Weekly Astrology 16th March 2020 – Big News! Saturn into Aquarius

Weekly Astrology 16th March 2020 – Big News! Saturn into Aquarius

Boom!  the weekly astrology of 16th March 2020 is electric! Saturn in Aquarius brings about a massive shift. We are moving towards an equal society, a society where we understand each person’s value with less hierarchy.

The past few months have clearly shown the huge role delivery drivers, nurses, and carers have. How people once deemed ‘low skilled’ are irreplaceable, essential, and of supreme importance to our society.

Saturn brings a radical shift

Take heart, sweet soul. Change is coming. Through this challenging time, miracles are spring up.

There’s a more profound planetary shift occurring now and for the next couple of years, which gives us a long term transformation. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, is entering Aquarius in December, which is giving us a flavour of the Universal change.

The peak of this transition comes when Pluto enters Aquarius in 2024 until 2044, clearing away structures based on earthy materialism and cementing our future as a kinder, fairer society with different values.

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