November 2017 Monthly Astrology (Written)


To avoid November being as salty as a Mermaids flippers you’ve got to plunge into your fears, which should be no problem, for a warrior queen such as yourself. Late October has already given you a taste of the intensity to come. Intrigue, mystery and mischief surround you, and you’ve got to pick your way through to triumph. You can do it, as long as you don’t wander off your path by pesky emotions like an obsession, addiction, secrets or temptations! Easier said than done Haha! Like any good tale, let’s start at the beginning!

On the 3rd Venus, the Planet of all things love, is Sextile serious and committed Saturn. Madame Love is in your relationship zone until the 7th, and she’s having a chat with Papa Saturn about commitment. Funnily enough, there is a part of you ready to commit to your loved ones, as long as it involves adventure, travel or learning. You are so easily bored, if you are with a bae who doesn’t get that about you, your eyes may wander. If you don’t have a lover, you may be tempted by a tasty morsel of forbidden fruit. Not interested in Amore? If you’re celibate, you could fall in with a maverick new friend. It’s all a tad tricky though as the Sun in your intense obsessional zone is jitterbugging with Neptune, there sure is serious karmic energy flying about. You may bump into someone you have a strong past life connection with or feel tugged into a mysterious and unusual affair. Whoever pops up around this time has a deeper meaning to you than is first obvious. A feeling of soul connections lights up the whole of November.

On the 4th the Full Moon in Taurus dazzles you with a spotlight on security. You are about to discover who, what and where makes you feel safe. Feeling safe is more important to an Aries than they will ever let on. Trust your gut on the Full Moon.Venus is opposing crazy Uranus (in your sign!) on the same day. Sparks are flying in your love life and you’re determined to shake things up.

When Mercury goes into fellow fire sign Sagittarius on the 5th he awakens the truth dragon in you. You find it very hard to be subtle and won’t take any nonsense. Expect to have wonderful free-spirited ideas.

Yikes! Venus is entering sizzling Scorpio on the 7th and dragging you into the Underworld. It’s time to make friends with your raw emotions. Do you get jealous? Are you overwhelmed by desires? Do you feel powerless and fly off the handle? Mademoiselle seduction is going to help you love bomb yourself out of your vulnerability and back into your power. On top of that the Sun is helping you exude charisma and while he is sextile power player Pluto you can do something extraordinary at work.

When Venus conjuncts Jupiter on the 13th (not to mention your ruler Mars being given a magic wand by mystical Neptune) you could meet your soulmate, have a revelation that will transform your love life or just have a jolly and profound time with a lover. Whatever happens its a pivotal day in your hearts life. If you’re blocked or having intimacy problems, you can kick them to the curb now.

Saturns trine to wacky Uranus on the 11th just before that allows you to commit to being your authentic self, and you might be surprised what you unleash as you are only prepared to commit and compromise if you are allowed the freedom to be you.

The New Moon in sizzling and profound Scorpio empowers you to cast off remaining fears and old childhood wounds, you’re a Werewolf or should I say WereRam and are more than comfortable sharing your shadow side Howwwwwwwwllll! There may still be a tussle to come through as Mars your ruler is kicking off with shady Pluto on the 19th and these two war lords are happy to fight to the bitter end, avoid ego clashes and ultimatums! Thankfully Venus is playing kissy, kissy with Pluto on the 21st so you will be in the mood for passionate make up.

When the Sun enters fellow fire sign Sag on the 22nd you have the opportunity to liberate yourself and stand in your maverick strength. Neptune turns direct giving you a fresh spiritual clarity and Mercury trines Uranus ends the month with you being every bit the bold genius albeit a brash one!



It’s all about the love in November as there’s a ton of stuff going on in your relationship zone. It’s time to face yourself, your intimate relationships and find the balance that your tender Taurus heart needs. You are hands down the most loyal and steadfast of all the signs. If you give your allegiance, commitment and love to someone, it tends to be eternal. Even pesky ex-lovers who you’ve had a bad break up with tend to live rent-free in a tiny corner of your soul. That’s why it’s essential to be very careful who you give your loyalty to and who you let in. Your ruler Venus is currently feeling very analytical and somewhat of a perfectionist.

You may have felt self-critical or had the furry monster of self-doubt munching on your earlobes recently. Perhaps you’ve been unusually critical of a lover or love interest? Half of that could stem from insecurity, try to break free. All of these dilemmas are about to change. OK, Venus is Sextile Saturn in your primal zone on the 3rd making you see that you can only be in a relationship that has an equal power dynamic, sensuality and be right for you. Saturn is also teaching you to take responsibility for yourself.

The Full Moon is in your sign on the 4th. November Astrology kicks off on high octane emotions as La Luna fills you with intuitive insight into how you are feeling and what you need. Allow emotions to surface and kick any self-doubt out of the window. When Mercury enters your primal zone, you are prepared to dig deep and have an intense conversation about feelings you may have been ignoring.

When Venus enters your relationship zone on the 7th, you are feeling much more open to romance, harmony and connection. The best place for you to start is to make sure that you love yourself, respect yourself and honour yourself as much as you would anyone else. Do you know how precious you are? How we feel about ourselves has a direct impact on how others feel about us. Venus is going to hold your hand and remind you of this. November is probably one of the best months of the year for you when it comes to finding inner peace and close bonds with others. The stars are lighting up romance, intimacy and union. All partnerships are smoothed over, of course, to make the most of it, you’ve got to do the inner work!

Mercury slips into the underworld on the 5th, and conversations get profound. Secrets are coming to the surface, and you are ready to talk about problems you may have hidden. November is the perfect month to have therapy, indulge in a cleansing ceremony or visit a Shaman.

The New Moon in complex Scorpio impacts you love house, and you are ready to release old patterns. Don’t let your Taurus bullishness drag you through it, if a relationship is over fling yourself into the new. You can also free old relationship Karma and surrender old patterns. Do all your personal and romantic relationships anything in common? Cast them off with Mama Moon.

Look out for beef on the 19th as the cosmos is in turmoil with feisty Mars squaring up to fellow war lord Pluto. Don’t dig your hooves in, listen and react later, when you’ve thought things through.

Venus brings a golden chance for passion as she sextiles amorous Pluto, are you ready to examine your desires? You’re embracing your sexuality on your terms and might want to indulge your fantasies.

The Sun enters your profound primal zone on the 22nd on the same day Neptune goes direct look out for an interesting gang who want to heal the world, give back in some way and discuss your life purpose. Deeeeeeeeep!



November has an intoxicating mix of energies to satisfy your quick mind. Finding the right balance between pleasure and health can be tricky, but this month you can nail it. Do you find you work best when there are lots of things going on? There are enough heavenly shenanigans to allow you to focus on the important stuff. Venus, the lover, is supported by serious Saturn in your relationship zone, love gets more creative and fulfilling, and whether it’s friendships or love you’re interested in you’re heading towards a bit more security. With the Sun trine Neptune you’re also able to harness your career dreams and focus on the details you might have been ignoring.

The Full Moon on the 4th shines her cosmic rays on your spirit and asks you to take some time out to reflect. It’s crucial to analyse change and check in with your feelings. If you ignore the call to quiet you might be tempted to escape into hedonism. Chill out, relax and give yourself the space to see what things need changing and also how you can support and nurture yourself. You might even unearth a secret or have a psychic revelation don’t dismiss it!

Mercury, your ruler, is going into your relationship zone on the 5th making you especially flirtatious and charming. You want harmony and balance and manage to soothe the spiky bristles of a love interest. When people act out or get angry, it can often come from a place of fear or insecurity. Mercury allows you to see and deal with the illusionary monsters that distort people. Of course, it’s not your problem, you don’t have to overcompensate for others issues, but you can be kind and supportive.

Whatever happens, make sure you keep your boundaries clear. Love should be much more comfortable over the coming weeks, and you have tremendous insight into your loved one’s hearts. Take care of your own in the process. The Sun is bathing you in love when he moves into the same place. Damn, you are mighty fine, confident and radiant and you should know it!

When Venus enters Scorpio and your health and well-being house your focus turns to helping out others as well as transforming your body and mind. Life’s been quite the wild ride, let Venus help you sort yourself out. Drink soothing teas, Om like a yogini. Looking after yourself is going to feel better than any bottle of Prosecco ever could (Yes, really!) You’re heading into the portion of the year that boosts your mind, body and spirit. The New Moon on the 18th allows you to ninja role away from destructive patterns, hypnotise yourself out of negative thinking and have a lifestyle rebirth. Boom! You got this.

Ok, sexy Mars is kicking off with primal Pluto on the 19th so you may have to deal with your or another’s obsession or jealousy. It’s not worth going to war over, and these two aggressors can bring epic drama. Observe the emotions and desires coming up, but don’t let yourself be hijacked by them. When Neptune goes direct on the 22nd, you feel your creative vision waking up from a very deep sleep. Make her a soya cappuccino with Unicorn sprinkles and ask the Universe to send you a sign re your career goals.



WOW! November has HUGE potential for you! There’s an air of optimism, empowerment and all manner of celestial delights. On the 4th and a Full Moon has you raring to go. The 4th is a fabulous day to connect, blog, join forces with like-minded people. Mama Moon is shooing you towards the right tribe, so If you go out, you should find yourself in the perfect social scene. You might be a bit fidgety at home and want to make impulsive changes. Mercury is entering your perfectionist mode which gives you the power to analyse and deal with tiny details that can make all the difference. You’re very precise in what you say and what you commit to and expect the same from others. Be careful not to tip into self-criticism or being overly critical of others. Perfectionism is an illusion, just do your best.

Thankfully Mercury’s serious vibe is loosened up by Venus the lover going into sexy Scorpio and your optimistic, passionate and creative house. Love is about to get a whole lot more interesting. When Venus visits Scorpio, you reap the benefit of being able to laugh and reconnect to what makes you happy. Soul connections, soul mates, wild and delicious times are much easier to come by. Children also feature with this vibe, so it’s especially good if you’re a parent crab or want to be.

You’re in your groove and a firecracker of passion. With the Sun sextile pulsating Pluto on the 9th, you are hot to trot. If that little Astro packet of bliss isn’t enough, the big event on the 13th, when expansive lucky Jupiter and sensual Venus hang out together, turns the tides in your favour. Have a love dilemma? These two planetary peaches should sort it out. In all seriousness, the double whammy of Jolly Jups and Queen of Amore brings extreme good fortune, although, Jupiter demands you step out of your comfort zone and shake things up.

To continue this stream of fabulousness the New Moon is casting off old love woes and bringing you a brand fresh cycle. Are you ready to let go of the comfort duvet of the past? Are you holding onto a fantasy as a bizarre form of protection? The Moon she says NO, let go! Free yourself. Corny as it sounds, make a wish, ask the Universe to bring you what you need. Trust in your creativity and your lovability.

Feast on the happy vibes as on the 22nd the circle of life shifts a gear. You are now heading into the season of fitness and clean living. Funnily enough you will get a buzz out of changing your lifestyle and throwing yourself into a more balanced way of being.



Anyone who enters your lion’s den in November will get true Leo treatment. November is your astrological time of year to snuggle in and hold court at home. Your focus turns to family and making sure everyone in your ‘pride’ is sorted out and supported. Typically Leo’s like to choose their family not just leave it up to random DNA. You are very fussy about who you let in and have high expectations of those you love. Your loyalty is as fierce as your symbol, and if there are any tensions around your close ones, it drains your energy. November brings a fresh cycle where you can clean out your closet, take a hard look at your home and spend quality time with your beloveds. Chateau Leo is on your mind, are you happy where you’re living? How can you make your space a temple to recharge you?

On the 3rd Venus, the planet of love is sextile serious Saturn allowing you to commit to your own happiness and creativity. You’re about to give birth to a creative idea. What you decide to bring into being has meaning to you and you’re also confident you can make it happen. The Full Moon on the 4th is in your career, and reputation house so there could be a peak experience and you feel more in your dynamic. Look out for a psychic message about how to subtly shift things to go your way. When Venus opposes Uranus on the same day you might be feeling antsy, with a desire to break free from all emotional constraints just make sure it’s not a passing whim. Uranus can hijack your feelings and carry you off on a mad adventure.

Mercury puts you in a much more optimistic space on the 5th when he enters you sensual, creative and happy place. While Venus who supports your heart is drifting into your home and family zone. Mademoiselle Heart Chakra chills you out when she wafts into this space, and you want cosy times and most of all peace and quiet. Beauty is important, and you get a lot out if you put energy into making sure your space is a temple. With your ruler the Sun sextile game changer Pluto on the 9th you have an eye for detail as you make the changes you need to.

The New Moon on the 18th further encourages you to let go of any issues you’ve had with your pride (in more ways than one!) heal family relationships and sort out your home. It’s time to declutter, make things cosy and Netflicks and chill. The New Moon is a fresh beginning. On the 22nd your energy gets a rocket boost as your ruler the Sun goes into your pleasure house! Yasssss! Your charisma is dazzling, fun, frolicks and soul connections abound. It’s time to let your mane down. Illusionary Neptune turns direct on the same day so you can let go of some of those old obsessions and demons that have been stalking your thoughts. You’ve got your magic back! Start conjuring!



As the winter nights draw in and we gallop towards the end of the year your thoughts turn to snuggling in, building blanket forts and sipping cocoa/rum/tea. The Universe has placed your focus on family, stability and being cosy. Venus the planet of love sextiles serious Saturn in your home zone giving you a dazzling energy boost to sort out your living environment. The Sun trines Neptune bringing essential and empowering information your way that could lead to a soul connection. How is the intimacy in your life at the moment? Are you able to express your thoughts healthily? Do you feel heard? It’s time to embrace your authentic voice. Go, warrior go!

The Full Moon on the 4th is in your wild 9th house, and you want to be a spiritual vagabond. When the La Luna is full she’s awakening your wandering spirit. Plan a little adventure for yourself and look out for an exciting character who can show you how to breach the walls of the familiar. Venus is also opposing crazy maverick Uranus on the same day so you might experience your love life take an unexpected twist.

With Mercury switching into your home and tribe zone you commune more with those closest to you. You’re very nurturing and supportive to those you love.

Venus is shifting too on the 7th, and she’s in your communication zone making it easier for you to sweet talk a lover or smooth over problems with your silver tongue. Talking Is your biggest erogenous zone this month and your mind an intoxicating aphrodisiac. When the Sun sextiles hot Pluto on the 9th, you might feel your thoughts overwhelmed with an obsession or desire. If that didn’t light your Virgoan fire sensual Venus joins forces with lucky Jupiter, an intimate conversation could deliver a soul desire.

Serious Saturn is trine maverick Uranus on the 11th allowing you to find your place within your pack. Old family shadows and wounds heal as you feel liberated enough to make your own rules.

The New Moon on the 18th helps you ditch washed up ideas and launch yourself into a new form of communicating. You’re hungry to put the past behind you and express yourself. With Mercury trine maverick Uranus on the 25th a family issue could come to ahead a final time. Be careful, don’t use words too harshly but do honour your wounds. You have done very well and worked hard on yourself don’t allow the past to plunge you into chaos. November offers you a chance to realise what a warrior of love you truly are.



Venus, your ruler, launches you into November with a smile on your face. Venus is still in your sign and is connecting to serious Saturn in your communication zone. It’s time to commit to your ideas and believe in your own magic. The Full Moon on the 4th is pretty intense, and she’s poking your old buttons and driving your shadows to the surface. It might be that an erotic temptation is coming your way, especially as Venus opposes wild Uranus, in your relationship house, on the same date!! At the end of the day you are your own moral compass, do what feels right for you.

Mercury shifts signs on the 5th, and fresh ideas come spilling out of you, capture them! Look out for crucial texts and messages, could you be missing something? Wave goodbye to Venus on the 7th but welcome in a new grounded energy. Is there a commitment you’ve been avoiding or unsure about? Expect the answer to come. You are in the mood to dig in and build a stable future. When Saturn trines wacky Uranus on the 11th, an unexpected solution pops up.

Loving Venus hooks up with lucky Jupiter on the 13th making this a perfect day for a spot of soul connecting. A surprise proposal or positive shift in your love life allows you to express your feelings more. Whatever happens, don’t focus on the details but the bigger picture. Venus also rules money along with the 2nd house, so there’s plenty of avenues available to make more. Oh, but watch out for overspending, you want to feast, swim in luxury and all manner of indulgences.

La Luna wants you to feel secure and on the New Moon on the 18th you have an opportunity to shed old insecurities and move on. Have you any self-destructive cash patterns? Let the Moon help you banish them and have a fresh start. Mama Moon is helping you reconstruct your self-esteem and gain confidence. We are all a unique shard of the whole, and no one on this earth is better than you, let the Moon guide you back into your power.

November’s energy shifts give you fantastic motivation to get your ideas out there. Mercury on the 5th and the Sun on the 22nd ignite your inspiration, use the grounded energy to turn into something substantial. You got this!



Scorpio! There is an interesting spin in your relationships this month. Not only is it Scorpio season (cue dramatic music, thunder, lightning and regeneration) but Venus the planet of love joins forces with lucky, expansive Jupiter in your sign on the 13th. Hands down the 13th is the most beneficial day of the year to transform your love life. I’m not just talking about romantic love, but self-love, your intimate connections to those who you feel have earned the right to be in your heart. Of course, sometimes people just slip into our heart, and it’s beyond our control. That’s the nature of love, and it enters our life to teach us profound and important lessons, it’s through love that we grow, expand and evolve our souls. How do you feel about the love in your life right now? Is there anything out of balance or requiring healing? Love magic is peppering November and as long as you deal with your own ‘stuff’ expect a revelation or two.

On the 3rd Venus is sextile responsible Saturn. Venus is currently in your 12th house which is all about karma, and it’s the end of a cycle. If you have a past life relationship with someone (you know, those links that feel like no other, there’s a magnetic click), you get to the bottom of it this month.

For some Scorpio’s you might meet an attraction that knocks you
off your trainers. There’s a more profound spiritual significance to those you get close too. On top of that, the Sun in your sign is trine (Trine is a good thing!) Neptune the spiritual BUT don’t let yourself get too overexcited, or you could fall into a beautiful illusion!

The Full Moon is helping ground you and she’s also giving you a psychic message about relationships and how to encourage and foster harmony. Tune your psyche into the signs, cast your eagle eyes on the overall picture and rise like a phoenix from the flames.

With Mercury moving into your grounded space you are keen to pin things down. Good! Do it this month as early next month we have a pesky Mercury retrograde which could bring delays and confusion. Hooray! Venus enters your sign on the 7th, use the unconditional love of Venus to lovebomb yourself, forgive yourself, release yourself and become a support to you.

The New Moon in Scorpio is your astrological New Year. La Luna offers you a chance to reboot, release and recreate yourself. What patterns do you want to shed? What dreams would you like to gallop towards in this next phase? You’re an alchemist so go create! Ditch the crap and know your power.

One word of warning. Look out for some argy-bargy on the 19th when Mars kicks off with your ruler Pluto. Mars is close to you, so in a way, it’s an internal battle that you might express externally. Whatever happens, avoid power struggles and messy ultimatums as no one Is prepared to give in.

All in all, though the November astrology has many gifts to give you. Ooh, and Neptune turns direct on the 22nd bringing all sorts of fresh pleasures, creative inspirations and temptations!



Rare gifts. Hidden treasures, Voyages of discovery. Promised lands. Welcome to the start of a birthday season like no other you’ve experienced in a very long time, Sag. Lost in the wilderness or all at sea? The good news is you’re about to find a safe harbour or reach your destination at last. Searching for something? Maybe it’s a relationship meaningful work, a sense of purpose or the meaning of life. You’ll find it. Need answers? Ask the right questions and you’ll get them. The coming year contains many gifts and these are not something you can use up, get tired of or lose. These can last a lifetime – or several. It’s all down to ruler Jupiter in your 12th allowing you to explore different sides of existence and to see whatever it is you’ve not been able to before now. This can be anything from opportunities right under your nose, what holds you back (the enemy within) and your untapped potential. Jump into the multiverse, explore it. Connect with all the other ‘yous’ out there. Walk in their shoes, see their lives, explore the possibilities then bring it all back here and use it as if you had lived it yourself (you did, you have and you will). It’d powerful, mystical and deeply rewarding. There may be the temptation to indulge in escapism or sex, drugs rocknroll! Use Jupiter to help deal with any addictions and liberate your soul.

Jupiter in your 12th has to be lived out rather than explained. This transit will be slightly different for everyone. Past loves will feature for you as we head towards your birthday. Someone from your past could reappear as Venus meets Jupiter in here on the 13th. Or you could finally get that clarification around where you stand with someone if you’ve been unsure thanks to Venus impacting on Uranus in your romance zone at the start of the month. People not just from your past but your past life could also cross your path. If there’s soul contracts still to be fulfilled, then with Saturn still in your 1st for a few more weeks impacted by Venus and then Mercury on the 28th, karmic meetings and dates with destiny could feature. Watch who reappears or who you meet during this month and bear in mind – there are no coincidences when Jupiter is in your 12th.

The full Moon on the 4th is actually a Supermoon. Chances are you will feel the impact of this from about the 2nd. This is going to have a powerful effect on your area of work, wellbeing, health and pets. Want to be fitter for the coming year? This could see you committing to a new health or exercise regimen. The Moon rules not just our emotions but our digestion. Now you know why we comfort eat or lose our appetites when we experience intense feelings. Watch what you eat and drink and most of all, the effect it has on your body – and your mood. The saying ‘You are what you eat’ will resonate with you and with all this activity in the opposing house of the 12th you’ll make the connection in ways that may have eluded you before. Bring work projects to a conclusion now. Others may see job interviews or application processes come to a critical phase. There are new beginnings to follow – either in terms of a healthier more refined you, or in your work environment.

Just before the Sun arrives in your 1st on the 22nd, we have a slightly mystical and mysterious new Moon in your mystical zone on the 18th. Time to think about what you may be hiding. I’m not just talking about secrets but what you’re holding back. Your talents? Your hidden potential? What you really want? If it’s the latter, understand we have our dreams for a reason. If you’re not letting on what you really want ask yourself why? Is it because you fear someone is going to ridicule it? Or are you telling yourself it’s just not possible? Either way, look closely at this because with the Sun about to enter your sign this should be your opportunity to own whatever it is and go for it. Remember what I said about hidden treasures and promised lands. Still not certain? Jump to another ‘you’ in the multiverse via meditation that has it and ask them. You may be surprised at what they tell you.

You’ve just a few more weeks of Saturn in your 1st. It’s been a big learning curve for most Sagi’s. Time to get serious about yourself and what you truly want. As Saturn moves off into your money zone it will all be about working towards this and receiving the rewards for your efforts. This is however very much an Eat, Pray, Love year for you. It’s your own spiritual journey and your own path towards your dreams. These are big gifts. Happy birthday.



Old bonds and connections come alive again, and important new ones can be made this month, Capricorn. Of course, if you are determined to be a couch avocado mainlining on Netflix, then not a lot is likely to happen. But right now your house of friendships, networks, professional contacts, clans and organisations, is benefitting from Jupiter adding you to his A list of friends. Jupiter hasn’t dazzled here for 12 years. King Lucky will spend 12 months here socialising and then you won’t get another visit from him for another 12 years. So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this party started!

Your secret to getting the most out of Jupiter’s stay in your social zone is to get out and about and connect in any and every way you can think of. Also know you are an alchemist who can distill your own reality as you are more deeply connected to the whole.

Showcase yourself. If you have been thinking about joining a group, club, society or even a drama group – don’t think it – do it. Accept any and all invitations that come your way during this time. And please whatever you don’t, don’t get in the way of the cycle and stop the benefits Jupiter has in store by thinking ‘This isn’t my thing.’ Keep an open mind. Mr Jups likes rewards us when we stretch our boundaries, think outside the box and take a risk with our eccentric side.

You may meet someone unusual or quirly who has a huge role to play in your future in the last place you would have expected to encounter someone like that. You’ll also be benefitting from Neptune heading direct in your 3rd of messages and communications on the 22nd as well as Mercury impacting on him in here.

New pals and exquisite contacts can be made and you will attract people from a diverse range of backgrounds and lifestyles. Step out of your usual social circle and be drawn in to new ones. You never know who or what awaits you. Nor the benefits this can bring. With Venus in your 11th impacting on Pluto in your 1st, someone you meet could literally have the capacity to transform you on some level. If old friends have been on your mind of late and you have not heard from them or spoken in a very long time, then why not make that move and reconnect? You may find you both pick up exactly where you left off as if no time at all had passed.

Your 11th also rules your goals, wishes and dreams. You may remember I told you to make three wishes when Jupiter entered here last month. Over the next 12 months you should see at least one of these desires granted. You need to ensure the following however:

1. That you really, truly want this and it resonates deep within your soul and the very heart of your being. (In other words, it’s not just something you think will impress others). And

2: that you must do everything in your power that you can to manifest your goal. Hey – I don’t make the rules here. But follow them, and you could see either one of those wishes manifest this month as Venus meets Jupiter on the 13th and a new Moon lights up this house with potential on the 18th.

If you don’t have the dream within your grasp, you could connect with a soul who can help you attain it or now see the way ahead to it with green lights guiding you. Ambitions are also being stirred up with Mars in your career sector. Expect to make not just friends now but to impress those in a position to guide and help you on your career path. Just don’t give in to blind amBITCHion and ensure that you stick to your word when it comes to your career – otherwise your reputation could suffer.

Secrets, hidden desires and people from your past continue to surface to be recognised with ruler Saturn in your 12th. There’s karma being worked on too here and your opportunity to make the books balance in some way. Saturn only has a few more weeks to spend in your 12th until he arrives in your 1st for the first time in 28 years. See these final weeks as your opportunity to quite literally ‘put your house in order’. It’s the end of a confusing and possibly chaotic cycle.

As well as past friends returning, others from your past may resurface and get in touch. When they do so this is your chance to re-frame and re-examine your relationship and what occurred. You may find yourself doing this anyway whether you hear from them or not. However, if someone does want a ‘second time around’ opportunity, examine this carefully as the past can also represent a trap. Use your psychic antenna to sniff out the deeper meaning around the 28th as a revelation is about to be revealed to you when Mercury meets Saturn.

This month’s full Moon on the 4th also happens to be a Supermoon and appears in your 5th of creativity, children and soul connections. You could bring a project to a fitting conclusion, see a love affair go to the next stage (this could be the best night of the year for date night!) or else you are struck with the realisation that this is not for you. If something ends under this Supermoon this will not be a nasty surprise as deep in your heart you will have known this was coming for a long time. However, this Supermoon could awaken the child within. It’s calling you to be spontaneous, have fun and not to take things so seriously. It’s time to nurture and trust your creative spirit.Live a little and dance with life under its light.



Are you following your own North Star, Aquarius? Friends and connections aid you on your journey this month. Who you know or are within a few degrees of separation from, your true calling and above all, the freedom to be yourself feature this November. All operating within a larger plan the universe has for you now. People who cross your path are destined to influence the direction you travel in – one way or another, but ultimately for your benefit.

Fated encounters, dates with destiny and creating that fabulous first impression could kick-start this process on the 3rd. Venus in your 9th makes a come hither aspects to ancient ruler Saturn in your social sector while the Sun in your 10th trine Neptune in your money zone promises a pay-off in terms of impressing people in positions to say ‘Yes’ now. This could have a big influence on your long term security – including your finances and career as the full Supermoon waxes in her ruling house in your chart.

Step back during this period and make choices based on how they will impact on you in the long term rather than the here and now. This may mean a head-over-heart decision but in the long term you will see that in this instance the result actually was to your heart’s ultimate benefit. This may require you stepping outside your comfort zone when it comes to how you would usually respond as Venus in your 9th opposes modern day ruler Uranus in your 3rd. Are you having a heart-in-your-mouth moment? Say or do it anyway and let the results speak for themselves.

With Mercury heading into your 11th you’re feeling the vibe to walk your talk and share your ideas. Don’t forget this is also your zone of goals, wishes and dreams as well as your friends and groups sector. And we’re back to that North Star vibe. Not just wishing on it but letting people know what it is you want to achieve and doing all you can to bring people into your vision – whether it’s a personal or professional one. Expect larger-than-life encounters with free spirits when the Sun also enters here from the 22nd. Again, these people could break you free on some level.

Professional goals are highlighted in a way they haven’t been for 12 years now Venus enters your 10th and it set for a meeting with Jupiter in here on the 13th. With major aspects hitting your money zone, Mercury and Saturn networking with people that can open doors for you, and Venus continuing to make highly beneficial angles to Pluto in your 12th, this is all about destiny unfolding. A new career direction may emerge around the time of the new Moon in your 10th on the 18th making this one of the best times of the year to embark on a career change, job search or set yourself new goals for the coming year. With Venus in the mix love can’t be ruled out either as entering into a relationship also changes our status. Singles could attract someone successful or just highly desirable. The message above all from this Jupiter/Venus meeting is not to sell yourself short or undervalue yourself in any area. Raise your expectations and above all, no matter what company you end up keeping, act like you belong there – even if at first you are shaking in your shoes.

The past also features. Regrets? Re-frame them but don’t re-live them. This is all about taking forward what you have learned rather than staying bogged in what might have been. But people from your past or even your past lives appear especially around your career or who can impact on your status and how the world sees you in some way. Look to who is helping you and who is hindering you. Chances are you have done the same for them in a past life.
As we head towards the end of the month, both your rulers ancient and modern are impacted by Mercury as he meets Saturn in your 11th and trines Uranus. That North Star could lie dead ahead and you don’t need a starship to reach it either. News could reach you that validates hard work or your efforts or from someone willing to assist you the rest of the way. Self-belief – in you and your destination sets your course not just for this month, but for the future. Don’t doubt you’re on the right path now.



Set sail on an ocean of boundless possibilities this month, Pisces. Powered by the winds of change which fill your sails right now. Where will you go? In what direction which you steer your ship? This month, see yourself as the Captain of your Soul’s Journey. You and you alone determine the direction you head in. Do you hold the belief that below the far horizon you’ll discover incredible opportunities or do you believe the world is flat and you are going to sail right off it? It’s actually not a fanciful analogy as to make the most of Jupiter visiting his ruling house in your chart for the first time in 12 years, you need to leave what you consider a ‘safe harbour’ behind.

Change is the wind that fills your sails now. And this could be a change of direction or a new course to be charted in your career. Time to take the helm as your sector of personal power, salary and self-determination receives a beneficial boost from Venus in here. She’s making a beneficial angle to Saturn in his ruling sector of your chart at the start of the month and then opposing Uranus in your money zone. How you earn your living and what you receive from this could be in for a radical upgrade. All this sets sail under a full Moon in your 3rd house which also happens to be a Supermoon. Supersized news of something reaching its conclusion could reach you now or you may put the final touches to a project before launching it out there.

Prepare for both responsibility and release from restrictions now. Mercury in your 10th promises recognition and also more work. But the upside of all this is that you reach for that awakened determination to succeed and prove your worth to others. Watch closely as we approach mid-month as break-free and rewarding aspects you’ve not experienced in a very long time could be set to reward you or break you free from limitations once and for all. If you are yearning for more, you now see that you have to leave something behind in order to have more. Jupiter gives you the courage to do this so reach for the divine explorer within as fabulous aspects propel you forward into an expanded world. Exploration really is your keyword as Jupiter and Venus have their first meeting in your 9th for 12 years. For some, this journey could involve no longer sailing solo as you experience a bigger, bolder and more adventurous style of loving. Others could travel or gain benefits from people overseas. Falling in love with a far shore – or someone from it, could be just one result. Others start their journey via study, dealing with the mass media or work expansion. Watch which direction makes itself known at the time of the new Moon in your 8th which marks for many of you the point when the transformation process occurs.

Whatever you do now, don’t try to resist making the changes because they are all about freedom and elevation out of any rut you may have landed yourself in. It’s time also to connect to your larger network and social and professional circle as Mars in your 8th and his ruling house, asks who you need to align yourself with when he angles to Pluto in here. Venus makes a more beneficial aspect on the 21st, bringing good times and possible benefits flowing from friends and also connections old and new.

Hold fast to the vision of where you want to get to especially professionally as the Sun arrives in your 10th from the 22nd and ruler Neptune moves to forward motion in your 1st. This month is all about mapping that course out before you set sail – even if you are not certain of what is waiting for you at the end of it. It’s all about determining which is your guiding star – in this case Jupiter, and steering via that. Once you’ve had the courage to leave what you consider ‘safety’ behind, you discover quickly how limited you’ve been in staying close to shore as the month ends with Mercury bringing news which could determine your future course for a long time to come. Opt for all choices which involve expansion and taking a chance. Smooth sailing lies ahead if you do.

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