.

Needless to say, I should not need to run through the Retrograde Rules with you. Mercury will move direct again on the 23rd but he will remain in retrograde shadow until January. With him in your 1st, any mayhem may seem to be directed at your personally with no other intention but to cause you the maximum amount of inconvenience. I should not therefore need to emphasise the need to back up all important files and allow extra time for travelling. Your past is going to feature in a highly personal way. Much of this will centre around putting it all into perspective which is part of Saturn’s lasting gift to you. Revelations may occur which in fact free you of ties to events in the past when the Sun and retro Mercury bump into one another on the 13th or watch for something you thought you had missed out on returning to you now. When it comes to what ties you to the past – you may not even have been aware they existed. Shed the burden now and fly free.

The new Moon in our sign always marks the official start of our new cycle, no matter when our birthday actually falls. It’s all about the new. Perhaps updating your image so you tell the world this is a new cycle. Expect new people and new experiences to enter your life. Author yourself a new outlook and a new future at the same time.

Saturn exits your 1st and moves into your 2nd on the 20th. Again, this is his first visit in here for 28 years so many of you will never have experienced this as fully fledged, wage earning adults. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that Saturn’s associations with restriction are going to necessarily mean less money. There are many many millionaires and billionaires born with Saturn in their 2nd house. Saturn in here gives you the ambition and the staying power to increase your material assets and better leverage your talents and skills. You can bring maturity and self-control to financial matters and in doing so, create the very financial framework necessary to give you the freedom you crave. Now that doesn’t sound like you are being short-changed now, does it? Above all, Saturn asks you to take responsibility for the financial decisions you have made in the past and if they have been the wrong ones, to learn from this and make a fresh start. Managing your money and understanding it is how you utilise your resources that is important, creates the foundation for your bank account to increase. You should be in a position to take on more financial responsibility or become more aware of where you have over-extended yourself in the past (self-worth responsibility).

The Sun follows Saturn in to your 2nd on the 21st and immediately bumps in to him. The 23rd sees Mercury head direct again and themes from the past start to fade away as the future beckons you forward. As Venus who rules your 2nd enters here on the 25th and she too encounters Saturn, it’s time to examine your long term relationship with money, come up with a new one and look forward to a profitable relationship for your future. Working behind the scenes or investing in something for the long term could lead to a breakthrough that offers both freedom and security for you in 2018. As they say – follow the money.

In a nutshell: Get ready to make serious inroads into finances and create something which sustains you. This buys you what you value the most: Freedom.


· State your intentions – then commit

· Time to embrace serious dreams for serious success

· What do you want to take into the future with you?

One last deep soul clearing and decluttering takes place this December during the final weeks your ruler Saturn spends in your 12th house. In fact, we begin the month with a total of four planets in here. Venus enters here on the 1st joining the Sun, Mercury and Saturn.

And on the 18th when the new Moon appears, we have a total of five planets in here. Your psychic and intuitive abilities soar and you would be well advised to remember that you ignore your intuition now at your peril. Soul insights, precognitive dreams and spiritual truths are resources the universe is putting at your disposal now. Please utilise them.

The 12th is your house of the past. With Mercury set to turn retrograde in here, while the past during a Mercury retro can return in some way, shape or form for all of us, when Mercury heads backwards in this house, it will feature even more prominently. For you during this retrograde period, the past can represent a trap. So if it does reappear in any guise now, bring those intuitive abilities to bear. You’re being asked to let go of what no longer serves you so you can step into the future un-fettered and free.

This month’s full Moon is also a Supermoon and appears on the 3rd in your house of work and wellbeing. You may find it illuminates what needs to be brought to a close or completion or again, released between now and the new Moon in your 12th on the 18th. Mercury retrograde means you get to re-evaluate and review habits, routines, your work, your diet and exercise (or lack thereof!) and see how this supports you over the long term. When it comes to health and wellbeing, this is especially important now with your ruler Saturn about to make his move. Of course, the usual Retrograde Rules apply as well so please don’t ignore these especially as Mercury retrogrades in your house of escapism and hidden enemies. On other words, lack of attention by you could bring about an extra dose of Mercury Mayhem. Plan for the future, but act fully in the moment.

For all Capricorns, the third week of December and the Solstice period is not just about your birthday. It is also about one of the most important transits you can experience. After a 28 year absence, Saturn your ruler arrives in your 1st on Dec 20th. This is a time of new beginning hence the importance of letting go of anything that no longer serves your growth. Many of you will not have experienced the power of your ruler in here as fully-fledged independent adults. You now have two and a half years to integrate this energy. During this time Saturn will at some point conjunct your natal Sun. For those of you born on the 21st December, you will not only be having your Solar Return as the Sun enters your sign, but experiencing a once-in-28-year transit. Venus will also enters your 1st on the 25th and will meet Saturn in here that day too.

For many of you, this marks the culmination of an important personal cycle or the start of a new one – or for some both. From now until the start of the New Year and continuing in the Retrograde Shadow which remains until January even though Mercury moved direct on the 23rd, you will be engaged in an intense process of assessment and conclusion. It’s not a good time to launch the new just yet. This is your final stock take period as Saturn will immediately have you looking at what has worked for you – and what hasn’t. You’ve learned so much from this, haven’t you Capricorn? You’ll put the final touches to what needs to be finished, discard what doesn’t work or salvage what does, and then prepare to move forward in 2018 with a new determination that comes from knowing not just what works for you, but what you want now. Remember, Saturn rewards like no other planet for learning his lessons and putting in the hard work. Only take forward what you need into your new cycle and approach the future unburdened by what you don’t.

In a nutshell: A once-in-a-28-year cycle begins. Time to get serious about what you want. You’re poised for achievement now – and serious rewards if you commit to your path.


· Everything old is new again!

· Get a high speed connection to spiritual wisdom

· Love and soul purpose fuse for mystical magical results

Old friends, old hang outs, old contacts and even old ideas, could return with a brand new relevance for you as the year draws to a close, Aquarius. Everything old is new again? While next door sign of Capricorn is having a de-clutter, you’re opening up that closet and discovering a world of retro treasures you had forgotten about and now realise never went out of style! Maybe you had an idea in the past and now find its time has come. You are always the sign that’s ahead of the curve, Aquarius. Whether it’s with your fashion choices, your insights or your ability to innovate. December begins with four – yes, four, count’ em – planets in your 11th house. And you are of course, the 11th house of the zodiac. So you’re totally vibeing off the planetary trends now. Venus enters here on the 1st joining the Sun, Mercury and Saturn. Her arrival could see beautiful encounters with friends old and new. The first weekend of December is not one to stay home and binge watch that boxset. You have a full SuperMoon in your 5th of fun and lovers – romance could even beckon. And with Mercury retrograde on the same day you could also revive old connections or find yourself meeting the past in some way. Perhaps by getting together at an old haunt. It’s a dancing in the moonlight kind of weekend. Ditch the new season of Lucifer and be the Morningstar instead.

Your 11th is also your house of goals, wishes and dreams. Let me ask you how many of them have been reached during the past two and a half years? Have you made a serious commitment to manifestation? Also who has crossed your path who may help or support you in doing this? You should have made at least one influential or serious connection during this period. Friends and even larger groups would have been locked in for the long term or have been let go of. The same goes for your goals. With Mercury retrograde until the 23rd, it’s time to re-examine those goals for relevance. All ‘re’ words apply during a Mercury retrograde cycle. And as the retrograde occurs in your social sector, as well as the usual Rules you also need to bear in mind the following: reconfirm all arrangements and bookings with friends prior to setting out and allow extra time for getting there. Have a back-up plan for getting home if you know you are staying out late and you are relying on public transport. If Mercury retro can throw a spanner in your social works, he will. But the positive side of this is that if you reconnect with old friends you will feel like no time at all has passed and you will pick up where you left off. Old haunts will seem new again on some level. As if you are seeing everything with fresh eyes. If you are returning to an old neighbourhood over the holiday period, while it will seem familiar on many levels it will also appear fresh and new. What can you rediscover or reclaim?

The new Moon in here on the 18th won’t just rekindle connections but could bring you new ones. It’s the time to be out and about and the season to be jolly. This new Moon has you wanting to spread the happiness and festive spirit. You’re keen to connect, find out about new people and discover new social scenes and groups. You could receive a few business cards and exchange numbers now. Hang on to them as at least one is going to turn out to be significant. This is also the perfect time to commit to a new goal and re-affirm your intentions towards an old one.

Of course the biggest transit of the month and one of the most significant for all of us is Saturn moving signs on Dec 20. He spends approximately two and a half years in each sign and takes 28 years to complete an orbit of the Sun and return to where he was in the sky when we were born (your Saturn Return). So, as he enters your 12th, it’s been 28 years since he last visited this house of your chart. Many of you may not have experienced this transit as fully-fledged adults. And those who have – well, 28 years is a long time. And your 12th house is extremely mysterious. What to expect? Aside from the mystery that is.

Let’s first look at what Saturn has been up to just prior to entering your 12th. He’s been conjunct the Galactic Centre. This is a powerful placement in our charts (and in our galaxy for that matter). It’s where the stars meet and collide and where if we believe this, universal wisdom is channelled from. This should have given you a high speed connection to download what is coming your way. This is the house of perception vs. reality. In other words, how you think things are vs. how they really are. Saturn will now give you a reality check if you need it. Saturn in your 12th is not a good transit under which to launch a new project, Why? Because our 12th is all about the mystical, spiritual realm. Seeing as Saturn is linked to our career, reputation and achievement, how does he fit in to all this? Well, Saturn rules our karma and the 12th rules our soul path, purpose, our past lives and our future ones. When you look at it this way, the connection is easy to make. Saturn rules our 10th house in our charts and what you need to do is look at the big picture. Which planet is in your 10th? That’s right, Jupiter. Jupiter expands. Saturn anchors us. You can bring universal insight and spiritual truths to bear on all things ‘Saturnian’ now – your career and your reputation and at the same time, tap into Jupiter’s success and down-right ‘lucky’ – or should I say ‘happy go lucky’ potential.

The Sun arrives in here on the 21st – the day the year pivots as this is the solstice and immediately meets Saturn in here shining the light on insight and the way forward. The 25th sees a gift in that Venus also enters here and she too encounters Saturn. You may have thought past themes came to an end when Mercury moved direct on the 23rd. Think again. Those who have crossed your path before – in this life and in others, connect to you now. The next two and a half years are going to be all about dealing with the past in order to create your future when Saturn moves into your 1st. People will help. People will hinder. There are going to be people you never forget and those you let go. Whatever role they play, they and you have played this before. Observe what this is and go deeper. Saturn is about to help you course correct. To pay back karmic debts if owed and see them paid to you in return. You can even create new karma as Saturn will let you re-write the book of time if your intentions are selfless and true. Mysteries are yours to unlock now and Saturn offers you the key.

In a nutshell: What can you discover in the House of Forgotten Dreams? Time to reclaim something you gave up and resurrect it – be it an old connection, love or dream now. 


· Become part of a bigger dream

· What is it that you and only you can bring?

· Ride a flying horse to the stars!

You’ve had Saturn in his ruling house in your chart for the past two and a half years. During his transit you have been asked to learn from all things ‘Saturnian’. Your reputation, your long term career has been in focus, or alternatively you have been asked to build or establish something lasting. December begins with Saturn still in residence in this sector of your chart – but only for just under three more weeks. You also have the Sun, Mercury and Venus in here – Venus arrives on the 1st, and a new Moon wanting to open doors for you on the 18th. So, before Saturn exits this house you will feel the benefit of five planets asking what it is you want to achieve or build. And more importantly, what to understand what you have learned from this? Call this your final exam as Saturn exits here on the 20th and will not return for another 28 years.

Be a spiritual revisionist for the first three weeks of December and see even career and material progress as a spiritual journey. What happens when you do? The full Moon at the start of the month is in her ruling house in your chart. Expect family, your home or even your long term career to be in focus or for strong feelings to surface at this time as this is a Supermoon. You could be looking for reassurance from those close to you – or be asked for it in return. This full Moon can see us feeling extra vulnerable but also extra intuitive too. You will be especially sensitive to the moods of those around you. Because of this, watch for over-sensitivity as you may misinterpret what someone says when that was not what they meant at all. The reason? This is also the day Mercury turns retrograde and remains so until Dec 23. This is an excellent full Moon for resolving family matters or talking about anything relating to your home, living arrangements or long term security however.

Jupiter in your 9th and his ruling house in your chart, makes an oh-so-rare angle to ruler Neptune in your 1st on the same day. I could say ‘Once in a lifetime’ – it’s that special. Both planets are in their ruling houses. Both planets are your rulers. So, they have many things in common. Higher learning. Belief systems. Truth (although Neptune can hide this, at his heart he wants us to seek it out). Exploration – of knowledge, other lands, the unknown and

with Neptune the deep side of life. Insight. And horses. Jupiter rules large animals and the sign of the centaur –Sagittarius. But in mythology it was Neptune who created horses. So, don’t be surprised if some of these themes come galloping out of the surf towards you now. Especially with a Mercury retrograde happening. You may revise your spiritual beliefs, plan a trip (plan but don’t book it yet until Mercury is direct), develop your psychic abilities (exploring strange new worlds), decide to do something to help others or even animals, or yes, learn to ride or think about getting a horse. Pegasus is a good symbol of this transit as he represents the essence of both planets – freedom and flight to wherever you want to go. If you stumble upon Pegasus – images, objects, jewellery (a friend of mine has a Pegasus necklace) or reading, pay attention. This may be no coincidence but Jupiter and Neptune telling you which direction to take flight in now!

You have one more career aligning boost before Saturn shifts from your 10th and that is a new Moon in here on Dec 18. Although Mercury retrograde says this is not the time to push forward with new plans, it is the time to formulate them and also look to your professional image. You could find yourself dealing with people in authority now. People are watching you – how you work and how you come across. Be aware of this and act and look the part. Your ambitions are re-awakened now and perhaps in a fresh direction. You’re in a position to influence now. Use this.

Saturn shifting signs is not quite as rare as a Jupiter/Neptune trine in their ruling houses. However, the ringed planet only visits each house in our charts once every 28 years. On December 20 he moves out of his ruling house in your chart (notice how many planets you have had in their houses this month?!), and on into your 11th. As it is 28 years since he was in here, many of you will be socialising with Saturn in here as fully fledged adults for the first time. So, what can you expect? This is your house of friends, groups, dealing with the collective and goals, wishes and dreams. While Saturn is in here for the next two and a half years, friendships will get locked in for the long term – or you will discover there is no longer any resonance there and let people go. You will also be looking closely at who you hang out with and seeing how they reflect on you. There’s a growing understanding of how the company you keep says so much about who you are. Older friends or those who if not older, have a great deal of life experience, feature. You may make one particular friend who may be from a very different background or social scene than who you usually connect with. This person could be destined to have a huge impact on your future in some way.

Saturn in your 10th is all about individual success. Saturn in your 11th is all about group success and your contribution to that. Collaborative efforts and working as part of an organisation or structure is favoured now. Saturn in here is about integrating your individuality with others. It’s about coming together and achieving more than you ever could have done as individuals. Working for a large organisation, being part of something are all things favoured by Saturn in here. It’s not about being a cog in the machine, but an individual part that makes up the whole. Your goals, wishes and dreams are ruled by this

house. As the Sun moves in here and conjuncts Saturn on the 21st, this could focus your attention on those which involve others or a wider audience. Is there anything you want to launch for 2018? Venus heads in here on the 25th and she too meets Saturn. The focus is now slightly different, perhaps highlighting those personal wishes and dreams around love or creativity. Know that you will be able to make significant progress towards or attain at least one major goal during the next two and a half years. Plus Saturn will deliver someone with the ability to help you on your path.

As the year draws to a close, Mars in your expansive 9th makes a soul-releasing angle to Neptune. This could just trigger a new surge of passion around the themes you saw emerge during the Jupiter/Neptune trine at the start of the month. You’ve a desire to explore now and you’re not about to wait for the New Year or anyone’s permission to go after whatever represents freedom for you. Head into 2018 with confidence, Pisces. And know that you’re part of a very big picture now.

In a nutshell: Time for one last focus on personal career goals. Then see how working as part of something bigger could bring you even greater success for the future, Pisces.

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