Monthly Astrology Forecast June 2020

June monthly horoscope

Monthly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 2020


Get your love mojo back!

Intuition guides you towards hidden truths

Seize the moment and break free

We’re not only still in retrograde weather – we’re now in eclipse weather too, Aries. Time to proceed slowly and with caution when it comes to property matters. Buying, selling, renting or leasing, roommates, sharers, Airbnb’s. All this and more! Here’s your guide to navigating an intense June!

One step at a time

Your best rule here is only take one step at a time. And then only when that next step is perfectly clear. Don’t count on anything. Delays, indecision, chains, reversals or in some cases even hidden elements may feature. If you are now looking at a move – please check everything carefully. Get expert advice and read the small print if signing anything. Especially connected to your as Mercury retroshadow begins in your 4th on the 2nd. Mercury will pull a full reverse from the 18th. And it will not clear its retroshadow phase until next month.

Retro Rule: If it comes back it’s yours

However, in some cases this can work in your favour. An Aries friend of mine once saw the dream property she lost out on, get put back on the market during a Mercury retrograde. Needless to say, she made it hers.

Something you thought done and dusted, signed off on or agreed could change or return. It may smack of bias. Or even an attitude you have had to deal with in the past. But now you have a whole new toolkit at your disposal. Vesta meets the North Node in your 3rd on the 3rd. The same day as the Sun conjuncts retro Venus. Does someone want something all their own way – still? If so, you are unlikely to go along with this any longer as the following day the Sun squares ruler Mars in your 12th while Vesta moves off into your 4th. This is no time to be disempowered by someone’s demands.

Reality Check

That ‘one step at a time’ rule applies on the 5th. We have an eclipsed full Moon in your 9th. The way ahead may suddenly feel unclear. As if you’ve lost your sense of direction. Read this month’s general forecast for more insight into what to do if this occurs. It’s asking you to follow on where your instincts are taking you as it triggers a powerful aspect with ruler Mars.

Sure, this is no time to hesitate when it comes to what you know needs to be done. But at the same time, it is also telling you not to be impulsive. You may need to wait to see what’s real and what isn’t. Simply call this a scrambled signal. However, this can also be a break-free moment for you. Amazing outcomes could be the result as retro Venus in your 3rd flirts with Chiron in your 1st on the 9th. Plus, if you never expected to hear from someone again – this could simply let you know to never say never again.

News has a fated flavour

The Sun meets the North Node in your 3rd which could bring you pivotal news on or around the 20th. This occurs hours before it arrives in your 4th and marks the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter in the Southern.

Hidden whispers and rings of truth

It’s ‘follow the bread crumbs’ season in your very own fairy tale as the year pivots, Aries. Mercury is now in retro-active motion. Plus we have the second eclipse occurring on the 21st. The new Moon brings us an annular solar eclipse. This will also make a challenging angle to retrograde Saturn. Use extra caution with any property dealings and career matters.

Eclipses conceal in a key area of our lives. We are literally in the dark about something. An annular eclipse is one that produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos. So, while something is concealed, there’s a ‘ring of truth’ we get a glimpse of.

Go with your gut above all else now. No matter what contradictions or denials you are meeting in the outside world. Think of your gut feelings as that trail of breadcrumbs you follow out of the dark woods of concealment into the light. This could involve your living arrangements, your family, those you live with or even your reputation. Along with that moon-walking Mercury retro, nothing is decided so don’t jump to conclusions. Wait this one out.

Be open to the truth – especially in love

Neptune is a planet which spends almost half the year in retrograde motion. Remember as it heads backwards in its ruling 12th, that retrogrades are illusions and these are what Neptune rules! So, when retro Neptune’s illusions can be revealed for what they truly are. That information hidden within the eclipses may now begin to come to light. Love finally gets the green light once more as Venus moves forward on the 25th. And expect any illusions around love to be shed and left behind now.

End the month in power mode!

You leap back to being your usual assertive, sexy, powerful self as ruler Mars enters your 1st on the 28th. Plug into your power, Aries! You have had plenty of time to think about what it is you want and now you are unafraid to go for it. Shrug off any remaining self-doubts but continue to remain aware of the information your intuition is feeding you. That’s the killer combination of action and insight you can bring to any situation now.

June ends with another pivotal and transformational meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn. We last saw this occur in April. This time is slightly different as both planets are retrograde. There could be another opportunity to reach for that higher path or solution. You are being asked to stretch yourself. To discover what you are capable of and are made of. The Right Stuff? That’s you now, Aries.

In a nutshell:

There are things known and there are things unknown. And in between is your intuition, Aries. It acts as a door to the truth so pay attention. Love gets a green light again.



Go with what your heart tells you

Trust your instincts

You know where the truth lies

Ruler Venus ends its retroshadow cycle in its ruling 2nd from the 25th. This should remove those blocks between you, love and the flow of abundance. Even before this happens, it doesn’t mean that Venus can’t and won’t deliver benefits. Or that old loves or a money-making opportunity can’t be revived. The Sun in here up until the 20th tells you – look up those old loves. And maybe show those talents some love too!

You know what needs to change

Be aware that Mercury begins its retroshadow phase in its ruling 3rd from the 2nd. It heads into full reverse from the 18th. I should not need to emphasise the importance of putting the Retro Rules in place from the start of the month. Mercury’s retro phase in a ruling house is likely to bring even more delays, snafus, chaos and confusion than usual. The beauty of astrology is that we draw on the effects transits have had in the past.

Astrology gives you the heads-up so you can prepare accordingly. Back up, reconfirm, allow extra time if travelling, check and double check anything you communicate or send ‘out there’. And steer clear of contracts, paperwork, launching anything from that blog to that business, buying a new car, phone or computer, or applying for that new job. However, in the background lies something that needs to change. And chances are you know what this is but have been putting off tackling it.

What’s your redefined role here?

Vesta’s arrival in your 3rd could mark discussions about who does what around your daily duties (paid or unpaid). Is it time for some delegation especially around home and those you live with? Try to wrap up any negotiations, money discussions or table that subject you may have avoided talking about on the 5th when the full Moon appears in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th.

Mystery and enigma

This full Moon comes packaged in mystery and enigma as it is an eclipse. It wants you to face a truth you may have been avoiding. If there is a voice deep within you which is saying ‘I’m not happy’ – pay attention to it. Is it time to have the courage to tackle this once and for all? It’s asking you what ‘price’ you put on your happiness. Or why you may fear to make the changes in order to have it. Eclipses rarely reveal their purpose at the time they occur. So, tune in to your desire for freedom on some level that you know this change would bring. Then take action accordingly.

So worth it!

Of course, this is all inextricably linked to your self-worth. Even eclipsed, full Moons shine their light into the house opposite the one they are in. In other words, your 2nd where your ruler is retrograde and also you have the North Node. The 20th sees the Sun meet the North Node in here and we are now two days in to the full Mercury retrograde in your 3rd. Something may occur or should I say, re-occur that allows you to see the need to make that change. Who makes it happen? You do. Hours after meeting the Node, the Sun arrives in your 3rd marking the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter in the Southern.

Wait for the bigger picture

Things may still be unclear as the year pivots. But don’t ignore those needs, Taurus. Just stay connected to that emotional lodestar within. The new Moon on the 21st triggers an annular solar eclipse in Mercury’s ruling 3rd on the 21st. An annular eclipse is one that produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos. So, while something is concealed, there’s a ‘ring of truth’ we get a glimpse of. Go with your gut above all else now. No matter what contradictions or denials you are meeting in the outside world.

If someone is sticking to their story, but that inner voice contradicts this, watch and wait. Defer decisions for now if you can. Especially if they involve signing important papers or documents. If you feel you are under pressure to make up your mind, you need to ask why. What’s the hurry? This can range from anything from a purchase to a relationship. Take a step back if so.

Look behind the curtain

Neptune rules all things secret and hidden. It is a planet which spends almost half the year retrograde which it begins once more on the 23rd. When backwards, Neptune lifts the veil between us and the truth. And also between us and other dimensions if we are open. Neptune retros in your house of friends, contacts, associations, groups, clubs, bands and your future. What is now inconsistent with how you feel and that future as you imagine it to be? You may have that Wizard of Oz moment when you peer behind that curtain and see the truth.

Wait – there’s more!

Again, listen to the voice within but wait. There’s more revelations to come. These could occur when Mars enters your 12th on the 28th. This transit is one that hands you peak energy and determination. Also, it emboldens you, giving you a fearless desire to get to the truth. You are all too aware now of that old saying ‘The truth will set you free’. Jupiter which rules your 9th makes a meeting with Pluto, agent of change and transformation on the 30th.

Destination: Happiness

This is the second of three such meetings. The first one occurred back in April so look back then to what opportunities presented themselves. The flavour of this conjunction is slightly different. This time both Jupiter and Pluto are retrograde. This could therefore re-deliver an opportunity to say yes to something that allows you to step into something larger and bigger. Jupiter always wants to bring benefits. Pluto represents change and also transcending or rising above something. If you have chart factors at 22-24 degrees of any sign, you will be particularly impacted now. Take the truth – perhaps of what is in your heart, and act on it this month. And don’t doubt that happiness is your eventual destination if you do, Taurus.

In a nutshell:

Stop, listen and wait this month, Taurus. If love is what you have been waiting for – this gets a green light again. But when it comes to what you are told or hear – you may not have all the piece of the puzzle – yet.



Invest in the power of your own thoughts

Have a self-worth audit

What the love?!

You and your boo if you have one are very much in focus this month. And if not that love partner, then this could involve that close friend, business or activity partner, double act at work or even that person you cannot stand! Check your chart now and if you have factors between 11 – 19 degrees of your own sign and opposite sign of Sag, this month’s story is about you and another.

What the love?!

Look closely at who this is because they are showing you how they see you or their true feelings are exposed on the 5th when the eclipsed full Moon appears in your 7th. As you know, full Moons reflect their light into the house opposite. In this case – backatcha. Yes, even when eclipsed. But as you know, eclipses conceal something too. This could well be their true feelings which you were unaware of. Or even how your own play a role here. What’s your love expectation, Gemini? Chances are they are showing you this.

Love shows you a new direction

No matter who this is – the message is clear. You now know where you are with them. This all occurs two days after Vesta meets the North Node in your 1st before heading off into your 2nd on the 4th. So, if you’re not being treated as equal, that will be apparent too. Eclipses are neither good nor bad. What is revealed could be to show you just how much you are valued and loved. If so, prepare for a new beginning.

Love is back on the menu from the 25th when Venus finally moves forward again in your sign. This can usher in a fresh start between you and someone as you have come to appreciate what you have with them during the retrograde cycle. Or send you off in the direction of something new.

Cash in on what you have learned

Bear in mind that the other house Venus rules – your 2nd, has your ruler Mercury entering its retro-shadow in here from the 2nd. It will head into full retroactive motion in here from the 18th. The usual retro rules apply here. But this is a great time to revisit that spending plan, and also set in motion those insights into self-worth the Venus retro in your 1st has delivered. Time to treat your money, assets, possessions, talents and skills like you would a person.

I don’t like the use of the term ‘budget’ as it implies denial and austerity measures. We all need to feel we have enough to give ourselves some of the good things of life – which your 2nd rules incidentally. However, too many good things push us over budget and can result in financial stress. Undervaluing ourselves often translates into having less. These are the areas your ruler retrograde in here wants you to revisit. Think of this not as a budget, but of better asset management. You will need this in place for what follows shortly.

What’s your soul inheritance?

A pivotal moment or decision could await you on the 20th. This day sees the Sun meet the North Node in your 1st. If you are unaware of the significance of this, please re-read your forecast from last month. The Nodes operate in 19-year cycles and are linked to the past and our karma. What goes around, comes around in other words. Something may feel very familiar. It could even reflect some family karma if not yours personally. Call this a soul inheritance. An old opportunity re-appearing in fresh packaging. Or even that lover as Venus still remains retrograde on this date.

Within hours of this dance of destiny, the Sun will arrive in your 2nd. This marks the time the year pivots. The Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter in the Southern. Choices could set in motion events which set the tone of the nest six months. When it comes to money however, especially anything to do with expenditure, you need to keep a tight grip on those purse strings! Use those insights into what is truly important to you with regards to your money.

Fill up on self-love

The new Moon on the 21st delivers the second eclipse of the month. It’s an Annular Solar Eclipse. The ‘ring of fire’ kind and what I like to think of as the ‘ring of truth’. That flash of insight into how things really are. In your case, this is all about your needs and what really matters to you. This eclipse is telling you: Go directly to those needs. Often the stuff we buy or think we want is in fact, just a way to try to fill those true needs. Of course, it never works. So, we go off in search of more. So look at what may be behind what you think you want to feel satisfied, happy and secure.

Filling up on self-love also means no taking on new financial commitments now. If you are thinking about taking out a loan or credit card, try to delay. Refinancing – yes. Especially with your ruler retrograde in here. And unless something is broken beyond repair, just as in the Venus retrograde, avoid major purchases. If you do need to buy something, shop around. Get quotes.

There could even be changes around your income, your bank account, interest rates, investments etc. The implications of which you may not see at first. Also, do not lend money to anyone unless you can afford to completely write it off. Despite their best intentions, it may not come back as soon as they (or you) expect. And try not to borrow from friends either as this works both ways. And with the North Node in your 1st, this means paying karma forward and back too!

Work it for all you’re worth!

Tap into your sense of self-worth and look to where you may have been underselling yourself. Especially on the work and career front. Neptune rules all things hidden. This includes hidden enemies. For most of us, that’s the one within. Our own thoughts and ideas about ourselves. Neptune is a planet which spends almost half the year retrograde. This allows us to separate fact from fiction. Dreams from reality. In your 10th where this occurs on the 23rd – any misconceptions you may still be harbouring around why you can’t achieve or have more when it comes to success.

Share your way to success

Mars enters your 11th on the 28th. This hands you confidence when it comes to initiating those future plans. But be warned, it also means you’ll no longer tolerate fake friends! April saw Jupiter (opportunity and expansion) meet Pluto (transformation and empowerment) in Pluto’s ruling 8th. Pluto rules power money and this is your ‘other’ money house. It’s about the money you share with others and which others share with you in turn. This also includes legacies, benefits, maintenance payments, pay outs, perks, bonuses, mortgages, loans, joint accounts and your salary.

Jupiter and Pluto make a second meeting in here on the 30th. This one has a slightly different vibe to the one previous as both planets are retrograde. Remember, Pluto gets more powerful in retro phase. This could see some of you renegotiate a deal, salary or benefit package or be offered a second opportunity based on a new assessment of your own self-worth. If you have chart factors at 24 degrees of any sign but especially Capricorn or Cancer, expect to see a regeneration in money matters or in something you share. Or you are now in a position to share what you have with others. Simply because you have more to share. Make your biggest investment in your self-worth now, Gemini.

In a nutshell:

Time to focus on your values and self-worth now, Gemini. The best investments you can make this June are in that – and following your own intuition. Especially when it comes to your cash.



The power of manifestation lies in keeping dreams to yourself

Live your emotional truth

Happy solar return, Cancer!

Happy birthday, Cancer! The Sun’s arrival in your sign always marks the Solstice period. It’s time to look back at what you have achieved in the past 12 months. And think about what you want to experience in the next 12. You have Jupiter in your partnership zone until the end of this year intent on opening doors and expanding your experience of love. However, you begin your birthday season in retrograde and eclipse weather which is why focussing on what you have achieved and now want to, is such an important part of your new beginning this year.

Set a new course to the stars!

Repurposing those goals and dreams, creating something new out of the old may play a role. Also, hearing from people from your past will still feature. The trick of course being to think whether or not they still have a role to play in that future you’re creating.

Mercury retroshadow beings in your 1st from the 2nd. So, this is about your personal message, image, brand and that first impression you make. As well as your social media profile, website, style and what you communicate. The usual retrograde rules apply too. But consider the personal emphasis where you need to focus any revisions. As you know, Mercury retro rules those ‘re’ words.

Give yourself a brand evolution

This new beginning you are entering into is therefore tinged with mystery and past flavour. It’s also about your own personal empowerment. And whether or not you are looking to others for approval or permission to go after what you want. Or simply look and be who you are.

Bending yourself out of shape to people please is likely to have a negative effect on both a physical and a soul level now. It doesn’t matter who you are trying to please. That boss, your family, your partner, your social circle. Being anyone other than yourself is likely to prove simply exhausting as Vesta arrives in your sign on the 4th. Plus, your ruler the Moon is eclipsed in your 6th on the 5th. This is asking you where or how you are not living your emotional truth? And this impact this has on your overall wellbeing.

As well you know, a full Moon reflects its light into your 12th of all things hidden and the past. It highlights a connection between what you are thinking or doing and how you feel. This could well involve someone else. This is just the first stage in a process of unveiling for you. For now, you may well decide to sit with your discovery for a while before doing anything. If so – this is a smart strategy and you’ll discover why shortly.

Tap into those inner angels

If you’ve read the general forecast for June, you’ll recall I talked about angels and how they manifest in our lives. Those gut feelings and insights are how they communicate. Just before the Sun arrives in your sign, it meets the cosmic North Node in your 12th. This could bring up someone from your past, a lifepath defining past event or one now that has a distinct past flavour to it. The players may have changed as could the place and circumstances. But it looks and feels familiar.

Your angels offer a heads-up to show you past patterns. And also nudge you towards what this month’s eclipses conceal. Your 12th is also your house of compassion and a higher power. Someone may offer you a helping hand or you may extend yours to someone in need. If so, you have helped one another in the past. If not this life then another. This could be a balancing of karma or a pay-it-forward moment. It could also release you from a long-term cycle – again this could stretch back over lifetimes or just this one, so you step into your birthday season free to write a brand new chapter in your life.

Unlock the mystery of your true potential

If you are sitting on new insights or knowledge either in regards to yourself and someone else, and still unsure how you will utilise this for the future – don’t worry. And don’t hurry either. The new Moon in your 1st is about reawakening your belief in the power of YOU. However, the one in your sign on the 21st comes wrapped in a mystery and tied up with an enigma. Or perhaps this describes you completely now as this delivers an Annular Solar Eclipse.

Eclipses conceal in a key area of our lives. We are literally in the dark about something. An annular eclipse is one that produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos. So, while something is hidden, there’s a ‘ring of truth’ we get a glimpse of. Maybe this is something about yourself you are not yet ready to reveal. Yet it could relate to you and another, or even family members, your home or those who you share it with. Above all, it is asking you to go ‘behind the façade’ and probe the shadows of your desires and to get to the truth behind what it is you really want for yourself for the coming year.

Your power lies in what you keep hidden

There’s power in keeping goals, ideas, dreams and thoughts to ourselves until we are ready. We conserve our energy if we do. Our dreams can be fragile at the start. And the negative opinion of others can damage them. So, if you want them to remain hidden for now – that’s fine. Just so long as you believe in your ability to manifest what you want. And your right to do this.

Neptune retrograde in your 9th shows you the blocks that may still lie in your path between you and where you want to get to. Neptune rules illusions, escapism and yes, the past as well. So, Neptune spends almost half the year retrograde. This allows us to see things how they truly are. The combination of the North Node in your 12th, Venus direct in here from the 25th and retro Mercury and Vesta conjunct in your 1st on the 27th should show you once and for all, whether it is your own ideas or those of someone else which are holding you back. And allow you to circumvent these once and for all.

Reshape the karma you share

Mars’s arrival in your 10th fires up your ambition and desire to succeed at any task you set yourself. You aren’t likely to take ‘No’ for an answer now. The past features again at the month’s end when Jupiter and Pluto re-engage in your 7th. This is the second time these two have met in here. The last time was in April. They will meet once more before Jupiter exits here at the end of the year. What makes this time different is that both planets are retrograde.

Second chances, revivals and the opportunity to try again – either in love, to shoot for that goal or grasp that key role, experience or opportunity shows you that the past can transform into future potential once you see it for what it is. It’s the start of a new year for you, Cancer. And that could just begin with you making a brand new decision that ditches the old for good.

In a nutshell:

Happy birthday, Cancer! The start of your new cycle hands you a new kind of power that comes from knowing when to allow others access to your dreams. And when to keep them to yourself. Try a little inner magic for real world results.



Have faith in a higher power

What you focus on is drawn to you

Let go of what you think you know

Take it that you know less than Jon Snow this June, Leo. And take on board everything your intuition is telling you because that is where the truth is to be found. It doesn’t matter if the outside world is contradicting what you instinctively know has to be right. If you ignore the small, still voice within you’re likely to regret it.

Head towards your inner light

You’re in the dark about so many things. It won’t stay that way but take it for now that you have a blind spot with regards to someone or something. Mercury begins its retroshadow phase in your secretive 12th of all things hidden and mysteries on the 2nd. It will hit full retroactive phase in here from the 18th. Added to the list of things you don’t know, are being concealed from you or that gut feeling is trying to give you a heads-up on, is the first of two eclipses which occurs at the time of the full Moon. This makes place in your 5th on the 5th. In other words, your house of all things Leo-ruled.

It shines its light back into the house opposite to the one it is in. In this case it’s your 11th of social connections and the future. You still have a heavy emphasis on the past due to the Sun, retrograde Venus and of course, the North Node in here. Venus will not move forward until the 25th. So, this could bring up someone from your past – a lover for instance.

There’s a feeling of ‘different wrapper, same chocolate’ to this. Others could see someone – anyone from a contact to a friend or their current squeeze, in a different light. Again, you may find yourself wondering how you didn’t notice this before? What else don’t you know? This full Moon awakens a desire deep within you to free yourself of something that restricts you. This is your inner child awakening. Children and young people may also feature. And if you have a ‘gut’ feeling around a child now, please pay attention.

What’s the habit you need to ditch?

Thoughts, your routine, a situation, a habit or even a connection. Up until now you may have had no idea how it was limiting you. Who knew, right? You’ll be seeing it in a different light thanks to Vesta arriving in your 12th on the 4th. Vesta rules amongst other things sexual politics and gender issues. Not being treated as an equal for instance. Or expected to take on certain tasks and duties or behave a certain way simply due to your gender identification. If so, the final part of this month could provide big revelations.

Reclaim the dream

Before it arrives in your 12th on the 20th delivering the Solstice, ruler the Sun will meet the North Node in your 11th. Your awakened inner child is at the heart of this. It’s telling you that a particular goal needs reviving. Because it is part of you and what you came here to do. Someone tied to this could cross your path or reappear now. There could be a deep history between you if so. One that stretches across lifetimes. Be open to this as this is all about karmic connections.

Going within, asking your angels or guides, meditating on links between people and events in your past could provide you with the answers that you’re seeking. And fly into the future unfettered.

Get ready for the lightbulb moment

Once your ruler is in your 12th look to your belief in a higher power. There is more to your life (and you) than what you think, know or believe. Want to look at what’s behind that curtain? You might just get the chance now, Leo. There’s a touch of mystery and attraction about this month’s new Moon in here on the 21st. For one thing, we have the second eclipse. As you are ruled by the Sun, you are the sign most ‘in the dark’ when an eclipse occurs.

Eclipses conceal in a key area of our lives. This is an annular eclipse. One that produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos. So, while something is concealed, there’s a ‘ring of truth’ we get a glimpse of. In your 12th this can be an insight behind the veil if you like. Religion, spirituality, belief in a higher power – even Quantum physics or anything that relies on understanding that something exists, even if it cannot be seen. That’s the flash you may receive now. It’s a lightbulb moment. One the switch is flicked on – even if it’s just for a second, know you glimpsed the absolute truth.

Hold that thought!

This is also your house of hidden power as well as the past. What you think about, dream about, mull on. So, there’s a link between this Moon and manifestation. It could draw to you something you have focussed on for a long time. But you cannot see it yet. You’re being asked to have faith in that ‘higher power’ if so.

One tiny word of warning however. Remember, eclipses are neither good nor bad. They are just events. But your 12th is your house of hidden enemies and we cannot rule out this eclipse may be about one. So, please pay attention if you get a sudden gut feeling around someone now. More will be exposed over time. For now – watch and wait for true colours to come through.

Neptune is the ruler of your 12th house but retrogrades in your 8th of empowerment and also endings from the 23rd. This may not only work a little manifestation magic but during its retrocycle, hand you some more pieces of the puzzle. Venus moves forward in your 11th on the 25th putting long term love goals and also your social life back on the agenda. The 28th has Mars arrive in your 9th. You actively desire emotional heat and excitement now. And you’re willing to leave that comfort zone to go in search of it. In fact, lack of passion makes for a very dull Leo indeed.

Change offers as escape route

The ruler of your 9th – Jupiter, is set to make a second meeting with powerful Pluto in your 6th on the 30th. The last time this occurred was in April. This time is a little different however as both planets are retrograde. They will make one more meeting later this year before Jupiter leaves this house for your Now Age of partnerships. Check your chart for any planets in any house at 24 degrees as if you have them, you will be offered a chance to change up anything from that day job or to escape that rut. You need more stimulation in your daily life and this meeting offers a second opportunity to create just that. The cycle of achievement isn’t over yet, Leo. Even if you do have to wait for it to be revealed.

In a nutshell:

Take it that there’s a lot you don’t know, Leo. However, your higher self may steer you in the direction of the truth. Pay attention and then watch and wait. What you desire is heading your way.



Find that emotional heat

Get a grand design for your future

The heart knows

There is still a strong focus on the past this month, Virgo. And also on friends, groups, contacts and people you know. Ruler Mercury begins its retroshadow phase from the 2nd in your 11th. Going full retroactive on the 18th. So, old friends and associations may feature. As could those goals. The usual retrograde rules apply however. Do I need to go into them in depth? You of all signs, should know them by heart. This is the house of your future so during this cycle you need to be asking yourself what it looks like.

Female oriented groups or friends may also be in focus. No matter what gender you identify with now Vesta also arrives in your 11th from the 4th. What can you do or achieve together? There’s a strength in coming together. Even if it’s just on a group chat for now. Look to the women or just female energy which forms your support structure. Especially if you all have a joint goal or purpose.

The truth is close to home

This month’s full Moon takes place in the Moon’s ruling 4th. It may make you feel extra vulnerable due to being eclipsed. Are you hiding your real feelings? How comfortable are you for asking for the emotional support you need? Or, do you get the feeling someone close to you is hiding theirs? In its ruling house this eclipsed full Moon will amplify those ‘gut’ feelings. Pay attention to them closely. Also, your dreams may take on that CGI enhanced extra realness now. You may want to keep your journal by the bed as again, they may contain important messages, symbols or insights.

Home and family feature when the full Moon is in this house. As could your living arrangements. But with your ruler retrograde, you know that buying, selling, renting or moving or even looking for a new lodger now is not a good idea. Unless it cannot possibly be helped. Full Moons always shine a light into the opposite house – in this case your 10th where the Sun along with retrograde Venus still resides.

Stay boss!

While inner you may need reassurance and a hug, when it comes to anything to do with work or your reputation, you need to project a professional image like a boss. Don’t allow your feelings no matter how intense, get in the way of facts now. Be direct in your approach. And if you need extra support from others – be this from those you live with or that social network – ask directly for this. Don’t sit and seethe under perceived hurts or feeling overlooked. And if something is bugging you – air it. You may be surprised as the release this brings you – and the other party.

Before the Sun arrives in your 11th on the 20th – the day of the Solstice, it will make a path defining encounter with the North Node in your 10th. The Nodes operate in 19-year cycles and rule fate and karma. This is all about the opportunity to walk a bigger, bolder path. Look back in 19-year increments as this may give you a clue as to the real or metaphorical journey you are taking now. You may receive more information around this at the end of the month or even that green light you’ve been waiting for.

The shape of things to come

Hours after meeting the North Node, the Sun enters your 11th. It’s not what you know during this time – it’s who. Please note that this is one of the months and also one of the new Moons that sets the tone and direction for your life for some time to come. But that future path may not be entirely clear yet. The new Moon on the 21st also delivers an Annular Solar Eclipse.

This eclipse produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos. So, while something is concealed, there’s a ‘ring of truth’ we get a glimpse of. Or for you, a flash forward when it comes to what that future looks like. Or the direction you need to take. Usually this resonates with us on a deep level. But not always. This is your house of the future and your future could have plans for you that it is not yet ready to share!

Open up to possibilities

Because you are still in the dark on many levels, you need to stay open-minded. You could make a new contact and not realise the role they will play – yet. You could also have a sudden insight into an existing friend or connection. One that simply runs contrary to what you usually think or know about them. If so, hold on to that and wait. Eclipses reveal over time. That gut feeling is your compass pointing towards the truth.

What do you know in your heart about love?

Neptune in the ruler of all things hidden and mysterious. It spends almost half the year retrograde. This allows us to take a reality check when it does. The 23rd sees it head backwards in your 7th of partnerships and two days later on the 25th, Venus which rules this house heads direct again in your 10th. on the 25th. Hopefully you used this period to polish up your professional image and work on how to make your very best impression on those who matter. This also includes partners.

The focus now moves from past loves to present and potential ones. The 10th rules not only how high we can climb but also the status of that partner too. Another reason for refining that message of someone who knows what they want – and knows they are worth it. If you have been neglecting love lately, the combination of Neptune retrograde and Venus direct sees you reinvesting in it and making more time for your main squeeze. No boo? Now is the time to recommit to seriously seeking one. Above all, know what it is you want and only entertain prospective lovers who want the same thing.

You’re bringing sexy back!

You’re bringing sexy back as Mars arrives in what is its ancient ruling 8th in your chart – and its ruling sign of Aries on the 28th. This is your ‘other’ money house and in here we find mortgages, taxes, loans, your salary, benefits and perks, what is shared with you and by you and yes, sex and desire. This house contains raw, elemental creative energy which you can now harness to bring about the changes you want. You are chemistry on legs now, Virgo. How are you going to work it?

Pluto is the modern-day ruler of this house and has had a long stay in your 5th of romance, children and opportunities to shine – especially on a professional front. The 30th brings the second of three meetings between it and Jupiter in here. The last time this happened was in April. This time is different however, as both planets are retrograde. Pluto’s capacity for transformation is super-sized when it heads retrograde. And despite being backwards, Jupiter always wants to bring us an opportunity.

This may involve that new path of destiny your karma is opening up that is linked to the Nodes. Getting that green light which sends you down a fresh path. It is set to transform you on a deep inner level if you do. It could involve a new relationship, a child or even a chance to shine. And yes, it could also be linked to someone you already know, meet or your larger network. The future is in motion this month. Go with it.

In a nutshell:

People you know and those you meet may have an as yet unknown part to play in your future. It’s no time to stay at home now. Because love and other opportunities, just got the green light again.


Make that unforgettable impression

Take love and success seriously

What reappears could be better the second time around

Ruler Venus finally shifts to direct motion this month from the 25th. Removing barriers between love and also what you love. Or funding what you love to do or want to experience as this occurs in your 9th of big dreams and travel. You may have used this retro time as a period to realign yourself to those bigger visions of love which encompass not only people but places and projects too. As Venus moves forward the focus on the past shifts to the future.

Refine and Revise

The start of this month still puts us in retrograde weather however. Jupiter which rules your 9th remains retrograde in your 4th. The 2nd sees Mercury, planet of messages, commerce and communication, begin its retroshadow in your 10th of career. It will be in full retrograde from the 18th and now clear this cycle until next month.

The start of June delivers an eclipsed full Moon in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. Double check everything. Eclipses hide things. This one could revolve around communication, paperwork, business or going places. What you think is done and dusted could do a U-turn. Nothing should be out-to-launch now. It’s now time to hold off until after the Mercury retro period is over next month.

Want to break free?

The Sun remains in your 9th until the 20th. This may ignite a desire to travel or experience something. But like many you may remain stuck where you are for now. Explore future possibilities. Read, study, plan. You aren’t spinning your wheels. See this as a countdown to freedom.

Ahead of the Solstice, Vesta moves on into your 10th on the 4th. Vesta can trigger gender issues and questions around equality. In your 10th this applies whether you are in paid work or not. This house is connected to your status and your public image. How you are seen and perceived. Your title whether this is on your business card or the one a relationship status gives you for instance.

And most importantly the ones society or others seek to define you by. You know there’s so much more to you than that, Libra. So, don’t be pigeon-holed or afraid to challenge anyone who tries. Write your own description and define your status via what you say, do and project.

The past is a country to be explored

Before the Sun arrives in your 10th it will meet the North Node in your 9th on the 20th. The Nodes are linked to karma and operate in 19-year cycles. This can even extend back through time into our family history and past lives. Themes we repeat again and again.

This meeting could link you to a place you have visited before or have always been drawn to, see a past opportunity re-emerge or bring the world to your door in some way. Does this feel foreign yet familiar? You are being asked to expand your horizons in some way and this could be discovering big links to your past and past places. It could also satisfy that desire for wanderlust, Libra!

The Only Way is UP!

Just hours after this meeting, the Sun will arrive in your 10th bringing with it the Solstice. It’s time to look closely at your pubic image, again whether you are being pigeon-holed; and to project an image of someone who has a clear destination or outcome in mind no matter what they undertake. Take it that you are being watched now – even if you are unaware of this, so guard your reputation because this is your greatest asset now.

The 21st sees the new Moon appear in here. Now, this new Moon always offers you the opportunity to begin a new success cycle. To make the world sit up and take notice. And to make a favourable impression on those who matter. Bosses present or potential, VIP’s, people in positions of authority and influence for example. Or those in positions to open doors or offer assistance. To author yourself a new image and take a big step towards those ambitions.

Bring your best game

This new Moon however delivers an Annular Solar Eclipse. Eclipses conceal in a key area of our lives. This is an annular eclipse. One that produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos. So, while something is concealed, there’s a ‘ring of truth’ we get a glimpse of. In your 10th this can relate to an upcoming opportunity. Or it can hide the fact you are unaware that you are being scrutinised by someone who matters. Yes, you may be in the dark about this. But that doesn’t mean you can’t ensure you are projecting the right image and have your game face on at all times. Ensure you are seen as someone to be taken seriously.

Love can lift you higher

You also can’t rule out the fact that the person taking notes in the background isn’t a potential mate. That’s because your 10th also rules the status of your partner. As well as showing you how high you can climb. First, Neptune retrograde in your 6th offers you the chance to look at that work routine and instead of drifting through your days, create a system which supports you mind, body and soul.

Neptune can make things like time constructs and boundaries – or even deadlines, blur and disappear. It spends almost half the year retrograde, which is a good thing as these times allow us to get back in touch with reality. Don’t forget that the ruler of this house Mercury is now retrograde, allowing you to create order and revise your way of doing things. Again, this relates to others seeing you as someone who knows what they are doing and can get the job done.

Love gets a green light again

With ruler Venus direct from the 27th, opportunities to reignite or even find love are boosted by the arrival of passionate and go-getting Mars turning up the heat in your 7th from the 28th. Your desire for union will be intense now and you also won’t be content with waiting for things to happen. You want to make them happen. However, that desire you project also draws others to you – as well as offers of another kind.

If you have been waiting on a career or work decision, it could come at the end of the month. With Mercury now retrograde, the usual retrograde rules apply. So, unless you have no other choice or are unemployed, this is not the best time to go seeking a new position. Unless of course you are re-approaching a company you have either worked for or have applied to in the past.

Opportunity offers a second chance

As well as your 7th, Venus also rules your 2nd of money, relationships that are assets to you and your true self-worth. April saw a meeting of Jupiter and Pluto in here. The 30th has them make the second of what will be three meetings in total. Look back at what was on offer or began back in April. You could be looking at finalising an opportunity or it returning now as both planets are retrograde this time around.

There’s the promise of resurrecting a past income stream or even something you missed out on (or thought you had) coming back but in a slightly different form. Remember, sometimes when things don’t work out the first time it’s because there is a good reason. Usually because there’s something better out there. What turns up could simply turn out to be your best option in love or work this month. Be someone worth watching now.

In a nutshell:

Your public and professional image, your reputation is all-important now, Libra. Now that love and money are back on the table, it’s time to put your best face forward. Others sit up and take note.



Don’t rush

You need more than just Plan B

Are you ready for love 2.0?

We are in major retrograde and also eclipse weather this June, Scorpio. Mercury enters its retroshadow phase in your 9th on the 2nd. It will begin its full retrograde cycle from the 18th. The ruler of your 9th – Jupiter as well as your own ruler, Pluto, are both retrograde in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. This amps up the potential to deliver an extra dose of Mercury induced madness this retrograde season. So, stick to those retro rules as if they are gospel. They are now. And have Plans B thru Z in place.


In the dark lies the truth

Mercury rules commerce as well as communication. In ancient times commerce revolved around the horse trade. Jupiter rules horses. So, steer clear of buying one if you can if this was your desire. Jupiter rules the mass media too. So, if anything gets set out there with an error in it – it’s likely to be a big one. Also on hold legal matters as again, this is a 9th house matter ruled by Jupiter while Mercury rules contracts. Steer clear of initiating legal proceedings now if you can. And if a settlement is on the table, take it. Be then be prepared for either the terms to change or delays.

This also applies to all money matters. This month’s full Moon is in your 2nd of money on the 5th. And is hidden by an eclipse. Even darkened, it will shine its light back into your Scorpionic 8th of other money and power. So, you may be in the dark about a financial agreement with someone. Or something you share. That bed, bank account, assets, mortgages, loans, marital or partnership assets like your home or your salary. This may in fact point the way to that on going matter which resolves later in the month.

Pro Tip: Delay if you can and wait for more information to emerge.

Move to soul completion

Anything you can finalise before Mercury begins its full retro phase, please do so. Get in that application, sign that agreement, do that deal. The Sun remains in your 8th until the 20th. You are granted an extra couple of days to bring something to a conclusion that isn’t granted to other signs thanks to the meeting between the Sun and North Node in your 8th on the 20th.

This offers an opportunity to reach a decision, finalise something between you and a key party or sign on the dotted line. Call this a destiny driven extension period. The Nodes link us to the past and our karma. And operate on 19-year cycles. Anything seem familiar? Have you faced this kind of choice before? There’s a saying that s/he who hesitates is lost. Look at opportunities you may have knocked back in the past and now regret. If something smacks of this and involves you taking a chance, don’t add to that list of regrets this time around.

Freedom is both a feeling and a mindset

Hours after the Sun conjuncts the North Node, it will mark the Solstice as it arrives in your 9th later on the 20th. This is the day the year pivots. It’s also time to look at what you have achieved so far this year. And what remains on that ‘To do’ list.

The new Moon in here on the 21st is one that usually marks the start of a journey on some level. Even with Mercury and Jupiter both retrograde and Rona restrictions in place, there is more than one way to experience freedom. So, explore these especially as this new Moon delivers the second eclipse of the month.

Insight shows you a new destination

This is an Annular Solar Eclipse. Eclipses conceal in a key area of our lives. This is an annular eclipse. One that produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos. So, while something is concealed, there’s a ‘ring of truth’ we get a glimpse of. This could be a heads-up pertaining to that future trip, course of study, big idea or anything to do with people or doing business with people and companies overseas. Pay close attention. You may get a flash – and then it’s gone again.

You may be starting something now but the destination or next step to get to where you want to go, simply isn’t clear. If so, wait until it reveals itself. This month also sees Neptune which rules all things hidden and concealed, head retrograde in your 5th of romance, children and creative ventures.

Love’s true form

Unlike other planets, Neptune spends almost half of the year retrograde. This allows us periods where we can tease aside layers of confusion or illusion, and find the truth. This could well relate to a romantic connection now. Love is very much back on the agenda as Venus heads direct in your 8th from the 25th. If you have had a falling out with someone during the Venus retrograde, this could in fact lead to a reconciliation as both of you now see the situation differently. The flip side is finding out that prince or princess is actually an ogre. Which is okay if you are also big and green. Hopefully charming does not mean charm-less however.

Watch the details

Money matters also get the go ahead. Just be aware when it comes to splashing out on big ticket items that Mercury rules purchases such as white goods, cars, computers, tablets and phones. So, unless something is broken beyond repair, try to hold off buying these for now.

Ancient ruler Mars is on the move on the 28th, adding to your fierceness and desire to get the job done as it plummets into your 6th. Again, this is a Mercury ruled house. Mars can have us rushing without taking time to look at the details or the impact of our actions.

We can also be so focussed on what we need to do, we become blind to everything else around us. Yes, we can be determined to clear that In box, land that job or sign up that client. But this can be at the expense of not noticing what else is going on. So, we may be accident prone – especially at work or doing things around the home, or send out things with glaring errors in them. Slow down if you can and don’t ignore the important little details which Mars can have you skipping.

Opportunity rings twice!

The final day of June brings a second momentous meeting between modern-day ruler Pluto and Jupiter – again in Mercury’s other ruling house – your 3rd. The last time these two encountered one another was in April. This time is slightly different as both planets are retrograde. As is the ruler of this house. Something you thought decided or done with could resurface – perhaps with a view to a renegotiation.

News you thought you would never hear brings you a welcome release from an old cycle. This is your other travel house too. So, this can take you on a journey ‘back’ to something. Perhaps an old job or contact. There’s an element of luck attached to all this. If you thought it had passed you by, the month’s end shows you just how wrong you can be, Scorpio. This is also the perfect time to resurrect that idea – write that book or screenplay, work on the idea for that website or blog. This isn’t about a launch – it’s a relaunch. And when it comes to your goals, it’s all about a constructive new plan to make them real this June.

In a nutshell:

Goals remain possibilities until you come up with a constructive plan to make them real, Scorpio. Is it time to revive an old one? There’s so much back on the table this month – including love.



Intuition guides you towards the changes you need to make

Who is in your spotlight?

Let your love flow again!

Feel the love again Sag as Venus finally heads direct once more in its ruling 7th on the 25th. Love centered activities – and this includes those things you love to do (and funding them!) get the go-ahead once more. Look around you and you should by now realise with all your close connections – it’s all love! The trick to getting love as well as money is having some. Of course, Venus rules both. So, this retro cycle should have handed you a greater appreciation of what you have rather than what you don’t. Which now puts you in a far better position to go fill any shortfalls. What are these?

Do you have chart factors between 11 and 19 degrees?

Check your chart now. Do you have your Sun or any other planetary factors anywhere between 11 and 19 degrees of Sag? Or even factors at these degrees in your opposite sign of Gemini and your 7th? The full Moon in your 1st on the 5th at 15 degrees of Sagittarius delivers the first of two eclipses of the month.

Remember, when this happens Venus is still retro in your 7th and Mercury is in retroshadow in your house of sex and partnership assets. One particular relationship is now your focus. This may not be with your boo– it could be with your boss, a business partner, bestie, collaborator. Eclipses conceal and this could add up to hidden feelings. But there is a truth in that emotional intensity or ‘gut’ feeling you have so pay attention. Eclipses rarely deliver on the day so wait to act. And for more insight to appear.

If this involves your needs – as in asking for the emotional support you need, just prior to this Vesta meets the North Node in your 7th on the 3rd – before moving into your 8th on the 4th. Have a problem asking for more love energy? Is that your barrier? Hopefully this time has shown you if this is what stands between you and what you need.

Cut through confusion

When it comes to money matters or even joint assets, your salary, mortgage, loans etc however – proceed with caution now. For one thing, your ruler Jupiter remains retrograde in Venus’s 2nd. Your ‘other’ money house which is your 8th and which rules the things we share has a lot of confusing action in it this month. Mercury retroshadow begins in here on the 2nd. Mercury rules commerce and contracts. Do not underestimate the power of the retroshadow phase. Although Mercury won’t be fully retrograde until the 18th, some of the most powerful retrograde events often occur during the two retroshadow periods. Before and after the retrograde in other words.

The usual retrograde rules apply. This is no time to enter into new financial dealings unless you are refinancing at an advantageous rate. Rather it is time to focus on reducing your debts if you have them. And feeling empowered when it comes to what you have. Time to ditch any feelings you are at the mercy of your money and not the other way around.

Love comes full circle

The path of destiny with you and someone else opens up fated partnership matters on the 20th. Before arriving in your 8t, the Sun conjuncts the North Node in your 7th. So, the South is at a late degree of your sign. Pay attention if you have factors here in your chart. The Nodes work in 19-year cycles. What’s the bigger partnership story that’s forming now? Remember this can stretch back not just in 19-year increments but to past lives too. Look closely at who appears or even more importantly, re-appears. Or long-term issues and themes that run across your relationship and even perhaps others.

Something is coming full circle now. And perhaps is demanding you deal with it once and for all. Transformation is now in the air. This is Solstice time when the year pivots. It always reminds us that time is finite. We look back at the first half of the year and what we did and didn’t accomplish. Set your intentions now but please, continue to proceed with all due caution and above all, hold tight to those thoughts, gut feelings and intuitive flashes. Ignore what your intuition is telling you at your peril.

You may not yet have the facts about what instinctively know to be true. Take it that this is coming. And don’t act until you have it. The new Moon in your 8th which occurs on the 21st, is always designed to take you deeper into something. But this one triggers an eclipse.

This is an Annular Solar Eclipse. One that produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos. So, while something is concealed, there’s a ‘ring of truth’ we get a glimpse of. Hence paying attention to your insight. And waiting now before making any major decision for more information to appear. Especially if this is linked to the person the full Moon put the spotlight on earlier in the month.

Get clear on matters close to home

Issues around family, your home, living arrangements or anything that impacts on your security either physical, financial or emotional, may also demand your attention as Neptune now heads retrograde in your 4th on the 23rd.

So, Neptune spends almost half the year retrograde. It can have us walking around in a lovely, cotton-woolly kind of fug. Coasting along and in that very Scarlett O’Hara way from Gone with the Wind ‘thinking about that tomorrow’. Except of course, tomorrow never comes.

Does this sound like not just your Rona isolation period but something that’s been happening for a while? Neptune retrograde stops the procrastination and also allows us to see things as they are – as opposed to how we think they are – or hope they are. With Mercury now fully retrograde, it is not the time to buy, sell, rent or lease property unless you absolutely, positively have to move. Reorganising, renovating, refinancing, redecorating, decluttering or even moving back somewhere have a green light however. You need to be looking at what enhances your lifestyle and adds to your sense of belonging now. And ditch what doesn’t.

Hot stuff

Mars arrives in your 5th on the 28th and will Venus now direct, it’s a Donna Summer end to the month. Seeking outlets for that passion may be top of that ‘To do’ list. You need to express yourself and if you are still under restrictions then look to creative ways to do this. The thing about astrology is it allows you to see where the energy is moving you forward, and to focus on these areas. Rather than the areas where you have retrogrades occurring.

Jupiter and Pluto will make the second of three conjunctions in your 2nd on the final day of June. The first was in April. This time is slightly different as both these planets are retrograde. Pay extra attention if you have any chart factors at 24 degrees now. This could redeliver a deal around work or money.

If there’s a second time around opportunity offered to you now, it has the ability to transform either your financial landscape or your understanding of love. It could be time for both this June, Sag.

In a nutshell:

Barriers between you and love – or someone you love, dissolve as Venus heads direct once more. But when it comes to big changes around money or anything you share – watch and wait now, Sag.



Love is revealed in action – not words

Follow those intuitive clues

Worship that body!

For you, love and partnership matters may continue to go back and forth for a while longer, Capricorn. This includes work relationships (or potential ones) as well as the heart-centered kind. Venus will head direct once more this month on the 25th in your 6th of work and wellness. It doesn’t matter what house Venus is backwards in. When this happens everything it rules is on hold.

Love the small stuff too

Of course, this time should have had you showing a little love to that daily routine and that body. Old, young, thin or any size – Venus retro in here has been about worshipping it no matter what. That’s the kind of love that lasts and also helps you to attract the kind you are seeking from others.

Mercury is the planet which rules your 6th but enters its retroshadow phase in Venus’s 7th on the 2nd. It will begin its full retrograde in here on the 18th. So, Venus in is Mercury’s house and Mercury is in Venus’s. Which is why for you, love remains on hold for now. You also have major planetary events occurring in your 7th this month which are going to be centered around existing or even past, rather than new relationships. So, continue to hold off on new beginnings for now.

Your intuition isn’t wrong

There’s also an element of not knowing, hidden truths and mysteries surrounding you and someone this month. Again, this points to not taking action until you have the big picture. Take it that you don’t (yet) but your higher self just might. Information may come as a trickle stream and your intuition gives you a heads-up at things you need to look at. Above all, listen to it. And when it comes to others, you need to look at how they are acting – not what they are saying to you. This is where the truth truly lies.

This month’s full Moon on the 5th, is in your 12th of all things hidden, deep beliefs and secrets is eclipsed. You won’t be able to shake those ‘gut’ feelings. Please pay close attention. Something or someone is having a bigger impact on how you feel and your energy than perhaps you were previously aware of. Especially with Vesta now in your 7th which arrived the day before. You may suddenly make this connection but may be unsure whether you are correct, or if you feel you are, what to do about it. Either way, that’s fine. Just sit with what you have been shown.

What goes around comes around

Have you been here or felt this way before? Recurring themes may feature now as just prior to arriving in your 7th on the 20th, the Sun meets the North Node in your 6th. The work you are doing, karma and dharma also play a role. There’s a saying: Before enlightenment chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water. You could substitute almost any word for ‘enlightenment’ here because the lesson is we still need to take care of our daily tasks and ourselves.

So, love, fame, fortune, marriage – you still need to take care of your daily responsibilities and business. Especially to yourself. The Nodes operate on 19-year cycles. Does anything feel familiar? They also rule the things we’re handed down from life after life. Tasks we still need to complete in other words. Just do the work if you see patterns repeat themselves.

What role does love have for you?

The Solstice sees the Sun arrive in your partnership zone and don’t forget, close personal relationships of all kinds. The new Moon in here on the 21st triggers a solar eclipse. This is an Annular Solar Eclipse. Eclipses conceal in a key area of our lives. One that produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos. So, while something is concealed, there’s a ‘ring of truth’ we get a glimpse of. In this case yet again, this involves you and someone else. Again, you need to stay connected to your intuition and to look to action for the truth not words. Actions don’t lie.

Expect information or in this case, the truth to slowly come to light which confirms those gut feelings now. Understand eclipses are neither good nor bad. They simply are. That gut feeling could be telling you that you are on the cusp of an important new relationship as this may involve someone who has yet to appear or is about to!

Hack that intuition

Neptune is a planet which spends almost half the year retrograde. It rules our insight, intuition and yes, those hidden truths. However, sometimes the signal gets scrambled or we overlay the truth with what we want rather than what we know it to be. Neptune retrograde clears up confusion and reconnects us to reality once more. In your 3rd, this can bring you news or more information around those feelings which shows you that you are in fact, on the right path.

Mars impels us to take action but you need to steer clear of too much emotional heat now it arrives in your 4th on the 28th. This is a receptive, nurturing and again, intuitive house so the energy runs counter to Mars in here. If something is brewing between you and someone you live with for instance, then you may find yourself venting. But it can be out of proportion to what is going on at the time as you channel built-up frustrations if you have them.

Try to keep things in perspective and focus your energy into DIY tasks, house energy clearing, spending time outdoors with the family in sporting or exercise activities, or even your pets if you have them. This will allow you to keep things in perspective. Mars rules boundaries and if you do have gripes, ensure you set them but in appropriate ways.

You’ve got the power!

The end of the month marks a second pivotal meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 1st. The last time this occurred was in April. And you have one more conjunction ahead of you still later in the year. The energy is different this time around as both planets are retrograde. You have had Pluto in your 1st for a long while now and this should have shown you that its ability to transform is amplified when retroactive. Jupiter whether retro or direct, always wants to hand us opportunity and freedom.

How have you changed, Capricorn? More to the point, do you have factors at 24 degrees of your sign or any other? If so, this is another big opportunity to step into a learning transformation which frees your soul. And you to be who you are. This could even involve you and another. By now you may know exactly who this is. And feel empowered and confident to do this. The hidden truth of love is that it takes you in an unexpected direction this June, Cappy.

In a nutshell:

Your intuition is broadcasting your next move on love. But you may have to wait before making it, Capricorn. You need more information. The truth is in what someone does – not what they say.



Lighten up when it comes to love

What is your body telling you?

It’s all in the details

Mercury retroshadow begins at the start of June. In Mercury’s ruling 6th in your chart. Do not underestimate the ability of a Merc moonwalk to deliver an extra dose of Mercury inspired-mayhem. Mercury will be in full reverse from the 18th. This is your house of work, daily duties, routines and wellness. Taking care of ourselves is a big theme right now. For every sign. But for you especially.

So, keep to those retro rules as if they were handed down by a higher power. Above all, remain focussed on the details and the minutiae. Dot the I’s and cross the T’s. Read and re-read. Avoid signing important papers unless it cannot be avoided now. And if you are told anything, get a second or even third opinion if needed. Or wait for more information to emerge.

Soul Detox

Time to look at what you put into your body. This includes negative thinking and even gossip. It’s toxic. Time to cleanse yourself mind, body and soul. There may be confusion or indecisions especially around work, study, ideas or even your pet which this house also rules. It’s a time to miss the little stuff that is actually big stuff in its ability to affect you. The answers however could literally be right in front of you. In those everyday details.

What is it you’re missing?

We are not just in major retro weather this month but eclipse weather too. The first one occurs at the time of the full Moon in your 11th on the 5th. By now you know that eclipses cover something up. This could involve you and a friend, or a group of people. Or even your goals. Perhaps a goal no longer chimes with you. You may have gone off in hot pursuit of something, to get it and then find it’s not what you wanted after all. If this is what the eclipse eventually reveals then don’t be afraid to admit this and let it go. It’s not been wasted when you have gained experience.

Of course, this could involve discovering something about a friendship or connection you were unaware of. If you get a feeling around this, sit with it. Eclipses rarely deliver the truth at the time they occur. You have to wait for it to emerge from the shadows.

Time for two?

One area of your life may stall or grind to a halt. Another moves forward. The Sun remains in your romance zone until the 20th. And then after that on the 25th, Venus finally heads direct in here again. This is all about love – not lust. Romance, creative self-expression, indulgences, children or your inner child. Letting go of bothering about what others may think. Abandoning yourself in the moment.

And above all, now Venus heads direct again and with the North Node in here – not taking love too seriously. Cupid may be a little crazy now making up for lost time. And that’s fine. Go with the love or feeling in the moment and trust the process. That soul detox you have been doing has been to clear the way to allow love and joy to enter!

The Sun meets the North Node in here just hours before heading into your 6th. The Nodes operate in 19-year cycles and are linked to karma. If not a lover then babies, children or young people could be caught up in this. Or are you being transported back to your youth in some way? This could literally be a chance to do something all over again – but differently this time.

Go for the feelgood factor

The Sun’s entry into your 6th marks the Solstice, the time when the year pivots. How about setting some mid-year intentions – especially around that routine or those habits? Is what you do actually doing you good? You may not have yet made the connection between what you do every day, what you fuel your body with, your energy levels, your routine and even where you are. But you will begin to see all this as a fabulous interconnected puzzle to solve now.

Stay with those changes you have been making from the start of June. The new Moon in here on the 21st delivers an eclipse. This is an Annular Solar Eclipse. Eclipses conceal in a key area of our lives. One that produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos. So, while something is concealed, there’s a ‘ring of truth’ we get a glimpse of.

As this is your house of details and facts, you may need to watch and wait for more to emerge. But chances are your body itself may be broadcasting something you need to know because if anything, you are ultra-sensitive to atmospheres right. You’re absorbing that vibe be it positive or negative. So, look to those places or even the people you spend the most time with. Or even those habits again. Because that’s where your ‘need to know’ is right now. Does it make you feelgood? If not, ditch it. That includes those habits and thoughts.

Neptune rules all things hidden and sits in your 2nd. It too joins the retrograde party from the 23rd. Although Venus which rules this house is direct two days later, because Mercury is retrograde, take a conservative approach to money and financial matters. And watch where your money in fact goes. There’s a big difference between feel good factors and escapism.

You’re into something good

Mars arrives in your 3rd on the 28th. Prepare for news as well as the possibility of taking action on it. April saw a mega meeting between heavyweight Jupiter and Pluto in your 12th. The last day of the month brings the second one. This one has a slightly different feel to it as both planets are now retrograde. There’s an undeniable link to the past here but also an opportunity too.

Change your mind, change your world

Remember, Pluto gets more powerful when backwards. And even when it is retrograde, Jupiter wants to hand us something good. Anything from a last-minute rescue or release from a long- term problem, or redeliver an offer we really should not refuse. If this turns up now, think of it as a bonus for the progress you’re making looking at how what you don’t see but feel impacts on how you DO feel on a daily basis. This could even begin with changing your mind about something – and watching everything else change as a result of one small shift. This June could just provide the secret to feeling good again.

In a nutshell:

Sometimes we don’t know what we want – until it turns up. This month could reveal the magic ingredient for the all-round feel good factor, Aquarius. It starts with lightening up!



VIP = Very Important Piscean

Own your life and change your karma

Give love time to prove itself


Unless you are moving back to somewhere you have lived before, or the place you wanted but missed out on, magically comes back onto the market, avoid property decisions if you can in June. Mercury enters its retroshadow in your 5th. Venus will once more move to direct motion in here from the 25th.

Move back to love

Yes, this gives you the go-ahead for love and romance. Under normal circumstances it would also green light moves too. But Mercury which will be full retrograde from the 18th, also rules contracts, leases and the like. So, if you thought you might be moving, you could find it delayed or that chain still refusing the budge. The usual retro rules apply no matter what house Mercury heads backwards in. And by now you should know these by heart. Just consider the above and also below, additional information to make the retro work for you. Not against you.

Your 5th is your house of creativity and children. Dusting off that creative project, spending more time with your children or young people, reconnecting with your inner child are all good uses of Mercury in here. As this is your house of lovers, under a Mercury retrograde, lovers’ tiffs are unlikely to last long.

Due to Venus remaining retrograde until the 25th, there is also the chance of a past lover sending you a ‘Wassup?’ text or an opportunity to kiss and make up too. Just ensure if you are thinking about giving someone a second chance, to look closely at whether or not the issues that caused you to split in the first place have been dealt with. I will explain why shortly.

Got factors between 11 and 19 degrees

This month’s full Moon is in your 10th on the 5th at 15 degrees of Sagittarius. Check your chart now for your Pisces aspects. Anything between 11 and 19 degrees? What about your fellow mutable signs? Anything at these degrees in Gemini, Virgo or Sag? If so, this may be a very intense period for you as this full Moon is eclipsed. Hidden factors around partnerships, your home, career or status may trigger insecurities. But that ‘gut’ feeling may turn out to be the truth. Don’t be afraid to feel what you feel. But don’t necessarily react to it. Sit with it and wait.

This is not a house the Moon is comfortable in. You may feel torn between what you need to achieve and your emotional needs. People or events at work or when dealing with people in position of authority or power, may test your ability to keep your cool. You may feel that your foundation is under threat in some way. Either in terms of something you rely on to feel secure, or what you have worked hard to achieve.

Hide of a rhino, heart of a dove

Staying professional or impartial may test you. But it’s time for your boss face! No matter what you are feeling within. Take a one step at a time approach if you feel overwhelmed by all you need to do. And please, take some down time if necessary. Remember, retreat is sometimes your best option in order to advance.

Before the Sun exits your 4th,it will conjunct the North Node in here. Themes around family and again, security, family karma and your sense of home, belonging and safety are linked to this. The Nodes operate in 19-year cycles. As you know, the North Node only recently arrived in here.

Own what works for you

This is all about YOUR sense of place and what you need. Not necessarily what you have been handed down unless this truly works for you. Is it time to put down roots where you feel you belong as opposed to where others expect you to be? This is all about changing karma by owning your path – and your life.

Within hours of meeting the Node, the Sun arrives in your 5th on Solstice day. Love and pleasure are now the order of the day. Now, back to what I talked about earlier about the need to deal with past issues with any former flame. Or even for that matter, whether history could repeat itself with someone new if you have not put them into perspective now.

You can’t hurry love

The new Moon of the 21st triggers a solar eclipse in your 5th. This is an Annular Solar Eclipse. One that produces that ‘ring of fire’ effect we see in so many eclipse photos. So, while something is concealed, there’s a ‘ring of truth’ we get a glimpse of.

During an eclipse, we are ‘in the dark’. So, if you meet someone new now, take your time getting to know them before handing over that sensitive Pisces heart. You need to know they are worthy. And the same goes for that revived love. If someone is telling you they have changed, then by all means give them another chance. But take your time to ensure they truly have.

If you have a gut feeling around your child or a young person, please pay this serious heed now. The same goes for anything to do with your creativity and your ideas or writing. People may try to steal them. If you are involved in talks around anything which involves intellectual property, especially on a Mercury retro combined with an eclipse, please seek out expert advice before going ahead.

Trust your instincts

If there is confusion, mixed messages or you are unsure, then ruler Neptune retrograde in your 1st from the 23rd will begin to lift the veil. You may find you are able to see more of what this eclipse is concealing than any other sign in fact. And please take note of what your intuition is telling you even if what you are being told by others contradicts this. My money is on your insight every time.

Mars leaves your 1st and enters your money house on the 28th. Mars rules action as well as boundaries. It hands out confidence so you have both the self-assurance and the determination to pursue those financial goals now. But again, don’t rush into things especially if this involves taking on new financial responsibilities.

Just ask!

If you are in need of something – anything from advice to entrée or introductions, then mine your network. The end of the month sees a second meeting between Jupiter and Pluto in your 11th. The last time these two connected was back in April. This time is different as they are both retrograde now. So, generous or well-connected friends may feature as could someone you meet during the last conjunction. This is the house of your future so someone you know or even meet or are reintroduced to now, has a big part to play in it. Jupiter always wants to open doors. Pluto has the key to the vaults of power. You could have an access all areas pass this June, Pisces.

In a nutshell:

Give love all the time it needs this month, Pisces. You can’t hurry love any more than you can hurry change. People are your greatest resource now. So whatever you need – ask your network.


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