Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 21 2020

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 21 2020


In or out? It’s for keeps!

Make a heart-centered promise

Time for a new deal

Powerful promises and commitments we don’t make lightly and can’t easily break are themes this week. It asks: Are you in or are you out? One way or another. All or nothing. There’s something long-term about the decisions you’ll make or agreements you under into this week, Aries.

Juno, which rules marriage and commitments, arrives in your 8th of shared (marital assets) property, loans, mortgages and your salary. So, some of you may make or even consciously uncouple yourselves from anything from that job to that person or loan. Just understand no matter what decisions you are making now – you’re playing for keeps. Or entering into something you commit to for the long term.

Make a new love commitment

The 22nd sees the Sun arrive in your 7th putting love and all partnership matters in the spotlight. With Venus in your fabulous and romantic 5th, this is one of the best transits of the year to be seeking love – even with your ruler retrograde. However, if there are inequalities around an existing relationship you could have arrived at make-or-break moment as Venus and Vesta align in your 5th on the same day.

You’ll either be able to strike a new deal between you as Mercury also in your 7th opposes retro Mars in your 1st and Ceres – broker of deals and compromises re-enters your 11th. Or not. One thing is certain. You’re serious about anything you decide or enter into this week, Aries. That includes signing on the dotted line as Mercury arrives in your 8th. State your terms, know the outcome you want, know when to compromise and when not to. Then – stick to it.

In a nutshell: You’re all in or all out this week, Aries. It’s a week of powerful promises and agreements that you can’t lightly break. Your heart knows promises to yourself are always the most binding.



If it rings true – put a ring on it

What you promised in the past has brought you to the present

If love’s a journey – where are you headed next?

Past promises are going to feature now, Taurus. The ones you’ve made and can’t easily back out of. You have Juno, ruler of marriages and long-term commitments of all descriptions, arriving in your 7th of partnerships, long-term loves, marriage and people who are on a journey with you through life.

Contracts, commitments and agreements will feature now. Especially those you have made in the past. This is due to Mercury’s arrival in your 7th from the 27th. Mercury is slowing down now in preparation to enter full retrograde. So, it is in what we call ‘retroshadow’. Hence, looking back at those contracts, commitments and promises between you and another you made for the long term. And seeing if they still hold true for you.

To thine own self- make that true promise

This is linked to home, family, security, wellbeing and what you know to be true for you on a soul level. In other words, your commitment to yourself and your truth. We have Venus your ruler meeting Vesta in your house of home on the 22nd plus the Sun in your 6th on the same day. You need certainty and security, but you also won’t be able to deny the need for change if it exists either. The Mercury/Mars retro opposition on the 24th could reveal where this needs to take place. There’s no denying it now.

Ceres which rules compromises, deals, and win/win scenarios backs up into your 10th of career and status on the 27th. This is the house which sets your status. Both professionally as in your career, how you are seen and judged by the world at large, and also your status in terms of marriage or partnership alignments. Married, coupled-up, single, employed, qualified, your title be it one you are given by dint of a relationship or the one on your business card. You’ll either go deeper in now, realign or re-negotiate or else opt for a different kind of commitment. Perhaps to what you know is right for you now. Keep that promise, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Commitments can be entered into, re-negotiated or else consciously uncoupled from. This week is a big deal when it comes to agreements between you, another and most importantly, yourself Taurus.



Ruler Mercury arrives in it’s ruling 6th this week. But it is in retroshadow phase preparing for its shift backwards next month. So, prepare yourself for an extra dose of Mercury Mayhem.

We can’t talk about your 6th without touching on health, routine, work (paid and unpaid), tasks and wellbeing. You also have Juno, the asteroid which rules marriage, promises, commitments and contracts in your 6th from the 21st. These are the kinds of commitments which are lasting. Or those we can’t get out of easily. And yes, of course we can change our minds, but if we do, again this is a long-term decision we are making and we won’t be able to U-turn easily.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but YOUR truth!

So, be aware of the retroshadow when it comes to signing contracts, agreements or entering or exiting anything with long-term impact now. You need to check within on the effect it has on your energy, overall physical, mental and soul state, and how it makes you feel emotionally. Agreements could even go back and forth. But you need to stick to what feels lasting for you.

State that truth on the 22nd when Venus and Vesta meet in your 3rd. This also marks the start of an important cycle of attraction for you as the Sun lands in your 5th. So, focus on lasting, long term love potentials now. In terms of others and even what you love to do.

Just prior to arriving in your 6th, Mercury will oppose retro Mars in your 11th on the 24th. Mars pushes you towards something you want, need or desire for your future. So, despite it being retrograde, this Mars is directing you towards a goal you mustn’t give up on. Have the confidence to commit and go for it, Gemini.

The deal or commitment you make could simply be around more freedom as retro Ceres re-enters your 9th of expansion this week. Or you having the courage to suggest a better compromise solution with someone. One that has lasting benefits for you both.

In a nutshell: Commitments can be entered into, re-negotiated or else consciously uncoupled from. This week is a big deal when it comes to agreements between you, another, and most importantly, yourself Gemini.



Own what it is you want from love

It’s not what you’re asking – it’s the way you ask

The deal may change – but not the outcome

If you are seeking something long term – especially around love, time to own that, Cancer. This week is about compromises too. But only where this does not compromise your own soul integrity.

Juno enters your 5th of love affairs and all things pleasure-centered. Juno is about commitments and promises. Ones we cannot easily extricate ourselves from. So, if you are single and seeking something serious – let others know. If you are in a relationship and have expectations, hopes and dreams, you need to make these clear. It’s not about ultimatums, just honesty and ensuring you are on the same page.

Venus in its ruling 2nd is all about your values and how you value yourself. It meets Vesta in here on the 22nd. This is about coming from a place of love and balance. But seeking an outcome that is fair and equal. Again, this may involve talking about those expectations and your needs. Even on a domestic level as the Sun arrives in your 4th on the same day.

Compromise is key

Again, this is about ownership of everything for your need for practical and emotional support, your ambitions and desires and what you want for your future. You’ve the ability to keep a cool head combined with a warm heart in any discussion now thanks to Mercury’s opposition to retro Mars in your 10th. Above all, seek the middle ground and understand that sometimes we just need to frame what we are saying in a new way to get the answer we want.

Mercury shifts into your 5th on the 27th adding a playful element to flirting, attraction and boosting your creativity. Yet, you are projecting depth and honesty along with this. Your ideas have sparkle and zest now. Retro Ceres also re-arrives in your 8th the same day. Again, if discussions have stalled this could re-open them and push towards a compromise or win/win. Don’t be shy about telling others what you want this week. Cutting to the chase is the quickest way to get there.

In a nutshell: Don’t beat about the bush when it comes to those love expectations, Cancer. And why be shy? Opening up and owning those desires is the first step to getting them met now.



Promises are kept close to home

Actions in the present are building blocks for the future

You’re ready for the big ‘C’ – commitment!

Your need for security, permanence and a home base will be amplified this week, Leo. Long-term decisions can be made now and agreements entered into thanks to Juno in your 4th from the 21st.

Mercury also enters this house from the 27th. Mercury rules contracts, work, business and communication as you know. Juno rules marriages and commitments – promises we make that are lasting or which we cannot exit easily. You could be ready to do this now.

Commit to moving experiences

Some of you may take the step of moving in with a partner. Others may move, sign a mortgage agreement or lease or even change jobs or accept a pay rise or promotion. Our job or income is often the bedrock on which we build our security after all. So, don’t shy away from those big decision or agreements. And think in the long term.

Ruler the Sun is on the move into your 3rd on the 22nd – which of course, is Mercury’s ruling house. Talks, ideas, discussions, paperwork, writing, speaking and the internet are all in focus now. Push ahead with work, business and communication related plans now. That big idea needs action behind it as just prior to exiting its ruling house, Mercury opposes retro Mars in your 9th from your 3rd. This is no time for procrastination. Either in pushing ahead with your ideas or in putting off that conversation you know you need to have. Take the initiative and the lead now, Leo.

The 27th has retrograde Ceres re-enter your partnership sector. It’s all about win/win solutions when it comes to partnerships and those close to you. A new deal around love or work could be on the table. And one which simply adds to that sense of security for the long term.

In a nutshell: Decisions you make now are like building blocks. Laying the foundation for your future, Leo. Think in the long term. And say ‘Yes’ to anything that enhances your sense of security now.



Relate to your real worth

Take a chance on the transformative choice

Commit to what you know is right

Just don’t think the focus is off you just yet, Virgo. Sure, the Sun exits your sign this week and enters your 2nd on the 22nd. Time to focus on your relationship to all you have and also how you interact with the material world. Abundance is a state of mind. It’s not about what you have but what you do or see what you have that counts.

Hidden undercurrents around how you are treated and your worth could surface now as Venus which rules your 2nd, meets Vesta in your 12th on the 22nd. It’s no coincidence this is the day the Sun enters your self-worth sector. Ruler Mercury remains in your 2nd until the 27th. It opposes retro Mars in what is Mars’s ancient ruling house in your chart. And the old rulerships still apply don’t forget. So, this is about a change, transformation or shift. And the courage to take it.

If there have to be discussions around what is fair and equal in any situation now – be it a work one or simply one closer to heart and home, you are in a unique position to act and get your point across. Especially if you see that allowing things to continue does nobody any good. Especially you, Virgo.

All you need is one. If it’s the right one

The themes which define you and are closest to your love-the-details heart are still front of house for you. Devotion. Habits. Check lists. Taking the time to do it right the first time rather than rushing and having to repeat it. And above all – wellbeing. You won’t be content to sacrifice peace of mind or taking care of that body for anyone or anything now.

Ruler Mercury’s arrival in its ruling 3rd on the 27th hones your focus and your ideas on how this can be achieved. While powerful Ceres backing into Mercury’s other ruling house and your 6th, offers you the solution. Ceres rules reaping what we sow. And what we plant for the future. Make being well, enjoying what the world has to offer your priority – and conveying this, plants you a fresh crop. Ready to harvest in 2021?

In a nutshell: Your birthday may have passed but you are still the sign in focus, Virgo. Stick to what you know to be right. All you need is one – if it’s the right one. And you’ll know now, Virgo.



Get ready to work your worth

Make a stand-out move

Happy birthday, Libra!

Happy birthday, Libra! The start of your new cycle coincides with self-worth boosting and the possibility of new deals on love or opportunities to shine.

You’re on the brink of the New Age of Aquarius. Something you won’t have experienced before. Plus the eyes of the world will be on you, your messaging, brand and internet presence. Ready to stand-out in ways you’ve never done before? The day before the Sun arrives in your sign we have Juno leaving it for your 2nd. New and long-term financial commitments can take place now which benefit you. And simply reflect that self-worth you’ve worked so long and hard at perfecting.

Define your role for the future

Ruler Venus meets with Vesta in your 11th on the 22nd and this is all about your role and how you are seen by your friends, group, club, association, party or even the wider collective. The important thing for you to understand now is that YOU define this. Not others. This even goes for your nearest and dearest. The 24th sees Mercury still in your 1st oppose retroactive Mars in your 7th. This is about you and another – a past, present or potential partner, a close associate or even a rival or frenemy. And you may have been here before. Or that conversation has a déjà vu quality about it. Don’t be pigeon-holed and come from self-worth.

Mercury moves off into your 2nd on the 27th while retrograde Ceres re-enters your love zone. This could see the return of someone – a lover or even a second chance opportunity around work or money. This week isn’t just about fresh starts but the opportunity to begin again. And on a new footing which reflects the new you that’s launching this week, Libra. Be new. Be you. That’s your birthday message.

In a nutshell: Your birthday cycle begins with you in the mood to take on something more lasting. If love matters seem to be on repeat – remember, the conversation may be old but you’re brand new Libra. And that new you has all kinds of new ideas.



Put a ring on that decision

Get a new deal on the future

Choices drive our destiny

Let’s talk serious love, Scorpio. There are promises to make and keep this week as Juno which rules big commitments arrives in your sign on the 21st. Along with Mercury which rules contracts as well as communication on the 27th. If you like it – well, Beyonce said it. Put a ring on it.

Bear in mind, Mercury is starting to slow down and is in ‘retroshadow’ in preparation for its full retroactive phase next month. You also have the Sun entering your 12th on the 22nd. This is your house of the past. And ancient ruler Mars retrograde in your 6th of work and wellness opposing Mercury in your 12th on the 24th. As well as a meeting between Venus and Vesta in your 10th of career, status and reputation in your 10th on the 22nd. So, what does this all add up to for you?

Juno rules marriage and any commitments we enter into which are long-term, serious, and also if we change our minds about them, will take another serious commitment – maybe to ourselves, to back out of them. This week therefore has you looking at promises, partnerships and agreements you have entered into in the past. And asks you to look at how they have brought you to your present.

Explore the power of choice

Are you happy with your outcome? If you could choose again, would you choose differently? And if you are contemplating a new commitment now – be it to a person, job or any kind of financial arrangement, to be aware of the long-term impact of your choice.

If current arrangements need to be renegotiated, the arrival of retrograde Ceres in your 4th puts a new deal on the table on the 27th. This includes your exit strategy if this is needed. But this week asks you to own your past choices and see how they brought you to where you are today. Which basically adds up to you having the power to say yes or no with confidence in the present.

In a nutshell: To choose or not to choose? Even not choosing is a choice, Scorpio. Your choices are what connects our past to our present. And shape our future. Send yours in a new direction by how you choose now.



Re-boot your future with added passion

Live up to that promise

Whose rules are you following?

The Sun in your 11th from the 22nd puts your focus very much on your connections and your future, Sag. This future could also revolve around the next generation or pursuing your passion. Or passion in the inter-personal sense as in your past, present or potential partner.

Is there something missing? As in desire, something to aim for or look forward to? Something that lights up your life in other words. We all need that star to aim for. You especially. Does a past passion need a re-boot or do you need to re-imagine that future for instance?

If you are simply no longer feeling it in a given area, this will be highlighted for you as will be the solution to anything that is keeping you confined beyond that of the current restrictions we are all having to work within. I’m talking about your past choices which have led you to where you are today. You’re looking back to go forward again at the end of November, Sag. Which basically gives you a two-month window to look to the past in order to design a new future for yourself.

Future promises begin in the present

The past may be back in touch with you as Mercury arrives in your 12th from the 27th. Before it lands in here it will oppose retrograde Mars in your 5th of lovers, children and where you shine. Juno which rules marriages and all kinds of long-term commitments enters your 12th on the 21st. You have no problem keeping your word, Sag. But what you may now be looking at is whether others have kept theirs? Retrograde Ceres re-enters your 3rd on the 27th which hands you the power to change the conversation or the deal you’ve made.

An exit strategy? You’re in the position to craft one if needed this week thanks to a freedom from restrictions meeting between Venus and Vesta in your 9th. If you realise that you’ve been playing by someone else’s rules or they have been calling the shots for far too long, this week sees balance restored. Don’t be afraid to go back to the original terms of the agreement. Or simply go in search of one that you know will deliver what you’re seeking, Sag. Including the passion.

In a nutshell: Re-visiting the past may be necessary if you want to design a better future. Living up to promises is part of this. You need to know who or what will deliver – and act accordingly, Sag.



Look to the long term with decisions

Take your time

Choose what adds to or reflects your worth

Take your time when it comes to entering into anything long term this week, Capricorn. Don’t be in too much of a hurry whether it’s signing on the dotted line for that loan or signing away your heart.

We have Juno, ruler of marriages and all long-term promises and commitments entering your 11th on the 21st. This is your house of the future. So, what you agree to now will influence that future. You will be ‘locked in’ for the long haul in other words. You also have Mercury entering this house this week – on the 27th. Mercury is in retroshadow in preparation for full retrograde next month. This should be one more heads-up for you when it comes to signing anything. Or just making that soul agreement.

All of this is connected to your status and how you are seen on a deeper level. This is not just your career status but personal too. As in your title or how you are seen by the world at large. The Sun’s arrival in your 10th on the 22nd occurs the same day as Venus and Vesta meet in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th. This is your house of salary, legacies, benefits, pay-outs, maintenance, what is shared with and by you, joint accounts and property and yes, relationships where sex is a major factor.

Your right to choose

The 24th has Mercury still in your 10th oppose retrograde Mars in your 4th. So, this may impact on your living arrangements, your job or simply your status or that of your partner’s. Single, settled. Employed or not. How you see and value yourself outside of all of this. If you’re entering into a new job, financial agreement or any kind of relationship now, it’s likely to be for the long term. So, ensure the terms are fair and equal.

Just as Juno rules long-term commitments, it also rules deciding something is no longer for you in the long term too. Ceres backing up into your 2nd of money and self-worth on the 27th – the same day as Merc enters your house of the future, is all about putting a new deal on the table if needed. And about that deal reflecting your true worth. So, when it comes to entering (or exiting) anything this week, make certain it’s in line with your values. And how you want to be valued.

In a nutshell: You’re playing for keeps this week, Capricorn. So, when it comes to making choices – take all the time you need. Big decisions impact on your status. And broadcast this for all you’re worth.



Choose evolution

Innovate with love

Expand your world in new ways

You’re the sign of innovation and invention. Or should I say re-invention? Commit to your continued evolution this week, Aquarius as the Sun arrives in your 9th.

This should trigger the desire to learn something new. And a yearning to experience the world in a new way. If not by actually travelling then exploration via books, the internet or TV. You’re also wanting a bigger love experience now. If you’re settled then that exploration may even take place in the bedroom. Others could actively go out and seek that person who can expand their horizons.

Your beliefs around what you think it’s possible for you to have, experience or do lie at the heart of all this. And what’s more, you’re serious about innovating more than one area of your life in your quest for expansion, Aquarius. Juno rules marriage and also long-term commitments. It arrives in your 10th of career and status on the 21st.

Love is the catalyst – and the answer

Venus in its ruling 7th meets Vesta in here the following day. Your 10th rules not just your career status but your title as in Mr. Mrs, single or settled and also how seriously people take you. Your 10th also rules your partner’s status if you have one. So, chances are that serious move towards expansion may include your present relationship, your employer or another person with whom you are either enmeshed in the long term, will be – or alternatively, have been and now want to change the terms of the agreement.

Stating those terms should come easy thanks to Mercury’s opposition to retro Mars in Aries on the 24th. Also, if you have something to say, please don’t put it off any longer. Mercury lands in your 10th on the 27th. It’s time to take a look at how you are seen by others and to realise what you say counts. This includes what you say yes or no to now. You’ll stand by that as Ceres re-arrives back in your sign also on the 27th. Say yes to what expands and evolves, Aquarius. It’s your true North when it comes to heading towards happiness.

In a nutshell: Choices appear which are designed to evolve your soul. Or your understanding of love. This week offers an opportunity for expansion and understanding. It could be you and another – for the long haul, Aquarius.



Say yes to what sets your soul soaring

Let inner wisdom be your guide

You need a bigger love experience

What you are saying yes or no to; what you decide to let go of or keep close – these decisions will be locked in for the long-term this week. How you come to that decision? Well, weigh up whether it lightens your life and expands your soul – or not, Pisces. The process truly is that simple.

As always, your inner wisdom is your most valuable resource here. As is looking back at what past experiences have taught you. Juno’s arrival in your 9th from the 21st is all about a commitment to a bigger love. Now this can be for a person. But it can just as easily be for an experience, place or belief. Venus and Vesta’s meeting in your 6th is about what you devote yourself to. Your work, your habits and rituals, and your wellbeing. Does this truly support and nourish you – mind, body and soul? That’s what you measure what you need to commit to by.

Take a leap of love

The Sun’s arrival in your 8th tells you that change itself may not bring you happiness. But unless there are changes, your level of happiness can’t increase. This is your house of empowerment as well as transformation and re-birth. So, again, base your choices and actions on what truly supports and energises you. You should see exactly what this is – and also if you have been dragging your feet around committing to it on the 24th when Mercury still in your 8th opposes retro Mars in your values and self-worth sector.

Mercury moves into your 9th from the 27th. The same day as Ceres leaves your 1st and heads back into your 12th. This could be an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment for you. When you see that the only thing that’s been preventing you from moving towards something better has been your own hesitation. Now you see it – don’t let it stop you any longer, Pisces.

In a nutshell: You need a freeing, more soul-expanding kind of love experience now, Pisces. Let your instincts guide you towards this. You’re on a journey towards greater understanding of what this is for you now.


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