Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 29th 2021

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs November 29th 2021


No more playing by someone else’s rules

Go deeper to discover the truth

Faraway so close – connect to that inner travel compass

Keep an open mind on news or information you receive this week, Aries. And please – treat the week like a Mercury retrograde on steroids. The 29th sees the Sun and Mercury conjunct in your 9th while ruler Mars in your 8th trines Neptune (about to head direct) in your 12th. This is your house of secrets and hidden truths while Mars is in its ruling 8th of power money, changes and transformations. What you are being told this week may be an edited version of the truth or you simply don’t yet have the bigger picture. If something looks too good to be true – take it that it is.

You do however have a bad ass, break free moment occurring on the 2nd when Vesta also in your 9th trines Chiron in your 1st. Don’t be limited, pigeon-holed or assigned a role simply based on bias or the archaic definitions imposed on you by others.

Align to the truth of your soul compass

If you are travelling this week, are engaged in studies, legal proceedings, the mass media, dealing with businesses or people overseas, the supply chain, publishing, airlines, mass transport, shipping or thinking of making a major purchase – anything from that appliance to a horse – then don’t. This is where the Mercury retro on steroids aspect comes in. We have a total eclipse in your 9th on the 4th at the time of a new Supermoon. So, all of us are completely in the dark in a key area.

Delay decisions if at all possible. If you are travelling then have a Plan B and allow extra time for your journey. Do not venture into ‘dodgy’ areas and singles – be wary of that potential love interest contacting you from far, far away. What is covered up may take some time to come to light. Best way to proceed? That inner compass. Take the path to your soul True North this week.

In a nutshell: Delays are likely and the path ahead may not be clear, Aries. Anything that requires a major decision or even travel, requires careful planning. Or simply a watch and wait philosophy this week.


Get talking at the top of the week

Head down a more passionate path

Delaying tactics could be your bestie!

Not a week for speculation or to make major decisions around your finances Taurus. We have the final eclipse occurring in your 8th house this week. After this, the eclipse axis as well as the Nodes will be across your 1st/7th houses.

Before the eclipse strikes – if you have something to discuss – do it on the 29th when the Sun/Mercury conjunction in your 8th empowers negotiations and changes. Mars in your 7th is pushing you towards something more passionate and fulfilling as it trines Neptune in your house of the future on this day. You also have Vesta in your 8th making a trine to Chiron in your 12th on the 2nd. You’re refusing to accept anything outdated now – from a role to a relationship.

Alchemy occurs in the dark

Hang fire if you can on the 4th as this is a total eclipse at the time of a new Supermoon. Therefore the concealment factor is supermassive! This can be anything from outcomes to what a transformation could potentially bring you.

You are a sign with a deep need to know and consider all the facts. Take it you simply don’t have them at this point. A total eclipse plunges us into total darkness. Check in with what you partner is really thinking and feeling and take nothing for granted at this point. Above all, avoid signing on the dotted line around anything like borrowing, a work contract, investments or joint financial matters. What something ends up costing you in the long term truly isn’t obvious at first glance this week.

In a nutshell: Changes could creep up on you unawares this week due to the eclipse in your 8th house, Taurus. There’s a deeper need to know what’s going on with those close to you as well. Don’t be afraid to take a deep dive into intimacy now.


Love is under wraps

Inner questions get you real world answers

Go the distance

Duets, duos, double acts and even duels and discussions around these feature this week as your ruler Mercury meets the Sun in your 7th. Is this business or personal, Gemini? Mars sits in your house of daily responsibilities and trines Neptune (about to head direct) in your career sector on the same day (29th). Knowing what you want to achieve from any discussion you are having now involving you and at least one other party helps.

However, ensure you place your cards on the table and the other side is equally transparent. If you get that feeling you should pay closer attention to what your partner is thinking or feeling, then ensure you make time to sit down with them. This is also not a good week to embark on that search for a new love. We will be shortly entering Venus retro time when love and money matters will be placed on hold. Ahead of that however, we have a total solar eclipse in your 7th on the 4th.

Total eclipse of the heart

This is the final eclipse on your 1st/7th house axis. After this, it shifts along with the Nodes into your 12th/6th. The final eclipse in the cycle occurs at the time of the new Supermoon in here – supersizing this eclipse’s ability to shroud and conceal. Perhaps your own emotions with regards to partnerships. Are you feeling stifled or restricted? Or fear this is what your other half feels but you’re afraid to ask?

Long distance loves may be impacted and if you are involved in one, then this eclipse may eventually bring whether it is practical to continue with it (or not) to light. Where a relationship be it personal or professional is headed, may not be apparent. If news arrives from a distance, you don’t yet have all the facts. Asking the right questions of yourself is the first stage to getting to the truth around love this week, Gemini.

In a nutshell: In the dark about someone’s true feelings or intentions? A powerful eclipse this week throws a shadow over partnerships. Others may seem distant or you simply can’t figure them out. Ask for inner guidance to shed some light.


Hidden details come to light

Watch the small stuff

Change your priority to passion

Eclipses affect you more than any other sign except for the Leo’s next door, Cancer. That is because one way or another, they always involve your ruler the Moon. With a lunar eclipse, the Earth is between the Sun and Moon casting a shadow over it. With a solar eclipse, the new Moon is between the Earth and the Sun.

This week marks the final eclipse on your 6th/12th house axis. A total solar eclipse which occurs at the time of the new Supermoon in your 6th. Just days before this happens, we have the Sun and Mercury meeting in what is Mercury’s ruling house. Work (paid or unpaid), your habits, chores, daily routine and responsibilities as well as health and wellbeing – watch for news or changes around these. But also understand this is hardly the final word on the subject.

Get ready to soar!

You may experience a shift in your priorities now and gravitate more towards what lights your fire as Mars in your 5th trines Neptune in your 9th on this day. You crave self-expression, passion and freedom from restrictions. How to accomplish this while staying true to what you need to do may require adjustment.

As could be looking at whether you have been living up to the expectations of others as Vesta also in your 6th trines Chiron in your 10th. If you’ve been forced into taking on too much or adopting a role that’s not of your choosing, this could well see you breaking free. Sure others may not like that simply because it inconveniences them or challenges their ideas of what you should be or how you should behave.

You may examine this under the influence of the eclipse on the 4th even if you are not ready to confront this – yet. The motivations behind other people’s actions and what no longer serves you may be other revelations silently waiting in the wings while the shadows disperse. Be prepared for changes in the wake of this that impact on you in every way and everyday, Cancer.

In a nutshell: This week’s eclipse brings a cover-up around work, wellbeing or that routine, Cancer. It’s also time to get at the truth when it comes to living up to other’s expectations. Set your own rules (and agenda) now.


Light in your life – or love in the dark?

Clear the shadows to find the truth

Put those moves on hold

Lovers, children, babies, adult children, parenting, step-parenting, holidays, hobbies, self-expression and attraction in action – yes, anything and everything Leo spangled and usually in the spotlight, gets the blackout treatment this week.

Who turned off your glitterball? Just like next door sign Cancer, you are the sign most affected by eclipses. More so when it involves a solar eclipse and your ruler. This week delivers the final eclipse on your 5th/11th house axis with a total eclipse in your 5th coinciding with the new Supermoon on the 4th.

Pay extra close attention to anything that you feel is going on with your children no matter their age. This is certainly not the week to go looking for a lover as that prince or princess could turn charmless once the shadows clear. Also, if parenting is not what you want then please take extra precautions.

Talk is cheap. Actions speak louder than words

As regards what normally makes you stand out and scintillate – you may feel someone threw Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak over you. You’re not used to be overlooked but that’s exactly what can happen under this eclipse as your social media popularity plummets and what you are usually confident in doing has you questioning whether you are kidding yourself.

Like anything, this too shall pass, Leo. Just be wary of anyone promising you the Moon around the 29th. Sure they may be sincere but can they actually deliver? Are they telling you what they think you want to hear rather than the truth? Get ready for exposes to rival TMZ later on in December if so. This week’s trine between Vesta also in your 5th and Chiron in your 9th also points to you being unwilling to stick around if someone’s expectations are unreasonable or they simply have no intention of following through. Remember – clarity like the truth, always emerges in the end.

In a nutshell: Did your disco light get dimmed? You are a sign affected more than others by this week’s total eclipse in your 5th. Time to probe backstage when it comes to lovers, children or even your ability to shine, Leo.


Bring it on home, baby!

Own your purpose

No move may be your best one

Home, family, the people you live with from your partner to your children or that roomie or airbnb guest. Landlords, leases, mortgages, buying, selling, renting, leasing. Your locality, council, homeland – the place you feel ‘there’s no place like it’ about – be it where you live now or another place entirely. Also, your roots and heritage. Your own path. All these will be directly impacted by this week’s total solar eclipse in your 4th house.

Check your chart for any of your Virgo factors at 12 degrees give or take two degrees either side of this. If you have them, this eclipse will affect you even more intensely. Also please check your chart for any factors in any of the other mutable signs at this degree. So, planets, asteroids, the Node or ascendant/descendant/MC/IC at 12-14 degrees of Sag, Pisces or Gemini. Again if you have these take it this eclipse impacts on your directly.

The 29th sees the Sun and your ruler Mercury meet in your 4th. But if there is news or anything occurring around your home, family or which impacts on your living arrangements or security either emotionally or financially, take it that you may not have the bigger picture. I like to sum up an eclipse like this as Mercury retro on steroids. Eclipses conceal and total eclipses bring a total blackout in a key area.

Hello? Can you hear me?

Another way this may impact you is that you may not be able to tune in to the emotions of people you live with or may feel somehow ‘cut off’ from them. Neptune heads direct in your 7th this week while Mars in your 3rd trines it on the 29th. A conversation may only provide you with partial answers.

Vesta also in your 4th trines Chiron in your 8th just two days before the eclipse. If there are issues you need to discuss on the home front – around roles and responsibilities for instance, get them out of the way before the eclipse. Any news to do with property – moving, buying, renting – may change or something has yet to be uncovered. Get expert advice on any problems which surface. And above all, keep those emotional boundaries in place this week as you may feel extra vulnerable now.

In a nutshell: Put moving or home matters on hold this week as a total eclipse in your 4th puts a blackout on anything to do with property or even your security, Virgo. Others may appear distant this week. Answers leave you unsatisfied. Wait for the shadows to clear.


Details are your friend

Are you being typecast in a role that doesn’t fit?

Delay those launch plans

Publishing, short journeys, writing, speaking, your devices, studies, teaching, your car, commerce, communication – especially the internet, are all impacted by this week’s total eclipse in your 3rd on the 4th.

This is Mercury’s ruling house and it is in residence now. It meets the Sun in here on the 29th. The same day as Mars in your money zone trines Neptune in your 6th of work (and another Mercury ruled house). Pay close attention to the details. And also please remember a deal isn’t done until it is signed and sealed. Reversals or changes can occur now. Or new information come to light.

Be careful what you click on

It’s a week to be careful ‘out there’. That file, link, friend request or message may not be what it appears to be. Be careful what you click on in other words. You need to treat this eclipse like Mercury retro on steroids. Neptune moves ahead this week from the 1st which can have you overlooking details unless you retain your focus. You need it this week.

This is not a week to launch something new, make that submission or pitch or apply for that job unless you are up against a deadline or closing date. It’s also not a week to buy anything that would fall under the rulership of your 3rd house and Sagittarius. A new phone, tablet, laptop, car, appliance, horse. Or even book that trip on the day of the eclipse. If you are travelling, use those retro rules and allow extra time or have an alternative route in mind. There may be something revealed at your destination or around who you are going to see you had no idea about when setting out.

Vesta also in your 3rd sees you table any issues around equality or gender bias in your relationships either professional or personal on the 2nd. It trines Chiron in your 7th saying you are not about to be confined to a role others dictate. Eclipses are neither good nor bad. They simply cover something up. Could be the role you have been unwittingly cast in. Time to breakout in which case, Libra.

In a nutshell: This week’s total eclipse in your 3rd is telling you to take nothing at face value. There’s a blackout going on when it comes to what you are being told. Need to know? Yes, you do, Libra. But you may have to wait for the real facts to emerge.


Watch where the money goes

Your higher self knows

You can’t (and shouldn’t) hurry love

Many Scorpios have chart factors in Sagittarius so check yours this week to see if you have anything around 12 degrees – give or take one or two either side. We have the final eclipse on your money house axis this week in your 2nd on the 4th at 12 degrees.

It’s not a good week for financial dealings or expenditure as a result. Take any financial news you receive on the 29th with a pinch of salt or proceed with caution when the Sun and Mercury meet in here. Ruler Mars in your sign infuses you with confidence and passion. But as it trines Neptune in your 5th ask yourself why the hurry?

What’s the rush?

This applies whether you are the one hurrying or that new lover, is talking about putting a ring on it within just a few interactions. Slow down. Breathe. Read the small print. And stop and tune in to your inner wisdom.

Just as a description may be misleading, so can the information you’re receiving. Of course, your higher self always knows the score. It’s whether we choose to ignore it or not.

Vesta also in your 2nd trines Chiron in your 6th just prior to the eclipse. This is about equality and whether you are being paid more or less based on gender bias. Or perhaps being made to pay. Eclipses conceal and total eclipses which this one is, are blackout factors. It may not be a financial issues this one covers up but someone’s actions which erode your self-confidence or sow self-doubt. As the shadows clear you’ll discover exactly where the deficit is. Cash in when you do, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Keep a tight grip on your purse strings and an even tighter one on your heart this week. Above all, don’t feel pressured or rushed. This week’s eclipse throws money matters – and love, into the vault. Wait for the door to re-open before acting, Scorpio.


Is something on a repeat performance?

The truth is in what you feel – not what you are told

Wait to reveal those plans

The new Moon in your sign on the 4th marks the beginning of your new astrological cycle. But this one comes wrapped in mystery and enigma as it triggers a total eclipse. This is the final eclipse on your 1st/7th house axis. And closes this cycle. Check your chart for Sag factors at 12 degrees or within 1-2 degrees either side. If you have them, then you will feel this eclipse more than usual.

The eclipse influence will increase if you also have other chart factors in mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo and Pisces at around 12 degrees – give or take 1 or 2. So check for those as well. This week has a fair amount of mutable energy with Neptune about to head direct in Pisces and being impacted by Mars in your 12th of secrets on the 29th. The same day as the Sun and Mercury meet in your sign.

Revelations and a big reveal

Pay close attention to what is said and what you hear at this time. Now look back at any themes that have been played out or even gut feelings you have had about someone over the past year or so. How does this link in to that? Total eclipses are a total cover up. But while the truth may take the stairs and misinformation the elevator during an eclipse cycle, in the end both arrive on the same floor. As this is the final eclipse, this is what is happening now. So, stay connected to what you instinctively feel rather than what you are told.

Some of you may be your own best kept secret now. Keeping your plans hidden or under wraps until you are ready for the big reveal. Others have that gut feeling around a partner, child, work situation or even place. When the shadows clear (they will) you’ll be left with a sense of knowing and validation. But for two days either side of this eclipse do nothing but watch and wait, Sag. Your moment is taking the stairs and will get there shortly.

In a nutshell: This week’s total eclipse in your sign turns off the lights on plans but sees you tapping into your soul power. This could be in the form of that inner voice pointing out something you’ve missed. Pay close attention, Sag. The signs have been there for some time.


Don’t second guess your intuition

Yes, the truth DOES set you free!

Tarot, astrology or sheer synchronicity back up what you know

Eclipses conceal. Total eclipses are complete cover ups. In your house of the past, secrets and hidden truths? You know nothing, Jon Snow.

Due to Mars in your social sector trineing Neptune and handing a burst of clarity on the 29th – same day as the Sun and Mercury meet in your 12th, the cover up could even involve a friend or group of friends. If you have a slightly unsettled feeling around someone but can’t quite put a finger on it, pay close attention now.

Tap into your psychic toolbox

Also check your chart for any factors in Sagittarius at 12 degrees give or take 1-2 either side. Many Capricorns have them. If you are one of those who do and they fall within this orb then you need to be on high alert this week. And as your 12th is also your house of psychic abilities, use your skills, your Tarot cards, astrology or any other metaphysical means to divine the truth.

Sadly, someone may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes or something is just simply ‘off’. What follows however can be freeing revelations. Especially if the person responsible for the cover-up turns out to be yours truly. We can take refuge in denial or hang on to those illusions, make excuses or procrastinate. But in the end, we discover its only a temporary ploy as the truth rips off those rose tinted glasses. This is the final eclipse on this axis. Once it is done, expect an expose and a revelation you can’t ignore. That’s freedom, Cappy!

In a nutshell: Turn on a light in the darkness by tapping into your inner wisdom. Especially this week when a total eclipse may deepen a mystery or cause you to doubt what you know is the truth. Delving deeper just proves you’re right on the money, Capricorn!


Goals evolve

Harness people power

Who is truly on your team?

Friends, goals, groups, associations, networks (on and off line), team players – or not. All things Aquarian are impacted this week due to the final eclipse on your 5/11th house axis occurring in your 11th on the 4th.

It’s about where you fit in to the bigger picture. Who is Team You and who isn’t. What you thought you wanted for your future vs. what you now envision. Friendships and goals may shift and change as relevance and continued resonance are the themes concealed within this eclipse package.

Join in, team up and know your people

If anyone’s or a group of someone’s name jumps to mind, hold that thought and look who is in touch or on your mind on the 29th when the Sun and Mercury meet. This day also sees Mars in your 10th trine Neptune in your 2nd. Check your chart for any factors within 12 degrees of Pisces too. Many Aquarians have planets in the next door sign. If you do and they are within 1-2 degrees of orb, then the eclipse will increase its intensity. This can be linked to how a person or group of people makes you feel. Fake friends and energy vampires vs. those who support, uplift and inspire.

If when the eclipse shadows clear, you discover a goal needs to be released, please be willing to do so. No matter how long you have spent pursuing it, do not see this as wasted time. Nor should you continue with it if it doesn’t make your heart sing. Simply see it all as experience and a journey. Now it’s time for a new one. People will show you their true colours as the eclipse shadows clear. And you’ll discover what direction you need to set for your future too. By February – you’re on your way.

In a nutshell: Friendships, groups and goals may shift and change once the final eclipse hits your 11th house this week. Expect true colours to emerge from the blackout. And that includes what you want to colour your future, Aquarius.


Who is watching you?

Promises need to be kept

Protect your reputation

Check your chart now for any Pisces factors at 12 degrees of your sign. Plus or minus a 1-2 degree orb. Also check for any other chart factors around the same degree in other mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius. If you have them, then this week’s total eclipse in Sag on the 4th, will pack an extra powerful punch for you.

This week sees ruler Neptune head direct again on the 1st. Two days before, we have a new direction determining trine between Mars in your 9th and your ruler. Chances are what’s coming up for you is a fresh sense of optimism and a desire to enter into something new and soul-stretching. What form this actually takes when it comes to soul freedom, may remain shrouded in eclipse mystery for just a while longer. So please, allow time for the shadows to clear.

Be cool

As this eclipse occurs in your house of public and professional image, rewards and status, take it that this is not a good time to get into arguments or conflicts with anyone in a position of authority. If you feel undercurrents at play in your place of work, don’t indulge in gossip. Speculation will get you nowhere and nobody will know anything for certain. Guard your reputation and be mindful of how you are being seen. Someone of influence may be watching and taking note. Promises need to be delivered on – either your own or those made to you. If not, prepare to take action. Being cool for you is simply living up to your word. And ensuring others keep theirs too.

If you are the proverbial square peg in the round hole however, as these shadows disperse, the truth around this plus the way forward will be revealed later in December with the return of Jupiter to your 1st. For now, watch and wait. There’s more to be uncovered.

In a nutshell: A powerful eclipse hits your house of career, reputation, rewards and status. Craft your public and professional image this week. Someone may be taking note of how you keep your cool under pressure. Staying classy as in keeping your word, simply puts you ahead, Pisces.


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